anyway i hope this makes sense


when i saw the end of the preview where pidge was roasting the other paladins i couldnt get this out of my head lmao I JUST NEED BI LANCE

and everyone in the room knew that by “boy” he means keith ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

A doodle of a Dab for all your fast dabs needs

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Your klance art just made me think about Lance just going full on out with the flirting and seduction with Keith and it's not like Keith doesn't like it HE JUST DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO REACT he's so flustered and Lance is way too hot an Keith can't cope

haha sorry this is so late (i based it on this then realised after i finished drawing that it didnt work out as well as i’d hoped but yea oh well)  


I don’t remember my first laugh, but I know that making people laugh was my way in. It was just what I was good at early on, and I went with it. Like a lot of people say, “Oh, I developed a sense of humor to traverse the world socially” — which is a word I definitely use, traverse. 

Happy 39th Birthday, Andrew David Samberg! (August 18, 1978)


The Force is strong in my family. My father has it. I have it. And my sister has it. Yes. It’s you, Leia.

hopefully this reads well lmao but i drew this for anon 

if you want to draw a bipedal animal that is not usually bipedal, there are 2 routes u can use to make it look balanced and not just like a dog standing up begging for treats like the guy on the left. 

the main thing to understand about digitigrade legs (including hoofed legs) is that the ankle is always under tension - it has to support the entire weight of the animal. the mechanism to support that weight is the achilles tendon (in red) and if the animal is standing up then the tendon is always taut. because of this taut tendon attaching to the heel of the animal, you won’t actually see much visible calf muscle, and the leg will appear deeper than it is wide (from the front anyway) 

for a more upright stance (right) you have to mess with the proportions a bit and straighten out the leg, so it looks a bit like a human on tip-toes. this guy, however, could not possibly revert to all-fours comfortably. 

if u want to keep the sense of tautness in the legs, you have to make sure the angle of the ankle isn’t too extreme, because then it looks like it could fold in on itself at any moment. 

uh i hope that helped 


A couple of people have been asking how I do my lineart and if I could share any tips, soo after months of careful procrastination I finally did it :’D I hope this is actually helpful to some of you, and please let me know if anything is unclear or you have any questions!


1 // 1 // 17

I have feeling™ and I need to get them out. Have a langst minific centered around Blue and the bond they definitely have. This got kinda long…

It was like lightning. One second, he’s fine, and the next, he sees a flash of light so blinding that he dont know where he is. It disorients him. Makes him question whats up or down, if he’s still on the ship or flung into space. For a terrifying moment, all he’s capable of feeling is confusion.

At least… Thats how Lance interprets this situation.

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Jimin is always getting random af texts in early hours of the morning from an unkown number, he soon finds out it’s the most popular (bad) boy in school, Jeon Jungkook. 6/?

Last one for the day! Jimin really doesnt like him.. it is gonna change? Let me know what you guys think!

sheer joy || bill skarsgård

description: in which you’re reunited with the one you love

warnings: none that i know of

notes: holy shit i love dad!bill so much. what’s more adorable than that man w children? nothing, nothing i tell you. i’m in the softest mood ever because of this lmao

Alarm clocks. Who needs ‘em when you have an energetic four year old jumping on top of you the moment the sun decides to shine its rays through the windows? 

Was it always enjoyable? Not particularly. But on this morning, it was welcomed, because along with that little girl’s excitement came an equally as childish excitement of your own, with your eyes fluttering open as a smile reached your face. 

He was coming home today. 

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Caejose Week 2016
Day 3 - Caesar Lives

I wanted to see you one last time


Pairing: Peter x Reader

Requested by @spiderzenslaya


Clint has created a chatroom.

Clint has added Peter, Y/N, Steve, Thor, Natasha, Vision, Sam, Wanda.

Clint: Anyone up to watching a horror movie?

Natasha: Your face is a horror movie.

Natasha: And yes, I’d love to see a horror movie.

Clint: Awww I didn’t know you love seeing my face ;)

Peter: I’m in, if Y/N’s in.

Y/N: I’m in if Peter’s.

Peter: oh no

Peter: my message delivered first!

Y/N: dammit!

Y/N: Decide!

Peter: No, you decide!

Y/N: Do you want to watch a horror movie or not?!

Peter: Only if you’re there!

Steve: Oh for crying out loud, I order both of you to watch the damn movie.

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so i looked it up and apparently dissociating can be as trivial as "daydreaming while driving" so when someone "spacing out" claims to be dissociating, they could technically classify that as such. it's when they start diagnosing themselves or think they're MI/not NT where it becomes a problem. it's a spectrum, apparently. sorry this is a callback to like 3 weeks ago but I've been thinking about it lol

spacing out is very different, though. to use ur example of “daydreaming while driving”, this still involves a disconnect from your surroundings (the road) & the task at hand (driving), usually cuz theyre monotonous and boring, and engaging in some train of thought or another. it happens to most people at some point or another bc being bored while driving is a really common thing.

daydreaming itself is also normal and at a certain extent yeah, id call that dissociating bc you can kinda disconnect w the world around you & get lost in thought. but that’s still normal & has a natural cause, and it’s not the same as depersonalization or derealization for no reason at all or in response to a trigger. like, the feeling of suddenly being sucked out of your body and watching the world around you like its a movie youre not in control of or something, that’s usually what we’re talking about in “relatable” dissociation posts; and just cuz everybody daydreams sometimes doesnt mean everyone can throw around the term ‘dissociation’ loosely or make light of something they truly don’t experience, while assuming that they have the same understanding of it as someone who DOES dissociate.

its kinda like how certain life events can cause anxiety in any healthy person, but that doesn’t mean they actually live with anxiety.

so, in my opinion at least, i dont rly jive with people throwin around jokes like “lol im dissociating bye XD” bc they space out when they listen to music or something, or they daydream and get distracted from a task- it’s not remotely comparable to truly living with dissociation/derealization/depersonalization, & it can be pretty offensive to use a serious term so lightly as if they know what it feels like. you know?

The truth hurts but
so do most other things. 
I dreamed about you 
but you were nothing like  
When I woke up,  I tried to call you
to tell you 
the world wasn’t as bad as we thought
but if I ever knew your number,
it escaped me in that moment. 
I hope you forgive me my
I get it from my country. 
(Or else the ones who did this
to my country.
I can’t remember which.)

I heard from someone that 
the sky makes room for some things
but not for others,
and I can’t help but think
that my limbs don’t bend the right way.

And anyway, I hope you’re happy after all.
And I hope the sad poems don’t make any sense to you, kid,
I hope you never have to understand. 

And I’m sending my love.
You’ll recognize it by the way
it takes up all the elbow room 
in your new house.
(Sorry about that.
It’s something I’m working on.)

I hope you sleep well, old friend. 
I hope you wake up and
that’s ever been taken from you
is returned to you in full.
—  Y.Z, Found on Your Doorstep, 8 pm on a Saturday