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hey if you dont mind “when was the last time you ate?” w/ mercutio maybe??? or anyone else you want to do (also im in lov with all your writing youre so great 10/10)

Benvolio hesitates when he sees Mercutio, and it makes him feel awful. Mercutio is his best friend, they’ve been through so much together, and now that Mercutio needs his best friend Benvolio hesitates? But there is something different about Mercutio now, something that puts Benvolio on edge. It’s been a week since they last saw each other, back when Mercutio had been escorted away by his uncle, and he can’t escape the feeling that something has deeply changed in that time.

Of course something has changed. Mercutio’s brother died.

Benvolio curses at himself and ignores the bad feeling, walking over to where Mercutio silently sits and watches the guests milling through his house. The funeral has just ended, and Benvolio would have thought Mercutio would be surrounded by people. Instead it seems like everyone is avoiding him. Frankly Benvolio can’t blame them.

“Hey,” he says softly as he sits down on the sofa next to Mercutio.

Mercutio only glances at him with empty eyes, then looks away again. He looks pale, haggard somehow even though his appearance is perfectly put together. There are dark circles beneath his eyes and Benvolio wonders if he’s managed to sleep since the incident happened. He wants to reach out and hug his friend, but he thinks of Mercutio’s eyes, shudders, and keeps his hands to himself.

“You don’t, uh, seem too well,” he says instead, lamely, looking down on his hands. “When was the last time you ate? Or slept?”

Mercutio shrugs, a quick, jerking movement. Benvolio wishes that Romeo was there; he is much better at getting to Mercutio when he is in one of his strange moods. But Romeo is sick, couldn’t even get up from his bed when Benvolio left him earlier.

“Isn’t there someone to help you, I don’t know, to deal with- with everything?” Benvolio makes a broad gesture with his arm, then lets it fall to his side. Mercutio isn’t responding to him, isn’t even looking at him, and he doesn’t know what to do or say. He sighs, heavily. “You know Val wouldn’t want you to stop caring about yourself this way.”

“It doesn’t matter what he wanted or not,” comes Mercutio’s voice, so soft that Benvolio first thinks he has misheard. “He’s dead. They killed him. He’s gone, and so it isn’t possible for him to want anything. The dead are dead.”

Benvolio looks around in panic, trying to think of something, anything, to say. From what he knows the investigation into the hit and run is still ongoing, and they don’t have any clue who drove the car that hit Valentine. But the tone of Mercutio’s voice is strange, so devoid of anger or- anything, really. It makes the hair on Benvolio’s neck rise, but he refuses to acknowledge it.

“Maybe,” he says finally, “but there are still people living, people who love you and who don’t want to see you like this.”

Mercutio is silent, unmoving next to Benvolio, then he rises and looks down on Benvolio, and those eyes freezes him to the core. It’s like Mercutio is someone else, someone he doesn’t know, and the way Mercutio tilts his head gives Benvolio the image of a bird considering a bug it’s about to eat.

“Then they shouldn’t watch,” Mercutio says simply and walks away. Benvolio is left behind, sweating and staring at a his back and feeling like he has been told something important, something vital. Something he shouldn’t forget.

Well Chyler Leigh and Katie Mcgrath were the only reasons to watch Supergirl Season 2 anyway, so it makes business sense to up Katie to series regular in Season 3.

I mean writers made some VERY dumb decisions and seem to advocate toxic and abusive pairings but they would not be as dumb as to just drop the main reason the show survives after all. Lena Luthor is the character majority of sane fandom loves and Alex and her coming out storyline was the only coherent and great part of this season.

Now if only Chris Wood was dropped from the show and his ManHell character just disappeared, then I would have some hopes for Season 3 being decent.

No heroic sacrifice(Only heroes deserve that and Man Hell is no hero), no grand final storyline. Just have ManHell disappear between seasons.  Nobody mentions him, nobody recognizes he was there, nobody brings him up. he is just gone. Thus Man Hell becomes “Xmen Origins - Wolverine” of DCTV shows in that nobody wants to ever acknowledge it ever existed.

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yugioh crash course! there are 3 yugis: smol yugi (aka normal yugi), tall yugi (yami), and tan yugi (atem is a fandom name but pretty sure he's just "the pharaoh"). the smol one is normal yugi. he plays a lot of card games. he's got a puzzle. the puzzle has the spirit of an egyptian pharaoh living in it. tall yugi is normal yugi posessed with the pharaoh's spirit. tan yugi is the actual pharaoh. he shows up in like flashbacks and backstory parts but doesnt really have a body. hope this helped!

yes! thank u!! that makes sense now hahaha so its kind of like a gem fUsion !!? anyway cool the artists who draw yugioh stuff are so good! i have respect 


1 // 1 // 17

“I know the winter’s getting colder
But why, just ‘cause we’re a little older do
I relive it, I relive it
I’m peddling backwards
Even if I’m peddling alone
Can’t help it
I relive it, I relive it, oh”

Winter of Our Youth - Bastille [x]


i had the sad idea that like. sometimes avatars try to reconnect w/ past lives and stuff and obvs all the avatars are different, ya know, but what if theres a few of these past lives who are kinda young? (kinda stay that way forever once they’re a spirit i think?) i dont wanna step on toes with it cause i know its kinda sad/troubling but i wanted to draw the idea anyways. i hope i make sense? 

BSD rarepair week - Day 2:  Hanahaki//Dreams//“However, there are some people in this world that you can just never forget.” -Kunikida Doppo, River Mist and Other Stories

There’s a boy whose mouth spills red petals. Every night, he visits Dazai’s dream to ask him for help with this peculiar illness.

Dazai knows how to cure him of his plight, but he doesn’t want to. However, no matter how hard he tries to forget the boy, he can’t - and neither can he ever bring himself to refuse.

(AU by my friend, who somehow managed to squeeze in all three prompts into one idea…how???)

the posture theory

for @drownedpoet​ and the two anons who asked

  • neil has great posture
  • since he’s shorter than most adults, standing and sitting up straight always gave him a better vantage point to survey areas when he was on the run
  • it also helped when he was younger and had to appear older 
    • so people would stop asking so many questions about why “such a nice young boy was doing things he shouldn’t be"
    • it made things like buying cigarettes, driving, and carrying a gun so much simpler when he wasn’t being interrogated every five minutes
  • breathing was much easier as well in the bulletproof vests he always wore
    • wearing kevlar is a lot like wearing a chest binder, it’s restrictive and makes breathing a pain in the ass
    • sitting up straight was at least a partial solution to this problem
  • not to mention it gave him an intimidating look that kept people at a healthy distance and made sure he wasn’t bothered
  • it also made it easier to jump into a fighting stance in a seconds notice if necessary
  • sleeping back to back with his mother reinforced the habit 
    • neither of them could sleep if there was even the smallest gap between their bodies
    • life on the run from people constantly trying to kill you makes you rightfully cautious and a little bit paranoid, so it’s nice to have the grounding weight of someone you trust at your back
  • he also used to be a dancer, but that’s another au/headcanon
  • andrew, on the other hand, has terrible posture
  • his childhood was spent slouching down trying to disappear and look like less of a target
  • he would sleep curled into himself with his back against the wall so he would be harder to grab
    • it also made it harder for drake to take his clothes off
  • hiding was easier as well
    • getting used to being tucked into himself made squeezing into tight spaces for up to a couple of hours at a time to avoid drake much more comfortable
  • slipping away from being held is about 90% easier when you’re slouched as it allows for quicker movement
    • this didn’t take andrew more than twice to learn
  • andrew never really saw the point of good posture when his body never really belonged to him anyway
    • this is his depression talking, but he doesn’t care
  • i mean what’s the point of worrying about posture when you don’t plan on living long enough to be affected by it?

Caejose Week 2016
Day 3 - Caesar Lives

I wanted to see you one last time


“Your tiddies are MY tiddies!”

@the-memoirs-of-a asked for my Eruris at the Mardi Gras…I have literally NO idea about the Mardi Gras because around here we have Fasching/Fasenacht/Karneval which has very different traditions but we talked about this so I think this might be about right ;)

Anyway, Levi is a bit possessive about his princess and even though Dorkwin didnt see too much of the parade he had a very pleasant holiday. HUEHUEHUE.

New ski jumping game!

On valentines day you’re going to…

First initial of your first name:

A - Go skinny dipping with
B - Make weird sex noises while standing next to
C - Get unhappily married to
D - Get kissed on mouth by
E - Have sexy dream about
F - Go on a terrible date with
G - Get cheap flowers from
H - Get murdered by
I - Accidentally Wink at
J - Have painful sex with
K - Pee yourself while looking at
L - Loudly yawn while looking at
M - Zombie dance with
N - Paint red nails to
O - Hold hands with
P - Take blurry photo with
Q - Pray for
R - Cry while talking to
S - Get purplish hickey from
T - Scare to death
U - Throw up on
V - Play Pokemon go with
W - Gossip about
X - Naked for
Y - Smell like
Z - Tell terrible sex joke to

First initial of your last name:

A - Domen Prevc
B - Daniel Andre Tande
C - Vojtech Stursa
D - Andreas Wellinger
E - Noriaki Kasai
F - Robert Johansson
G - Richard Freitag
H - Cene Prevc
I - Maciej Kot
J - Andreas Stjernen
K - Gregor Schlierenzauer
L - Walter Hofer
M - Kamil Stoch
N - Peter Prevc
O - Markus Eisenbichler
P - Evgeny Klimov
Q - Jurij Tepes
R - Stefan Kraft
S - Michael Hayboeck
T - Piotr Zyla
U - Denis Kornilov
V - Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes
W - Karl Geiger
X - Stephan Leyhe
Y - Kaarel Nurmsalu
Z - Jane Ahonnen

First initial of your mothers name:

A - In his bathroom
B - In his bed
C - In a hot tub
D - At the church
E - On a parking lot
F - In your best friends bed
G - In front of Daiki Ito
H - In your bed
I - At the supermarket
J - In the shower
K - In front of his wife/girlfriend
L - In front of camera
M - In front of his mother
N - And Dawid Kubacki
O - In front of Sara Takanashi
P - While it’s raining
Q - At the hospital
R - In the museum
S - In the graveyard
T - In the dark
U - At the wild party
V - Next to his best friend
W - At the gym
X - At the hotel
Y - In his kitchen
Z - In the bookstore

What is your mashup?
Why the season 1 finale was satisfying and made sense to me


I’ve seen some people say that the ending was kind of underwhelming for them and how it threw off the plot in preparation for a season 2 (it’s more or less confirmed in my opinion). So I’m going to share why I think some of the decisions made in the finale made sense (to me anyway). 

I am not however going to comment on the pace. It was admittedly hurried, but THE TEAM DIDN’T HAVE ANY CHOICE. They were given 12 episodes of 23 minutes each. They had to make do. We have to be grateful of that and the ambition and the cleverness that they had to put as much of their ambition into the short time they’ve been given and just hope for a longer next season. Okay so here we go.

On Yuuri and the gold medal

I am in #TeamKatsudon. I love Yuuri and wanted Yuuri to win and was a bit bitter, but in the grand scheme of things it makes sense to me. I’d like to point out that getting gold is not in fact the major character goal. The actual major character goal has been presented a few times to us…

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HI Chsabina-senpai!! I adore all of your art especially the latest love fest ones, both sexy and funny! Your comics alway make me laugh :) I love your sense of humour and I think you are super funny! I wanted to suggest you draw smtg funny gazheel and levy related? maybe even smtg sexy ;);) You don't have to of course, if you don't want to!

Little shrimp?….Little..Onion???:

Uwwwwwaaaaah ^/////^ Thank you so much!! I always post humor pieces with caution, because people tend to get offended, even though that was never the intent. Anyway, thank you for the suggestion! Hope this sexy onion brightens your day! Ahah!

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I'm new to the fandom and I must ask, who the hell is Mothman?? I'm so confused 😅😅

LOL hello can u believe im actually kinda confused about this too!!! ok so everyone PLEASE feel free to correct me on this because i only know this from little stuff i see in the tag but i believe this has to do with this huge headcanon of keith being obsessed with cryptids? 🤔Not sure how else to explain that properly without butchering it hah so plsss google that since they explain it better…anyway as for the headcanon people say hes obsessed with cryptids and conspiracy theories because of the scene at his shack in the pilot episode i believe? and mothman is one of those cryptids lmao hope that makes sense😫


Thinking back to the Episode where Jughead was chillin against the bleachers at the Football game and Archie came up, apologized, yadda yadda to his homeboi… 

Why would Jughead even bother showing up at the game anyway? Yea, maybe a part of him was hoping he and Archie would have a reconciliation, but usually you don’t get many conversations in with those actually playing in the game. And they were technically still on the outs. Sooo.. 

Jughead was there to see Betty. Probably saw/heard that she had become a Cheerleader and wanted to check it out himself. Boom! Makes so much sense, right? Or am I just thinking too much into this shit.. hahah this hiatus is making me go over everything in the show in my head again. 

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