anyway i don't know what crossed my mind to make these edits

     feel free to change any pronouns & such & make it more like your muse would say it, if you need to ! <3

“ have you been writing those letters to yourself? ”
“ dear ____, today’s gonna be a good day & here’s why…”
“ can we try to have an optimistic outlook, huh? ”
“ can we buck up just enough to see the world won’t fall apart? ”
“ we’re not giving up before we’ve tried. ”
“ this year, we make a new start. ”
“ perfect. ”
“ i’m proud of you already. ”
“ another stellar conversation for the scrapbook. ”
“ i’m kinda coming up empty. ”
“ does anybody have a map? ”
“ anybody maybe happen to know how the hell to do this? ”
“ i don’t know if you can tell, but this is just me pretending to know. ”
“ i need a clue. ”
“ the scary truth is i’m flying blind. ”
“ i’m making this up as i go. ”
“ you are not missing the first day. ”
“ i already said i’d go tomorrow. ”
“ he doesn’t listen. ”
“ look at him, he’s probably high.”
“ he’s definitely high. ”
“ each days another wrong turn. ”
“ i’ve learned to slam on the brake before i even turn the key. ”
“ give them no reason to stare. ”

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Coffee Love

He came to the little coffee shop every day at the same time, ordering the same thing, a tall caramel latte and apple fritter, every day, and sat down at the table in the back corner in front of the window. From the moment she saw the strange man with spikey, snowy hair and crimson eyes, Maka knew he was going to be the end for her. She picked up on his routine after about a month, her schedule rarely changing due to her obligation to school. She didn’t know his name. The only thing she knew about him other than his coffee shop routine, as she came to name it, was that he currently attended one of the universities in town and was a music major. She only knew this because every now and then he would bring a music textbook to read, and other times he would spread out papers on the table to study for some exam coming up. Maka still didn’t know his name after five months of him coming in due to her mystery man leaving an hour before her shift was over every time. But Maka wasn’t sure she would even work up the nerve to ask his name had he stayed longer than he did.

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So, Rose Tyler muses, this must be how the Doctor feels.

                  It’s arguably one of her more arrogant thoughts—comparing herself to a centuries-old alien with the ability to traverse all of time and space, honestly—but she can’t shake the feeling that she’s absolutely right.

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