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Hi!! Uhm, I don't know if my request's a bit difficult but can you please write a soulmate!au wherein you're a fan and you attended Astro's fansign event? And it turns out it was Eunwoo who is your soulmate? You can decide on the ending! Thank you very very muuuuch!!!

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(I did the colour au)

(I’ve never been to a fanmeet or a Astro concert so this might not be accurate sorry!)

Today was the day. After saving up your money for over sixth month you finally had enough money to buy tickets to see Astro perform live, and not only that but you were also going to a fanmeet before the show. You stood anxiously waiting in front of the fanmeet location when you heard the announcement signaling you could finally meet your idol. The crowd began pushing and soon enough you found yourself standing in front of your idols. Clutching the album tightly, you took a step forward towards them. The album got signed by the members, each member attempting to make some sort of small talk in the short time you had together. After your album got signed by Moonbin, you reached the end of the line and stood in front of the last member, Eunwoo. He looked up at you, his smile was so bright it was almost blinding. Handing him the album, you watched as he took it graciously and signed it with pleasure and a smile on his face. He brought his eyes to yours again, and brought to album towards you. As you were reaching for the album your hand brushed his. All of a sudden, everything around you gained colour, all of the objects coming to life. You bring your eyes back to Eunwoo, now being able to see his brown eyes, tinted cheeks and rosy red lips. His eyes are wide and his lips are open, trying to formulate some words. Before he can say anything, a girl is pushing you away from him and handing him an album. Eunwoo continues to looking your eyes, mouthing, Wait outside.

Once outside you pull out your phone, fumbling with it until it finally unlocks.

You: I think I just found my soulmate???


You: Thats the thing I touched Eunwoo’s hand and all of a sudden I can see colour

Bestie!: what the heck

Bestie!: this is hUGE OML


Bestie!:Wait how the heck are you gonna see him again???

You: He told me to wait outside lol, but ive been waiting for like an hour in a half

Just as you sent the text, you felt a tap on your shoulder. Spinning around, you see Eunwoo standing there holding out some roses, which you now knew were a beautiful dark red. You graciously took the flowers from him. He plays with his sleeve, and looks down at the ground.

“Can I hug you?” He whispers. You quickly nod and soon enough you can feel his arms enveloping you in a massive hug.

“Can I kiss you?” He whispers in your ear, sending a shiver down your spine. You nod  your head shyly. He pulls away slightly before leaning in. Before his lips can reach yours, your phone starts ringing. He pulls away from the sound. Muttering curses you pull the phone out of your pocket, to see who could possibly be calling you at a time like this. Of course, It’s your best friend. You answer the call because you know if you ignore it they will keep calling anyways.

“WHY ARENT YOU ANSWERING MY TEXTS” They shout and you wince away from the speaker.


Eunwoo chuckles, and puts his hand out gesturing for you to give him the phone. Handing him the phone, he puts it to his ear.

“Hello?”He speaks into the phone


“Thats me.” He says.

“Oohhh am I ruining a moment?”They say finally calming down.

“Yes you are.”Eunwoo says locking eye contact with you.

“Oh oh sorry”

Eunwoo closes the phone, pulling you closer.

“Now where did we leave off”

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Older Jeffrey is just oh lord [fans myself]. The beard, the shave and he's a little nerdy so I love it. And animal lover!? Hello! That's just icing on the *cough cough*...;) Anyways,to me right there.

YES!! his love for animals only make him even more attractive. and his love for dogs…my babies….OH MY! there’s NOTHING better than a hot man with a puppy

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- super flexible, obviously

- he makes sure everyone knows that At All Times and it should be obnoxious but it really isnt because he looks that good

- hes still really petite but lowkey jacked 

- richie smacks his ass all the time and is like ‘wow thats firm’

- because hes a ballerina its The Rules™ to wear tight clothing

- he wore tight clothes anyway but now he has an excuse and no ones complaining

- trousers where you cant just about see his dick and how nice his ass is? i dont know her

- when he stretches there is absolutely no need for him to make over dramatic noises because its so easy for him 

- he does it anyway and you can hear him sighing and grunting from across the room

- wearing a tshirt/vest when hes practising??? impractical!! who needs em

- when everyone sees him perform theyre like ‘wow so graceful so pure’

- then they walk in on him undressing bill and pressing him against a wall and theyre like ‘nvm’ 

- wears shorts + skirts at all times so you can see his toned thighs at all times

- when hes finished a class or a performance although hes exhausted and sweaty he still looks hot as fuck and he knows it

- he doesnt bother to pin his hair back properly so its messy and when he runs his fingers through it its just an excuse to flex his arms and show off how thicc he is

- no matter who hes dancing with bill gets jealous because he manages to make it look so intimate 

- enjoys looking at himself in the mirror when hes dancing both bc he looks gr8 + loves everyones shocked reactions

- im not too sure whether men wear makeup anyway in ballet but y’all know my boy does 

- tries to teach bill a few simple moves but his boy gets too flustered bc stan has a really firm grip n wow this is way too intense to do a fuckin pirouette or some shit

- “theyre difficult bill you cant even do the splits”

- wears a tutu!!! and its pink bc fuck yes!!!

- anyways hes beautiful and graceful + he knows it + i say thats my boy and im really proud

{{ ; WOWIE sorry for the slight wait on this but – hi everyone!!! i’m vxios but you can just call me jake, glad to be here!! im 18 and i really love uhhh memes and video games. yknow. just ur typical Teen Boy. U know i had to do it to em. ANYWAYS–

i don’t feel like i would do exceptionally well with a straight up starter call right now, but i do reaaallyyy want some threads ofc! so if anyone would mind IMing me if you’re interested i will love u Forever. i can still start, but i tend to just do a lot better when i have something slightly specific in mind. and this way i can get more familiar with the people here! GONNA STILL POP THIS IN THE RP AD TAG, BUT. YEAH. <3 you can also like this and i’ll IM you when i can! (im also on discord its on my app page woop)

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hello hello~~ thanks for replying me ^^ hopefully Mnet or Youngjae will upload a picture of him in the peach head (omg i'm too obsess with him in peach head that me and my friend that's Jinyoung bias gonna do a peach head headband HAHA) anyway i saw a gif of him claiming Jb when a fan said Jb is the fan's do you know what vid is that?

Hi dear, 

Yeah I really hope that Mnet could upload a photo of him wearing the peach head. He’s so cute with it  ╰(▔∀▔)╯ OMG I’m excited for you and for your friend. Oh yes because peach head is actually Jinyoung’s character but somehow Youngjae has stole it from him. hahaha 

Anyway, which gif dear? Is this the one? 

If you were referring to this, it was from Dream Knight Commentary (Mark, JB & Youngjae) you can watch it here,

One Of The Bunch

Guy - Hi

Girl - Hello?

Guy - How are you?

Girl - I’m sorry, do I know you?

Guy - Its me. Remember..

Girl - Oh of course. We used to date.

Guy - Yeah, I was that guy who you were in love with not so long ago.

Girl - Ah, right. (laughs) Its been a while.

Guy - Yes, a whole three weeks.

Girl - Its J-ay-m-e-ss right?

Guy - Jamie.

Girl - Ah thats right. Jamie.

Guy - How are things?

Girl - Oh good, Tom just proposed.

Guy - Tom?

Girl - Oh. He’s the love of my life.

Guy - I see.

Girl - Well anyway, nice chatting to you James.

Guy - Its Jamie.


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okay hi hello im so close to my 2k goal so i thought it’d be a good time to do this yeah okay anyways. 


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