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what is the setlist for this tour btw?

Not sure sorry. This is what i found so far and it’s not in order but I’m sure MMT or someone that went to the concert will post it:

Block B in Amsterdam setlist (In progress):

Very Good (rough v.)
Very Good
Mental Breaker
Zero for Conduct
Nillili Mambo
Tell Them
Unordinary Girl
Be the Light
A Few Years Later
Walkin in the Rain

Alpha/Omega Relationship Headcanons

-An Alpha and Omega being best friends until one day the Alpha asks the Omega out on a date with them, the Omega is super flustered but agrees. The whole time leading up to the date they are really awkward around each other and just turn into blushing messes when they try to talk like they usually do

-The Alpha trying to impress the Omega by taking them somewhere really expensive and classy but it just serves to make them both even more uncomfortable, neither of them know what to talk about and finally the Omega just bursts out laughing because of how ridiculous the whole thing seems, the Alpha joins them and they decide to ditch the restaurant and pick up Chinese food to eat back at the Alpha’s apartment. The relationship just takes off after that

-Cuddles and neck kisses with the Omega all snuggled up on the Alpha’s lap just happily soaking up the affection and comforting scent that comes with it. The Alpha being so content nuzzling into the Omega’s neck and deciding they want to keep this Omega forever

-The Omega always being hit on and complimented by other Alphas but being so wrapped up in thoughts of their own Alpha that they don’t really catch on and end up replying cheerfully to each subtle advance. Their Alpha notices though and after a particular incident where the Omega’s Alpha neighbor asks the Omega to pick something up off the floor and then blatantly stares at their ass when they bend over, the Alpha is quick to growl at the other Alpha and drag their Omega away to start trying to convince them that it’s time that they live together and mate fully

-The first night living together and the little Omega is all curled up on their Alpha’s chest under the cozy blankets and the Alpha gently rubbing their back while the Omega sleepily mumbles about how happy they are and how much they love their Alpha and its just so cute and sweet that the amount of contentment and warmth in the Alpha’s scent is enough to lull the Omega to sleep, purring softly as they snooze

-The first heat together as mates and they are both so nervous and excited, the Omega even allows the Alpha to help build the nest because they love how interested their mate is in the whole process, half the time is spent jumping around and hitting each other with pillows though

-The Omega constantly stealing, and keeping, their Alpha’s hoodies and finally the Alpha takes revenge by taking one of the little Omega’s hoodies and it just barely fits on them but damn straight they will walk around in it all day with a smirk on their face as their Omega is dying of laughter and assuring them “yes dear you look so good in my clothes”

-The Alpha planning a trip for the two of them a few months in advance and they tell the Omega what day they’d be leaving and the Omega just casually clicks their tongue and goes “that won’t work, the baby is due that week” and the Alpha just being “oh right of cour-wait what baby?!” and being so overjoyed when their Omega informs them that they just found out they were pregnant

-As the Omegas belly starts to get bigger the Alpha just falls more and more in love. Constantly doting on the Omega and rubbing their tummy, crooning for their unborn children and joking that their mate is going to resemble a very beautiful whale in the near future. Being so protective that if the Omega needs to leave the house for any reason the Alpha will insist on accompanying them

-Being in the hospital after the two babies are born and the Omega being tired as hell but so happily watching their Alpha sit in the rocking chair crooning softly for the babies balanced against their shoulders as they rock them to sleep

-Being tucked away in the nest back home and the Alpha just laying there watching in adoration as their mate feeds the babies and starts cooing quietly while settling the little pups in next to them and as the Alpha kisses each if them goodnight they are just left wondering in amazement about how their very best friend became the love of their life and the mother of their children and how glad they are that they had the courage to awkwardly ask for that date all that time ago

Omega Headcanons

-Omegas are very motherly even before they actually become mothers. In their friend group the Omega is almost always the “mom friend” who makes sure everyone is happy and full and well rested, always the first person anyone goes to when a problem occurs

-Omegas are generally very petite and while a lot of them are bitter about it, others embrace the hell out of it. Using their small stature as an excuse to make their big Alpha friends carry them around or get them things that are high up on shelves

-Omegas love soft and cozy things, always wearing soft sweaters or wrapping up in warm blankets. Fuzzy socks are also very much loved by Omegas

-An Omega who is always cold constantly clinging to their big warm Alpha. Walking down the street and smoothly slipping under the Alpha’s arm and snuggling into their side as they walk, or seeing the Alpha sitting on the couch so they go and climb onto their lap and cuddle up against their warm chest. The Alpha loving how cuddly and dependent their mate is

-An incredibly innocent and sheltered Omega who hasn’t even had their first heat yet, not understanding when their Omega friends are talking about knotting and instead of explaining anything to their very clueless friend, they suggest the Omega ask their Alpha friend about it who they know has a crush on the Omega. So the Omega of course goes and very bluntly asks the Alpha to explain knotting and the Alpha is instantly bright red but trying to stutter out a mature and helpful explanation and once they finally finish the Omega is very quiet for a minute and then, “oh so you could knot me because you’re an Alpha” and the Alpha just dies

-Young Omegas being possessive of their friends and low-key becoming anxious whenever their friend makes a new friend because they feel like they are being replaced

-Omegas usually have a self sacrificing nature, which makes them good mothers, and they always make sure the ones they love have everything they need even if it means they have to go without

-Between being very smart and very nurturing, Omegas are well suited for being teachers and tutors. Always encouraging and having the patience to help someone who is struggling with basic concepts

-An Omega having a very close bond with their Omega sibling. Always looking for some kind of physical reassurance from them like holding hands in busy public places or cuddling up in a nest together when one of them is sad

-An Omega who is really nervous and shy and only really comfortable with their Alpha, to the point where if they are out with people and the Omega wants to say something they will lean up to whisper it to their Alpha who will then tell the group for them

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Thank you for helping me when I was feeling down, what can I do to help you in return? (Anxiety Induced Nausea Anon)

I’m glad I could help a bit, anon. I don’t know what can be done for me… Could you maybe speak to the animals and tell them I want to see a fox, a seal,a whale, a puffin, an elephant, a tiger, and or an Ivory-Billed Woodpecker? 

dear people who see this: im so sorry

Male Omega/Female Beta Headcanons

-An Omega boy that is taller than the average Omega and always feels clumsy and awkward because of how many people have pointed it out as a flaw. Having had only unpleasant and embarrassing experiences with Alphas, he’s not really interested in having one as a mate. His shy personality keeps him from getting close enough to be interested in anyone really, until he meets a Beta girl who is new at his school

-The girl is small and friendly and she doesn’t possess the intimidating scent or dominating presence of an Alpha so he isn’t instantly bothered when she cheerfully approaches him and befriends him despite him becoming a blushing stuttering mess

-The Beta girl happily following the Omega around school and talking almost nonstop, telling the Omega how lucky he is to be tall since she’s so short, which is weird for him because no one had ever said anything positive about his height before. The Beta girl asking if he has an Alpha and not understanding why he is so reluctant to talk about it

-The Omega awkwardly trying to present her with small courting gifts, like fuzzy socks and a pair of gloves, but the Beta girl not catching on at all and cheerfully accepting every time and giving him small gifts in return. The Omega being far too nervous to verbalize the purpose of the gifts and just quietly smiling and going along with it

-The Omega deciding to take an Alpha approach to the situation, buying her flowers and offering his jacket on a cold day. But he unknowingly chooses flowers that symbolize friendship and he ends up getting so cold that the Beta girl worryingly wraps his own jacket back around him and drapes her own over his shoulders to heat him up faster

-The Omega being very jealous and unhappy whenever a male Beta flirts with the girl and then being upset with himself because she always picks up on his agitation and she becomes concerned and he feels bad for making such a lovely person feel sad about anything

-The Omega going into heat and missing school and the Beta girl repeatedly calling him but he avoids answering the phone because he is way too embarrassed to talk to her in his currently desperate and heat driven state, he does feel bad though because he had been too shy to give her any warning beforehand that he would be missing school for a week

-Going back to school and dreading what is sure to be a humiliating confrontation, but instead he is greeted with a happy hug, a box of chocolates, and lots of questioning of whether he felt alright now or if he needed water, because she had obviously caught on to why he’d been out of school. His face is on fire but he feels so cared for and he is so in love with this small and wonderful Beta girl

-The Omega boy finally deciding to leave an anonymous note for the girl, asking what she would think about dating a male Omega. But once he drops it in the locker he suddenly can’t remember if he accidentally signed his name or not and he panics because she is already walking up and he has no time to try and retrieve it and so he turns and runs away

-Hiding up on the school roof low-key contemplating whether jumping off would be less painful than the inevitable heart break he was sure to be experiencing soon, but he’s pulled out of his thoughts by a small finger poking at his shoulder. Just as he turns to see who it is a hand grabs his tie and pulls him forward until his chapped lips meet the soft ones of none other than the cute Beta girl he had just run away from

-As she pulls away he’s a blushing mess and she just grins as she holds up the note slightly and points out that he didn’t give her a chance to respond and before he can say anything else they are kissing again and he’s so happy and overwhelmed that he doesn’t even notice that the note is lacking his name and if he hadn’t freaked out he probably could’ve remained anonymous, he also would’ve remained alone though so he figures it was worth it later on

-The relationship taking off from there and the both of them laughing when they hear that they’d both liked each other from the moment they first met


“Thirty guineas isn’t nearly enough to purchase a horse as fine as your Joey. I know that. But it’s all I’ve got. Will you lease him to me, Albert, to be my own mount?  I promise you – man to man – that I’ll look after him as closely as you’ve done. I’ll respect him and all the care that you’ve taken with him. And, if I can, I’ll return him to your care.”

Middle School Headcanons

-Alphas using way too much scent enhancing spray because they think they will be more appealing to Omegas but really it just makes the air around them kind of suffocating and people low-key avoid getting too close to them

-Some kids, mainly Omegas and Betas, try to conceal their dynamic because they are worried about being picked on or made to feel uncomfortable about it

-An Omega just starting to wear makeup and pleading until their Beta friend allows the Omega to practice on them…then freaking out because the thickly applied blue eyeshadow makes it look like they were beat up and it doesn’t completely wash off for a few days

-Rumors spreading about who has scented who when really nobody has scented anybody…intentionally

-Accidental scenting can happen though, because young Alphas, Omegas and even Betas aren’t used to being able to scent each other yet so they’ll go to hug a friend goodbye and accidentally press their neck just a little too close to the other person’s…and it’s super awkward every time it happens, especially if it happens to an Alpha/Omega pair because then everybody talks about whether or not it was actually accidental

-Female Omegas getting their male Omega friends to try wearing feminine clothes to school for the first time, it’s not an uncommon thing for male Omegas to dress that way but middle schoolers tend to make everything into a bigger deal than it is

-Bathroom gossip where an Omega lies about having had their first heat over the summer because they think their friends will think it’s cool that they were the first in the group to experience it

-Teachers having to make sure no Alphas sit beside each other in class because they are too disruptive when put too close together, most Alphas have to be seated with a Beta because they become to distracted when seated next to an Omega

-A group of friends trying to guess the dynamics of students they don’t know based on their appearance alone

-Alphas being overly obnoxious and loud because they want Omegas to pay attention to them but when the Omegas actually do acknowledge them the Alphas insult them because they don’t want the Omega to think they actually wanted their attention even though they did


I would’ve left you behind.
    Shut up man, don’t try that.
I did leave you behind.
    Yeah, well, good thing I ain’t you.

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In which Cassian goes on a mission for almost a year and when he returns he gets surprised that Jyn is waiting for him in the hangar with holding a baby in her arms. Headcanons?

  • cassian’s been undercover with the empire for damn near a year. when the ship finally lands on the rebel base, he wants to see jyn, have the biggest cup of caf on the planet, and take a kriffing shower. in that order. 
  • he steps into the hangar and freezes. jyn’s standing maybe ten feet away from him, holding something in her arms. something that looks an awful lot like…there’s no way she’s holding a baby
  • a wail fills the air and cassian watches as jyn turns her attention to the bundle of blankets, watches as she situates it so its head rests on her shoulder. 
  • he feels sick. 
  • a figure comes up to stand beside jyn – luke skywalker. he presses a kiss to jyn’s hair and takes the blankets from her arms, smiling the whole time. 
  • it’s then that jyn comes up to greet him. “sorry ‘bout that! rey was a little fussy. it’s good to see you again.” 
  • cassian’s voice comes out like dust. “i didn’t know you and luke had…i mean, congratulations.”
  • “i suppose you’ve been gone, what, a year? you would’ve missed…well, everything leading up to rey being born.” jyn smiles and cassian feels his entire world shift. 
  • “well, like i said, congratulations. luke’s a lucky man.”
  • “after you get cleaned up, we’d love to catch up! we could meet up in the mess for dinner?” she offers, turning to look back at her new family. 
  • “i,” cassian starts, trying to remember how to speak intelligently, “would love to, but i need to debrief.”
  • “maybe some other time? i know luke’s dying to ask you some things about your time in the rebellion.”
  • “maybe,” cassian says. he says goodby and walks away, walks past luke and this new baby and the whole life he could have had with jyn. he walks until he gets to his bunk and finds the corellian whiskey he keeps for special occasions. 
  • it’s the wrong kind of occasion, but he needs something to take the edge off. 

in which jyn actually is rey’s mom ;)