anyway happy birthday to me xp


@powerdragonmoon - You always have the most perfect emojis for every occasion!  <3  Thank you!!!!

@echoes-of-the-ocean - Thank you so much!  You’ve been following me almost the whole time I’ve been on Tumblr and I appreciate that!!

Anon - That means so much to me, thank you!!!

@tinynavajo - Thanks!!  I’ve gotten tons of wonderful messages from family and friends, so it’s been a fantastic birthday!

@4everladynoir - AYYYYYYYYY, muchísimas gracias!!!  😳😳😳 

@krzed - Thank you so much!!

@emmaleewhittaker - This was definitely one of the best birthdays ever, thank you!!  And thanks soooo much for your kind words!!!  😳 

@astrangetypeofchemistry - Thank you!!

@originaldefendorbeliever - It’s never too late!!!  Thank you, you’re making me blush, those are such nice things to say!  >3<

Anon - It means so much to me that you think so!  Thank you!!

@capstevenrogers - Thank you so much for saying that, and I’m glad you can recognize my style!!!

@angel-of-death-2015 - Thank you my friend!

@amynchan - Thanks Amy!!!!

@randomqsb - Thanks very much you wonderful you!!  X3

@this-was-a-terrible-idea - Thank you!!!

@hades-rise - Thanks!!  And I hope you had a happy birthday also!!

@nerdyknows - LOL I totally sang that in my head too  XD  Thank you!

@glazdon - Thanks Glaz, I totally did!!!  It was awesome!!!

@paz-fretes - I started singing that in my head too, LOLOL, it IS a long song!  Thank you so very much!!!

@seasonofthegeek - That seriously makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside, thank you!!!!!!!!

@bowser14456 - DUDE me too!  I have a few people’s written down but I have to put them all individually into my calendar.  XP  Anyway, thank you!!

Anon - Thank you so very much, I love you too, whoever you are!!! <3

@rosetiger16 - Thank you friend!

@iknowthatimawolf - Thank you!!!  That means so much to me, you have no idea!!! 

Anon - Te lo agradezco mucho!!! <3  E igualmente!!!

@scarlet99 - Thanks so much!!!

Also a huge thank you to everyone who sent me DM’s with birthday wishes!!!  This was an amazing birthday, thanks soooo much!!!

Hope I ain’t too late or too Early for this, But Happy Birthday Inksy!! ^^
Cal and his Bro Pompiere wanted to help me out in celebrate your Birthday, I made the banner myself. Thought it should be something very Colorful like your Personality Bud, hope ya don’t mind birthday huggles. ^^

Cal (Calibri) and Pompiere are my Skeley-bro’s from my AU I created called MedievalTale (Or Meditale for those who wanna have it short and sweet XP) They thought they should have been a part of your party and help decorate, and I’m actually surprised Cal Cleaned himself up for this, he’s normally so dirty from doing work. >3> Anyways, hope you like this!

Awww, gosh thank you so much sweetie, this looks so cute!!I love it and your skelebros are also very cool! What a cute Papyrus! <3333

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