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So I realized something, all of the singles from Blurryface have been released on a Sunday, and then in Migraine, Tyler said Sunday’s are his suicide days. So, maybe Tyler and Josh are trying to make Sunday’s better for everyone since most people don’t like Sunday nights, because you have school or work the next day. So I think maybe they wanted to release the album early to help us through the week, and help us not be as sad and stressed. Maybe it’s just a coincidence and I’m overthinking it, but if it’s true, this another reason why I love this band so much.

I knew he was the one when I felt the butterflies on our first date.  When he took me to the pizzeria down the street and I got sauce on my face, but he kissed me goodnight anyways.  When I walked in two hours past curfew, but my mom stopped yelling the moment she saw it in my eyes because a mother always knows.

I knew he was the one when my awkwardness didn’t bother him.  When I was a giggling mess and unsure of where to put my hands, but somehow they settled on him and it felt like home.  When I was falling all over the place trying to rid myself of those damn jeans, but he looked at me with more admiration in his eyes than I’ve ever seen.

I knew he was the one when my stubbornness was met with resistance.  When I screamed, and fought, and tried to push him out of my life, but he unrolled my clenched fists and didn’t move an inch.  When I had the attitude of a moody teenager and he put his hand on his hip and mimicked me, making me realize how ridiculous I sounded.

I knew he was the one when he took me to that concert.  When he didn’t know anything about my favorite band, but learned all the songs a week before so he could be in the crowd singing along with me.  When his voice cracked and I almost pissed myself from laughing so hard because he didn’t have a care in the world.

I knew he was the one when he picked up the phone that night.  When it was three in the morning and he snuck out just to see me because in that moment all I wanted was for someone to hold me.  When the tears that seemed never ending were met with calming hands because he knew the world wasn’t always so gentle.

I knew he was the one when the silence didn’t bother me.  When we spent afternoons laying across his bed just staring at his ceiling because nothing needed to be said and that was okay.  When he knew what I wanted to say before I even got the chance because my mind runs a mile a minute, but he always knew what direction I was headed.

I knew he was the one when I didn’t beg him to stay.  When our lives were tearing us apart and screaming this will never work, but he took my hand and said he’d come back one day.  When he left that afternoon and I stopped myself from chasing after him because he was making something of himself and thats all I’ve ever wanted for him.

I knew he was the one when I didn’t let myself fall again.  When that nice boy my mother absolutely adored took me out to dinner, but I couldn’t even look into his blue eyes because they reminded me of him.  When I ended up disappointed after every date because while they were great men, they would never be him.

I knew he was the one when he called two years later.  When I answered the phone with excitement because he was finally coming home, but my heart dropped to the floor because he met someone new.  When the tears came and my whole body shook that night, but I forced a smile the next day because my god was she beautiful and he was happy.

I knew he was the one when I let him go.  When I wanted to shake him and scream I still love you, but kept my mouth shut and looked the other way because I am not his.  When I wanted so badly to remind him that I’m here, that I will always be here, but didn’t because he knew where to find me, he just didn’t want me anymore.

I knew he was the one all along, from the moment I first met him.  When he said it was nice to see me again and I started to feel those butterflies again because it felt like our first date.  When he hugged me goodbye and walked out the door, and all I did was watch because he and I were not meant to be and that was okay, I was going to be okay.

—  I knew he was the one when I decided to take him in anyway that I could have him instead of not having him at all // mistakenharmony

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sorry for the crappy drawing buuut I felt like doing this before I hit the hay for tonight! Again sorry I didn’t stream the making of this it was just a quick sketch!


Anyway here’s the story behind this! I bought this tiny wooden thing (I believe it’s an egg holder?) I bought it at an antique store in Montana when I was visiting my sister! I sort of fell in love w/ the lil guy mainly because it reminded me of Wirt from otgw x’D I ended up giving this guy to my mom and she keeps him upstairs in the living room, he’s super cute! but anyway I kept thinking about it and I really wanted to draw it, so here he is! I really like him and I might actually keep as an oc…but if he looks too much like wirt then i’ll just admire him from a distance ‘xD *shrug* 

anyway, goodnight guys! 

  • Mom:it's getting late and you need to wake up early you better go to sleep.
  • Me:*yawns* yeah I'm getting tired anyways. Goodnight
  • Mom:goodnight
  • Me:*closes bedroom door* pfft sleep yeah right! *stays up all night watching EXO interviews*

Honestly the most thing I fear is if a man is cheating on me but I only find out after 3 months like he drags me along and I fall for it for 3months like that’s so scary :/

OK omg i finished my hw RIP my Gay Ass anyways goodnight! i hope everybody stays safe and has a good time, drink water rn ok


i was tagged by caninecentralcountryclub to do the beautiful peoplel challenge (where u take 2 selfies of u at current ((i think thats it atleast))) but i just got out the bath so my hair is bad. I tag: acenb deoxyribonucleics katie-hannah-forte mothman1980s tiny-pebble-warrior theretropig when-shes-ten-feet-tall unicornspoopedrainbows gnomegf totally-not-a-nerd neriine heckhound idk if there was a tag quota but not anymore :*))