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Wisdom Teeth

Cast x Reader 
Words: 511
Request: hi! i just had all four wisdom teeth out (kill me), so i was wondering if you could to the cast like sitting with the reader/getting out ice packs and just platonic fluff? thank you!! xxoo

hi anon! i was kinda worried i would screw this up, which i think i may have. anyway, send me a dm if you want me to redo it! i hope you’re feeling better by the way xx

i’ve never had my wisdom teeth out, so this was based off what I read online and what i’ve heard. My singing teacher got hers out last week and she said it was like super painful after the painkillers wore off. I was sad because i missed my lesson, but anyway!

i’m feeling super sick today and i’ve procrastinated starting one of my science reports, so hopefully i’ll get to take the day off tomorrow and i’ll get it done then. i’m amazed i even got this done, because i have the worst headache and i just feel disgusting in general

i have plenty of requests to write at the moment (i’m sorry for taking so long guys) but if you have anything you want me to write, send me an inbox! 

that’s all from me for today because i wanna go back to sleep. enjoy this everyone x



It had been a few hours since you had left the dentist. You had had all four wisdom teeth removed, but hadn’t felt anything until now because of the anaesthetic. It was now that the full pain of the removal hit you.

You curled up on the couch with your face propped up on a pillow. You groaned quietly, holding your cheek with your hand.

“Is everything okay (Y/N)?” Daveed asked, sitting down next to you.

“It hurts,” You whined loudly, attempting to pout but wincing. “Ow!”

Your room mate Daveed had been busy with Hamilton when you had your appointment, but he had picked you up afterwards and helped your drugged up persona get home on the subway.

“I don’t know what to do… I mean, I’ve never dealt with anything like this before,” Daveed said, rubbing your back awkwardly.

“Can’t you just get an ice pack or something?” You mumbled, wincing with every word.

“We don’t have an ice pack. You threw it out the window when you were mad at your partner,” Daveed replied, crossing his arms.

“Oh yeah, can you get someone to bring one over?” You mumbled.

“Sure, but they’re not gonna be the most helpful people,” Daveed replied, sending out a message to his friends. He turned on the TV for you, going back to his room.

A few hours later, Anthony, Jasmine, Pippa and Renee entered the apartment.

“Hey (Y/N)! We brought you painkillers and soft foods, because apparently that’s what you need when you get teeth removed,” Anthony said, sitting down next to you on the couch.

“He made me research everything before we came,” Jasmine stated, sitting on Anthony’s lap.

“We also got an ice pack, but it needs to freeze so I’ll leave it in your freezer for a little bit,” Pippa stated.

“How are you feeling?” Renee asked, kneeling in front of the couch.

“My mouth hurts, a lot. And it tastes like blood… honestly there’s just a lot of pain,” You stated, sitting up slowly.

“Maybe take some of the painkillers we got you. That could help?” Renee suggested, passing you a water bottle and two small pills. You took the drugs, yawning slightly. “Thankyou.”

“You’re welcome,” Renee replied, patting your head and sitting down.

“Where’d Diggs go? Anthony asked, poking your side. You shrugged.

“He disappeared about an hour ago. I’d say he’s in his room, writing something,” You replied, turning the TV down.

“Is there anything we can do to help you recover?” Pippa asked, sitting on the other side of you. You shrugged.

“Just being here with me has literally made my day. Thank you so much for coming,” You replied, smiling weakly.

“How about we get you iced up and turn on some Disney movies?” Jasmine suggested.

“You guys know how to cheer a person up.”

The rest of the afternoon consisted of small snacks, your favourite childhood movies and casual banter between the five of you. Your pain went down considerably as you concentrated on spending the rest of your day with your friends.


So one day during finals week I was working in the animation lab because it was the last place on campus where there wasn’t anyone. I got a partner but they ended up working in a different room. So anyway I’m working in the animation room in the corner near the teacher’s desk with the room lights turned off, but my table light is on. Now, by this point I had been awake for a really long time, probably longer than a day, the point where I’m silent, got my makeup smudged or gone completely (today was a smudge day), circles under my eyes that match my soul, and of course, the dead eyes. Anyway this girl comes into what she thinks is an empty room, flicks on the lights, goes to a table and gets to work. I’m there like????? Lights??? What???? So I turn in my chair and stare at her for a second. She still hasn’t noticed me. So I get up and pad over to her with my little silent steps because I don’t make that much noise. I’m now standing behind her. Casually, with my dead-tired monotone voice, I simply say “Ya know, the lights were off for a reason.” and she just screamed and dropped. I still haven’t seen anyone get to the ground as quickly as that girl did.

High school (Jimin, AU)

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Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6 // Part 7 // Part 8 // Finale

Reposting for those who can’t read it since tumblr is stupid and I hate it. There’s no read more but okay.

Words: 2139

“Jimin ah! What are you doing after school?” She’d obviously dyed her hair. Isn’t it against the rules to do that here? Oh well, it didn’t matter to you anyway…She could get in trouble on her own.

“Nothing.” Jimin replied, a little smile on his lips. He sat across from you in the row of seats, and it was so annoying. Is was only a study class today, because your teacher was away sick and you had a sub filling in who’d been instructed to let you study for upcoming exams.

You needed this, because you were basically brand new to the school and you couldn’t afford failing your classes. Your parents had paid good money to get you into this school, there was no way you’d allow yourself to fail a single course.

The teacher had gone to answer a phone call so the classroom was teacher-less, which was some sort of get-up-and-talk-to-everyone-before-he-returns kind of thing? You had no idea, and there was only a handful of students actually doing work in the first place.

This surprised you, because this school was well known for top class marks and it seemed as if everyone was smart here. In actuality, their parents were just rich.

“Will you come play with me?” Oh no, she was still at it? You sighed loudly, clicking your pencil so more lead would come out. Just focus…

“Nah, I’ll pass.” Jimin was playing hard to get. Every girl wanted him, why was it so hard to just say yes and be done with it? Why were you still even listening to them? This was so annoying.

For a few weeks now Jimin had non stop tried to talk to you, only to result in you turning the cold shoulder to him. Because of you ignoring him, you’d had notes shoved in your locker saying you were a cold bitch, and that you should’ve transferred to any other school besides the one you currently resided in.

It didn’t bother you, though. You were only here to get through school, with barely even a year left before you graduated. Nobody directly targeted you either, which was only a plus at this point.

“Why won’t you go out with me?” You still didn’t even know that annoying girls name. She’d always worn her uniform wrong, which pissed the teachers off. That’s basically all you knew about her.

“Just because. I think I’ll be busy today…” You peeked up to look at Jimin, wondering just how in the world he really made people love him so wholeheartedly. Once you’d looked up, you found he was looking over at you. He wore a small smile on his lips, making you look down quickly at your work.

You used your hair to cover the side of your face so you couldn’t see him. The girl with Jimin sighed loudly. “You’re going with her?”

“I never said that.” Jimin replied, making the girl whine like a seal. You looked up, feeling deathly annoyed that they wouldn’t shut up.

“Could you be a little more quiet?”

Crap. Your voice was way louder than anticipated. Everyone in the class heard you, not to mention that the teacher had just returned to the class. The girl you’d practically just yelled at had sneakily went back to her desk and was pretending to work.

“Why are you disrupting the class, (Y/N)?” The teacher was scowling at you, making you look back down at your work. Nobody was going to take your side if you tried to argue, so you just began to apologize.

“If you’re not going to work why not just leave and sit in the hall?”

“N-no! I was working-”

“She was. (Y/N) was working harder than everyone in the class. She was just annoyed by me talking to someone.” Jimin stood up to answer, smoothing out his shirt. He looked over at you from the corner of his eye, and you could see a smile on his face.

“In that case Jimin…you can go sit out in the hall.” You felt just as confused as the substitute teacher looked. What the hell just happened? Why would Jimin take the blow for you? Obviously he had no idea just how much you didn’t care about anyone in the class.

Your cheeks were on fire. Jimin stepped away from his desk and nicely pushed in his chair. His eyes met yours and he was grinning so brightly even his eyes held a smile on them. Your chest felt tight when your eyes met, like you couldn’t breathe.

“Come on, go.” The teacher snapped a little louder, making you jump and look away. Jimin left the class, leaving everyone in complete silence now that the teacher had returned.

You’d studied easily after that, even with a few prying eyes glaring into the back of your head. Once the bell had rung and you were free to go home, you packed up your belongings a little quicker than usual. Nobody was going to hesitate to shove threatening notes into your locker or maybe even shove their shoulder into you as they walked down the hall.

You’d actually avoided using your locker lately, even though the notes didn’t bother you much. Only going there when absolutely necessary was easier than being late for your class. The only thing you kept in there was your gym clothes. It was easy, even if the books were a little harder to carry.

The class had surprisingly left quickly as well, leaving you and a few slower people in the class alone. Of course, you didn’t expect much else because everyone’s first destination after school was home. You were just expecting something more…Like a few of Jimin’s fans to stop and yell at you, or worse.

You began to leave the class, but was stopped at the door. A body was blocking your way, and when you looked up at the face you really weren’t surprised. Jimin was grinning down at you, giving a little wave even though your bodies were inches apart. You looked away, feeling your cheeks grow hot once more.

“W-what?” You stammered, biting your bottom lip a little too hard.

“That’s not what you say to someone that kept you from getting scolded…” He leaned over so that he was once again in your field of view. Instead of just ignoring his gaze, you decided to act on the little bit of pride you had.

“You want me to thank you for telling the truth?”

He nodded, expression changing from mischievous to innocent. “Yeah, actually.”

“Go ask someone else.” You muttered, trying your best to push past him. Instead of making a clean get away, Jimin caught your shoulder. He wrapped his other arm around your shoulder, so that his chest was against your back.

“Why would I ask someone else when I didn’t do anything for them?”

“I’m pretty sure that everyone loves you and would thank you just for being born…Also, this could be filed as harassment so can you get off of me?”

He said nothing, but still let go of you. The nerve this kid had, honestly… You whirled around, holding up a finger and jabbing it into his chest. He backed up slightly, his lips smiling but his eyes filled with confusion.

“Don’t just go around touching girls as you please! They’ll get the wrong idea not to mention you’ll hurt them when they realize they like you. You’re so greasy, why would anyone like you?”

As you spoke, you kept on following Jimin into the classroom once again, slapping your hand into his chest. As you spoke, Jimin had stopped smiling, so it make you wonder if your words were really going through his thick skull. Probably not, right? You really didn’t think so.

He backed up a couple more times, eyes not losing contact with yours once. Finally, you slapped him one more time in the chest, making him fall back onto the floor after tripping back on a chair.

He scrambled into a sit position, looking at you with utter shock. Looking around, you noticed you and him were the only ones in the class, anyway. What a shame, nobody saw the gallant prince Jimin fall on his ass in the most ungraceful way possible.

You began to laugh, uncontrollable, rude laughter that made you hold your stomach because it hurt so bad. Too bad you didn’t have your camera out, or you definitely would have saved the video of him falling and staring at you with droopy puppy dog eyes.

“Yeah, yeah…laugh all you want…” Jimin muttered, getting up and dusting himself off. He turned to pick up his bag that had skidded a little ways away towards the teachers desk. You noticed that his butt had collected a good amount of dust and even a little bubble gum wrapper…wait…that gum wrapper had gum on it!

“Your butt has gum on it!” You squealed, unable to hold back your roaring laughs. Your stomach hurt so bad that you were keeled over, trying to breathe and only getting more laughter spilling from your mouth. Jimin’s hand clapped on to his behind, and he turned quickly with wide eyes. You covered your mouth, still laughing way too much.

“Crap, really? Where? Get it off, my mom will kill me if I ruin my uniform!” He panicked, dropping his bag and coming over to you. He turned, trying his best to see just where the gum was stuck.

“I’m not touching your butt! Here, give me your hand. I’ll put your hand on where it is.”

“Seriously…if somebody else saw this I would be dead. You won’t tell anyone, right? They’ll all laugh, even worse than you.” He came closer to you, holding out his hand and placing it gently into your grip. Did Jimin honestly care how people thought about him that much? Laughter wasn’t a bad thing…but if it was about him you could see why he felt so self conscious about it. Your laughter died out very suddenly after hearing his panicked words, and you took hold of his shoulder’s instead.

“Turn around, it’s easier if I get it.” You sighed, and he did too. Jimin’s lips had a small smile on them, making you look directly at his nose so you didn’t blush idiotically again. He turned, chuckling a tad bit.

“It’s okay if you touch my butt…it’s for a good cause. Man, you’re really saving my life.”

“Mm, it would be pretty embarrassing if somebody besides me saw it, right? Like, your real friends or something.” By something you mean all his fangirls, obviously.

Jimin looked over his shoulder at you, biting his lip. “It’s embarrassing if anyone see’s this.”

“I won’t tell anyone, I don’t have any friends here anyway.” You promised, reaching your hand on his butt, making perfectly sure you were only touching the gum wrapper.

“Isn’t that a little lonely, though?” Jimin turned his head again, looking out towards the windows.

“No, not really. I only came here because it’s a top school.”

“Top school my ass…no pun intended.” He snorted, sticking both hands into his pants pockets. You grinned, wondering just how so many girls really came to fall in love with this dull character of a person. Maybe he acted differently towards pretty people…

“Okay, it’s as gone as I can get it without literally picking your butt. Just put your pants in hot water and pull it off. It’s not noticeable, so don’t sweat it.”

Jimin turned, grabbing both of your shoulders before actually hugging you. He hugged you, very tightly as well. You stood frozen, your hands shaking by how nervous you were. When Jimin pulled away, he was doing his signature eye smile, which you were quickly growing to like. After he looked at your face for a minute, his smile faltered.

“Sorry…for all the mean notes being put in your locker. I really didn’t tell anyone too.”

You turned around, suddenly feeling a little angry he brought that up. Who cares if he didn’t ask them to put the notes in your locker? You didn’t even want to talk about it.

“I know you didn’t. I’m leaving.” You slung your bag over your shoulder, quickly walking towards the door. There was no way you could get close to Jimin. He was just somebody you helped once, that’s it. If you became his friend, or anything more than that, everyone would hate you so much more than now. It was fine you were receiving stupid notes in your locker, because those girls were really just too scared to come and talk to you in real life. They definitely wouldn’t hesitate to do something when you freely spoke to Jimin in a kind manner. No way.

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Quakerider 4.

Robbie/Daisy, (teacher/single parent au)

Parent teacher conferences weren’t something he looked forward to. What was the point of them anyway? Robbie wasn’t the one who dealt with Gina’s teacher every day, he barely remembered his daughter’s other teachers.

Sitting outside the classroom, head leaned back against the wall, legs stretched out, he closed his eyes. None of this was made better by the fact that he could feel a headache coming on. Today had been busier than normal, getting Gina over to a friend’s house early before going to the car shop, then racing over to the school. He had forgotten to actually eat anything. Hopefully the meeting went by quickly.

What was the name of the teacher again? Gina mentioned it a lot, she seemed to like this one. Which was very rare, his girl tended to be picky when it came to people. 

Johnson, that was her last name. Gina would come home from school, all happy and giggly, and gush about how great Miss Johnson was. It made Robbie happy to see her like this, actually enjoying school.

The door creaked open and he opened his eyes, glancing over to it. She’s not what he had pictured at all.

She was younger than he thought, maybe around his age, and had an air of confidence about her. Her brow hair just curled over her shoulders and a polite smile tugged on her lips as she nodded to him.

“Mr. Reyes?” she asks, waving him over to her, “If you’re ready, we can start out meeting.”

He’s a bit dumbstruck, still shocked really, but he shakes off the feeling and gets up.

She holds out her hand to him, “Daisy Johnson. It’s nice to meet you.”

He takes her hand and it’s smooth compared to his calloused ones. Oh god, he hopes he didn’t have any oil or anything lingering on them.

“Robbie Reyes. It’s nice to meet you too, you’re one of Gina’s favorite people to talk about.”

Her smile grows and it’s stunning, “Hopefully nice things?”


The classroom is simple but colorful. She seemed to like to hang up the kids art around the room which he found sweet. He could barely remember his 2nd grade classroom, school being like a distant memory to him now.

“I hope I didn’t have you waiting long?” she asks as she sits down behind her desk, glancing through some files.

“Oh, no, no,” he replies, sitting down in the seat across from her, “I just got here a bit early. Was running around a bit this morning with school being off.”

“Ah yes, I can understand. That’s always the trouble with these conferences isn’t it?” she asks, laughing, “The school should take the parents into consideration more when it comes to things like this.”

He tries to hold back a laugh, “I couldn’t agree more.”

She smiles at him and pulls out a folder, “So Gina has been excellent in class. She had a bit of trouble with math at the beginning but has really pushed to get better at it which is fantastic. She mentioned you tried to help her out last week?”

“Oh yeah, thought I’d play the nice dad you know?” He leans back slightly, “But she wasn’t having any of it. Wanted to finish it up all by herself.”

“Well, like I said, she’s doing really well there. And it basically all the subjects we are learning, she’s very active in class,” she pulls out a paper from the folder and slides it over to Robbie.

He picks it up and can’t hold back his smile. His daughter always did love to draw. It was him and her, stick figures, and a black box in the background that he assumed was his car. And they were holding “hands” and had happy faces. She even included his car shop in the background to a certain extent, a brown box that said “Daddy’s car shop” on top. It was almost cute enough to melt his heart.

“She obviously loves you a lot.”

The smile grows, “Yeah, she’s a great kid.”

“If you don’t mind me asking,” Miss Johnson pauses, tapping the desk lightly, “this is probably silly of me to assume, but do you own a car shop?”

That wasn’t what he expected.

“A repair shop if that’s what you mean?”

“Yes, yes. She does seem to know a bit more about cars than the usual 8 year old.”

“She does love coming by the garage, she gets spoiled by all my co-workers.” He thinks back to her birthday a few months ago and almost rolls his eyes at the thought of all them dancing along with Gina to her favorite song. If only he had filmed it for blackmail.

“Well, since the meeting it pretty much over,” she continues, putting away the folder, “Maybe I could ask for some car help?”

“Do you need something fixed?” he asks, leaning forward.

“I have this old van that I used to drive around when I was younger you know? Still love the thing to pieces but,” she makes a shaking gesturing with her hands, “I think something is wrong with it, the engine has a hard time starting up. I wanted to get it checked over before doing anything with it.”

He digs around in his wallet, pulling out a card, “I can take a look at it for you, no problem,” He slides it across the desk, “Just call me whenever you find some time to drop it off. Or do you need it picked up?”

Her eyes were darting over the card, “You actually aren’t located too far from my place, it can make the drive over,” she looks back up at him and god her eyes are beautiful, “I’m thinking about bringing it over sometime next week if that is ok?”

“That’s not a problem at all Miss Johnson.”

“Please,” she waves her hand at him, her smile stretching across her face, “Call me Daisy.”

Oh, what did he just get himself into.

21.03.2017 / Day 16 of the #gradblrchallenge

Today was sort of crappy; on top of five classes, a teacher approached me and told me to take it easy with my students. I totally get what she meant, but it was infuriating because she managed to be patronizing to me and them. It’s like she believes that I can’t do my job right and that they are not worth the energy because they can’t learn much. I was so upset when I got home that I had to just watch some tv and not think about anything. Anyways, the good part of my day was this outfit, so enjoy.

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Is there one coworker you just don't get along with?

Squall:  You’ve already hit one teacher with a ball today, Sora.  

Sora: But-

Squall: Almasy forgot I’m writing the football team’s training regime for next week. 

(Squall: It’s not exactly we don’t get along since we sort of have to since we’re the only guy’s coaches in the school.  I’ve also gotten used to ignoring his taunts from years of practice. Plus, he’s not even trying right now.)

Part Two to This

There’s this little girl at my work who doesn’t talk at all. She’s not mute or anything but she won’t ever ever talk and therapists have tried to do a lot of different things to get her to talk. Anyway, today, she spoke to me. And I almost collapsed. And then I went and told someone and they tried talking to her but she wouldn’t talk. When they left the room, she spoke to me again and I asked her why she won’t speak to the other teacher and she said “I like you”

In today’s episode of Holy Fuck I’m Obsessed....

The scene that keeps on giving, right? XD Anyways I found this pretty interesting. During this scene Stephen’s being super intrusive, asking questions of TAO’s past. To which Mordo’s like…eh, no one knows but i’m gonna follow her anyways which Stephen questions cause really? You’re putting trust in someone you don’t fully know? And Mordo’s just like “trust your teacher.” Well…

In this scene all that gets a massive call back. Also, while the precious OTP is fighting with the tension turned up to a thousand and my heart is bursting from feels Mordo yells this line

You have no idea the things I’ve done! 

Which makes me wonder….does this mean that Stephen doesn’t know about Mordo’s past? And if he does how much of it does he know? Clearly not the worst parts of it by what Mordo’s saying. If he doesn’t know Mordo’s past then my heart aches just thinking of that sparring scene and how Stephen equated knowing someone’s past with following them. Cause then by that logic he shouldn’t have followed Mordo’s instructions/trusted him when he didn’t know his past. He still did though.

Also I wonder if Stephen tried to learn more about Mordo’s family history post-movie in the attempt to track down possible places were he could have gone. Stephen discovers all the terrible stuff that went down (if the MCU goes there), and is suddenly hit with damn that’s why he was so upset about using forbidden magic why did’t just he tell me ;__;

Idk, just a few thoughts :/

Yoongi Teacher AU

Yes hello so…I wrote a thing 
This is the result of a conversation with my friend and I decided to write it because WHY NOT but then it ended up being EXTREMELY LONG AND VERY FLUFFY AND IT TOOK ME FOREVER TO WRITE sorrynotsorry 
ANYWAY enjoy Teacher Min Yoongi ;) 

You swore Kim Namjoon knew everyone at this school.

You’d been teaching English for two months in Daegu, and you could still barely recognize the faces of all the faculty, staff, and students. Your co-teacher Namjoon, however, knew the entire high school by face, name, street address, and had probably taken each of them out to dinner at some point. He’d introduced you to a few, and they were all very welcoming, but your perpetual shyness had stopped you from getting very close with them.

Until today, that is. When Kim Namjoon tricked you into a blind date.

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today in class our teacher assigned us partners to work on an assignment together and she paired me with this guy who wouldn't communicate with me for shit and the whole time he was flirting with this girl right next to us and I never felt more uncomfortable tbh whenever I tried to get him to work with me she would interrupt me with "ANYWAY.." and I really let Jesus himself hold me back before I batista bombed both of them im not trying to sound bitter but I'm just trying to pass the class dude

before I batista bombed both of them boo I am on thE F LOOR


Requested by anon:  Sexual tension with Isaac? Maybe they haven’t gotten together but everyone knows it’ll happen- none of that cliche “I thought you hated me” stuff though, it’s getting old real quick hahaha no offense to anyone who has written it though-it’s just been done so many times

A/N: No offense taken, I absolutely agree with you. ;) I am not really good with that hating each other stuff anyway, so I took a different approach here. I hope you’ll like it! xo (Requests are open!)

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Usually school isn’t very exciting. Well, as long as no disease breaks out or any serial killer breaks in. And as long as the teachers aren’t really making an effort. Which is not the case today. You’ve no idea why but obviously your Biology teacher planned this to be a fun day.

“So, I’m gonna split you up into two man groups and you are gonna follow the different leads until you find your chosen object and bring a part of it back to me. Whoever solves this first will win a price!”, he announces with bright excitement, throwing a look into the class and seemingly awaiting some sort of great reaction. You just exchange awkward looks and nobody says anything.

“Okay then…we’ll just start”, he mumbles, grabbing a piece of paper. Stiles already gets up to pair with Lydia. “No, Mr. Stilinski! I will gonna pair you up. Don’t make that face, you go with Mr. Mccall.”

Stiles grins brightly and gives his best friend a High Five as he walks over, making you roll your eyes. In the meantime your teacher reads off the pairs from his list and you wait, yawning, until your name finally comes up.

“Miss Y/L/N with Mr. Lahey.”

His name suffices to make your heart flutter. It’s just that thing between the two of you that you can’t really explain. You’re drawn to each other like magnets to metal and still unable to seal the deal. Right now Isaac flashes you one of his cheeky smiles while he walks over to you. Stiles whistles meaningfully but stops immediately as you shoot him a deathly glare.

“Shut up!”

They all know. The whole pack. They know that you and Isaac are gonna happen, they are just betting on the time. Lydia and Allison are constantly trying to convince you to ask him out but you are not really the type of girl to do something so straightforward. And Stiles can’t stop making sassy comments whenever you are hanging out together. And for Isaac…well, you have no idea what he wants. Is he just too shy to make a move? Or are you the only one feeling the tension? It remains a mystery to you.

“Hey little one”, Isaac greets you with a grin as he reaches you. You roll your eyes at him. Just because he’s a giant he thinks everybody else is small while you are absolutely averagely tall.

Your teacher now hands out your different tasks and you take the paper from him. You leave the classroom and step into the bright sun. Then you throw a look at your first riddle. Isaac gazes over your shoulder.

“Under my branches you find relief in my shadow, on lonely grass I look like a majesty. Some of you use me every day, others don’t even notice I am there. Still, I always cross your way. What the hell does that mean?”, you read out loud with a frown. Isaac just leans against a pillar, looking all cool, and shrugs.

“I have absolutely no idea.”

“You don’t even think about it!”, you laugh incredulously, turning around to him.

He smirks at you. “Well, it’s not easy to think with such a distracting partner.”

“So you’re not happy with your partner?”

“On the contrary: it couldn’t be better. It’ll just not help me solving riddles”, he states, winking.

You feel the heat creeping into your cheeks and at the same time the incredible urge to grab him and kiss him right there. To hide both of that, you look back down on the paper and reread it.

“I think I have an idea. Come on.”

“You wanna tell me?”, he calls after you as you step over the inner yard to circle the school with him hurrying after you.

You smile to yourself. “Come and see.”

As you reach the front door, you point at the tall, majestic oak tree. “We cross it every day”, you state.

“And I’ve never even noticed it”, he adds with a small smile before he steps under the wide branches and picks up the next riddle that is hidden there. “How many of those do we have to solve?”

“Three, I think. Just read it.”

Isaac makes a face due to your commendatory tone and starts to read.

“You find me in the wood, near the sparkling pond. My blossom is eerie and I love the wet and cold. I change my colour like you change your cloak”, he mumbles. Then he looks up at you expectantly like you’re supposed to have a sparking idea immediately.

You snort. “I guess you don’t have a suggestion?”

“I’m not really into flora, sorry.”

“See, that’s why I love you for your brains. I don’t know either, let’s search the woods.”

Once again he follows you as you walk right into the little forests’ direction and chuckles softly. Just like that he puts an arm around your shoulder, making you shiver under his soft touch. You want to grab his hand and make sure that his arm stays there but don’t have the courage to go for it.

“I have no idea if this is a weird complement or a well-hidden insult”, he admits to you, leaning down as he speaks and making his breath brush your cheek.

You swallow hard. “Whatever you want it to be.”

“That’s not an answer!”, he laughs as you both step under the shadows of the trees.

You can’t take it anymore. He’s too close. You can smell his odour and feel the heat of his body. You feel so freakishly drawn to him that your brain is unable to work properly anymore. You need to get some space between the two of you. Therefore you dive under his arm and take a few steps aside, stopping right there and looking at him challenging.

“I don’t get you”, you blurt out.

Isaac raises his eyebrows in slight surprise. “Why, what do you mean?”

“I don’t get what you want, Lahey. You are obviously flirting with me but let’s be honest: you do that quite often since you turned into a werewolf. It’s like…I have no idea what it is between us.”

There you said it. Finally. You cross your arms in front of your chest, feeling kinda awkward, while a hint of astonishment appears in Isaac’s expression before it gets replaced by his typical smirk once again. He takes a step forward in your direction and you feel like frozen. You could never flee from Isaac.

“You smell nervous”, he states.

“Oh, really? I have no idea why”, you retort sarcastically.

The corners of his mouth twitch as he reaches you at last. He is so close that your upper bodies almost touch. You lean back against the trunk of a tree and look up at him, blinking confused. He must hear the raised pace of your heartbeat.  And it looks like he likes it.

“Y/N, I think you are right. There is definitely something between us”, he mumbles, placing a finger on your cheek and softly caressing it. You hold your breath automatically. “I mean, yeah, I like to flirt now and then. But I usually don’t feel like I’m going crazy when a girl flips her hair over her shoulder or purses her lips when she’s pissed. Or when I have to do group work with her at school.”

“I purse my lips when I’m pissed?”

“Oh yeah”, he laughs. “I think there is only one way to break this tension between us.”

You’re already scared that he might suggest to keep distance as he suddenly bends down and softly presses his lips against yours. What starts as an innocent kiss soon becomes something a lot more passionate. It feels like all the attraction that build up inside of you breaks out in this moment. You notice that you burry your hands in his curls and he pulls you flat against his chest. At first your lips work in perfect unison, then it becomes more heated and your tongues do. You sparked a fire and it’s almost impossible to extinguish it. You want him, you hunger for him. Maybe you would have ripped his clothes off right there if you weren’t making out in a forest next to your school.

As you break away to catch your breath, you both need a moment. Then you look at each other, both flustered and somewhat surprised and just start to laugh.

“Wow…that was…intense”, he states weakly, running his fingers through his hair and making them even messier. You grin at him.

“Was it? I think I need a reminder.”

He raises his eyebrows while his blue eyes sparkle mischievously. “What about our group activity here?”

“We have no idea what we are searching for anyway. Let’s just change the theme a bit, shall we?”

He’s eager to follow that instruction, lifts you from your feet in one swift movement and presses you against the tree while you wrap your legs around his waist to kiss him until the class ends. A very small part of you secretly wonders who of your friends might have won the bet.

Some pretty exciting news.

Today I went to a faculty bbq and ended up chatting with a coworker of mine about the popularity of my lgbt book selection with the students. And the kids we have who are out/coming out. And her collection of lgbt plays in her theater library.

Both she and I are pretty out at work, her with her wife and me with my bi flag shoes.

But anyway, so we’ve decided to start a GSA at our school. There are a few other teachers we think we can get to help, and we told our principal we are gonna do it.

So that’s a cool thing.

So today our french teacher played us a song about skeletons?? And said that one class really likes that song and wants to listen to it all the time (not that I’m in highschool lolol) but anyways, when a boy next to me heard that he goes “fucking fetishists” he was kinkshaming peeps who want to fuc skeletons,,, idk where did he even get that idea, is he on Tumblr?

Fuck…I said i would never draw Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared fanart ever again after that One Time but somehow i ended up getting Really invested in it and i’m like. over a year late in drawing Humanizations because i was too embarrassed back in 2014 to post my tony design that you see today.

anyways…I like to think since the object teachers are very powerful and are able to warp reality (and you see tony and colin are able to change their forms though not too extreme in the videos)  incase they ever needed to fit in with humans…they.. all created human-like forms for themselves to change to whenever 

tony tries the hardest and looks the most human but despite his appearance his insides are entirely made of clockwork and his chest is a glass plate where you can see his gears and a swinging pendulum.

sketchbook tries but not hard enough because the human look is Not Creative. it’s pretty apparent that they are not human, they have paper white hexagram code #ffffff skin and look like an unnerving genderless child.

colin does not try at all. it’s obvious that he’s a robot with no neck.

shrignold can not change his form because he does not have powers. he’s just a weird bug in a cult.

Six Degrees

Pairing: Tom Riddle x Minerva McGonagall

AU: this one

Part: [1] + [2] / [6]

+ 1

Minerva had been back at Hogwarts for a month when Tom Riddle was brought in.

The entire situation was strange—a rather ambiguously-termed accident had befallen the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, a man who, by all accounts, had gone down to the Hog’s Head for a pint on Friday evening, as was his custom, and then promptly disappeared. A few drops of blood had been found near the edge of the Forbidden Forest, and several witnesses of admittedly dubious character had attested to hearing a choked-off, high-pitched scream sound from up the road, followed almost immediately by the harrowing echo of a lone wolf’s howl. It had been a full moon; a werewolf attack was the Ministry’s official explanation.

And Minerva really had no reason to doubt that—it was a sensible conclusion to have drawn—but she was struck by the sheer incongruity of a man whose livelihood depended on his Defense expertise being caught unawares by a werewolf, of all things. It was…well, it was curious, and not in an above-board sort of way.

Her suspicions began to multiply when the Board of Governors ignored Albus’s objections and appointed Tom Riddle to the now-vacant Defense position.

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Calvin last year when HDIYL came out:

“She’s amazing
“She ticks boxes I didn’t even know existed”

Calvin today when TIWYCF came out:

“She knows when it’s time to leave me for a bit on my own before my show”

“I can’t see that happening, no” (about collaborating with T)

So basically he likes when she leaves him alone before shows, and he shut down the collab rumors. Nice. 

The furthest he went was saying she’s fantastic, but literally all my teachers have wrote that on my papers at some point in school. Everything he said today was friendly more than anything?

If anything there’s a pretty clear difference imo from what he said last year, to what he said this year.

training hard or hardly training?

Running her hands in her freashly cut hair Sarah was ready to do more training. Now that she was fighting more her hair was just to long to do anything with. That and it had been a reminder of when she got her wings cut off… so it was finally time to change! Picking up her phone she started to text her teacher. It was at a time that she had no classes going on. But the small troll still needed to stop at the shop anyways for a bit.

[text] hey! I was wondering if you would be down for more training later today.

[text] i am ready to fight again

[text] been working on getting over my problem i have to!

the first day of school
  • teacher: okay class, welcome-
  • teacher: I was-

Ah, good times being a gay teacher.

Today I unstuck the head joint on a kid’s recorder that he’d been struggling with for five minutes and another student was like “WOAH HOW’D YOU DO THAT” and I just said “finger strength.”
Student: “How do you get finger strength!?”
Me: [can’t think of anything appropriate to say] … Anyway.

And then at the end of class the kids kept insisting I had a boyfriend. Like, I think I’d have noticed. The odds are not in their favor.