anyway everything about this scene is so perfect


Favorite Stiles Scenes: Season 6A, Episode 10: The Reunion with Dad Part 1: ‘I found you. I can’t believe I found you.’

Come on, you had to know this scene would be first one I would do! ;) Anyway, I absolutely love this scene. It’s the absolute, sheer joy on the Sheriff’s face that does it. He’s so happy to see his son again he’s almost in tears. And Stiles has missed him so much that all he can do is hug him as tight as he can. I love the Sheriff/Stiles relationship so much and you can tell that Linden and Dylan really care about each other. 

I also absolutely love the coloring for this set. I feel like I got it just perfect and you can see everything. I’m working on the second half of this scene when the Sheriff ‘sacrifices’ himself so Stiles can get out. Hopefully that one will be out tomorrow or this weekend. 

@gaelle-kashiira asked that I do the character thing for Genma :)

  • Why I like them
    • He’s smart af. He will blindly jump into danger (ex: the Sound Ninja - he didn’t know what was waiting for him, he went anyway WITH ONLY RAIDO OK) which brings me to the next point, he is confident. In himself & his abilities & his partner. he’s so perfect i’m crie
  • Why I don’t
    • Nothing for this, I love everything about him.
  • Favorite episode (scene if movie)
    • Legit every scene he’s in to be totally honest we don’t see him that often so every scene is a gift.
  • Favorite season/movie
    • The Chunin Exams - so much of him during the Chunin Exams god bless
  • Favorite line
    • This has always been my favorite: “When captured birds grow wiser, they try to open the cage with their beaks. They don’t give up, because they want to fly again.”
  • Favorite outfit
    • 90s fashion child XD
  • OTP
    • GenRai
  • Brotp
    • Also GenRai (I’m a sucker for the OTPs that are also Brotps XD)
  • Head Canon
    • Oml I have so many.
    • OK so he is a goddamn wreck after the Fourth Hokage dies. He blames himself for failing to protect him - he was one of his Guard Platoon, after all, and it was his duty to serve & protect him at all costs. He knows it was the Hokage’s choice to use the Reaper Death Seal and to protect his child from Kurama, but he still has a hard time accepting that there was nothing he could have done.
    • That guilt gets even worse when he notices how poorly Naruto is treated and how alone he is. That’s the Fourth Hokage’s son and Genma’s not allowed to protect him & take care of him the way he wants to because Naruto can’t know that the Fourth is his father, and that eats at him. 
  • Unpopular opinion
    • Hottest Naruto character, hands down. Fight me. (is that unpopular? I don’t know)
  • A wish
    • That he fucking shows up in Boruto even if it’s just for two minutes in the background.
  • An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen
    • Don’t ever not show up in the anime again. PLS.
  • 5 words to best describe them
    • better than all ur faves
    • Nah for real tho: calm, smart, confident, HOT AF
  • My nickname for them

A grumpy, antisocial policeman is forced to live with one of the witnesses for a while.

I don’t remember if I’ve ever said it but - Jaymes Young’s music has strong TsukiYama vibe for me. Here’s another example of that - the idea came from this song.

As I’ve said before in previous posts - I’ve decided to make a poll when readers can decide which of my works they want to read next. The fics listed in the poll are already finished. There will be only TsukiYama ones to vote for and I will be slipping some other pairings or fandoms (*cough*Klance*cough*) in between posting the ones from the poll. You can vote here. And this one is the fic that won in the first poll (whooping four votes out of thirteen).

SFW, TsukiYama, police au
Words: 4120
Also on ao3.

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@derangedangel reblogged your post and added: That fact that you’re even questioning your writing on this is crazy. This. Was. Perfect. The way you described everything, especially that part about the silence between lightning and thunder, was freaking amazing. I can’t wait until the next chapter:”

 Well, I´ll probably question my writing for eternities to come :D But I think it´s a writers disease to do that. I am sure you can relate (yes I peaked at your blog ;))

Anyway, thank you so so much! I am beyond thrilled you like this chapter, especially the scene you mentioned because I re-wrote that at least 10 times. It absolutely drove me insane. 

Also can I say how insanely jealous I am of your picture with Tyler Hoechlin? What I would do for a picture like that.

Open Coffin Chapter 07


anonymous asked:

I was re-watching 3x20 for science obviously, and I noticed, before Felicity took her bra off, Oliver's hand grazed it, but didn't undo it. it seems like he was still hesitant, and wanted felicity to call the shots. Right after the graze, Felicity immediately took the bra off, making perfectly clear what she wants. It shows how much respect Oliver has and how much he values his love for Felicity. It wasn't something I would have expected from Oliver Queen. Thats what I thought anyways :)

Okay, anon, I honestly - honest to goodness - have too many feelings about 3x20. I am still so overwhelmed by 3x20 (I took the day off after that episode aired just to bask, but even that wasn’t enough).

And yes, yes, this is perfect! 

He followed her lead during that entire scene, and it was glorious.

This line struck me: “It wasn’t something I would have expected from Oliver Queen.”

So true.

Oliver loves Felicity… and even after everything they went through in Season 3, he still didn’t really know how she felt about him. He’d known for a while that she liked him, that she was attracted to him, but not that she returned the depth of his feelings, that she saw him in the same light… well, alright, he knew, but he didn’t know, ya feel me:

(His face, ohemgee, he’s waiting to hear her say it - he needs it like air; he knows (he believes, but at the time he knew it with a destructive certainty) he can’t have her, that he doesn’t deserve her, but he craves it - craves her - despite that…)

But she never said the words until…

(gif source)

*throws all the awards at Amell*

He’s staring at her like she just handed him the key to his entire life.

She loves him.

Felicity Smoak loves him.

His entire world opened up in that very moment, in that room, in those few stolen moments between them when Felicity thought she was never going to see him again, and Oliver thought he was going to push her away for good in the coming months during his time in the League…

In that moment, he had everything, and he accepted it, and he took it - they both did - with reckless abandon.

He not only values his love for Felicity but also hers for him. He wanted to make love to Felicity, he wanted to honor the gift she’d just given him (because damn, it’s a gift in his eyes - he honestly believes he isn’t worthy, but here she is, making him feel his worth). He’s never made love like he made love to Felicity; he’s never loved anyone like he loves Felicity.

Part of letting her take the lead like he did, I think, was because he was hesitant, unsure about how to proceed. It wasn’t about having sex, it was about showing each other their love. He could have easily just grabbed her and thrown her up against the wall, but it was passion and love here, it was consummation, it was confirmation, it was realization…

It was everything.

And that in and of itself put them on a precipice: they didn’t have the chance to get to spend time with each other as an actual couple before they made love; they didn’t get the courting period, or the talk-all-night periods, or the cutesy footsy under the table at dinner or anything really. This happened so quickly between them. (Remember EBR talked about how they didn’t want it to be rushed or over-the-top like a lot of first-time love scenes are filmed and that is yet another example of how well Amell and EBR know their characters, and this relationship - this moment came on so fast, but their love didn’t, and they respected that, and expressed that with and to each other.) The last thing Oliver wanted to do was fuck this up. He wanted to love her, he wanted to show her how much he loved her, take it beyond the words - he wanted it to be everything for her, just as she wanted that for him, and guess what, ya’ll?

Oliver loves himself a damn assertive woman, and she took what she’d been wanting - what they’d both been wanting - for a very long time.

So yes, he absolutely let her set the pace in everything, and in its own way that was just as loving as the act itself. Felicity would have gone with whatever he wanted, but this was more genuine, more heartfelt - more them, and that he recognized that and respected it made it all the more thoughtful and considerate and beautiful and so the opposite of the Oliver Queen we’d been shown thus far.

(Amell wasn’t wrong when he said Oliver does a lot of things that are outside the bounds of his normal actions in 3x20, and this was one of them.)

I love this OTP so much.


1. the music!!! okay so the music doesn’t sound that deep, but like they have dramatic music and it makes the scene 1000000x better

2. i loved the way that stiles kissed her. it wasn’t on the lips but it makes it better for me???? like he did it with his usual dorky self which made it more natural

3. it looks like they’re not even in a relationship by then so it’s like they’re used to/okay with casual things like that.


5. lydias face at the end!!! it means so much to me. like at first you don’t notice it but after seeing it again you can tell she’s like “woah i’m catching feelings”

but yeah, in conclusion i’m shook, and i can not wait any longer :)

First, let me just say this: that was the absolute best episode of Glee I have seen in a very, very long time.  The writing was tight as fuck, the songs were adorable, the pacing flawless and OMFG ALL THE KLAINE!!!

What follows is mainly composed of my reactions to the Klaine parts of the episode, which I kept pausing so I could open this post and capslock into it in order to even come close to handling my feels.

Witness my destruction under the cut:

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My Trip TO London and Paris 7/2014

Soo here is my story, it may run long so sorry…so my name is Travelmama12 for a reason…I love to travel!! I feel like I can’t breathe when I can’t get away and go somewhere. Every other year, I do a bigger trip and go out of the country to some destination, this time it was London and Paris. I must say it was a magical trip! I did everything on my bucket list. At times I travel with a group of friends, but this time only my bestie Tracy could go. She isn’t an Internet person and only knows of LT from what I tell her. So she was clueless about half this stuff.

This trip meant so much to me because I took each LT fanfic author with me in my mind. I thought of all of the stories you all have written and shared all of details of places your characters traveled and things they ate. I remembered it all and challenged myself to see and eat it all. When I was in London, I remembered YenMoney’s stories and details of London and others as well. I traveled the Underground, went to Piccadilly Circus, ate real fish and chips, rode The Eye, watched the local fashion scene and tried my best to remember the names of different locations as I rode the Tube that she mentioned in her stories–> Vauxhall being one of them.

In Paris I ate the foods we have all mentioned in our writings, I ate macaroons, chocolate crepes, the famous “Crocque Monsieur” and baguettes. I visited the Pontes De Arts (locks of love bridge), Arc De Triompe, the top of the Eiffel Tower, shopped on the Champs De Élysées, the Louvre, rode the metro, watched street dancers (I didn’t get a chance to find that one park that they danced in….le sigh) and walked the streets thinking of all the wonderful "memories” I already had; since I felt like I had already been to some of these places due to all of your wonderful stories.

The most exciting thing that happened to me is what I wanted to share was thisàExcuse my long windedness, but most of you know I’m long winded anyway! Hahahah details feed my soul…. So anyway after being mesmerized by Nemi’s artwork of Les Twins and the whole story that I wrote about Larry’s tattoo, I had an idea!

I had been wanting to get another tattoo for years. I couldn’t find an artist that I trusted around here to do a good job. So I kept putting it off. I had promised my daughters I would get their names tattooed on me years ago, as my husband had already completed this task. I am in awe of the work that was done on LT’s tattoos and started quickly researching Migoii Tattoo Cup of Noodles in Paris. So I figured hey why not try to get an appt. since I was going to Paris anyway? I tried emailing them and my 4-H sister Breezy, who is studying French, emailed them as well. No response….so I got discouraged and wanted to give up. My 4-H sisters Sica and Dawn also encouraged me to not give up.

Sooo when I got to Paris I had the travel rep. call and schedule an appt. they agreed to see me for a consultation!! This was huge, last weekend was a national holiday Bastille Day (actually July 14th) and most people were taking off, but they agreed to see me, since the agent told them I would only be in the country until Monday. I was a nervous wreck. I had been in Paris only two hours and had to find my way around the city to walk to the shop. We were persistent and thank goodness the tattoo shop happened to be only about 25 min. Walk. I was staying in the La Republique’ District 11 and the shop was on a street located right off the famous Rue Montmartre, which many of you have seen pictures of and not known it. Think of Larry holding the bag of fruit after just getting his sleeve done (it was still wrapped in plastic). ….Whelp that is one picture of that street. It is basically closed off with many shops, bakeries and cafes.

So we made it to the shop before closing and I met Kevin, one of the workers, he was very nice black guy with long dreads down his back…Ummmhmmm. When I inquired about getting just a name on my wrist, he explained that their shop only does “very intricate Asian Inspired tattoos". He explained that they do custom work and no one’s is the same and that they are very expensive.  My heart stopped, I was sad and shocked. I told him that I came all the way form the USA to get a tattoo from them. He cracked up laughing and looked at me like…“ girlllll please” so I had to laugh with him and admit that wasn’t the only reason.

He must have sensed that I was sad earlier and had me look over their design book to see if there was something I liked. So I did and I found something very interesting!!! The ORIGINAL SKETCHES of Larry and Laurent’s tattoo sleeves!!! Some of the artwork was changed as you will be able to tell, like I said they do original work and take some bits and pieces of other things when creating the artwork. I couldn’t believe it when I saw them, but I knew as soon as I turned the page. So getting back to my dilemma, Kevin must have changed his mind and he got on the phone and called Sheuda (pron. Shoota), he is a cute sweet Asian guy and his English was wonderful. He said he would do my tattoo for me the next day. I was soo happy. Kevin wrote down every detail <— literally of what I wanted and said Sheuda would design something special for me and have it ready for tomorrow.

I was on cloud 9 and could barely focus until it was time for my appt. I was on time of course and Sheuda was sooooo late!! But I got some time to talk with another guy who worked at the shop, and watch him do a consultation for a future client. It was all in French unfortunately, but it was very interesting nonetheless. These guys are so passionate about what they do, it is incredible.  I got to see Sheuda’s incomplete full back tattoo as well…incredible!  Sheuda apologized profusely and explained how tired he was from trying to get a lot of tattoos done earlier that day, before the holiday. He promised me that “now” I was his priority and he would do whatever to make me happy :)  He showed me some of the designs he came up with and we ended up designing it together “Niamya" which is my two daughters names together. Soo long story short…. (yeah right! Hahaha never with me)….anyway he did the tattoo and was sure to make sure it was done precisely. His script work was perfect. He was such a sweet heart and let me take pictures. He had us reenact the scene as if I was the one doing the tattoo and he was watching! He and the rest of the guys made my experience beautiful.

So there it is! I was able to check just about everything off my Paris bucket list. I’m telling you that I know my experiences were made so much greater due to thinking about my 4-H sisters and my LT family, and LT fanfic ladies. I jumped at the chance for a dream to happen and it actually did. I was very blessed indeed! I hope you all get to try and do different things for yourselves and it is a bonus if this LT experience aids you in doing so!

I took some pictures and will I be posting so you can see. Take note of the huge back and gold wall sculpture in the one picture…I’m sure some of you have seen that one in some other pictures…floating around Tumblr or IG (smile).
*******please DONT REPOST these pictures on your own!!

Thanks, TM12

"Every breath you take"

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s noticed this… but during both the Ezria and Emison love scenes last night, they were playing a cover of “Every Breath You Take” by the Police. A song that Sting himself has even said is basically about stalking. He wrote it for his ex-wife after their marriage fell apart.

So I thought it to be a really interesting choice for the music for that scene. I know that it makes perfect sense for Ezra, since.. yup… he’s a stalker… but I also thought it may have been hinting at something with Ali as well.

Remember when Ali visited Aria (while Merideth was drugging her.) and she says “I see everything now.” ? We’re pretty sure that wasn’t a dream right? I mean the doll was moved from its hiding place. Anyway… I always though that that was a very ‘A’ thing to say. And a song literally written about obsession would be exactly the soundtrack that would make sense for an ‘A’ love scene.

But it also came around quite well to our Spoby scene later in the episode, When Toby reminds Spencer that she’s never alone, not even for a second. I know, I’m sorry I cant ever ever ever stop being suspicious of Toby. I can see where we were supposed to hear “I’m here for you, always Spence.” but what I heard was “Life without A? There is no such thing as life without ‘A’. Not even for a second.” 

Also… while I’m talking about The Police because I’m a reasonably big Police fan… I’d like to talk about another hit of theirs, “Don’t Stand So Close Me”, which is about an English teacher who is struggling with his attraction to one of his female students. Which, if I remember right, Sting wrote after some of his experiences as an English teacher himself. And during the song he also references feeling like “the old man in that book by Nabokov” (Lolita, oooof course.) But here’s my point… there’s a line in that song “Wet bust stop, she’s waiting, his car is warm and dry” which since the first moment I saw it seemed like the soundtrack to that first season scene, when it’s raining out and Aria climbs in his car for the makeouts. In fact, that whole song seems like a template for Ezra. Hot teacher, all the girls think he is, and there’s a swell of accusations surrounding them, and massive battles with temptation.

So in conclusion… they knew what they were saying there. They knew they were soundtracking creeper music over these scenes, because it’s virtually impossible not to have.