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“The Red Line Report, an independent scouting service, was particularly harsh, ranking Benn among the five slowest players in the draft.

‘We’re not sure if he’s really that slow, or he just refuses to move,’ Red Line Report said in its 2007 Draft Guide. 

They didn’t even list him among its top 300 players eligible for the draft.”

Congratulations on winning the art ross Jamie!


Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou vs. Manga Panels // Frieda Reiss and Christa Lenz/Historia Reiss

love is a word (you gave it a name) | harry/louis | 21 400 words

“It’s worth it anyway,” says Harry, looking into Louis’s eyes. He’s untucked his hair from behind his ear, and it falls down in silky strands to obscure his face. He looks so painfully young, even after everything. Louis’s strong, strong boy. “Just for the two of us. We get to be selfish for a little while.”

it’s christmas. in between snowman building, tree shopping, and ill-advised skating on a frozen lake, louis and harry get ready to take the most important step of their lives.

for inkedrope; written as part of the h/l winter exchange

“They say home is where the heart is
So where do you keep your bed?
And if home is where the heart is
It’s a crying shame we can’t afford the rent.” x

/Guys, seriously, thank you ALL so much for following me and supporting this blog. I can’t believe we made it to 5,000, donttouchmyprincessparts!

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After a long time getting masages asking for a Bellarke fanfic rec posts, i decided to do it! It took so long because all i had saved were the ones i already posted in my last fic rec post ages ago, so i had to hunt all my new faves one and wait for a few more. So here we go, i hope this helps all the lost souls like me after the finale and into the hiatus. Sorry for the ones the send me the asks months ago lmao but its here!


Etre  (6 chapthers/ 58k words) probably my favorite fanfic ever, YOU NEED TO READ IT.

Summary: They’re the loudest unspoken secret in Camp Jaha. It still takes them almost 10 years to be. (multiple POV)

Meet Me in the Morning  (25k words) the best time loop fic i’ve ever read tbh

Summary: “I guess one of us is messed up,” he said, “and it’s part of our hallucination that the other is, too.” He paused. “Seems appropriately hellish that my mind sticks me with you.”She pursed her lips. “Likewise.”

Facing Tempests of Dust  (24k words) canon verse but also au-ish BELL IS A WEREWOLF. enough said.

Summary: Clarke Griffin has grown up in the perfectly controlled environment of the Ark dome, a city created to withstand the destruction of the world outside. Now, she’s been sent out with 100 other delinquents to try to survive on their own, but she knows the truth. They weren’t sent away for their crimes, but rather to buy time for others in Ark, as the city is failing. While Clarke struggles to lead her band of teenagers, she encounters a man with strange abilities and an offer she finds hard to refuse.

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Kate/Tescotommo’s Favs From the Last Four Years

So I’ve been in this fandom over 4 years (wat) and in that time I’ve read a shit ton of fic. This is probably way over due, but here is is my ultimate 1D fic rec!

(read more for 50+ fics from different phases in the One Direction fandom)

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I seem to be in the “draw fanart for fan fics” mood 

This one is for @sodawife !!! Crossroads is super good and everyone should read it because *inhales* boi.

psa for my bi friends! read if you have a minute to spare

Please do NOT visit the blog biphobiabullshit and/or read any of their posts unless you are emotionally equipped to handle nonsensical biphobia and outright hatred towards bi people. I have never read anything so hurtful or negative in my life, and i want to warn you guys to stay away from it, especially if you have a lot of anxiety relating to being bi.

For anyone who has accidentally stumbled upon that page, I just want to remind you that no matter who you have or have not dated, no matter what preferences you have, no matter what stereotypes you do or do not fit, no matter how you identify in regards to gender, sexuality, or romantic orientation, you are valid and you are welcome in bi spaces. You are welcome here.

Please take care of yourselves. Reading the posts on that page have made me feel absolutely nauseous, and I am appalled that a blog like that exists, let alone has supporters. For anyone who is curious about the content on the blog but wishes to stay away, I will summarize by saying that the blog is run by an incredibly biphobic person who somehow simultaneously refuses to believe that biphobia exists.

The most recent post I saw basically insisted that bi people in different gender relationships are “hetero conforming” and do not belong in bi spaces. I have seen much worse there, but that post hit a little too close to home for me personally and I want to warn you all about that blog in general.

Stay safe and I love u. If you need support, the mods here are all willing to talk and chill out and spread some love and positivity. Hope everyone is doing okay! (You can scroll on now, just stay safe ok? Love u.)


Musical theatre songs appreciation:
I Read (Passion) performed by Judy Kuhn (video)

I read to fly, to skim
I do not read to swim
I do not dwell on dreams
I know how soon a dream becomes an expectation
How can I have expectations?

to tick it off my internet bucket list I finally read “My Immortal” in it’s entirety, and I had such a good time and I would highly recommend that everyone should read it at least once. Anyway, here are a hand picked selection of my favourite quotes:

  • “I MAY BE A HOGWARTS STUDENT  .” Hargirid paused angrily. “ BUT I AM ALSO A SATANIST”
  • “Hi Draco!” I said in a depressed voice
  • Snap and Loopin and HAHRID were there too
  • Snake and Loopin were in da middle of the empty hall, doin it, and Dobby was watching!
  • Fug and da Mystery of magic
  • Noe get some fucking ppl out there to look for Serius and Lucian- pornto!
  • Voldemint
  • Dumblehor
  • “CUM NOW!1!” Preacher McGongel yielded
  • I gasped - there was a Dork Mark on his you-know-wit!11!
  • Shud we get u 2 St Manga’s, bitch?
  • Profesor Slutborn

And my personal favourite:

In front of me wuz one of da sexiest goth guyz I had ever seen. He was wearing long blak hair, kinda like Mikey Way, only black. He had gren eyes like Billie Joe Amstrung and pale whit skin. He wuz wearing a blak ripped up suit wif Vans. It was………………. Tom Bombodil!1111