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ANYWAY *INHALES* JESUS GUYS!! 1,000 FOLLOWERS!! like i said in the video? there’s not much i can say without sounding sappy && sounding like everyone else && also sounding like i’m repeating myself ?? but at the same time? thanks doesn’t even seem like enough? i mean, i think i pretty much got everything i wanted to say out in the video? but like literally all of you thank you x100 whether i write/talk with you or not i love you all !! i’m sorry for how long this if you actually end up watching all of this then pat on the back to you my good friend. anyway, i also know i said that a bias list would be repetitive but like?? too bad i’m gonna mention people anyway, but im gonna put everyone under a read more if i forget you or you don’t see yourself plz don’t be sad dear child, i still love you. I JUST FORGET A LOT AND ALSO MADE THIS LIST V FAST. 

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Ugh MJ! If only we knew what he was thinking!!! *cries* ...Anyway, I love reading everyone's theories of riarkle endgame. What are yours? Do we look too deep into it or is that what he wants us to do...I love the in depth details but do those hold weight? What's your thoughts on MJs "plan". I pray riarkle is endgame!

I am honestly so sorry that I didn’t answer this sooner! I didn’t get the notification! But in all honesty, my theory for a Riarkle endgame is just so many facts are placed together. MJ started out by making it a valid point that Riley was more like Eric than she was Cory. Which immediately led me to the point that Rachel, Jack, and Eric might just be in the same predicament that Maya and Riley and Lucas were. What happens when the plot gets twisted? It’s simple, okay, so at first I thought that Riley was Eric, Lucas was Rachel, but Maya being Jack did not add up. That was when the plot twist came in, what if Riley is now Rachel, Lucas is now Eric, and Farkle is now Jack? Farkle is still a Minkus, but let’s take a moment and think about it, in Boy Meets World, Jack was close to Shawn, even though he was older, they were friends… Farkle is close to Maya. All of the characters are one huge mixture. Farkle, Riley, Maya, Lucas, Zay, Smackle, are all their own person. Which means that they are going to make their own choices, Farkle has shown the jealousy trait lately, like Smackle did last season. She feels threatened by Riley, and Farkle feels threatened by Lucas. But then, with Smarkle, they have a parallel to Rucas. Both the same, which isn’t good at all. Smackle has been flirty with Zay and Lucas, but more hinty with Zay, which usually means that a girl really likes a guy when she hints and doesn’t make a move. We need to pay attention to every little detail, if you want to stay on track with the endgames. In the recent episode they did two throwbacks. Remember in Texas Part 3, they talked and it was night time? Well, Farkle made a hint, he says, “The sun also shines at night! BOOM!” Remember the famous quote, “Riley is the sun, warm and bright, and lights up my whole day!” Well, if she’s the sun, and they were talking at night… Well, “The sun also shines at night.” parallels

Just like they also talked I’m Girl Meets New Year and when they did, in the debate, they happened to mention ‘Time’… Now throwback to, “Maybe I just need a little more time.”

And there was even Riarkle in Girl Meets I Do, even though he wasn’t there. Katy dragged Shawn out to talk, in Girl Meets New Year, Farkle was wearing a red sweater, and Riley was wearing a black dress… In Girl Meets I Do, Katy was wearing a red shirt, and Shawn was wearing a black overcoat. MJ sneaked in the orange leaf, but MJ is confident with saying Rucas like each other and Smarkle likes each other, because he won’t give it away. Not yet, at least. Great relationships are not easy, you have to work hard for them, same thing that Michael Jacobs is teaching us. You want to see if something works? Look for it, everywhere! Thank you so much for asking this question, and love ya!


this is everything i had in my inbox, in no order, and i hope y’all find something you like!! and especially if you’re a newer writer in the fandom, or if you want to start writing for the fandom, these are for u!! (also everyone else its not exclusive, obviously, i’m posting these for everyone)

just please tag the person who asked it, if they weren’t on anon so they can see it!

okay under the cut bc there are a lot! 

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I sketched Lucy being all tired from Never Satisfied, by @ohcorny. A very cute little comic about magic and shenanigans. I don’t do it justice, but it is actually very good!

I’m sorry I couldn’t do more in the fanart department. I’m exhausted™

Rowan + Abuse

I’m here to shine some light on the controversy over whether or not Rowan was abusive towards Aelin in Heir of Fire.

I just spent the last few hours rereading the book, and I need to say: yes, he was abusive towards her.

Listen to me though. I firstly want to say although I am not the biggest Rowan/Rowaelin fan, I do respect Rowan. This is not coming from a hateful reader desperate to tear down a character. Anyway…

I need everyone who defends Rowan to please read this. I don’t want to make you look wrong or dumb or anything like that, I just want you to see what Rowan did wrong and why it wasn’t okay.

Okay. So. Physical abuse is not the only kind of abuse. What I see when many people say Rowan was abusive is that people defend him with “it was training” or something of the like. The abuse I’m going to be talking about is verbal and emotional.

Multiple times in the book, Rowan calls Aelin things like pathetic, a coward, worthless, nothing to him, and spineless. At one point, he even tells her she would be better off dead.

Don’t try and justify this. Don’t try and tell me all of his insults and jabs were part of training. Because they weren’t. He meant every word he said, and you would know it if you reread the scenes. Rowan meant every single hurtful thing that came out of his mouth, and NONE of it was for the sake of training.

Yes, Aelin did say some equally awful things to him, but that does not in any way mean that she deserved it.

This is emotional abuse. This is verbal abuse. And it is real. Everything Rowan said ate away at Aelin, and what I also need to say is that Rowan didn’t start caring about how he was treating her until he was called out for it.

Rowan told Aelin she was nothing to him and he did not care that he left her, and it is only when he is confronted by Emrys that he begins to care about how he was treating her and what his words were doing to her.


So long story short: Rowan was abusive towards Aelin in Heir of Fire, just not in the way everyone thinks.

This post was not to bash a ship; it was to enlighten people on the situation. So please no hate.

Marxism-Leninism-Kafkaism(?) from Robert Crumb’s Kafka.

Kafka approved of the Bolshevists in Russia and he was also an anarchist so I have no idea how he would feel about this. 

I can’t begin to say how much it means to me that my comic has gotten all the support it has and I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who nominated and voted for Burn Away in the Summer Spectacular.  There were so many amazing runs out there this year so the fact that I somehow paced like this blows me away haha.

Anyway, thanks always to everyone who reads my comic and finds enjoyment in it. You guys keep me going and I’m so grateful. <3

also bonus extra:

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This is an absolutely-not-definitive list of Star Wars fics I have enjoyed and that I think other people might enjoy too. Some of these are fics I’ve loved from day one, others are ones I have found more recently but still adore. Most of them are Sequel Trilogy orientated, but there’s a couple of Original Trilogy / Prequel Trilogy recs too, and a few that don’t really fit under labels like that.

Without further adieu, here are my current favourites:

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Probably no one’s going to read this but anyways, everyone is freaking out because dan’s nails, i’m not gonna lie, me too, but aren’t you guys overreacting a little bit?
I mean, why are everyone saying that he’s gay, bisexual, pansexual or whatever? The fact that he has painted his nails doesn’t make him part of the LGBTQ+
Also i’ve seen so many people on instagram saying he should wear makeup, like, really??? I don’t have problem with that, I think it would be really cute but what if he don’t want to try it?
I feel like he has painted his nails only for us, not because he really want to
But idk this is my opinion and I respect yours so yeah

((btw my english is sO bad i’m leaving))

Hello there! If you’ve read my mun page, you know who I am ( I hope you did ), if not I am Koo!

I just wanted to say that I have added a lot to Matsukawa’s character, His personality is the same, and his canon stuff ( general things such as his height and other things ) but his appearances has changed slightly and I added a past to him as well. I just wanted to say to PLEASE read my muse pages if you haven’t. 

I hope you read all my pages, anyways…

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I have a standard question for these 'ask' things, when 'Ask Anything" is involved. Take Marvel and another Fandom that you love and mix them together. Who would be your OTP? Would any other couples likely spring up? What about your Brotp? Any other BFFs? Who is likely not to get along at all? What would each group think about being in the other’s world?

LOL. Well, the only other fandom I’m really in is Jane Austen.

@phoenix-173 (and katiedid) wrote a hilarious crossover mashup fic called Pride and Prejudice… and Superheroes that absolutely everyone should read anyway, but it was Darcy-centric.

If I wrote one, I think it would be more AoS centric. Phil would be Papa Bennet, of course, loving but super busy. Daisy would be Lizzy. I think Jemma would probably be Mary, the studious, slightly eccentric one. Bobbi would have to be Jane Bennet, the tall blonde beauty, which would make Hunter Mr Bingley… oh God I can totally see that.

I can’t see May as anyone, though. She’s definitely not Mrs Bennet. Charlotte Collins, the sensible one? Though she definitely wouldn’t marry Mr Collins (um… General Talbot, probably). 

Ward is definitely Mr Wickham. Which probably casts poor Kara Palamas as Lydia Bennet, taken in and ruined by a smooth-talking liar.

I… think this probably makes Mack Mrs Bennet, anxious to see all her chicks settled and taken care of :) And Fitz is Kitty Bennet.

Mr Darcy, though? That’s the really interesting question. Who could that possibly be…? :P

[!] Follow Participation Needed!

Okay guys, so I know I said I wanted to plan a surprise for today because it’s a sort of special day for me. Anyway, in honor of my 18th birthday I wanted to do a little something special for you guys. So, I know it’s a bit lame but here are a few things I can do that are sort of cool I think….

* Send in/submit your favorite selcas of the BTS members and I will attempt to recreate the pose you want! I will save the pictures to my camera roll and upload them to our snap chat or Instagram and post my (or the girls’) interpretation!
* I will be writing a bit tomorrow so I will definitely try to get a new fic finished and up for everyone to read tomorrow night!
Anyway, yeah. If you guys can think of anything else special I can do for you guys, let me know! Seriously! I want it to be a special day for you guys! 💕💕

-Admin K

i hope reading the lyrics makes everyone think twice about that “lazy angry little man” stereotype people have for yoongi because he started from nothing and went through pain and agony to get where he is now…. he probably even still struggles with himself sometimes but he keeps working and keeps striving to make himself better and if thats not inspirational idk what is