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i'm buying some books and idk what to buy. i've read tfc, and like trc and books like that. but i'm buying pjo and idk what else

ummm i read a ton of different genres so i’m not sure exactly you’re looking for but here are my all time favorites:

  • vicious v.e. schwab (sci-fi, adult, series) 
  • shades of magic v.e. schwab (fantasy, ya lit, series) 
  • i’ll give you the sun jandy nelson (complementary, ya lit, standalone)
  • the song of achilles madeline miller (historical, ya lit, standalone) 
  • the book thief markus zusak (historical, ya lit, standalone) 
  • aerial ethereal krista & becca ritchie (complementary, na lit, series)
  • aristotle & dante discover the secrets of the universe benjamin alire sáenz (complementary, ya lit, series)

and some underrated/books that have stuck with me/books i really liked:

  • monsters of verity v.e. schwab (fantasy, ya lit, series) 
  • carry on rainbow rowell (fantasy, ya lit, standalone) 
  • addicted krista & becca ritchie (complementary, na lit, series)
  • artemis fowl eoin colfer (fantasy, ya lit, series) 
  • an ember in the ashes sabaa tahir (fantasy, ya lit, series) 
  • the rest of us just live here patrick ness (complementary, ya lit, standalone) 
  • timekeeper tara sim (fantasy, ya lit, series) 
  • the alchemyst michael scott (fantasy, ya lit, series) 
  • legend marie lu (sci-fi, ya lit, series) 
  • history is all you left me adam silvera (complementary, ya lit, standalone) 
  • more happy than not adam silvera (complementary, ya lit, standalone) 
  • blood of eden julie kagawa (fantasy & supernatural, ya lit, series) 
  • ruby red kerstin gier (sci-fi, ya lit, series) 

lmao when you are so away from fandoms (and follow chill and good ppl) you hardly heard of the embarrasing things fandoms do

First Kiss- Charlie McAvoy

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Ok so after my whine fest about sucking at writing, I’ve liked the way the next few turned out. Le sigh. Maybe I need to do that more often! Oh and by the way Charlie is so adorable with his little cheeks and he still looks like a baby but played like a freaking champ! Anyway! Enjoy!

Warning: mentions of hockey fight

Anon Request: If requests are open, could I request a charlie mcavoy imagine where he’s playing against Dallas and seguin tries hitting on you where Charlie’s right there so during the game, seguin talks shit about mcavoy and they start fighting, and when u get home, u like thank him (idk??) And u make out.. thank u!!


              It was your best friend’s hockey game and you were not going to miss it for the world.

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Me: *Sees a ten years later update* Brain: Don't read it. It will break you. Me: *Clicks on it* (Seriously though, you are an excellent writer.) - Shy Anon

Aww, hi there Shy Nonny!

This one’s not that bad, I swear.  Mind, it made me cry, but it was a cathartic cry?  A good cry.  The theme of this installment (and, really, of the entire series) is confronting hard, no-good-answer situations where no one is really at fault and finding positivity in them.

So I can’t guarentee it won’t hurt along the way, but I can say there will always be a light and hope and something to hold onto.

Game Night//Z.D.

Zach Dempsey x reader

an: hi guys! oml look it’s my first little drabble. I wouldn’t call it a full imagine, but that’s ok I thought it was kind of cute. anyway, if you guys could give me a little bit of feedback or something to let me know how I did that would be great. I hope it turned out ok, because I thought it was adorable and I’m kind of proud of it. so anyway, enjoy?

summary: Zach and his girlfriend have game night…

warnings: I think there is like on curse word but like other than that nothing ??

word count: 758

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—Boyfriend! Ten au

Request: Hiya!! could you do a boyfriend! au with my man Ten Chittaphon? i lubb him sm

Aunthors note: Ten is actually one of my biases in nct as well! so you could say i died a little okay a lot while writing this. anyways enjoy!

Boyfriend Ten au

  • Going on adventures together, literally anywhere, anytime
  • Hyping each other up over e v e r y t h i n g
  • Blasting the seventh sense and dancing your hearts out
  • Dancing funny to see you laugh and smile
  • Going to the dance studio and watching him practice for real
  • Him giving you his jacket when you’re cold
  • Him giving you most of his sweaters because you look adorable in them
  • So. Many. Cuddles.
  • Pulling you into his chest when he wants to cuddle or when he just wants to be close to you
  • bAck hugs!!
  • Any hugs really
  • Lots and lots of kisses on the cheek, lips, forehead, nose etc
  • Him being goofy when your upset to try to make you feel better or just being goofy in general to make you happy
  • Loving gazes
  • Curling up on the couch or bed together and watching movies until you fall asleep
  • Calling each other beautiful
  • Going to the arcade and staying there until you have enough tickets to buy something
  • Twirling his fingers through your hair 
  • Walking and running through town hand in hand
  • Buying you cute things for your anniversary, birthday, christmas etc
  • Calling each other those cute cringy nicknames
  • Complementing each other on a daily basis
  • “You look beautiful”
  • “You’re so talented”
  • “You’re so gorgeous”
  • Baking together
  • Going to amusement parks and winning many many stuff animals
  • Him smiling everytime he laid his eyes on you, because you were just so beautiful to him
  • Late night phone calls
  • “I miss you”
  • “Ten, you literally just left my house less then five minutes ago”
  • “Can I come back?”
  • Teaching you Thai
  • Honeslty, there would never be a dull moment dating Ten


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this is one of my favourite gifs of him hes so cute what the hell!! sweater paws!!

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I honestly loved your batsis imagine with batsis as dami's twin. (one of my favorite works by you) I was wondering if I could request an imagine where the reader is dami's twin and gains a crush on Roy Harper, and doesn't know how to react?? please and thank you :))

thank you, sweets!! I hope this was up to your expectations… anyway, hope you enjoy this nonetheless!! Thank you for requesting!

You pace the corridor in front of Damian’s room. You have absolutely no one to talk about this to – technically, you do but you are too embarrassed to be talking about this to anyone but your twin – but now that you are pacing in front of his bedroom, you are starting to regret your decision of coming to him too. How are you going to tell him? Also what would he think about your new revelation?

“Sister, you either come in to my room or stop pacing!” Damian throws open his door to glare at you. You freeze and let out a sheepish laugh before going in to his room. Damian lets out a sigh, closing the door behind him. “What is the matter, sister?”

You purse your lips turning to judge Damian’s expression. He does not look too annoyed – as a matter of fact, he is just staring at you with confusion now. “I may have a problem.” You tell him and Damian frowns. He pads over to you and look at you from top to bottom.

“Alright – it does not seem to be a physical problem.” Damian nods his head, satisfied with his own conclusion. “What is the matter then?”

You wring your hands together, sorting out your thoughts. You know he would not judge you too much – he would probably say this and that but Damian always has your best interest – but still, it is nerve-wrecking. “I may have developed a crush on Jason Todd’s friend.”

Damian’s eyes widen. “Todd’s friend!?” He stares at you. “Is it who I think it is, sister!?” You knew Damian is smart enough to figure out who you were talking about and you slowly nod your head. “Harper?”

Hearing his name causes you to blush slightly and Damian blinks a couple of times. This is the first time he has ever seen you react like this. “This is somewhat embarrassing but I feel drawn to Roy Harper, Damian and I am not sure how to react to this. What should I do?” You ask him – it didn’t matter that Damian is the younger twin, he has always been the smarter one between the two of you.

Damian crosses his arms. He can feel a migraine coming. Out of all the things he had expected his twin to say, this had definitely not been what he had expected. At least his twin did not say something preposterous like having a crush on Todd or something. Damian will probably have to send you somewhere far if you ever told him you like Jason Todd. Not that Roy Harper is any better, he thinks to himself.

“We are not raised for any of these.” You continue talking. If your mother or grandfather ever found out that you are now able to develop feelings for other people, they would be utterly disappointed in you. “What am I supposed to do?” You ask meekly, feeling dejected once you remember that Roy is older than you by a lot. He probably still sees you as a kid too.

Damian and you have this twin-thing where sometimes, he is able to feel what you are currently feeling and right now, he understands all of your feelings. He too is quite at loss at the moment because he has never been in this sort of situation before. “I may not be able to help you at all, sister.” Damian grabs on to one of your hands.

You tighten your hold on his hand. “It is enough to know that you are by my side and listening to my problems, brother.”

Damian gives you a small smile. “Perhaps we can ask someone else for help?” He looks at you. “How about we ask Pennyworth? If that is too embarrassing for you too, maybe we can call Grayson and have him take us out for lunch…”

You snort to yourself. “You just want to go to that new fast food joint, don’t you, Brother?” Damian huffs before turning away from you. You chuckle and nod your head. “We can call Dick… if he is able to help us. If all fails, I am sure Alfred would be more than willing to help.”

Estudiando de noche | neuroanatomía

Realmente no se me hace lo más pesado como todos suelen decir, probablemente porque es algo me gusta, a comparación de anatomía estructural que se me hace muy pesado.

Como sea, si tienes una materia que no te gusta mucho, trata de hacerla divertida con dibujos y cosas que sí atraigan tu atención.

It’s not really that difficult like everyone says, maybe because I like it in comparison to structural anatomy, that I feel pretty hard because I don’t enjoy it.

Anyways if you have a task you don’t like, try to combine with things you like, like drawings or some stickers, use your imagination tho.

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Do you have any (more or less serious) ideas about what will Judal show us?

I haven’t thought much about it.

I guess I would appreciate to see something new, perhaps a scene from Hakuryuu’s happy childhood? or a scene from the recent past where Hakuryuu finally feels at peace?

You know, since it’s about Hakuryuu chances are that I’ll enjoy it anyway.


From here on, I..! From here on..! Y'hear me?! I’m gonna… beat you all! I’m going to become the number one!! Enjoy your win. It’ll never happen again! Dammit!!!”
Happy Birthday to my angry hot hero | Bakugou Katsuki | 04.20 ♡ ٩(╬ʘ益ʘ╬)۶