anyway can you imagine him saying that to you i would think michael would ask calum to say something because he thinks it would be funny


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summary: weddings and an ex best friend you still have feelings for is not a good combination.

word count: 2,220

warnings: angst i guess (p.s. this is in 1st person pov!)

The walls were white, with beige tablecloths and red roses that I was absolutely sick of; mixed in with appetizers and main courses that I didn’t want to take a second bite of. And most of all, I didn’t like how he and his bride were the happiest thing in this room. I stare, and I stare, and I keep thinking of the ways that I should’ve held onto him and the ways that I should’ve loved him. The flute of champagne in my hand is too heavy and I think I’m about to throw up; but I can’t embarrass him right now because he’s having the time of his life and I would never forgive myself if I took that away from him.

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Disney World


Ashton had always liked photographs.

His apartment was littered with them, each one paired with a story he could recall at a moments notice. His phone contained even more, each of them holding memories he could look back on wherever he was. Ashton’s photographs were of everything, of landscapes, of artwork, of his friends, of his family.

Of you.

So logically, you should have guessed your trip to Disney World would consist of more photographs than you could count. Every ride with a photo opportunity, Ashton got the photo. At breakfast, you had your pictures taken with the characters. And as you wandered around the Parks, Ashton was taking photos after photo of the brightly coloured scenes around you. You didn’t blame him. The trip was a break from the real world for the two of you, both of you able to be happy and care free for just a few days. Ashton’s habit of taking and collecting photographs was something you were more than used to, and when it came to this holiday, you were more than happy for him to document it through photos.

You didn’t realise he was taking pictures of you as well.

And it wasn’t until the two of you were planning your wedding, looking through pictures to display at the reception, when you noticed. Amongst the pictures of you screaming on roller coasters and grinning beside Mickey Mouse, you found the candids you didn’t even realise had happened. 

“Ash?” You called, his hum of affirmation calling from the kitchen. “What are these?”

“Photos from Disney World two years ago.” He replied, coming back with drinks for you both. “Thought that would be evident from your Minnie Ears.”

“I’m talking about the ones where I’m not looking at the camera.” You show him one of you looking up at the castle, the majority of the frame your smiling face rather than the beautiful castle itself. “Why did you take so many?”

“Because I love you.” He smiles, his arm winding around you to pull you into his side. “And I remember being in that Park, surrounded by all those happy faces. And all I could think about was how happy Disney was making you, and I thought that was what I wanted to remember. You, being that happy. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you smile as much. I decided you were just as worthy of being photographed as everything else in Disney World.”

You don’t reply, instead twisting your head to capture his lips, kissing him softly as he smiles against your lips. His fingers drum against your side as yours lace through his hair, before you both pull away, smiles still evident.

“I’m lucky to be marrying you.” You tell him, Ashton’s grin somehow widening.

“Not a lucky as I am to be marrying you.” He smirks, eyes falling to the picture still in your other hand. “I think we should go back.”

“To Disney World?”

“Yeah. I want more photos. Plus, we had a great time there didn’t we?”

“Yeah. We did.” You nod, kissing him once more. “So, extra honeymoon to Disney World?”

“Sounds like a plan Baby.”


Michael had spent all day waiting for the fireworks.

The rest of the day had been fun of course. He’d enjoyed watching the parade, his arm around your shoulders as you’d leant into his side whilst the characters went by. He’d found your screams funny as you’d plummeted on the Tower of Terror, and he’d definitely enjoyed the kisses he’d managed to steal whilst queueing for all of the rides.

But the fireworks were what he’d been looking forward to.

As the darkness began to creep into the parks, and the tall old fashioned street lamps illuminated, Michael grew more and more excited, lacing his fingers with yours and dragging you towards the castle in the hope of finding the perfect spot. When he did, he leant back against the railings you were near, pulling you between his legs as you pulled snacks from your bag.

“You know these are supposed to be the best fireworks you’ll ever see.” He grinned, taking a handful of popcorn from the tub in your hands. 

“Yes Mikey, you’ve only told me six million times.” You smirked, Michael huffing in response, pouting at you.

“Well sorry for being excited about something.” He mumbled, releasing you completely to through his arms across his chest with a sigh. You laugh, rolling your eyes as you leant up to kiss his lips, smiling as he kissed you back. “Not fair.”


“I can’t be mad when you kiss me.”

“You can’t be mad anyway.” You tell him triumphantly. “We’re at Disney World.”

“I have a right to continue this pout when we leave.” He grins, arms once again encircling you. You roll your eyes again, placing a piece of popcorn in his mouth when he opens it expectantly.

“Whatever Mikey.” You smile, smirking slightly when his eyes light up at the announcement the fireworks will begin in five minutes. “You’re like an excited child.”

“Can’t help it. I really want to see these fireworks.”

“Why? I thought you would hate them since the pyro incident.”

“Oh ha ha. You’re  hilarious.”He rolls his eyes at you, pouting slightly before shrugging. “I don’t know. I’ve always liked fireworks. They’re loud and they look pretty.”

“Hey that’s the same reasons as to why I like you!” You grin, Michael letting out a bark of laughter at your words. “See, I am funny.”

“Hilarious Princess.” He nods, leaning down to kiss you again. You smirk against his lips, your free hand cupping his jaw to keep his face close to yours as he pulled away. “I sort of love you, you know?”

“Only sort of?” You smile, trying not to freak out at the half declaration of love.

“Yeah.” He smirks, arms tightening around you. “Not a fan of the jokes, but I love everything else.”

“Yeah well I sort of love you too.” You smile, the end of your sentence interrupted by the announcement declaring that the fireworks were beginning, Michael’s smile growing even more. “Not a fan of the tendency to disappear for days on end with no communication.”

“I can work on that.” He nods, leaning forward to capture your lips as the firts firework explodes in the sky, his smile seeming triumphant.

You realise there was a reason Michael had been excited for the fireworks, and you didn’t mind that reason at all.


Luke doesn’t think you’ve ever looked more beautiful.

You’ve got a pair of Minnie ears balanced on your head, and a Tinkerbell tank top that goes to about mid thigh, your leggings underneath. Your hair’s braided in two loose plaits and he swears you haven’t smiled like this in a long time. You look so care free and happy and all the more gorgeous he decides Disney World really is the most magical place on Earth.

It only makes him more nervous though, the ring hidden in his jacket pocket burning through the fabric to scorch his skin, weighing him down a little bit more every step closer to the castle you get. You chat excitedly beside him, planning exactly which rides you were going on and in what order ebfore your gasping, eyes scanning the beautiful castle towering abouve you and Lue realises it’s his moment to shine.

Now or never, he thinks.

“Y/N.” He pulls you to a stop right in the centre of the path, the castle standing tall and proud beside you. “Before we go in, there’s something I need to say.”

“You’re not going to tell me you’ve cheated are you, because Luke that would be a sucky way to start our Disney Date.” You tell him, your smile showing how you were joking. He chuckles, surprised at how he’s even managing to speak clearly with how nervous he is.

“No. You know I never would.” He replies, hand squeezing yours reassuringly. He can hear the whispers that have started, people recognising him, and he prays no one asks for a photo at this moment and ruins his whole plan. “Anyway, I just…you’re really beautiful you know?”

“Thanks Lu.” You giggle. “You too.”

“No, I mean you’re breathtaking. I don’t remember ever looking at anyone else and thinking, wow, they’re stunning. You’re this ray of sunshine, and it isn’t just because you’re looks are beautiful. Everything about you is, from the way you look to the way you are and even to the way you make a cup of coffee, it’s all beautiful. And every time I’m with you, when your hand is in mine, I can’t help but thank whoever it is up there that made our paths cross, that gave me the good fortune to meet you and actually be able to call you mine. Basically, what I’m trying to say is…” He takes a deep breath, pulling the box from his pocket and dropping to one knee, hearing your sharp intake of breath and the talk around the two of you hush. “Pretty Girl, will you marry me?”

“Yes.” The word leaves your lips less than a second after he finishes his question, a smile taking over both of your features. He slips the ring onto your finger as the crowd around you bursts into applause, the shutter of cameras being heard as he stands to pull your body into his, lips finding yours. “Best Disney Date ever.”

“I should hope so.” He smirks against your lips. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”


Ever since she could understand films, Elise’s favourite Princess had been Snow White.

You said it was the hair, the fact that the Princess’ raven locks matched your daughter’s so perfectly. Calum disagreed, saying it was your daughter’s love of animals that connected her with one of Disney’s oldest Princesses.

Either way, the second you had arrived at Disney World, she’d dragged Calum into one of the stores to buy the perfect Snow White dress. You’d laughed, walking behind clasping your son Tai’s hand in yours.

“Elise looks like Daddy when she makes that face.” He giggled, his own resemblance to his father strong as he laughed. You grinned down at your five year old, nodding at his words.

“Definitely.” You agree as you walk into the Emporium, noting where Calum was already helping your seven year old find the right size dress. “Do you want an outfit baby?”

“Do you think they have Woody costumes?”

“I’m sure they do.”

Ten minutes later, and your children are kitted up in their brand new outfits, Calum even buying Elise a tiara, claiming it was only fair as Tai got a hat. Elise grabbed Tai’s hand, the pair skipping in front of you as you felt Calum but a headband on top of your own  head.

“You’ve got to have Minnie ears Angel!” He smiled, pulling his own Mickey ears on, the small blue had from Fantasia sitting between them. You rolled your eyes playfully, Calum’s hand finding yours as you made your way towards the castle.

Two days later, and you’re all still in the same costumes, both Elise and Tai refusing to wear anything other than their new outfits. Calum had promised Elise she could meet a Princess, and since Tai had been able to see the car show the day before, he was more than happy to stand in line in the Princess Plaza with you. Calum held him on his hip, the two of them whispering about something you clearly weren’t supposed to hear.

“Boy talk Mummy!” Tai had told you, Calum smirking as Elise pulled on your shirt sleeve.

“Do you think it will be Snow White?” She whispered, eyes that matched your own so perfectly full of innocence.

“You’ll have to wish really hard.” You tell her, smiling as she closes her eyes and begins to whisper to herself.

“Mummy! Daddy says you think Buzz is better than Woody!” Tai’s shout causes your head to snap around to Calum,  a triumphant smirk on his lips.

“Stop lying to my son Hood.” You glare at him. “Tai, Daddy’s lying. Everybody knows Woody is the best.”

“He’s my son too, Hood.” Calum replies, arm snaking around your waist as his lips find your ear. “Love you.”

“Yeah yeah, you too.” You grin, shuffling forward, much to Elise’s delight as you reach the front of the queue.

“I really hope it’s Snow White.” She sighs, making both you and Calum chuckle. The attendant catches your eye, nodding encouragingly much to your delight. Calum nudges your hip, sending you a grin as you move around the corner, a small gasp leaving your daughter’s lips as she’s met with the sight of her her.

“Go on then Princess.” Calum encourages, Elise freezing in place. “Go and meet Snow White.”

“A little bit out of your limit”
Imagine you were lying on the little jetty of your house tanning in the sun, listening to music and scrolling through your Instagram as suddenly a very familiar dark haired boy pushed himself out of the water and on your jetty.
“Hi.” He said as you stared at him and continued when you didn’t reply.
“Sorry to interrupt, but I happened to swim by and when I saw you lying here all on your own I thought I’d swim over and …”
“… invade strange people’s property?”
“Oh, no sorry. Geez, not like that. I …” He stopped as you started giggling.
“Relax I’m not going to call the cops.”
“Good that would have been awkward.”
“Because I’m Calum Hood.”
“I’m not sure that’s a proper answer, but I’ll give you a pass. I’m Y/N Y/L/N.”
“Don’t you know who I am?”
“Should I? Oh god.” You put your hands over your mouth.
“Did I sleep with you and told you I would call you, but never did?”
“What? No!!”
“Oh good. Because THAT would have been awkward.”
Calum chuckled and looked at you strangely.
“So why else should I know you?”
“Never mind. I must have confused something myself.”
Calum said quickly.
“Do you live here?” Calum asked pointing at your house.
“Yeah I moved here from New York about a month ago.”
“Really? You don’t sound American.”
“I’m not. I grew up here but moved when I was around fifteen and just moved back.”
“Oh that’s pretty cool. I’m road tripping with some mates and were staying in your little town for a couple of days.”
“That’s so cool. I always wanted to go for a road trip. Just like the idea of another day and you somewhere new is really getting to me. I wish I could just getaway to all my favorite places you know. And also discover new places.”
“So you’re an adventurer?”
“A little bit yeah. I just don’t like being suck in the same little town all my life.”
“Where do you wanna go?”
“What do you mean?”
“Like what’s the first place that pops into your mind. Just go with your intuition.”
“Paris? I don’t know?”
“Why Paris?”
“Because my French is fluent..” You smirked at Calum “…and I’d really like French kisses.”
“A girl like you doesn’t have to go all the way to Europe for that. I’m sure the boys are just lining up for you.”
“Yeah, not so much.”
“What? You’re gorgeous.” Calum blurted out before he could stop himself. You saw the heat rise in his cheeks as he realized what he just said. He looked away quickly and you couldn’t help but smile at the fact that Calum Hood, THE Calum Hood, just referred to you as “gorgeous”.
“Anyways, so where are you heading to?” You tried to pick up the conversation and get over this awkward silence. Calum smiled at you thankfully for looking over his confession.
“We don’t know yet. Just up coast somewhere”
“So you’re on the road that leads to nowhere.” You stated.
“What did you just say?”
“I just repeated what you said. That you have no special place where you’re heading.”
“Oh, sorry.”
“Are you ok?”
“Yeah it’s just the words you chose confuse me a little.”
“Forget it. I was just distracted.”
Calum shook his head and chuckled at his own silliness.
“Can’t control yourself, hood?”
“Are you sure you don’t know who I am?”
“No, but you could tell me why I should remember you and then I might be able to recall where we met.”
“We haven’t met before.”
“So how should I know you then?”
“Just forget it.”
“Can we just talk about something else? Like do you like music?”
“Yeah, I love all kinds of music. I play a little guitar myself.”
“I play guitar too.” Calum said excitedly.
“Oh damn.”
“I’m sorry, but I’m into drummers.”
You laughed at Calums face.
“Wow you don’t hold back do you?”
“Nope sorry. I’m a heartbreak girl.”
“Excuse me?”
“I don’t get my heart broken, I break hearts.”
“Y/N, are you playing me?”
“Please, Calum you love all the games that I play.”
“You know pretty well who I am don’t you.”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“Yes you do! You do! You’ve been constantly quoting my songs. You know who I am!”
You burst out laughing as Calum had finally managed to put the pieces together.
“You totally played me!” Calum exclaimed.
“I was wondering how long it would talk for you to catch on.”
You were holing your stomach and trying to catch breaths in between your chuckles.
“You’re a bad bad girl…”
“…that hasn’t been caught.” You finished his sentence and rolled over laughing as Calum rolled his eyes even more.
“You actually think this is funny, don’t you?” Calum chuckled shaking his head.
“What can I say?” You innocently looked at him, shrugging your shoulders.
Calum looked down at his fingers awkwardly, before looking back into your eyes.
“Say yes to going out with me tonight?”
Calum spoke shyly. You smiled. Your celebrity crush had just asked you out on a date with him. Calum grinned as you blushed and it stroked his precious ego. He casually leaned back, putting his weight into his arms. He had something so cheeky and satisfied look on his face knowing you’d say yes. But you weren’t going to give him that satisfaction.
“Get up!” You commanded and got to your feet. Calum looked down at you curiously as you stood there facing each other. He waited for your next move, so you leaned in to kiss him and he smirked and instantly closed his eyes. What he didn’t expect was that you’d push him back as soon as his eyes were shut and he fell I to the water with a splash. You waited for him to come back up and you squat down, smirking.
“Pick me up at seven, if you don’t think I’m a little bit out of your limit.”

Best Friends- Luke smut/imagine

A/N: hey guys! Sorry I’m so late with all the writing. Just school and such. But u promise the other requests will be up soon!


Request?: nope

He is my best friend, I shouldn’t be thinking about him this way. Plus he has a girlfriend so there is nothing I can say or do to change that. And it’s just a pathetic crush right? I hope it is because it’s really fucking me up. And I can’t say anything because he is so stressed with trying to get the band to take off. I sighed loudly. This is not how I wanted to spend my Friday night. Alone, in my bedroom, thinking of the one guy I can’t have. This is just fucking fantastic. We were supposed to be hanging out tonight but he blew me off for her. She had been a bitch ever since she met me. She had been pulling him away from me when we planned on hanging out and saying they needed to spend time together, which is the biggest load of shit. And being the loving boyfriend he is, he would comply, but it would never be on something that was important to us.She’s just pissed on how one of his best friends is a girl and how he spends more time with me than her. It quite funny actually if you think about it. But one thing I couldn’t believe was he blew me off. Such a dick move right? This is something we had been doing every Friday since we were both 12. Didn’t matter where we were, what we were doing, or whether it was important or not, we dropped everything to hang out. Tonight it was my turn to host but right at the last minute he canceled on me, saying she wanted to go on a date. And it was a text! He didn’t even call. Now here I am, alone, in my bedroom, thinking of the one guy I can’t have. Great.
• • •
After a long while debating whether to sleep or stay up seeing if he’d call and say he’d be over I finally decided to go to sleep. I awoke the next morning feeling better than the night before. Today I know he’d call and apologize and ask to hang out to make up for the missed plan but today I wasn’t going to agree. I was going to show him what it feels like. Right when I woke up I call our friend Michael to ask if he wanted to hang out today and he said yes even though he was a little pissed I woke him up. I got up and got ready, wanting for him to call and say he’s on his way to pick me up. After the phone call ended I got a call from the one and only. Luke. “Hello?” I said into the phone. “Hey Y/N! I’m really sorry about last night, it’s just Alesha wanted to hang out an-” I cut him off “I know, I know she missed you and shit.” I said and he started again. “Anyways I was wondering if you wanted to hang out today?” He asked and I could practically hear him smiling through the phone. “Oh sorry can’t today, I have plans.” I said. “You made plans?” He asked and I just laughed lightly “yes Lucas I made plans, me and Michael are going to the mall.” I said and I heard him pout over the phone “can we hang out later then?” He asked hopefully.
“Don’t know if I can, family things.” I said into the phone. I heard him sigh and I smirked slightly. “Okay well I’ll talk to you later, okay?” He asked “okay, later Lukey.” I said into the phone “bye.” He said and hung up. Perfect. I was only doing this for his own good.
• • •
About a half an hour later Michael arrived in his car, waiting for me. Out of all the boys, besides Luke, Michael and me were the closets. If people didn’t think I was with Luke they would think I was with Michael. “What’s up Y/N?” He asked smiling at me as I got into the car. “Nothing much Clifford, what about you?” I asked laughing softly. “Same, same.” He chuckled. “Do we have to go to the mall? It seems so girly.” He groaned and smiled slightly. “Okay you and I both know you want to go so just drive.” I joked. He laughed, driving off, away from my house. We eventually arrived and browsed a few stores, messing around and only getting kicked out of two of them. We were now at the food court, eating whatever we ordered. I was staring off into space as I sipped on my drink, thinking of Luke. I just couldn’t seem to get him out of my head and my silly crush. “Y/N? Y/N!” Michael said, snapping his fingers in front of my face. “Wh-what?” I stuttered, snapping out of my daze. He laughed “what’s up with you?” He asked more seriously this time. “Nothing, nothing.” I said, waving it off. “Well it’s something.” His sassy demeanor showing which made me laugh. “Okay promise you won’t judge me or tell anyone?” I asked. “Oh dear god please don’t tell me you’re a lesbian.” He joked and I just playfully hit my arm “shut up, I’m not.” I laughed “it’s just that, I have a small crush on Luke.” I said quickly, hoping he didn’t hear but against my luck he did. “Oh my god Calum owes me 20 now.” He laughed. “What?” I asked confused and he laughed again. “We all know you like him, well Luke doesn’t realize it yet though.” He said “and he never will because if he does I’m chopping off your balls.” I threatened him and he held his hands up in defense. “And I can’t do anything about it any ways because he is with Alesha and he is clearly head over heels for her so…” I said trailing off and Michael just rubbed my back in a friendly matter. “It’s okay, he’ll realize you’re the one.” I just laughed “sure.” I chuckled. “Okay now we are done being all sappy and emotional, let’s keep looking around.” I said standing up and smiled, making the mood better. “Okay, let’s go.” He laughed standing up with me.
• • •
Later on Michael had dropped me off. It was about 9 at night be we decided to go see a few movie before coming back. I was now up in my bedroom, laying in bed after I showered and got ready for bed. I was watching a movie when my phone started to ring and the name showed ‘lucifer ’ indicating it was Luke. I answered it “what’s up Lucas?” I asked. “Hey can I come over?” He asked. He sounded as if he was crying. “Yeah, yeah of course. What’s wrong?” I asked concerned. I didn’t care if I was mad at him, he’s my best friend and I didn’t want him sad. “Can I explain when I get there?” He asked “of course, just walk in the doors unlocked.” I said. He said good bye and hung up. I wonder what’s up with him that has him sounding so upset.
• • •
Ten minutes later I heard a knock on the door. I knew it was Luke even though I told him to walk in. He would never just walk in even when I told him it was okay. It made me smile a little. I opened the door to see a tear stained face with tears on the verge of falling. I sighed and he pulled me into a hug, letting out a sob. His face was in my neck and I wrapped my arms around his back. “Shh, it’s okay.” I said stroking his hair softly as he cried. Soon he pulled away and I smiled at him sadly, wiping away a tear on his cheek. I grabbed his hand, pulling him upstairs to my room, closing the door once we got in. “I-I’m so sorry.” He said softly once he sat down. “I keep blowing you off and I feel so bad and I’m here crying to you and you being so nice, letting me over when I’ve been a dick and- and.” He said and he started to get worked up again but I shushed him. “Calm down Luke, breath.” I said and grabbed his hands, squeezing softly. “Now tell me what happened.” I said softly. He breathed in deeply before starting. “It’s Alesha.” He started off and I sighed. “You were right.” He said and it made me look at him surprised. “She didn’t like me, she never did. She just wanted to get to Ashton.” He said, a tear rolling down his cheek. I wiped it away “what? How do you know?” I asked. He sighed “after you told me you were going out I went to her house to surprise her. Her mom let me in, saying she’s up stairs and I went up there. I heard her on the phone, talking to her friend about how she didn’t like me and she thought Ashton was hot and how I was so easy it could lead her right to him.” He said, by the time he was done he was crying again. Luke only cried when something was really hurting him. I pulled him into a hug which he complied to completely. “You’ll be okay, I promise. She was a bitch anyways.” I said softly, causing him to laugh softly. “There’s your smile.” I smiled and poked his dimple softly when he pulled back, causing him to smile more. “Thank you, I don’t deserve a friend like you.” He said smiling. I felt a pang at my heart, right 'friends’, forgot. I just nodded faking a smile “no problem, what friends are for right?” I said laughing softly and he smiled nodding.
• • •
The night progressed, him deciding to stay the night because it was late. We were in my bed, watching movies, eating an oven baked pizza and chips. I was slightly distracted, thinking about what she did to him. She is so cruel. Ashton wouldn’t go for her anyways. “You okay?” Luke asked, turning to me. “Yeah of course, why wouldn’t I be?” I asked faking a smile. “You’ve been really quiet the whole time, what wrong.” He asked. “Nothing.” “I know you better than that. So tell me.” He said. “I can’t, it ruin our friendship and you are hurt and I don’t think it be right an-” this time he cut me off by kissing me. As stereotypical as it sounds I felt fire works. After countless movies and fan fictions I have read this felt like every single one of them. He pulled away after a second “wha-?” I asked, not able to finish my sentence due to how much shock I was in. “Michael told me, I’m sorry I didn’t realize it before.” He said and I realized what he said. “Does this mean you like me?” Still a little dazed. He just laughed and nodded “well yeah silly head.” He said and it made me laugh. “I’m kinda glad Michael told you but I’m still gonna kick his ass.” I said and smiled, causing Luke to laugh. We sat there for a while just smiling at each other till I pulled him into another kiss. “Can help yourself can you?” He asked jokingly “no I can’t.” I mumbled against his lips and smiled, him kissing me back. His lips were so soft, it felt like heaven. I held the back of his neck and he had placed his hands on my hips. Pretty soon things got heated and I ended up on his lap, straddling him. I had my hands in his hair, pulling ever so slightly. He had his hands on my waist, roaming around my sides and back. We were both virgins but we weren’t knew to kissing. Soon he had my shirt on the floor, his hands by my boobs, itching to touch them. As we kissed I pulled his hand to my breasts, making his hands cup them. He groaned softly and I moaned quietly as he gently squeezed. I started to kiss him harder, him kissing back with the same force. He slowly began to move his hands to my back to unclip my bra. He pulled back slightly, our lips brushing slightly. “Can I?” He whispered softly looking into my eyes. I nodded and let out a breath “please.” I whispered and he nodded this time. He slowly unclipped it, having a little difficulty. He went wide eyed as he stared down at my chest. I started to get a little self conscious so I covered my chest. He frowned a bit and move my hands “you are so beautiful, don’t ever be ashamed.” He said smiling softly. I smiled and leaned back in kissing him again. He move his hands back up to my chest, squeezing softly. I moaned softly and let my head fall back. He started to kiss down my neck, sucking and biting. I moaned when he brushed by a sensitive spot. “Sh-shit.” I whimpered softly and I felt him smile on my neck. I threaded my fingers into his hair as he kissed down to my breasts. He started to lightly suck on my harden nipples. I moaned again and moved my hands down to the bottom of his shirt, tugging. Luke has always been a little insecure about his body but he knew I didn’t care. I loved him and he knew that, no matter what shape or size. He pulled off his shirt and started to kiss and suck my boobs. I don’t see why he was so insecure. He has a really nice body, sure he was lanky but his broad shoulders are amazing and his narrow waist is a good contrast. I pulled him away and he looked a little confused before I started to kiss down his neck. He sighed happily and let his head roll back. I smiled widely and began to suck on his neck gently. There was one spot under Luke’s ear that drove him wild and I found it. He let out a groan that made my stomach do flips. He is so hot. I let my hands rest on Luke’s lower stomach, felling his muscles tense beneath my touch. I smirked slightly. “Can I?” I asked as I tugged at his belt. He nodded frantically “fuck p-please.” He whispered and let his head fall back. I started to undo his buckle and once I got it off he flipped us. Now he was on top and I was in bottom. I looked up at him slightly surprised and he just grinned down at me. Luke leaned in, placing a gently kiss on my swollen lips, pulling his jeans down. I pulled at my pajama shorts, getting them off quickly. He then stopped looking up at me. “I want you to tell me now if you want to stop, I’m not going to make you do anything you don’t want to.” Luke said gently, cupping my face with one of his hands. “I want this Luke, so bad. Please.” I begged. He smiled widely and nodded, kissing me once more before pulling down my panties. He was now seated between my legs, hands on my knees. I had looked away, embarrassed. It was weird having someone look at me…down there. Luke smiled up at me, kissing down my thighs softly “you are so beautiful Y/N.” He whispered against you. He slowly moved a hand up, rubbing his middle finger along my slit. I gasped softly at the slight touch. He then spread my fold, fully exposing me to him. Luke bit his lower lip, moving in closer to me. I looked down at him as he ran a finger up and down my entrance. He slowly began to push one of his long, rough fingers in. It was very uncomfortable at first but as soon as he started to move it I let out a moan. He smiled proudly and leaned in, latching his lips around the nub above my pussy and started to suck. This is something he had to learn from porn because this was fucking great. “Luke!” I gasped out and pulled his hair. I heard him hum against me, causing sweet vibrations to fill me. I let out a small squeak, trying to be quiet because my parents were asleep down the hall. He started to move his fingers in a fast pace, curling up slightly, hitting a spot in me making me arch my back. Luke started to flick my clit with his tongue gently. The pleasure was almost unbearable. I felt a tightening in my stomach “Luke I think I’m go-gon-” I moaned out loudly, climaxing all over his fingers and mouth. He licked every thing up, seeming to enjoy it. I was panting as I looked down at him. “That was so fucking hot.” He said, chin dripping in my cum. I smiled slightly. He wiped his mouth, coming back up, kissing my lips lightly. I reached down to his boxer clad dick and lightly grasped it. He gasped loudly. I could practically feel him pulsing from how hard he was. I started to rub him gently over his boxers, loving the whines that tumbled from his perfect lips. I slipped the boxers down his long legs, looking down at his length. For a 16 year old boy it was impressive, really impressive. I was a little starstrucked but I soon snapped out of it, I began to slowly pump my hand up and down. He groaned loudly at the amazing touch. He had alway relied on his rough hand to get him off but the soft delicate touch of a woman was to much for him. I leaned down and decided to experiment a bit. I licked the tip gently which made him buck his hips up. I just giggled softly and did it again. I started to suck on his tip gently causing a groan to tumble from his lips. “Stop, stop.” He moaned which made me pull off worried “d-did I do something wrong?” I asked, stuttering. “No, no I just….it was to much for me to handle.” He blushed. I giggled and moved up to straddle him again. “Do you…uh do you have a condom.” He asked shyly and I nodded, grabbing an unopened box and grabbing one from it. I ripped it open and slowly rolled it down Luke’s member. He but his lower lip, “can I be on top?” He asked and I nodded and got off him, laying on the bed as he got on top of me. He carefully lined himself up with my entrance. “If it hurts tell me and il stop.” He whispered before slowly pushing into me. I bit my lower lip at the slight uncomfortable pain. He looked at me worried but I just smiled a bit “give me a moment.” I said once Luke was all the way in. “God damn, you are so tight Y/N.” He moaned softly. “Move.” I said softly and he started to slowly pump in and out of me. The discomfort was gone and I was in complete bliss. “Shit, shit.” He cursed, speeding up slightly. I moaned out his name which only made Luke more confident. He started to suck purple blotches all over my neck and I raked my nails down his back. I could tell he was close by the constant twitching and moans of my name. “I-I’m gonna cum.” Luke groaned loudly. I nodded in agreement. “Me too.” I whined as my legs began to shake. A couple of thrusts later I was done. I screamed his name as loud as I could, arching my back. He moaned my name as his thrusts slowed down. He pulled out of me breathless, laying beside me. “That was fucking awesome.” He sighed happily. “I know.” I smiled. “Hey Y/N?” He asked softly turning to me. “Yeah?” I said back “I love you.” Luke said. I smiled widely “I love you too.”

Expectations Part 1

a/n; here’s a little something to make everyone smile. part 2 is coming soon. As always my requests are open! If you want a personal imagine you can leave a request with your name and what you look like and which boy you want. Enjoy!


After and unexpected run in with Michael, Sophie becomes intrigued with the boy, but is held back by the expectations everyone has of her. But slowly she reveals that there is more to her than what you see at first glance. 

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