anyway can we just talk about the way

So, the Ghoul School gang is in a volleyball tournament against the boys from the other school.

This results in a lot of interesting things, such as forced perspective shots that makes Shaggy look tiny…

…bats hitting volleyballs so hard that they teleport straight through the net…

…and plenty of other fun frames.

However, mid-way through the game, we learn the boys are going to cheat to win! Oh noes!

They also talk about their cheating loudly, right by the net… so, wait, can all the people around not hear what they’re saying? I mean, they were talking to people all the way across the court at that volume before….

Whatever. Anyway, they decide to do said cheating via a physics-defying remote-controlled ball, which you’d think would raise some immediate eyebrows from the spectators.

Even without that, though… is it just me, or does this scheme seem way too easy to catch? 

He’s suspiciously holding the remote openly, on the court, in broad daylight, while talking loudly about how he’s cheating. Can no one see or hear him while he does this?

Or here, when he does it again?

Or here, when he does it yet again?

Or here, when he does it yet another time?!

I mean, sure, there’s willing suspension of disbelief and all, but this just seems a little silly. How can no one s–

…wait… is that a….



Now you’re just messing with me, aren’t you, Hanna-Barbera?

Can we talk for a sec about how Alex said it:

“The one part of my life that I’ve never been able to make perfect was dating. I just never really liked it. I don’t know, I mean, I tried, you know, I got asked out. I just, I never liked… being intimate. I don’t know, I thought maybe that’s just not the way that I was built. Just not my thing.”

My favorite thing about this is the word “intimate” bc it doesn’t mean just sex or making out. She was talking about dating. That requires emotional intimacy. I can’t talk for everyone in the community, but when I struggled with compulsory heterosexuality that’s what happened to me. I could never be close to guys, I could never ‘let them in’, and I most certainly couldn’t love them. And the more they showed their emotions the more uncomfortable I felt. And I think that’s what Alex talked about, not being able to feel that kind of emotional intimacy with men, and dating being an inconvenience instead of something that makes you happy. And then you think “I guess I just don’t like emotions and all that b.s.” But then you meet a girl and it’s like HOLY SHIT I want her to be my everything.

ive been seeing a lot of arafef on my dash lately so i’d just like to say: black arafef

consider: aradia’s always had a real disdain for highbloods. her entire moral alignment while she was alive is “bitch i do what i want.” meanwhile feferi is really just as arrogant as any of the other highbloods. we saw how she talks about lowbloods - she just sort of pities them (and not in the weird troll pity=love way that i don’t necessarily buy anyway). we saw thru the alpha trolls and how coddling she can get. they’d be at each others’ throats.

I know we all love the “Chuuya had unrequited feelings for Dazai when they were partners” trope but also I would love to talk about the “Dazai was in love with Chuuya but Chuuya didn’t notice and wouldn’t have given a shit, mostly bc he was in love with Kajii, who treated him way better anyways” trope that I just invented right now

Dazai bragging about knowing Chuuya inside and out, better than anyone else does, but only really knowing the things that he needs to. He can read Chuuya’s expressions and can predict his attacks and knows what his footsteps and his heartbeat and his breathing sounds like, but he doesn’t know all of the little things that make Chuuya more than a mafioso.

Kajii, on the other hand, knows what Chuuya’s favorite color is and what his favorite brands of wine are and what gives him anxiety and what makes him happy. It’s not even because Chuuya tells him these things, either. It’s because he pays attention to Chuuya and the things that he does, his mannerisms and his actions and his tone of voice and his body language. And Dazai is incapable of noticing those things.

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Why I Want an Even Season

Okay so like I don’t need to explain to you all why an Even season would be flipping awesome. But i’m gonna get super close and personal anyway, and tell you all why an Even season isn’t just something we should want, but something we need.

Mental illness is something super common. Most of us will go through a form of it sometime in our lives. it’s normal and it is something we can all get through. But unfortunately when we suffer through these dark times we feel like we are all alone in our feelings, that no one could possibly understand (it’s hard to understand it yourself) and that because you feel this way and nobody talks about it, it makes you feel strange and ashamed for not being ‘normal’ ‘happy’ and less difficult. In fact you begin to accept that there is no way you will ever not feel like this and that it’s impossible to feel good again. 

Especially as a teenager, dealing with a mental illness is the most terrifying, isolating and hardest thing to go through. 

I was 13 when I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression. It consumed me to the point where I left school in year 7 and was homeschooled until I was brave, strong and hopeful enough to return to school in year 11. It was the scariest thing I had ever done and the worst part is that for 4 years I believed I wasn’t strong enough to live and fight. 

I would have given anything to have a character like Even on tv to show me that I wasn’t alone. To be in his head and feel and see the things that I also felt and know that if he could go to school while suffering like this, than maybe I could too. Maybe I could fight, and smile and love despite the dark times. Maybe I too deserved to live and you know what? Maybe I could. 

Season 3 has already begun introducing us to the fact that no one should be alone. We shouldn’t isolate ourselves and we should tell each other how we feel so we can try to understand the parts of us we thought could never be understood. 

Now it’s season 4′s turn to show us how we can still love ourselves despite the illness that makes us feel worthless. That with the right support from people you love, and treatment and hope and determination from yourself, you can still live a good hopeful life and achieve all of your dreams while showing your illness whose boss. 

I would really love to see Even showing us all that you can still live your life and fight everything that is telling you, you don’t deserve to. I want to see his journey, his thoughts, his dreams and his fears. 

Because I believe we will all see a bit of ourselves in them and be able to learn so much from Even and about the importance of hope and knowing we all deserve to live, love and be happy, despite everything that makes us feel like we don’t. 

We all matter. We all feel. and knowing that doesn’t make us weak. 

It makes us strong.

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Hello, I just came from my post 4x02 shock to tumblr and everyone is talking about "The Kiss". Is this really something that is going to happen? Moffat said so? I can't find any information, sorry for being out of the league on the fandom

Hi Lovely!

No, it’s not confirmed yet, but that hug sent us into the stratosphere, because it’s FINALLY a barrier that has been broken between these two before it happens. Plus head!Mary’s goading of John to “just get on with it”.

Plus the way the scene was filmed is very suggestive

Anyway, it’s not a guarantee, no, but we’re very hopeful for it.

so i feel like we don’t talk enough about adam parrish being so all-consumingly attracted to ronan lynch that it becomes an actual Problem 

  • like, he stares at ronan so much. all the time. just his general existence is distracting. 
  • he’s pretty much given up on trying to pay attention to movies when ronan’s sitting so close next to him and he can look at him for as long as he pleases. his eyelashes and sharp cheekbones are way more interesting that any dumb action flick anyway, right.
  • he definitely watches him sleep a lot. because he looks so soft and peaceful and lovely in the morning light. and he tries to be ~sneaky about it but ronan always catches him somehow. he always denies it even though he knows it’s completely useless.
  • ronan doing mundane, domestic things around the house or sweet, adorable things like petting baby animals or playing with opal probably shouldn’t be so hot but he usually ends up pressed against a hard surface while adam kisses every part of him he can reach anyway.
  • he pretty much Combusts every time he comes to the barns and ronan’s all shirtless and sweaty and muscley and lifting heavy objects or actually operating some kind of power tool and he tries to act cool but it’s pretty much impossible to hide his heavy breathing and the lust in his eyes and the itch to touch.
  • except it happens around other people too. like, he gets lost in staring across the booth at ronan’s face and eyes and smile and totally spaces on whatever gansey’s trying to talk to him about and he says his name like three times before adam snaps out of it and just blinks at him and says “what” stupidly and everyone laughs because it’s super obvious what was occupying his thoughts and he goes pink all the way to the tips of his ears and ronan smirks but when the awkward moment passes he gives him a sympathetic look and squeezes his hand under the table.
  • and then it starts affecting his actual life. 
  • so adam’s good at compartmentalizing and it works for a while – he can usually turn off everything else in his brain and concentrate on school or work even when dire things are happening – but sometimes it just fails spectacularly. like that one time he gets called on in class and for the first time in his life, he doesn’t know the answer much less what the hell they were actually discussing in the first place because he was daydreaming about ronan’s lips and shoulders and tattoo and remembering touching him and kissing him and he’s pretty sure he was just staring blankly into space with a dopey smile on his face. and the class is honestly too surprised to even make fun of him (some of them are legitimately Concerned – damn, what’s wrong with parrish) but it’s still extremely embarrassing because he’s not one of those lovestruck teenagers who can’t focus in class because he can’t stop thinking about a boy, dammit (except he totally is, oops).
  • and then there are the nights when he just tosses and turns for a long time just out of sexual frustration because ronan’s not there and even if he were, he needs to sleep so they couldn’t do anything anyway and it’s just all-around frustrating and he probably ends up calling him at like 3am and telling him it’s all his fault and ronan just laughs at him and then gives him his best version of a genuine apology for being too hot to handle and adam starts laughing too because it’s ridiculous, his life is ridiculous, but he wouldn’t change anything about it right now.
  • so basically once adam starts touching him, he just doesn’t stop. and it probably gets them into some awkward situations. ronan jokes about him being handsy but he’s pretty much ascending to heaven. because adam’s hands. all over him. all the time. under his tank and tracing his tattoo and on his thighs and tucked into the back pockets of his jeans. always possessively holding his hand or whispering in his ear. playing footsie under the table at nino’s. basically sitting in his lap when they’re all at monmouth. falling asleep sprawled all over him in the backseat of the pig. making out whenever they can find a spare moment and a semi-secluded corner. gansey takes to covering his eyes whenever he walks into a room with the two of them in it.
  • college takes all the discipline and self-control he has and they have skype sex every so often and that helps release some of the tension but he still pretty much ends up jumping him in the car/before they get through the front door every time he comes back to the barns. ronan teases him about his uncontrollable thirst but he obviously loves it and adam doesn’t actually care one bit. because his boyfriend is ridiculously gorgeous and amazing and he’s all adam’s and he’s never going to stop wanting him so completely or intensely.

Okay super fucking embarrassing but I don’t care ✋🏻 anyways; can we just talk about how miserable that girl in the first picture is? Like, I hated myself and everyone around me. Now? Shit, hello world! 👋🏻 People say that looks don’t matter and weight doesn’t matter. That’s all bullshit. People treat you differently. I mean maybe it’s the weight and maybe it’s the fact that no one wanted to approach me because I looked so damn miserable. 💁🏻 but either way, life is totally different. I’m happy, I’m healthy and I have a great out look on life. Fuck whoever still has a problem with the way I look, because I feel fabulous now 💁🏻 almost one year and 123 pounds later. Who would’ve known? 😁

okay y’all it’s time to talk about boys

bc you guys are my friends and i just feel like sharing

so i have this guy friend that i have one of those awkward “i’d date you if you asked” kind of things with but i have NO clue if he feels the same way and since we’re friends i’m unsure if he’s so comfortable and “flirty” around bc we’re friends or bc he’s interested but anyway

i was on winter break the last two weeks and on thursday or friday (i can’t remember exactly which) i went to turn off my phone for the night and saw i had a dm on instagram from him. (not uncommon, that’s one of our main ways of talking)

the dm was literally just a photo of eddie redmayne that must have popped up on his explore page. i got this dm like an hour or so after he sent it and there was no caption, just the photo, so of course i was like ???

and me being my awkward self tried to be “witty” and was like “why did you send this to me, i’ve already seen this photo, i am an eddie expert” and he frickin replies with “i just wanted to help make your day :(”

so of course now i’m like AW bc he like actually took an interest in my personal life and he was just real sweet but he’s also one of those guys that totally “roasts” his good friends and teases them.

and also he like brings up girls he’s liked and his ex when he talks to me and i’m like ?? okay?? and today in chem i was wearing this kind of long / too big t-shirt that i got for christmas bc i really like those bc i’m kind of self conscious about my tummy so i don’t worry about it as much and he was like (in a non-objectifying way) “you should wear tighter tops, your boobs look good” and i was like OH

and then we had like a 20 minute conversation about my boobs and bras and stuff and i’m just ?? why he gotta give me mixed signals?? i doubt any of you read this far but like some advice would be appreciated but really i just felt like sharing.

I’m in the minority of johnlock shippers that don’t believe in TJLC, but anyway if there’s any of you out there like me, I wanted to say this: We don’t need to depend on Moftiss and the BBC to give us what we want, we can make it ourselves. And yes, I’m talking about fanart and fanfiction of the show but what I’m also talking about is the fucking PUBLIC DOMAIN. Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, as characters, belong to anyone and everyone. (ACD certainly didn’t want them lmao his loss.)

So get out there and tell your Sherlock/John love stories. 

Every other person has a smart phone with a video camera: grab your friends and make a webseries. Access to a computer, a word processor, and the internet makes it possible for you to self-publish your own novels. In this day and age, everyone has the power to get their Johnlock story out there. 

There’s so many iterations of Sherlock Holmes. Ours can be the one that’s in love with John Watson. 

Journal Entry #40

I’m really not getting Prompto’s problem with Cindy paying so much attention to me. Like, it was funny the first time but now he’s just being stupid. Am I just supposed to ignore the girl when she talks to me? It doesn’t hurt that she is kind of cute, the way she’s so passionate about cars and especially how much she helps us with the Regalia. She’s totally out of Prompto’s league anyway, and I really don’t think she’s actually interested in me either. A guy can’t flirt for fun? Damn.

Iggy thinks we’ll be leaving the desert soon, now that we’ve got everything we needed for the Regalia. I really hope he’s right. I know Iris is safe, but I won’t know she’s safe until I see her for myself. (I feel like I should start using Prompto’s stupid emoticons BUT NO I WILL BE STRONG)

In the meantime, I’ve actually started training the cats. None of them seem to be interested in it. They just roll over or headbutt me or something, except for Little Gladio who seems to think he can kill us with purrs. THAT’S NOT HOW IT WORKS, KID

(death mention) one night when junkrat is having trouble with sleep, on roadhog’s watch, he starts talking about after death. he doesn’t know exactly what he believes but he’s got a few suspicions. or stuff he hopes, anyway. and he says, “hey roadie? can you promise me somethin’? promise me you’ll find me in the next life. promise me we’ll find each other.”

and hog just kinda stares at him and rat rolls over and just keeps talking anyway. “you believe in heaven? i dunno if i do. we can find each other easy if it’s like that. but if i come back here, i’m gonna be one of those stars way out there. i’ll burn bright as day for ya. ya gotta come find me, okay?” 

roadhog is amazed at how serious he looks, saying something like that. it should sound too cheesy to take serious, but hog can feel his brows knitting under his mask, and his throat going tight. he should be keeping watch, but he’s just staring.

“i dunno what you’ll be, but you gotta promise you’ll find me. i don’t wanna lose you. i dunno how much time we got left, but i don’t wanna lose you after one measly life.” junkrats running a hand through his hair, picking at his bald spot. hog grunts at him, and rat turns and props himself up on his good elbow.  “you gotta find me, okay? promise.”

roadhog nods and grunts again. he swallows, face hot and eyes too wet. he turns away, and when he turns back, junkrats curled up and passed out in his bedroll. “promise,” he says, softly. he resists the urge to tuck in the grown man beside him into his ratty bedroll, by getting up to do another perimeter check.

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at this point, even if larry is real and freddie isn't louis' and danielle is a beard it's pretty apparent that this is how Louis wants to be perceived publicly and I think continuing to theorize is incredibly disrespectful (can only speak for myself but as a lesbian if people were very publicly talking about my sexuality and dissecting every action it would cause me SO much anxiety). I just wish ppl would step off and be more supportive of him and stop going on about how he "deserves better"lol

very much agreed! i wish people would stop the “deserved better” shit and also stop coming up with convoluted ways to make him seem like a bad person or a bad dad if they’re wrong. like, the reasoning behind it was improbable and shitty anyway, but now that we know what was really going on this year… it’s incredibly cruel for anyone to still say things like that it. 

also the sexuality thing is just… same. i get so pissy when people think i’m straight but bgfhdsjbhgfdbjh ALSO pissy when people automatically jump to lesbian when they figure out i’m not. and like, i’ve been outed twice. once on social media which lead to my mom DRIVING TO MY COLLEGE APARTMENT TO CONFRONT ME ABOUT NOT TRUSTING HER and once right after high school when i was still stuck in a small town to like my entire circle of friends and their friends’ friends bc a couple of them couldn’t keep their fucking mouths shut. and both times that was me being outed as a lesbian, which i realized later isn’t entirely accurate for me…. or IS IT? who knows?? so then later i had to be like “well actually…” to people i hadn’t even wanted to come out to in the first place. the anxiety and loss of control is so scary and i just wish people would have some compassion for louis trying to deal with this. sexuality is murky and confusing for a lot of us and the idea that people are SO CERTAIN about how he sees himself freaks me the fuck out. when you break it down it’s people wanting to be right about him more than they care about him as a person who deserves respect and privacy. 

there was a period of time where it rly looked like he was kicking back against closeting to me, to a lot of people i guess, but out here at the end of 2016 it’s really really beyond clear that this is either his life or the life HE wants to present to the public. like, whatever you think was going on before (and i honestly have to say that i don’t know and what i think changes all the time), idk how someone can look at everything that happened this past year and not at least accept that he deserves space and back the fuck off? like the zombie show dude in love actually who’s obsessed with keira knightley realizing after his dramatic sign confession that he just has to say “enough now” and let it go bc she’s married to his best friend chiwetel ejiofor??? you know?

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I'm just now catching up on the discourse from earlier regarding FinnRey and KMT's character but with the way people are talking about her character in regards to romance and I'm tired. I hate that people are assuming she's there as a love interest, especially when we don't even know her damn name so how can we know what role she'll play? And also, with the way people talk about it, it's like people are forgetting that SW is /not/ primarily a love story. I doubt that's gonna be the focus (1/2)

of ep 8 and I feel like people who are getting super worked up over it - no matter what you do or don’t ship - need to step back and remember what this saga is about. It’s never been about love triangles or primarily about romance, so I doubt the ST is going to be. With the way people are speculating about Finn, his feelings for Rey (and hers for him despite explicit comments from JJ that cleared that up), and thus any feelings for KMT’s character, you’d think SW was Twilight :/

True, true. I mean, whatever ship happens, it’s not going to take front and center as the main story of the trilogy, even if it’s FinnRey. Romance will be a subplot in this trilogy. 

I agree wholeheartedly about KMT’s character. I want to know her name, her occupation, how she’ll dress, all of it. We know absolutely nothing about her except that she spends screentime with Finn. 

I think it’s important to remember that KMT used to be two different female characters, but they were rolled up into one to make more room for the characters we already met in TFA. Whatever KMT will be doing will be a combination of those two, which means she’s absolutely there for reasons beyond being a potential romantic interest. Could she get together with Finn? Sure. There’s always a possibility for that. But we really don’t have anything to base this on beyond reports of a chemistry test between KMT and John (which doesn’t always mean romance) and some speculation over at MSW. A lot of it is really just assumption. 

if you think “you sound broke” is an insult, if you think charging 60 bucks for bbbj is ~classless~, if you think we can ~just make more money~ then mayhaps you don’t have any fucking right to talk about survival sex work at that point? shut up and stop acting like your shit don’t stink. i’m tired of goddamn cunts bitching about women doing what we need to survive.

consider instead giving me 100 bucks and shutting up

TLD > TFP trailer -assumptions

ok so i haven’t seen anyone mention it and if anyone have i’m sorry; it may be so dumb and obvious but anyway i’m just gonna go and tell my thoughts

>so i believe sherlock doesn’t remember his sister; like something terrible must have happen (we saw how they don’t talk about her or how mycroft just almost stop breathing when he accidentally mentions her name) and sherlock’s memory as a way to cope with it may have put it in a corner of his mind and made him kinda forgot.

-the trailer is actually what make me think this because as a voice-over mycroft is saying “every choice you’ve ever made, every path you’ve ever taken, the man you are today is your memory of euros" plus we see sherlock being very upset and shaken up about something john even tells him to “keep it together”
and so
why say “is you memory of euros”??? like idk if it is just me but it feels to me like he had forgotten about her ?????

idk please correct me if you think im wrong or if you have anything to say

i really like the idea of dean with selective mutism. like we know that he went mute for at least a little while after mary died but i wish we could explore that part of him more. not speaking for a month after coming back from hell. not talking at all while living with lisa after swan song–something lisa accepts about him and welcomes him anyway. completely closing off after cas walks into the river. maybe even while dealing with the mark he’ll just get too traumatized and everything will catch up with him in the worst way possible, and suddenly against his will he can’t find it in him to speak or really make any noise at all, and sam and cas will be able to read him anyway and tell him that it’s okay, that he doesn’t have to talk if he doesn’t want to. i don’t know why that really appeals to me but it does. 

speaking of supergirl being a mess can we talk about how m’gann has been locked away in the deo’s basement for the entirety of the 4-way crossover and the hiatus and now that they’re back they’re apparently going to put her through some accident thing and into a coma? like……. if they didn’t want to use m’gann so bad just…. don’t add her to the show? i’m so 

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She keeps talking about what she wants in a relationship and I want to tell her I would gladly do that for her, but we already agreed we're keeping it platonic and anyway, she deserves someone who lives close to her instead of half way around the world. Do you have any idea how to get over a crush? I got over my only other one because I never saw him again but this girl and I talk constantly and I can't just stop talking to her, for both our sakes Also, you're great. <3

i think it’s best to give yourself a bit of space from them, not stop talking completely just some space. throw yourself into other parts of your life :^) good luck buddy