anyway being excited is probs bad considering how high my chances to be let down next week are

okay so this episode was actually better than i expected and here’s a list of why i think that way

  • elena taking care of matt and jeremy a+
  • the damon and klaus talk was great (now i can’t wait for de to be endgame so damon can smear his ‘i got the girl asshole’ revenge all over his face lulz)
  • they were all badasses trying to get elena’s plan to work okay kudos to everyone
  • elena and jeremy fighting kol it was awesome TEAM GILBERT 9EVER
  • elena shooting kol THAT WAS SO HOT okay sorry
  • klaus getting a bit of his own medicine watching kol die JENNA SOMMERS YOU HAVE BEEN AVENGED sorry not sorry
  • and then throwing a fit but failing at being a threat for much more than 15 seconds before bonnie locked him up lol u tried
  • everybody being at the salvatore house when damon shows up and elena looking at him like they hadn’t seen each other for YEARS wow there’s an entire forest in my eye i’m fien
  • their HUG BABIES
  • and okay he freaked me out a bit at first because i didn’t know wtf was going on but JEREMY RIPPING HIS SHIRT OFF and the hunter’s mark finally being completed wow i’m actually excited for next thursday now???