anyway bed now I have work tomorrow

I just wanna say that learning Farsi is actually super fun and also Tatilat by Radio Tehran is a really, really good song. I thought it was about some boring shit bc I don‘t understand the lyrics ofc but there is an English translation and WOW I’m so happy.

“why haven’t you gone to bed, you have work tomorrow
you’re always at work, give it up

heck, tomorrow is a day off!“

Well, at least that’s the translation of one part according to Internet and since my vocab is atm about 10 words I can’t tell if it’s correct. Anyway the song is angsting about someone who is always at work, and pretty nice lyrics in general imho, they sound good even without understanding bc there are some nice rhyming/repetition stuff there.

Also as a language nerd I really apreciate that now I know that holiday is تعطیله (tatile(h)) and cause it is from Arabic it has Arabic plural تعطیلات (tatilāt) and I have been to like 2 lessons and learned this. Also, I learned the words “work” ( كار kār) and “tomorrow” (فردا fardā), yay. Studying, here I come!

Also I know the Arabic alphabet now which is great (we learn Farsi like it’s spoken and written in Iran, big cities specifically, so I guess I won’t be able to understand much of Dari or Tajik, but those would be easy for me to learn after this). It wasn’t THAT hard actually, like yeah quite different from latin or cyrillic system but still doable. If there are the short vowel sounds marked (which they usually aren’t ofc) I can actually read unless there is some weird shit going on. Writing is more difficult bc Farsi has a bit different consonants than Arabic, so they use different letters for same sounds, there is shit like three s-letters, at least two h letters, and like a million z and two different t and then ghayn and qaf which are theoretically different sounds but people mix them up, so you can’t always tell from pronounciation which one there is, and it depends on the person which one they use even for same words. Basically only way of knowing which letter to use in these cases is to know Arabic and know which sound/letter the word originally has in that language, or to know that the word is originally Farsi I guess, and since I don’t know any Arabic, I’m pretty much lost.

A language that is almost as difficult to write correctly than English, this is gonna be, um, fun.

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Writer's block anon from before. I think I've worked through the part I was struggling with! Anyway, it's 11:33 now and I'm going to get ready for bed now bc I have to wake up early tomorrow. Also, I liked your library AU, very cute.

yay for knocking down writer’s block! and thank you very much!