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i've been having kind of a Bad Time with school stuff lately and i'm so disappointed in myself for not doing well- do you have anything with enj maybe getting bad grades and how he deals with it?? thank you, you're wonderful! <3

Enjolras never had bad grades before. Okay, English doesn’t count. He just can’t do with foreign languages, his mind is too ancred into the French linguistic logic to do that. But other than that, he’s been educated in the belief that academic success is the ultimate goal to strive for.

Sure, he can’t beat Combeferre, cause Combeferre is like a big fish in a small bowl, learning is his area  of expertise.. But he thought he was… good? Turns out his grades in maths say otherwise.

“It’s just one test, Enj,” Courfeyrac tries to reassure him. “You’ll do better next time, it’s fine.”

“It’s easy for you to say, you scored better than me…”

There is worse than Enjolras, though. Namely that kid who does nothing but drawing during the lessons and who opens his mouth only to say a clever one liner per hour or so.

“How do you deal with your grades?” Enjolras asks Grantaire a few days later, out of the blue. His failure is still eating him up.

Grantaire merely shrugs.

“I make collages out of them.”


“Collages. You know, with glue?”

“Can you…. Can you show me?”

Turns out Grantaire has made a whole fresco with all his failed tests and painted some stuff over it. He calls it the “Wall of Shame”.

“It’s a critic of the education system and how they only value one type of intelligence while others struggle to keep up.”