i just can’t help but think about, what if i said a word in another language, a slur, something derogatory in a way i don’t fully understand, whether in a song or because i’d heard the word used before and someone said “hey you know that word you just used? it’s really offensive as it intentionally targets this specific type of person in a negative way to dehumanize them” i just…. how is the response not just “oh sorry i didn’t realize i won’t do it again” no matter the culture ?? no matter the language?? cause we live in a global world that allows for incredible multiculturalism with such easy access ???

i’m replaying recoded again so here’s a recoded appreciation post

  • the dialogue is so fun and this game’s script doesn’t get nearly enough credit
  • the combat? also so fun! i’ve always thought that the command deck system felt the most refined here
  • i’m in traverse town now and i’m having myself a good hearty laugh over the use of kh2 assets in a kh1 world. for example, the holographic moogle shops and twilight town npcs make an appearance, implying that chip & dale just started mixing and matching assets from jiminy’s journals to create their little sim game. god bless
  • “of the two of us, i’d say you’re the weird looking doorknob”
  • this game is just a weird mish-mash of experimental gameplay features and i love it. the rail shooting segments are especially fun
  • the explosion of SP in the system sectors is exactly what a dopamine rush feels like
  • there is honestly SO MUCH post-game content for a ds game. speedrun trophies for individual worlds was a fantastic idea and i hope they bring it back at some point
  • before there was khux, there was avatar sector and it was THE cutest thing. my og game file has 123 hours on it and i guarantee you most of that was spent in avatar sector collecting cute clothes
  • donald & goofy: we’ve only known data sora for a day and a half but if anything happened to him we’d kill everything in this computer and then ourselves
  • everything is just so………wholesome and i’m really grateful that this game exists

I don’t know but recently I crave for angst & Peter Parker

I’m sorry? ahahaha maybe not really

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I was sure I had more unfinished stuff lying around 🤔
here’s a v messily composed wip dump anyway

Picture It

I’m in the theater, watching a movie, genuinely enjoying myself.

I’m having a good time. This is a good movie.

Oh. Whats that?

Yeah. I can feel it.

It’s the urge to daydream.

I give in. I daydream.

An hour later. The movie is over.

I missed it. I say to myself three words.

“for fucks sake.”

Dear Eddie...

Whenever I listened to the song “Beauty of Annihilation” I always thought it was about you. Surely the part where they sing “No love lost on me, more life so costly. No reason, for grieving.” because it just lined up with the way you behaved towards yourself. You were hardly able to stand yourself, so no one else would love you, other life was more important and if your time would ever come, there’d be no reason to grieve your loss.

Well, hun, let me tell you one thing… The truth couldn’t be further from this.

You’re loved by an entire community of people who were emotionally attached to you from the very beginning and that same community has been running around like chickens without a head today desperate to figure out how to place your death. We’re grieving because there are so many different reasons to.

You’ve found yourself a way into our hearts, Eddie and no matter how hard things keep tugging to get you out of there, you’ll never will.

You were scared today, yet so brave and we’re so proud of you honey. May you rest in piece, you’ve earned it..


The same pathetic excuse of a human being as last time (I haven’t changed a bit)  

(checks That One popular tumblr user to see if she’s still an american commie posing herself as an expert on russian culture while her followers regard her as a said expert on the Wild, Exotic, Mysterious Communist Heaven That Is Rossiya)

(she is)

(sighs, closes tab)

mechanicalstark  asked:


u ever see a message and get the strongest urge to wave and the Voice of Reason in ur brain is like “it’s a computer tonio. it’s a computer. no one can see the waving. it’s a computer” and u feel a bit like homer simpson in that one meme anyway hello alex my dear

What she says: I’m fine

What she means:  In the Brick’s final Valjean/Javert confronation, Javert insists that there’s no point in “saving” Marius because he’s already dead. But Marius is the one who survives, while Javert commits suicide before the night is over

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Are there any AUs where Keith actually met Hunk during the early days at the Garrison? I like to think that Keith would've been pining after Hunk right from the start.

i haven’t come across many, i don’t think!! but i’m in the same field as you; i like the idea of keith noticing hunk and seeing his kindness and intelligence as far back as the garrison days, though also… because it seems to fit in with the narrative vld has set up (lbr not super great at times, but that’s beside the point), keith was too embroiled in his own space that he didn’t notice hunk that much. hunk was a scared young kid who was probably a little too in over his head, though exceedingly smart and bright for his age, but not… “battle-equipped”, since that seems to have been keith’s ‘track’ at the garrison and his focus (him being on a fighter pilot course while hunk was more into the engineering courses). keith was probably too young to realize these qualities as valuable tbh. 

of course, later, after getting into voltron, after working together and overcoming great odds, the both of them developing into these two men who are different but share so many similar qualities in their maturity… i think that keith’s definitely come to realize that qualities that are more ‘hunk’s realm’ are valuable, too, realizing that he’s gone through the same things and developed into someone truly noteworthy. i mean… they’ve both grown so much?? so much!! and i’m really a big fan of the trope of ‘being on shaky ground at first, kinda blase about the other, but then growing into something more fruitful and wholesome, on their own, and then uniting again as their better selves, comfortable and at peace with who they are, loving each other, as they are’ like!! that’s so powerful. i’m quivering in my boots. 

anyway this got out of hand but i love these two sm