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mother series 30 day drawing challenge!!

i felt like it’d be cool to make one, because im sure one exists somewhere but has been lost so!

  1. your favorite game in the series
  2. your favorite party/party member
  3. favorite villain
  4. favorite npc
  5. favorite overworld enemy
  6. favorite ship
  7. one of the main boys (ninten, ness, lucas, travis)
  8. one of the main girls (ana, paula, kumatora, meryl)
  9. one of the psi-less party members (loid, jeff, duster, floyd)
  10. one of the gang boys (teddy, leo)
  11. poo showing off his psi (or just poo in general)
  12. boney having a good time (or just boney in general)
  13. claus/the masked man (choose one, or do both!)
  14. one of the main character’s families (ninten’s mom and/or sisters, ness’s mom and/or tracy, hinawa and/or flint, travis’s parents and/or zack)
  15. favorite scene
  16. favorite setting
  17. the mother 3 gang using one of their in-battle instruments
  18. favorite song from one of the games and the scene showing it (or just do a draw based on the song)
  19. queen mary and/or gigue
  20. a final battle (gigue’s battle, giygas’s battle, the masked man’s battle)
  21. post-game (feel free to add any headcanons or so!)
  22. super smash bros ness and/or lucas
  23. using psi
  24. just do a good ol shitpost here
  25. a headcanon
  26. a melody (mother′s eight melodies, earthbound’s eight melodies, mother 3′s love theme)
  27. claus and lucas being brothers
  28. pre-journey and/or post-journey
  29. the end of one of the games
  30. free space!

I find it so amusing and intruguing to witness how much a person can change, in just a few mere weeks, months, etc. for good or for bad. You could wake up one day and say “ today today will be different , i will be different” and then actually live up to your word . The human mind is so interesting and complex , you could drown into your own subconscious, you can do anything youd like to do with your life and all itd take is one simple little thought to spark and light up a fire.

anonymous asked:

I'm going to try to write my first fic, I've never written more than very short original stories that are hidden deep in my computer, seen by no retinas other than my own,, so this will also be the first thing i ever put out into the world. this might be annoyingly open ended, but is there any advice you could give on writing a fic compared to writing something original ie writing characters true to canon? (I love your characterization btw) just like if theres anything I should keep in mind?

hello!! congratulations on your first venture into fic writing!!! 

i wrote this post on how i characterize the characters im writing, and this one on my editing process. as for other advice… hm… 

  • to create a world that feels responsive and alive to the changes you make, i think it’s important to understand the motivations & internal conflicts/beliefs that drive your protagonists and antagonists. if you understand those things, then characters will very naturally respond to each others’ actions in a way that feels natural and unforced. it might take you a while to figure out exactly what kind of response someone might have, though, and that’s ok! 
  • the stories you’re interested in telling are not necessarily the stories that people in the fandom are interested in reading; there are high quality stories that don’t have a lot of comments or kudos, and vice versa. dont be discouraged if you don’t get the response you wanted; it’s not a mark against your writing ability. 
  • with original fiction, you have to provide your readers with information about the world. with fic, though, just assume your readers know the basics of the worldbuilding; no need to rehash, re-explain, or describe facts that the reader already knows. what’s more important is fleshing out said worldbuilding or describing the changes you’ve made, if that makes sense. 
  • i always talk about this so im afraid im repeating myself but seriously, understanding your characters’ psychological mindscapes is so important to writing them well

i can’t think of anything else. writing fic is pretty much like writing original stories except you already have a framework of a world to work in. if there’s anything more specific youd like advice about feel free to ask! best of luck in your fic writing endeavors!!!

neptune-nerd  asked:

Hello, so I'm trying to draw Starscream and I'm looking at all your posts and refs for inspiration and I'm like "YES" and then I put my pencil to the paper and I can't. So overall I'm wondering if you can help me with drawing the mighty lord birb because I'm having a hard time

It’s not much, but I actually did some structural sketches/composition of how I draw Starscream for a friend awhile ago. 

As I said, not much, but I’m happy to draw more. Shoot me an ask if youd like anything else, and dont be afraid to get specific if theres something in particular I could help with.

anonymous asked:

I'm currently living with my bf and I wanna help support him but I've also been rejected by a lot of job apps and am stressed

Oh gosh anon I really feel you there! I’ve heard that opening a ko-fi shop helps take the edge off of bills and finances, you could open one up and do doodles/drabbles/whatever kind of hobby you’d like to share c: 


B.A.P Mafia!Au 

Part 1 - Yongguk – Leader

General description: 
Fearless, dangerous, merciless, but in every way a charmer when he wants to be. As the leader of a famous Mafia organisation Yongguk would be mainly doing the business part and leaving the «dirty work» to the members under him. One would think he could be found at top notch parties, dancing with girls and drinking the night away but you are wrong. He sees himself as a business man and operates mainly from his office, giving orders. He avoids direct interactions as much as possible as he finds that numbers are the only important part and that they can also be coordinated on the phone. However, sometimes also he is needed in person. And this is where, in the VIP lounge of a high end night club, he meets you. 

Meeting you:
You are the daughter of another well known Mafia gang leader. Your father thinks its time you learn to step into his footsteps and so Yongguk has to settle the deal with you. At first he is rather sceptic, to say it nicely. He would be as charming as he could thinking this meeting will be easy and over fast. But you have learned how this business works and so as the meeting advances his facade would falter and he sees that you are more than just pretty face. He would be intrigued and would try going over on a more privat terms at the end of the meeting, thinking he could get a bit of fun out of this. However you refuse, leaving a very perplexed Yongguk. 

How he finds an interest in you:
He had never been turned down before. Most were too scared to do so and the ons that had tried quickly changed their minds after he put on his charming persona. Though it didnt happen often that he had been interested in more than just the deal. Not long after the meeting he requested another one. Purely out of business reasons of course. «Left over questions» he called it. He invited you to his private head quarters where he spend the evening trying to win you over with a fancy dinner, wine and an extra portion of charm. Again you were on top of your game, leveling him perfectly. This would be the point where he would get a serious interest in you. 

Note: Omg this is the first time Ive ever written anything like this. I hope you like it. Please do send me a message if you have any constructive critisicm or anything else youd like me to know regarding my writing as I am always looking to improve myself! 
I also want to apologise for any wrong spellings as english is not my first language!

I would like to thank everyone who has helped support me over the past year with my writing blog! I first started thia blog as a means of creating stories, and now it has grown into something much more. It has started friendships, improved my writing and brought about a whole new era of my life :)

So to celebrate, I’m taking requests! Either ships, headcanons you’d like to see a ficlet for, anything youd like no matter the fandom, ship, or request! NSFW are accepted and I’ll be writing all of them in the next week ❤

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Please, I need your help.

Im stuck in an abusive house, paying to live with my parents, who I’m not out to, struggling to make ends meet with insurance payments and rent and a loan from my parents.  Im saving up to move out, and anything helps.  If youd like, I can draw you something or write something for you.  If you cant donate or ask for a commission, please reblog.  The more notes, the better.

Welcome to the Salarry tm ask blog! You can ask these boys anything youd like. 

By the way, in this ask universe they are not a thing, (even though larry most likely has a thing for sal, who knows about sal)

but you can still ask questions about them being a thing and all of that

have fun asking these boys things!! :0

You have to -- Winwin (blurb)

Request: Hi! May I request for a NCT scenario blurb with Winwin and learning Chinese please!! Kinda like the charade games from their NCT Life episode. Lol please and thanks!! ^^

A/N: okay im pretty excited for this, not gonna be the fluffiest thing tho lol

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