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ok dream sg episode pt. 2

ext. shot - somewhat dingy alleyway, evening

maggie is leaning against the alley wall in her cute too big police jacket. she’s looking at her phone & only puts it away when we hear a quiet thump. the shot pans out to include supergirl

maggie: “everything alright?”

kara: “shes in, well, quarantine? she’s fine though”

maggie: “i actually meant you. you sounded weird on the phone earlier and you don’t look so good.”

Kara: “im alright.”

maggie looks like she wants to question it but she switches over to a more professional demeanour when supergirl hands her a small bag & a folder.

maggie: “i can’t make any promises about the tests but I’ll go over the photos tonight.”

kara nods. she looks uncomfortable again.

maggie: “seriously, hey, are you alright?”

kara: “this may seem like a weird question but did alex mention anything about mon el?”

maggie: “sure some. said you seemed really happy with him. he’s the guy at the bar, right? was it just me or did he kinda say he’s not homophobic because he likes orgies?”

kara: “did he?”

maggie shrugs

kara: “well for what it’s worth im thrilled. alex is the happiest i have ever seen her.”

maggie: “except for being in quarantine. can i take her anything? clothes, food, vegan icecream?”

kara: “gross! sure, i’ll make sure she gets it.”

kara takes several steps away, looks like she’s about to fly away.

kara: “maggie? thank you for doing this. i know it doesn’t feel right doing it off the record but,”

maggie: “i trust you. we do it this way until you can figure out what’s going on. and if you need backup,”

maggie pats her side & Kara nods. she flies away.

maggie waits for a moment before leaving the alley. the screen flickers like static. the same buzzing noise from earlier can be heard & the shot exits the alley & flies in the direction supergirl went.


ext. shot - night
j'onn & supergirl are flying over the city

j'onn: “do you know where we are going?”

kara: “nope!”

j'onn: “do you know what we are looking for?”

kara, flying circles around him: “no!”

j'onn stops flying & hovers in the air. kara stops next to him.

j'onn: “what are you looking for? what are we doing out here?”

kara looks like she is listening for something. very faintly, a buzzing sound can be heard & she flies off faster than j'onn can follow. we focus on kara who looks determined & she crashes into an invisible machine & throws it down into the desert. she follows, j'onn in the distance follows them both.

kara yanks on something that reveals the machine. it is vaguely alien glowing shit & looks kryptonian but…menacing.

j'onn: “what is that?”

kara, angry: “a daxamite drone”

j'onn: “we need to get this back to the DEO. winn can-”

kara: “hes been exposed, remember?”

j'onn nods, crosses his arms. he looks thoughtful.

j'onn: “what do you recommend supergirl?”

kara: “we need to find the hive, & we need to destroy it.”

j'onn: “and mon el?”

kara, determined. “let me deal with him.”


int. shot - krypton.

a grand hall. alura stands at the podium & the hall is packed with aliens. when she raises her hands, they fall silent & turn to face her.

alura: “dignitaires, envoys, i welcome you once more to krypton. today marks a very special day, one that will change the our course forever. for the better.”

several kryptonians stand at her sides. they look concerned. alura clutches at the side of the podium. she does not look well.

alura: “some time ago i was approached to consider an alliance with our great brother planet of daxam. i have had the privilege of speaking with the king and queen and their council.”

the shot turns to a noble & rich couple toward the front of the hall. they look very smug & satisfied. the shot remains on them as alura continues.

alura: “i have been treated to their unique hospitality during my stay there. i have been convinced quite thoroughly to agree to the merge.”

the shot returns to alura & her kryptonian companions as sounds of distress & confusion move through the crowd.

alura seems to be sweating & her voice is strained.

alura: “their methods of persuasion are quite successful.”

daxam king: “the merit of the alliance is persuasion enough, is it not?”

he moves to stand closer to her. alura braces herself against the podium.

daxam king, sounding concerned: “you don’t look well at all. perhaps we should make this quick and save the revelry for another day?”

alura moves stiffly to pull up a alien device. the daxam king places his hand inside the homoimage that appears. he stares at alura who makes no gesture to do the same.

daxam king: “won’t you agree to the alliance?”

alura says nothing.

daxam king: “agree to it! what are you waiting for?”

alura: “for my guard to return with proof”

she sounds & looks very ill but also triumphant. the daxam king pulls his hand away from the holoimage & yanks one of her hands towards him. she is holding a small device that he recognises. he pretends he does not.

daxam king: “what kind of game are you playing, alura? we came in peace because you offered an alliance.”

he looks disappointed & hurt. he motions for his people to leave & they begin to exit the hall.

they are stopped when guards begin to march in. alura looks horrified when kara is with them. she is holding in her hands a small box & she carries it up the steps toward alura.

little kara: “father said this is what you were looking for. i found it in our rooms. did i help, mother?”

alura strokes kara’s hair out of her eyes & nods. she takes the box from Kara & opens it to show the same machine james had taken photos of.

she disables the machine & looks much better instantly. she stands taller & her voice is strong.

“arrest the daxam dignitaries and their king and queen, for the crime of coercion against krypton.”


int. shot - DEO city headquarters

kara walks with mon el down the hallways. they are holding hands & she is listening to him discuss something new he has learned about earth. it’s almost correct in an amusing way & she laughs.

mon el: “so, you said you had something important to talk about?”

kara stops where she is next to a doorway & nods.

kara: “there’s something i have been meaning to talk to you about.”

mon el: “if this is about breaking up then i forgive you”

kara smiles but she doesn’t look happy.

kara: “thank you.”

mon el nods.

kara continues like the boss she is: “for making this so easy.”

she slams her hand on the button next to her & opens the cell door. in another second she absolutely fucking smashed mon el into the cell & closes it before he can recover. kara slaps a picture of the alien device against the glass.

kara: “where is it?”

mon el stands & crosses his arms.

kara looks like she wants to ask again but she crumples the photo in her hand & storms out instead.

mon el: “you could have just asked me.”

kara pauses in the doorway: “i already know you’re brainwashing my friends. my family. i don’t have to be nice to you just because you have information i want.”

kara stands in that fuckin boss supergirl stance yas girl!!!

kara: “i will find it, with or without your help. you should start thinking about how to make that easier for me.”

mon el: “why? so you’ll forgive me?”

kara: “no, i won’t. Ever. you want to make this easier so i don’t let my sister put lead in your leg again. and this time? my mothers on vacation so she can’t save you.”

kara exits the room.

she joins j'onn who is standing at the end of the hall.

j'onn: “my mothers on vacation?”

kara, crossing her arms, sighs. “I couldn’t think of a cool line. do you think it sounded enough like a threat?”

j'onn: “you should’ve left it at alex”

kara nods.

felicisfox  asked:

can i ask, do you eat honey? and if not, why? i personally don't eat meat or dairy but i'm not vegan as i still eat eggs (and fish, but i plan on stopping as soon as i'm in a position to) because i don't see anything wrong with doing so. can i ask why you don't? i can see why you wouldn't eat eggs from caged hens, but i have eggs regularly and they're all free range and locally sourced.

Thank you for your ask. I do not eat honey, as I am vegan and honey is an animal product. Honey is a like dairy, eggs, wool, or any other animal byproduct. It requires exploitation of animals, and in the case of honey, it harms both the domesticated bees, and nearby wild bees and nectar-eaters who have to compete with the honey bees for resources. (x)

Honey can have many side effects, such as affecting blood sugar levels, causing allergic reactions (especially with people who are allergic to pollen, celery, and other plants), causing abnormal heart rhythms, and can poison infants and young children from the bacteria Clostridium botulinum.

Here is another post on why buying honey is harmful to domesticated honey bees and endangered bees.

Another post on why honey isn’t ethical to purchase, some of the common industry practices in beekeeping, and alternatives to honey.

Here is my post on why eggs are cruel. Hens’ bodies fail them after a fraction of their lifespan because of reproductive issues. We have overbred them to the point where they are chronically ill and disabled, and the hatcheries where these animals come from still macerate male chicks after one day of life because they are useless to the industry.

25,000 abused hens have been rescued by Animal Place, and the most egregious cruelties have come from organic egg farms.

The US egg industry is shady as hell, and the USDA advises egg companies that they cannot label their products as “safe”, “healthy”, or “nutritious” due to their cholesterol and saturated fat content, as well as the real threat of Salmonella and avian flu perpetuated by these industries.

Eggs are every bit as cruel as dairy, and I am very curious as to why you avoid dairy but see no problem with eggs. They are both the product of exploitation from female reproductive systems, and require the killing of male offspring soon after birth.

Thank you for your message, and please let me know if you have any more questions!

I really can’t stand it when you’re discussing the environmental aspects of veganism and non vegans are like ‘BUT VEGANS USE PHONES AND CARS AND PLASTIC AND CRUDE OIL AND’

And I’m like yes.
I know.
And it PAINS me.

For reals, I’m literally just trying to live like a normal person here, so if you can find me some affordable tech made from sustainably sourced materials, I WILL BUY IT.

Like if you can offer me a renewable power supply for my house and an electric car for an affordable price then god damn I will honestly explode with happiness

But for the moment, whilst my carbon footprint is roughly half of the national average, and I’m doing a shit ton more than the vast majority of people, stop waiting for me to give up everything before you will change anything. I’m doing the best I can within my means.

And this doesn’t have to be one side vs the other thing, we’re not doing this for gratification or some kind of personal gain, we’re doing it for the good of the earth and everyone in it, and for the future of our kids and yours alike.

Basically, we’re doing what we can, and the difference is that we’re doing enough, if everyone was causing the same amount of damage that vegans do, then chances are, the earth would have an actual fighting chance at pulling through this.

Please just stop fighting against us and hear us, its more important than you know
And if anyone wants help changing their ways, I’m more than happy to be of service!

Peace and good will to all of you

To the people who “can’t go vegan”

(And to those who have decided to speak for them)

Veganism means doing the best you can in the situation you’re in to avoid animal exploitation and abuse. 

It is not true that “some people can’t be vegan” - anyone can decide to minimize their support of animal exploitation to the best of their ability. Some people just can’t do as much as others can. Veganism means understanding that non-humans aren’t property and living in accordance with that belief as well as you can in this world that enslaves and kills them by the billions. 

So if you feel you cannot go “fully vegan” at the moment - you don’t have to side with the anti-vegans. Their screaming “not everyone can go vegan” at every fucking opportunity does not mean they’re worried about you, about us making you feel bad - they fucking love the fact that you can’t go “fully vegan”, because then they can use you as an “aha! what about them?”. An excuse for them not to do anything at all. Not because they can’t, but because they can’t be bothered. 

They’re deciding for you what you can or can’t do, and they’re deciding for us that we won’t find it good enough. That’s a lie. You come here and I’ll stick the Official 100% Certified Vegan sticker on your forehead. Talk to other vegans who are struggling because of their mental health, their ED’s, their financial situation, family problems, etc. and I assure you you will learn enough from them to be able to do even more than you expected.

In a vegan world, there would be other options for you available, and it’s not your fault that this current hellhole doesn’t offer them. Please don’t do nothing just because you can’t do everything.

Do what you want!

Before I left my small little town, on the outskirts of Chicago, I was a complete mess. My whole life was a mess. I was reliant on external factors to keep me “happy.” A lot of it, I don’t even remember. What I do remember is always feeling like I had to do what I was supposed to do. Get a good job, move into my own place, hide my true feelings, be who people wanted me to be. I was trapped.So I decided to change that.

I firmly believe you adapt to your environment. I was surrounded by a lot of people who were living the same lifestyle I was. I knew that if I stuck around, I was never truly going to be able to change the things I wanted to change. I knew that I would keep repeating the vicious cycle that was damaging my mind, my soul, and my body. I was never going to find my true happiness

To be fair, I still haven’t found it, but I sure am a damn lot close than I was a year ago. I dropped the booze, and the drugs, and the toxic people in my life. I moved to an area that better fit my needs, and what I believe to be a better lifestyle. Eugene, Oregon is in the top healthiest places to live! Don’t get me wrong though, I could have chose to live like I was living in Illinois. I could have found another group of drunk,drug addicts to hang around. That’s the beauty of life. You live and you learn. I have learned that I can no longer live the way I was living if I want to be happy.

I was miserable. I was (am) obese. I was depressed. I was always wasted. I was insecure. I cared so much about what other people thought about me. It was time for a change. I know that if I was to stay there, I would still be in the same place I was.

So now, what I have to say, is DO WHAT YOU WANT! If being lazy, working a dead end job, drinking all the time, making meaningless relationships, having conversations without depth, eating like shit, feeling like shit… if this is what you want, by all means, do it. But don’t complain about being unhappy if you aren’t going to change the things that are bringing you down.

This brings me to my next point. I have to follow my own advice. Even though I worked my ass off to move across the country, started eating a cruelty-free diet, lost 42 lbs (and counting), moved into my first ever own apartment, I still have a long way to go.

When I first moved to Eugene, the money I worked so hard to save up was dwindling quickly. I had to hop on any job opportunity that came to me. I got hired with Chase bank 9 days after I  moved here and it took about 2.5 weeks for all of the pre-employment things to clear. I was stressed to the max during this time.

After I started working, things started going a little smoother. I moved into a house that was all vegan, had a huge garden, and was perfectly in my price range. I loved everything about it. Then life happens. I left my phone on the bus, my bike was stolen, my car broke down, I lost the house I loved… things were rough. On top of that, I was realizing how much I didn’t want to work for Chase bank. I don’t like the idea of working for the enemy, climbing a corporate ladder, and having to be someone I’m not during the majority of my day.

I have come up with a few new goals. The first one I’ve already set in motion, which is to start working in the cannabis industry. For now, that’s what I want to do to make an income. I have already taken the test, and I’m just waiting for them to process my application and test results and send my the card saying I’m allowed to work with the plant.

Next, I want to keep losing weight, focusing more on nutrition and really paying attention to what I’m eating. I’ve been using myfitnesspal and tracking everything I eat. I am trying to stick to 80-10-10 for my macros, and starting the 12th, I will be doing 30 days SOS free. So no added salt, oil, or sugar. We’ll see how that goes.

Also I’ve been using SHealth on my android Samsung Galaxy (I’m not sure if they offer SHealth on anything else) to track my steps and my exercise, heart rate, sleep, and all that good jazz. It’s similar to fitbit, but it’s all on my phone. I try ti hit a goal of 10,000 steps a day, which isn’t that difficult, but it also is something I have to put effort into. I average about 6000 a day without trying and just doing my regular activities. I eventually want to get it up to 20,000 steps a day with at least 20 minutes of running.

I am going to start doing yoga. I already got a new mat, strap, bricks, and a beginners video. All I have to do now is actually do it. I want to build my core muscles, gain flexibility, improve my posture, and work on my mind all at the same time. In good time, I’ll be joining a yoga class.

I also feel like I’ve been spending a lot of time indoors. Which sucks so much. So another goal is to start going outdoors more often. I want to go on more hikes, go to the beach, climb some mountains… All of these things are in reach for me, so I don’t really understand why I haven’t been doing them.

So there it is. I am doing what I want to do, which is what you should do too. Do what you want to do. Do things that are going to better your life, your health, your inner peace, your state of mind. Just do it! Don’t care about what others want you to do. Don’t worry about failing. You can always try again! Just don’t give up.

If you use the power of manifestation, and create a beautiful life that you want, and work towards your goals… anything is possible.It took me many, many years to learn this. and to actually follow my heart, no matter how cliche that is. You can do anything you put your mind to. That also means that if you put your mind to negativity (”I can’t do that” “that will never happen” ”I’m so unhappy” “I will never lose weight”) then your life isn’t going to have a positive outcome. Use the power of manifestation to draw positive things into your life, not negative. You can do this. It will happen. You can achieve true happiness. Just stop waiting around and DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO! <3

anonymous asked:

So on the topic of medications, vaccinations and veganism, I think we can all agree that no one should stop taking medication that they need or do anything to endanger their health. But what about those times when you don't need it, such as taking a pain killer for a bit of a headache. Do you think we should try to avoid non-vegan medication when we can? Or do you think that is taking it too far?

If someone is experience discomfort or pain, I don’t believe it’s my place to tell them not to treat it. Everyone’s experience and tolerance levels are different. What may be a simple headache for me may be totally distressing to someone else. It’s not good to abuse medication, of course, because all medication has an effect on the body. That’s just the consequences of introducing chemicals to the body that must be metabolized. And there’s also the possibility of developing a tolerance when you take something too frequently, which is also bad. So balancing between discomfort and being wise with use of medication is always a good idea.

But yes, I agree, no one should stop taking medication they need. And being vigilant and paying attention to your body while on medication for signs of side effects is also a good idea. No one knows your body better than you do, and if you feel worse or develop new symptoms on a new medication, don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor and push for other options. (This is coming from the queen of bad and rare side effects.)

Veganism is a neutral moral baseline, as opposed to needlessly hurting animals, which is negative, and actively saving animals, engaging in activism, raising awareness or speaking out, which is positive.

Silent veganism* is a neutral morality of simply not using and abusing animals. There is nothing directly wrong with those who silently live vegan - being vegan is still favourable to non-veganism because you’re abstaining from hurting animals and saving lives in the process, but not hurting animals should be a given, not something to be praised. If we are ever going to see avoiding the unnecessary mistreatment of animals as the moral standard, veganism needs to be normalised, not glorified.

When you silently live vegan you’re not doing anything overtly positive, you’ve just stopped doing something negative. Albeit, vegans do automatically save a number of animals every year, but in a similar way to how I automatically save a number of humans every year by not murdering them. Being vegan and not using animals for food, clothing and entertainment is preferable to choosing to do those harmful things, but abstaining from animal exploitation, killing and abuse should be viewed as unexceptional.

Right now, because so few people are vegan compared to the general population, veganism is sometimes praised because it goes against the norm, is unconventional and sometimes requires more effort than choosing to eat animals.* Not abusing animals should be seen as customary, but when vegans are not being seen as either detestable extremists or liberal hippies, they are sometimes seen as somehow admirable or commendable.

People saying “Wow, I admire your veganism so much!” is almost analogical to “Wow, I admire how you don’t kill people!”, but putting it like this seems strange, because hurting animals is mostly socially acceptable, but hurting humans is generally not. In arguments, I often find people saying to me “I respect your veganism, but-” when the fact of the matter is I don’t need anyone to “respect” my resolve to not hurt animals. When people praise the concept of silent veganism, it’s usually well-meaning, but implies that not needlessly partaking in massive animal exploitation, mutilation and slaughter is NOT morally non-compulsory.

Silently living vegan means living with the common decency and courtesy to not exploit animals, and shouldn’t be seen as an impeccably virtuous thing. Hopefully in the future veganism won’t be patronisingly praised by those who do abuse animals, because abstaining from animal abuse will be fully mainstream, and people will learn to see not hurting animals as a neutral, rather than positive, act. Sadly, we currently live in a world where hurting animals for pleasure and convenience is seen as the normal and accepted baseline.

I am not saying that people switching from a meat-eating or vegetarian diet to a vegan lifestyle is not a “good” thing. It is “good” in comparison to lifestyles which cause more harm to animals, but, for the sake of moral progression, it will hopefully one day be fixed as an ethics base. Simply going vegan doesn’t make you an amazing person, it just means you’ve stopped doing something negative and have become neutral. Once you neutrally live vegan, any speaking, outreach, tweeting, protesting, promoting, saving (etc.) you can do on top of that is overtly wonderful. Activism can be minuscule or direct action, but it’s all positive! 💚



*silently (or secretly) living vegan means being vegan without being open about it or doing any activism. Not everyone can take part in all forms of activism due to health issues (mental and physical), living situations, money issues, etc. and I am not bashing people who don’t have a choice, but in my opinion, “activism” can range from tiny awareness-raising things to complete direct action. Activism can be speaking out about the movement, leafletting, attending vigils and saves, openly identifying as and talking about veganism to promote the lifestyle, going to protests, spreading information, hunt sabbing, outreach, etc. Thanks to the internet, there is something almost EVERYONE can do, and I believe you are an active (non-silent) vegan if you do anything from tiny online gestures to physically rescuing an animal! Activism can be tiny things or giant spouts of direct action, but ANYTHING other than silence is positive, rather than neutral.

** because veganism CAN require more effort for certain people in certain (sometimes difficult) situations, I understand why simply living vegan for those few people might warrant praise, but I am talking about the concept of veganism in general

anonymous asked:

4 years vegan this month. I have social anxiety bad enough that even when my close friends try to talk to me about veganism and their goals I still clam up and can't really talk about anything, much less reasons why they should go vegan asap. Am I basically dead weight?

Definitely not. At worst, you’re zero weight :) There are things you can do that don’t require talking to people about veganism. An example would be printing out (or write them by hand) small cards with links to a speech/documentary/page about veganism and just leaving them (secretly) on the bus or bus stop, in a store, school, etc. If you can do design or video editing or something like that, you can volunteer to help an activist group with that. Etc etc. 

so my finger slipped and I wrote a little Trohley fic/AU thingy

Please be nice to me, it’s probably crap.  [TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 3RD, 2013 - 9:00 AM] p>

Joe exhaled as the automatic glass doors opened on front of him and he stepped into the gym. The perky young woman sitting at the reception desk spotted him and said something about welcoming Joe to the Elite Fitness Gym.
“Shit” Joe thought to himself, he had been seen- it was too late to back out now.
“No,it’s troh-MAN” Joe fidgeted as he stated his surname for the fifth time, what kind of name is Troham anyways? He questioned himself as to why he was even doing this, he glanced down at his scrawny arms and couldn’t help but compare his to the receptionists. Hers was lean and toned, they were strong. Joe had always hated how weak his arms looked. He doubted he would be able to do anything at this gym without causing himself extreme pain and injuries.
“No pain no gain” he thought to himself half heartedly.
“Mr Trohman,this way to the workout room.” The young woman guided him towards a large set of wooden double doors.

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Monthly Drawing Of Why You should go vegan!

I am doing Monthly drawings on 13 topics of Animal Cruelty. This will take 13 or more months for me to fully finish. I am going to do a drawing every week of that topic listed below. I am not trying to push anything on to any one. I just want you all to be aware of what is going on behind closed doors and pasted your plate. we can make the world a better place if we can show not cruelty to not only humans alike but to animals and the earth we live on by changing how we think about life. 

Here is my list of Topics:

  1. Seaworld
  2. Animal Testing (All animals) 
  3. Cruelty to Livestock (Your Meat you eat) 
  4. Fur And Feathers 
  5. Pet Cruelty (Cats, Dogs, Puppy Mills, Small rodents and reptiles)  
  6. Horse and dog Racing
  7. Wildlife Hunting 
  8. Dog and chicken Fights
  9. Honey and Bumble Bees
  10. Ocean Life (Pollution) 
  11. Fishing (fish and shellfish) 
  12. Foreign Countries Eating Cats and Dogs (along with other animal Cruelty) 
  13. Bestiality (the Worlds Sensitive and taboo topic.) This one I am thinking about not doing be comes of its graphicness of it. But to all you vegans out there that want me to do it (and i will not be posting it on the Beasty tag thank you.) I will do it but I am to super uncomfortable with do this one… 

anonymous asked:

For the matchup thing! I'm 17, 5'7 and I have pale skin, long curly brown hair and green eyes. I'm asexual and panromantic. I'm a competitive athlete in 2 sports (speed skating and archery) and I do musical theatre. I'm terrible at talking to people and I get overstimulated easily and sometimes shut down. I like food but I can't do anything in the kitchen because I can't handle sharp things without panic attacks. I'm a vegan and my pets are my world. I don't really trust people easily.

Todoroki! He’s also asexual so it’s fine with him that you are too! He actually feels happy that he could find someone like him! He really appreciates your athleticism and sometimes just admires how amazing you are at sports! Whenever you have something revolving around musical theatre, he makes sure to come to every practice/show! And he doesn’t mind that you can’t cook, because he’s very happy do cook himself (he’s very domestic!). He’ll probably try to gain your trust, but he’ll understand that’s just how you are and give you space as you need it!

anonymous asked:

Hi I want to become oath bound to my goddess. I was wondering if you had any advice or information on oath binding. It doesn't have to be anything personal. Thanks you!

  1. Oaths do not have to be life-long agreements, you can make an oath with an expiration date. I.E. I vow to clean my room once a week for the next year.
  2. Do NOT make oaths you can’t or just won’t keep. I.E. If you’re broke, don’t go oathing to make monetary donations for something. 
  3. Start small, you can always make additional oaths and add on responsibilities, but starting out with too much is a sure fire way to make sure you can’t keep the oath in it’s entirety. 
  4. Don’t rush into oathing. Take your time and get a good idea of what you want to gain out of becoming oath bound. I don’t mean that as in, “I’m oathing myself to you, so I except this kind of favor in my life” I mean it more personally. I’m oathed to Dionysus, and the way in which I’m oathed to him benefits me because it keeps me involved in the community and in causes that I may not otherwise stay super involved in, because as much as I care, there are other things I could be doing with my time and it’s all too easy to decide “I donated, so why do I need to go out of my way to attend this fundraiser and this event and promote awareness.” After all, that’s what a lot of people do, they make donations so they can contribute without having to give up their time to help in a hands on way. Part of my oath is to give hands on help, so it keeps me involved and informed in ways that I might not be otherwise. That’s part of what I get out of being oathed.
  5. Don’t make contradicting oaths. If you promise Poseidon you’ll eat fish in his honor every Tuesday, don’t go promising Demeter you’ll only eat vegan; because now you’ve promised Demeter you won’t eat that fish for Poseidon, even though Poseidon is still expecting a fish.
  6. Don’t make open ended oaths. You have agency and authority over your own life, open ended oaths such as “I vow to do whatever you ask of me” can back you into a nasty corner that takes away that free-agency. You’ve essentially given away your right to tell that deity no by making a promise to do anything they ask.

Oathing can be as formal or as casual as you like. It can be as simple as making the statement of “I vow/promise/swear to…..” or you can build a whole ceremony around it. It’s up to you. 

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Hi, I'm vegan and also transgender. Soon I'll be getting hormones, but they probably won't be vegan. Do you think that's okay?


You are right that these hormones probably will be animal tested and may contain or be derived from animal ingredients. However, I think it would be unreasonable to expect a vegan not to go through transition purely on account of their veganism. Veganism is about avoiding animal exploitation whenever possible, it is perfectly legitimate for you to judge that your transition absolutely is a necessity, and so you’re not doing anything wrong. All we can do is our best to avoid harm as much as we can in a society that is built on animal exploitation, but we have to look after our health, both mental and physical. Good luck with your hormones anon and congratulations on beginning the process. I hope it is a positive experience for you. 

Sometimes I stumble across the #edsoldier or #edrecovery posts and it makes me sad to see how many recovery accounts there are and how many people are suffering from different eating disorders. I wish that I could just click my fingers and make eating disorders disappear and make you all healthy and free. Or make you all realise that life is worth living that your body image really doesn’t matter that much. That calories, macros and the number on the scale really aren’t so important. I wish that you could all see how health and happiness is the most important and valuable thing in life. Who cares about the number on the scale and it doesn’t matter whether you eat X or Y calories or whether you exercise 2 times a week, 6 times a week or not at all for a month. Exercise should be enjoyed and not done because you think you have to compensate or change your body. Changing your body won’t help of the problem is in your mind.

I wish I could help everyone suffering with an eating disorder - but all I can do is try to inspire you to want to get healthy. And that food isn’t dangerous or something to be feared. To anyone suffering- you need to want to recover and realise that you deserve so much more in life and that to recover you need to do the things that scare you.
Don’t compare yourself to anyone. Not your life, food, weight or anything… focus on you and what is best for you!!! You can recover !!! #realrecovery #vegan #plantbased #carbthefuckup #carbup #anorexiarecovery #recovery #edrecoveryarmy

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Is it okay to have a pet as a vegan?

To me it depends on several factors:

Ask yourself why you want a pet. Are you doing it because you want to rescue an animal or because you think it would be cool to own one? Do you want to help protect and better the life(lives) of the animal(s) you take in or do you want to have the animal for material reasons?

Secondly, I would examine where the pet is coming from. Is this animal in need of help? Are you adopting an animal from a shelter, a rescue group, or saving it from an undesirable fate? Do not buy from pet stores and do not buy from breeders. Doing so should be considered harmful as it creates a supply and demand (This means breeding programs and/or taking animals from the wild this is a giant subtopic that could be like five other posts tbh).

Third, do you have the necessary knowledge and resources to care for these animals? Do you have the appropriate space? Can you provide a safe environment and proper care? Do you have the necessary financial stability?

Lastly, I would just say think of animals as companions. They are not objects or accessories. They are sentient beings. Don’t do anything to them that will stress them out or harm them. Don’t do anything to them that you wouldn’t want done to you. Always look out for their best interests.

To answer your question, I do believe that vegans can care for animals. However, I believe that doing so should be done appropriately and for the right reasons.