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Dear WWE Creative, we are all so so tired of seeing the same match between Sasha and Charlotte. The first few times it was great we loved it, the two women have an amazing connection in the ring. They are both extremely talented Superstars, but there are also many other talented women on the roster. Alicia Fox for example. Use the talent you have, write a new story line. Use the talent of ALL the women on the roster. Please do something. We're all tired of seeing Sasha verses Charlotte every week on Raw. Sincerely, the WWE universe.

I don’t know if everyone feels this way but I’ve seen many post that agree with my feelings.

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I just want to say that this whole Lita thing is strange I went to her twitter she hasn't posted anything wwe related or why she was release all she has done is promote some local appearance she's doing and Blog owner don't give these trolls the time of day explaining all the receipts and batshit crazy things that you have posted about the troll they still will complaint and bitch about everything here and say the exact same excuse because they have no argument