anything to procrastinate drawing

… somehow ended up doodling chibi icons for [Animus/JobSetAU]…

Does anyone else have those moments where you know there’s something you need to do but you just don’t have the energy and you have to get it done and you know what’ll happen if you don’t but you just can’t.

1. Take a hot shower if you’re feelings down. Stay there as long as you like.

2. If a boy breaks your heart, it’s okay to cry.

3. If a girl breaks your heart, it’s okay to cry.

4. There’s a song for every situation. Music is your best friend.

5. No, they’re not judging you. Don’t worry about them.

6. Whenever you think she’s pretty, tell her. Girls supporting girls.

7. Go for a walk if you’re feeling sad. Don’t stay in.

8. Never say no to seeing friends.

9. Experience life, try new things.

10. Always have a water bottle with you.

11. Buying that chocolate bar isn’t the end of the world. Do it.

12. Eat breakfast every day.

13. Sleep is important.

14. No, it can’t wait. Do it now and you’ll feel so much better.

15. Do your best, not doing well is fine.

16. Love yourself and love the world.

17. If they don’t make you happy, leave them. Your well being is more important.

18. Be selfish, be selfless.

19. Be the person you’d want to meet.

20. Find beauty in everything.

21. Take photos.

22. You’re beautiful without makeup.

23. You’re beautiful with makeup.

24. Don’t touch that pimple. Trust me, it’ll go away.

25. Cherish everything, it only happens once.

26. Don’t regret anything, move on.

27. Do your homework right after school, don’t procrastinate.

28. Drawing is good, go for it.

29. Wear what you want. Trust me, you look absolutely stunning.

30. Watch the sky.

—  things I always need to remember

Thanks to everyone who replied to that quark/ferengi earrings question, I’d completely forgotten he wore them for the bajoran gratitude festival :D

(Sorry I would actually properly reply to your replies but… xkit seems to not want to do that today? Possibly because all the ‘cool’ new changes to the activity page aren’t playing nicely with it??)

I’m not one to do these long, rambled things, usually, as I like to lay low and just do my own things without drawing much attention to myself or what have you…
But I’ve had quite a few moments over the past couple of days where I’ve just been sitting in silence and thinking. I’m just so amazed at how quickly I went from a “lonely nobody” with very few friends (whom I cherish with my entire life still, if any see this just know I love you so much!) to gaining a handful of great, new friends in a span of 2-3 months. Some artists, some not; but they’re all so great and so valid, and I care about them so much already. 
This all just absolutely blows me away… because I know that I’m new to this whole artist/art scene and community. Not necessarily My Little Pony, or anything, but rather Tumblr and the Tumblr circle of likened artists (Adge, Apri, Pasu, etc). And I know I’m new to a lot of the things they’re affiliated with in terms of headcanons, AUs, Next Gens, stories, etc; and each other. Although I’d LOVE to catch up and feel a part of everything with that, be included and help with some things, as well as contribute with my own things, and I’m certain I can at some point; I always feel like I’m just being a nuisance and trying way too hard to fit in to be included. That’s just my anxiety and everything though (hopefully). Everyone is so nice to me, and I question how I came to be so deserving but I’d never take it for granted. In fact, I absolutely appreciate it with my entirety. So thank you all for your patience for putting up with me and my awkwardness. Try as I might, I know I’m not up to speed or as close as you all are to each other. Maybe one day! I can only keep trying. But seriously thank you for allow me the opportunity to call you my friends, and to be where I am right now. it’s absolutely incredible to think this is all happening. <3
As for my art, and lack of confidence; I really know I’m not a great artist, not even a good one. Not yet. I want to be, and maybe one day I can be! I’m still trying and doing my best regardless. I also know I have a lot to learn in art obviously. I’m fully aware that I need a lot of improvement. And I am trying! I’m just a little smol who’s still learning and practicing art, slowly. I should try harder but I often feel immensely discouraged about my current skill level and style (since I do not have a natural knack for drawing among other things)…which sadly leads to unnecessarily long bouts of procrastination and periods of not drawing anything. I want to get better at that, because it only makes myself feel worse that I haven’t drawn anything or that I’m not taking the steps I need to improve. I have a horrible habit of comparing myself to others, too. Hopefully that’ll change. Though… huge shout-out to everyone who encourages me to continue, and tells me that I’m getting better despite it all. Gretchen, Adge, Rob, Kathleen, Sal, and any I’m missing. You know who you are. Thank you. You’re all amazing.

This has turned into a huge, random rant of unnecessary rambling that’s all over the place and inconsistent. I am so, so, so sorry! Please ignore this! Just had a lot on the mind and felt like getting it out there for my own sake and sanity.
I really hope everyone has an amazing morning/day/evening/night. I love you all very much, and you deserve nothing but the best. Smile!

I need to do more planned compositions… i have some cool drawings in the works but I’m just lazy idk