anything to make his hobbit happy

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J for Arolin!


J: Joy
1. what makes them happy?

       Arolin loves other people, I loves talking to them and bartering with them. He just never gives anything for free. 
2. who makes them happy?

        Arolin has a few people he actually loves being around including his apprentice Kala Mari, his witch friend who isn’t named yet, and a few others who don’t have names yet.
3. are there any songs that bring them joy?

 AROLIN LOVES WHISTLING, ususally things from The Hobbit or LOTR
4. are they happy often?

 All the freakin time.
5. what brings them the most joy in the world?

seeing people astounded by his magnetism, I would say his magic as well but no one ever seems to ever do any do they? ;D

Two Promises

Pt. 1 of 2

Anonymous asked:

I don’t know if you would be interested but I was just hoping to request something where you are betrothed to Elrond but you are in love with Thranduil and he is in love with you? Maybe where you have to admit your true feelings to Elrond or something? Totally fine if you don’t fancy it and understand if this has to wait until requests reopen! X

Note: Anon, I know you were OK with me involving Celebrian in some way in this,  but it would have been way too complex, and truth is - try as I might - I can’t see Elrond moving on with another love when his wife is still alive and they’re still married. Although there’s a brief hint that she existed, for the purposes of this fic, let’s just say she’s (ahem) out of the picture.

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Happy Unexpected Anniversary!

Thorin had been acting bizarre for well over a month now. Bilbo was curious as to what was making his husband behave so strangely, but he wasn’t too worried. He knew it couldn’t be anything too scandalous because if that were the case, Bilbo would have heard the gossip already.

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