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Two Promises

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Anonymous asked:

I don’t know if you would be interested but I was just hoping to request something where you are betrothed to Elrond but you are in love with Thranduil and he is in love with you? Maybe where you have to admit your true feelings to Elrond or something? Totally fine if you don’t fancy it and understand if this has to wait until requests reopen! X

Note: Anon, I know you were OK with me involving Celebrian in some way in this,  but it would have been way too complex, and truth is - try as I might - I can’t see Elrond moving on with another love when his wife is still alive and they’re still married. Although there’s a brief hint that she existed, for the purposes of this fic, let’s just say she’s (ahem) out of the picture.

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“Imagine falling in love with one of Dis’ sons (Fili) and being best friends with the other.”

Notes: Pre Hobbit book/films (or post, if you wanna talk AU). Also, Fili gave me trouble while writing this. I texted a friend about the issue, and she told me I should post what I said here, so I will: “Curse you, gorgeous golden lion dwarf man prince!"  Posted, as always, after one sitting, in the middle of the night, unbeta-ed.  Fluff with steam.

Kili would probably kill you for saying so, but he was undeniably, one-hundred percent snuggle material. A puppy dog. Cuteness personified, no matter how fierce he tries to appear.

Oh, he has his moments. You are not ignorant of your friend’s finer features. You just can’t get over the fact that Kili is the embodiment of his position as ‘little brother.’ Not just to Fili, but to almost every dwarf you’ve had the pleasure of seeing him interact with.

And as his best friend, you did enjoy teasing him about it.

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Bagginshield Alphabet: Uncle

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When Frodo first arrived, he was incredibly withdrawn. Always he clung to Bilbo’s tunic, and more oft than not, he would hide his face in his cousin’s leg. Bilbo was the only one able to communicate with the faunt, always in hushed, soft tones.

Thorin understood the trauma Frodo had suffered was great. Dutifully, he kept a distance from Frodo, lest he create feelings of unease. Dwarves were known as terribly loud, from their heavy footfalls, to their oft-raised voices, uproarious laughs, and boisterous snoring. It was his noisiness, perhaps, that Bilbo complained about the most. Thorin never took his husband’s quips to heart, but after Frodo arrived, the Dwarf made sure to imitate Hobbit quietness. It was no easy feat, but one look at the small, skittish child, and the necessity of the task was impossible to ignore.

Despite not speaking to Frodo directly, Bilbo encouraged Thorin to interact as much as possible. He would converse with his husband as usual, provide aid in the kitchen, sit in the garden, read a book aloud every night, often accompanied by a deep song. Bilbo said it would help acclimatize the fauntling to his Dwarvish housemate.

For the longest time, Thorin was convinced all was for naught. Even as the weeks eked on, and Frodo began opening up more – whispering to his cousin, travelling through Bag End on his own, accompanying them on trips to the markets – he would not talk to Thorin. The Dwarf would have thought Frodo ignoring him altogether, if it was not for the wide-eyed stares the fauntling sent him.

Always Bilbo was there to assuage the Dwarf’s self-doubt. Frodo was still healing, and it is quite a shock, you must admit, to suddenly live with a Dwarf! he would say. Even if he hardly believed it, Thorin still endeavoured to make the orphaned boy happy at Bag End; never would anything come before Frodo’s comfort.

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Happy Unexpected Anniversary!

Thorin had been acting bizarre for well over a month now. Bilbo was curious as to what was making his husband behave so strangely, but he wasn’t too worried. He knew it couldn’t be anything too scandalous because if that were the case, Bilbo would have heard the gossip already.

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#2371 I keep imagining that sex with Bofur would be amazing, he’d just let you do anything and do anything you wanted him to just to make you smile, hear you moan and keep you happy. He’s so cheeky and when he winks and smiles it makes me melt a little. I imagine he’d always be like that in bed and if you were pregnant, he’d kiss your belly and still make love to you no matter how big you got and no matter the stretch marks because you are his and he is yours.

So in the last two years of having this blog I have reached over 50,000 POSTS. Like, that is a lot pictures and junk up my blog right there.

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