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Sneak Pt. 2 [M]

Summary: Power and seduction are a lethal mix, especially when you work at one of the world’s most powerful corporations. But be careful, because someone is always watching. 

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader

Genre: ceo!namjoon, dom/sub themes, smut, angst

Word Count: 7,253

A/N: this is unedited. I can’t look at it any longer as this took me 2 weeks to write. If there any mistakes, please let me know haha

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Part 1 Part 2

You run your fingertips along the tender parts of your neck. A knot had formed under your skin weeks ago. You really needed to get that checked out, but you also really needed to meet your deadline. At this point your work was more important than your health. There was a lot riding on this project, a possible entire rebranding of one of the most powerful companies in the world. And you were the one responsible.

There were times when you were in the middle of a long stretch of work when the night on his desk would flash through your mind. You would think about the wood pressed against your back in the middle of analyzing sales figures for the past 10 years. You could feel his breath on your throat in the middle of sending one of board members a strongly worded e-mail.

You hated how every touch was imprinted in the back of your brain. The asshole in Armani was in your head every time you closed your eyes. Your body started to tingle every time you passed by his office, knowing that maple desk was on the other side of it’s walls.

You hated it.

You hadn’t seen him since that night. He was conveniently shipped out overseas to check on some of the international branches of the corporation he inherited. You were glad, for the most part. It gave you time to detach yourself from that night and bury yourself in your work. Hoping that by the time he came back to the office you wouldn’t want to shove him against a wall and repeat the night on the desk.

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Chips (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: Hey, could you do a imagine of (tom holland) Peter having a study date with the reader and things get a little frisky😏

A/N: Happy New Year!!! Hope this 2017 brings you great things and you are happier than the year before!!! :)

‘’All of this studying is driving me mad’’ you said as you got up from Peter’s bed. ‘’I’m going to get some food. Do you want anything?’’
He looked briefly at you and furrowed his brows, thinking for a second.
‘’Some chips, please.’’
You nodded and walked to his kitchen, bobbing your head to a random song stuck in your head.
‘’Do you mind if I take off my shirt? I’m kind of melting’’ Peter’s voice called from his room.
‘’Yeah, whatever’’ you told him. ‘’It’s your house, after all.’’
Coming back to his room with your hands full of food, trying not to drop anything, you opened his door with your foot.
‘’A little help?’’ you asked.
He chuckled and got up, taking some of the stuff from your hands. When you finally looked at him, you let out an strangled sound.
‘’Since when are you hot?’’ you said without thinking. You blushed and tried to cover it up, embarrassed. ‘’I mean, since when do you have muscles?’’
Peter blushed and looked at you, scratching the back of his neck.
‘’The spider’’ he said and quickly turned around, sitting on his bed to continue studying.
You observed him and nodded your head, sitting next to him and grabbing your books, but not concentrating. You looked at his lips, something you had done multiple times before without him realising. You then looked at his ruffled hair and pink cheeks, admiring the way he looked handsome without putting any effort.
In a moment of bravery, you took his face in your hands and turned it so he was looking at you. Before he could ask what was going on, you kissed him, eyes closed, waiting for him to return the kiss. It took him a few moments, but he finally put his hands on your hips, his tongue finding its way between your lips.
You threw your books across the room so you would have space on the bed and lay there, running your hands over his abs. He groaned and then moved his lips to your neck, leaving soft kisses and a few hickies. You messed with his hair as you moaned, enjoying the feeling his lips gave you.
His lips kissed yours again and you wrapped your legs around his hips, making him groan once more.
When he finally pulled apart, he rested his forehead against yours, his lips touching yours as he spoke.
‘’This is definitely better than chips’’ he said, a soft smirk on his lips, shocking you for a second before you two bursted out laughing.

Notice Me [Chapter 11]

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Final Chapter of Notice Me

Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5  Chapter 6  Chapter7  Chapter 8  Chapter 9  Chapter 10

Series Genre: AU/Fluff/Smut/Slight Angst at times

Your eyes shot open as you saw Jackson hovered over the two of you, eyes wide and nostrils flared in anger.

“Shit!” you muttered, moving out of Mark’s grasp to sit up and look your brother in the eye.

“I knew something was going on with you two!” he shouted, pacing back and forth.

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Anon Request: a lot of angst with Seb, the reader and Seb are dating for almost a year, but she wanna breakup with him bc of the age gap and bc she can’t have kids and she knows that he wants… the end is up to you 

(OKAY so I’m trash and am kind of upset with how I ended this and want to make it more fluffy so maybe pt. 2?? Let me know)

Warnings: angst, some language, relational fighting, anxieties

A/N: Requests are open! I will basically write anything (good luck finding something I won’t) 


Part Two 

Sebastian’s jaguar pulled in between the parallel white lines, shifted the car into ‘Park’ and pulled the emergency brake. As soon as he jumped from the car, he ran around to the other side, slipped his arm around his beautiful girlfriend of ten months, (Y/N) and planted a small kiss on her cheek. He was a sucker for romance and love and was, potentially, the sweetest human being she had ever met. On a normal day, she would turn to putty in his hands, but today was in no way normal.

A few months ago, Sebastian’s cousin called him from out of the blue to tell him he and his wife were expecting a baby. Apparently, his cousin had moved to the states and was trying to find a way to contact him for quite some time. It wasn’t until that week that he had managed to find Sebastian’s mother and ask her for his phone number. Sebastian had been really close with this cousin–both of them being an only child, they became like brothers until Sebastian moved from Romania and then moved to the US. Since the cousin didn’t have any relatives in the US other than Sebastian and is mom, and given how close they once were, he wanted to know if Sebastian would be the godfather.

(Y/N) was thrilled for Sebastian. At that point they had only been together for four months or so and neither of them were thinking about anything serious just yet. Six months later and here they were, walking into a maternity ward in search of Sebastian’s newest little cousin. In all honesty, (Y/N) found the maternity ward to be the creepiest wing in a hospital–including the morgue. There was so many emotions from hormonal, pregnant women, frightened fathers-to-be, over joyous soon to be grandparents, and then the occasional disgruntled teenager looking for support as she tries to make the best decision for her and her baby.

Slowly, the couple entered a room decorated with pink balloons, stuffed animals, and an array of gift bags overflowing with pink and purple tissue paper. Sebastian pushed the door open and made his way toward his cousin and his wife, excited to meet the new baby while (Y/N) clicked the door back into place and loitered along the walls as far away from the family members as possible. In her hands was a poorly wrapped gift that she and Sebastian had made together for his goddaughter and upon arriving and realizing just how much Sebastian could have done, she was filled with guilt for convincing him to go along with her plan.

“She’s beautiful,” Sebastian cooed as his cousin handed the baby to him. “Nothing like her father,” he muttered, earning a chuckle from his cousin as the new mom slept. “What’s her name?”


“Hi, Eloise,” Sebastian sang to the girl as he cradled her in his arms. (Y/N) tried to position herself so that she wouldn’t be able to hear the adorable sounds her boyfriend made as he held such an angelic creature. She wanted to leave; correction: she never wanted to come. Sebastian had to beg her to come with him to the hospital. She had tried to explain that she had some weird fear of them but he knew all her lies and all of the quirks in her expressions that gave away her lies.

Suddenly, she heard her name mentioned as the conversation turned from the adorable new life nestled in Sebastian’s arms to their relationship. “Yeah, we just hit our ten month mark,” Sebastian said.

“Wow, so you started dating around the same time this one was conceived,” his cousin said while glancing down at his daughter.

“Well, one month longer,” Sebastian started to refute.

“Actually, babe, pregnancies are typically nine months and three weeks long so technically it’s about exactly as long as we’ve been together.”

“(Y/N), come here and meet Eloise,” Sebastian called, his attention immediately fleeting and his focus diverting back to the baby. She made her way across the hospital room quietly with timidity overcoming her. “Isn’t she beautiful?” Sebastian asked. (Y/N) looked at the child in his arms and then to the face of the man holding her. He was overjoyed to see such a small nose and tiny toes.

“She’s very pretty,” she agreed. It was hard not to see what everyone was so caught up in when looking at her. She was docile and delicate, reminding (Y/N) of rose petals in bloom, still curled up but everyone who walked by would know just how gorgeous they will blossom to be.

“Do you want to hold her?” Sebastian’s cousin asked.

“No, it’s okay,” she said before following up her excuse with a clause, “Seb’s pretty attached,” she laughed.

“Here, take her,” Sebastian insisted while standing up to place the child in her arms. Gently, the baby’s head rested between the crook of (Y/N)’s elbow and she supported the girl’s small body with her other arm.

Slowly, Eloise started to yawn, and a smile crept onto (Y/N)’s face so subtly she didn’t realize she was smiling until her cheeks started hurting. The baby leisurely nestled herself against (Y/N)’s chest and tried to suckle on her shirt before starting to cry.

“I think someone is hungry,” (Y/N) said while handing the baby back to Sebastian’s cousin who woke up his wife.

“We’ll get out of your hair,” Sebastian said as he slipped his left arm around (Y/N)’s waist. “Congratulations,” he called again before the pair left the room and then the hospital entirely. (Y/N) quickly and quietly slipped into the front seat of Sebastian’s car and folded her hands in her lap.

Sebastian was still beaming from visiting his goddaughter, holding her, and playing with her small fingers, but he had started to notice that the woman he loved seemed distant and uninterested. When the arrived home, she rushed out of the car and into their house, and hurriedly started running the water in their bathroom. Quickly, she locked the door and turned on the fan, trying to create enough noise for her sobs to be inaudible. Tears streamed down her eyes and she choked, dry-heaving from hyperventilation and feeling as if at any moment she would be sick. She was too good at hiding her emotions and Sebastian hardly noticed her five minute disappearance.

When (Y/N) emerged from their bathroom and found Sebastian seated in the living room, her voice had returned to its normal tone but she seemed distressed.

“Is everything okay?” he asked her while patting the couch cushion beside him.

“You know that I love you, right?” she asked while holding her arms tightly around her body.

“Of course,” he said, his voice a mix between adoration and concern.

“Then please listen to what I have to say,” she begged.

“(Y/N) tell me what’s wrong,” he prompted as a single tear slid down her face.

“I think we have to break up,” she managed to say before her cheeks were too tight and her throat too restricted for her to physically say anything. Sebastian was taken by surprise and couldn’t believe she would ever consider leaving everything they had together.

“Where is this coming from? Come on, (Y/N) please, please don’t do this to me.”

“You promised you’d listen,” she said through another solitary tear drop. “We’ve been together for almost a year now and, well, I,” finding words was impossible and the only thing she could think of was Robin Scherbatsky. “Remember when I made you sit down and binge watch How I Met Your Mother?” she asked him. He nodded as his throat constricted with each breath. “Do you remember the episode with the Empire State Building when Robin’s sister visits and they’re talking about the different on and off ramps in a relationship?” Again he nodded, trying to figure out exactly what the gorgeous woman in front of him was trying to say. “We’ve been on the freeway for a long time Sebastian, and I…I think that, even if we are in the same lane, you’re eleven miles ahead of me.”

“What is this about?” Sebastian asked, his concern turning to frustration as it took longer for her to explain to him why she was trying to leave him.

“If our relationship was a freeway, would you consider taking an exit? Because the way I see it is that, if we’re not exiting, and we’re not getting in the carpool lane, why are we still on the damn freeway?”

“Are you putting an ultimatum on me?” he asked her, his voice started to grow defensive.


“Are you saying that if I don’t propose, we’re over?” he asked again, this time with a hint of sadness.

“No,” she could feel the lump rising into her throat again as she held back another wave of tears. “No, I’m saying I need to get off the freeway.”

“And I don’t get a say in this?” Sebastian asked while tossing a hand in the air, trying to control the way he talks with his hands when he’s angry.

“Of course you do!” she responded, trying to soothe him before he got too upset.

“But you’ve already made up your mind,” he stated. “You want out and so there’s the out. Don’t consider me or my feelings.”


“Don’t ‘Seb,’ me,” he grumbled.

“Please, just listen,” she said in a rush. “I’m too young for you; I don’t have anything to offer you and I’ll just hold you back! I could never forgive myself for keeping you from being everything that you could be,” she said in a shaky voice. “I feel that we both knew I could never be enough for you.”

“Baby, as long as you’re by my side that is enough,” he said as she paced uneasily in front of him.

“Don’t say that to me,” she snapped. “Don’t you dare say that!”

“Why shouldn’t I?” he shouted back, not sure if he were angry, upset, frustrated, or depressed. The more confused he became with his emotions, the louder and more aggressive his actions became.

“Because I can never truly fulfill you,” she stammered. “I will never truly be enough for you and you deserve to be with someone who can give you all that you deserve.”

“I don’t give a shit about you thinking you’re not enough!” he yelled while pushing himself up from the chair he sat in. His vicious and menacing eyes transformed to pained and broken before her as he pulled the palm of his hand across his face. “Don’t tell me that you’re not enough. There is nothing about you that keeps me from believing that you’re the perfect woman for me.”

“I’m not, Seb!” she yelled at him as he tried to approach her. He immediately backed off and watched as you crumpled in on yourself. “You’ve always wanted a family and I can never give that to you.” The tears in your eyes were racing those that fell from his but no matter how much she tried to look away, she couldn’t; she was addicted to him and she needed to get off of this drug before she hurried him in her problems.

“(Y/N),” he tried to call to her softly.

“Please, Seb,” she begged. “Just let me go.”

Jeff Atkins | Never give up on you

Count of words: 653

Warnings: kinda sad Jeff and comforting reader

A/N: A friend actually asked for this so hereeeee ♥♥




Jeff and I have been dating for a while now and we had our weekly date night, tonight. We would usually just drive somewhere isolated where we would cuddle, watching the stars. This time we drove up to this hill Tony once told Jeff about. It was beautiful, really; breathtaking. Jeff had his strong arm protectively around me, caressing my back, like always, but this time his mind was drifting away. I was worried for a while and conteplated whether to ask him about it or not. “Is everything alright?” I questioned, while my lips worked without my brain’s consent. It took him a moment, but he turned to me, his eyes sparkling in the moonlight, as if he was crying. He flashed me a warm smile with a “I’m fine,” while he kept on stargazing this time holding me only a bit closer.

I didn’t know what it was. Was it fear, was it something else? Jeff was just hidding something from me and I knew it bothered him. Everytime I’d ask him about it he would just smile and tell me he’s fine; but he’s not. Today I was going to confront him about it, not bothering about the possible ‘fire’ I could ignite. I just wanted him to trust me.

It was about 11 pm, Jeff and I were sitting on top of his bed. I was straddling his waist, my hands caressing his face, while his were caressing my legs. “Alright, was is it that it’s bothering you darling?” I asked sweetly, in hopes he’d open up. Once again he just smile and replied ‘I’m fine’. “Jeff, you are not. You are so…off. And when I ask you about it you, you just smile and say you’re fine. But sometimes you had tears in your eyes. What is happening?” I questioned, my voice cracking. He just pulled me to his chest, as my eyes teared up. “Just tell me. I won’t tell anybody and you know it.” I pleaded and he bitterly laughed. “It’s just going to be a weakness of mine, love,” he replied playing with my hair. “Revealing your secrets to your partner Jeff isn’t a weakness. It’s a sign of faith,” I responed. “You know I’ll help you if you need it right?” “I do babygirl. Don’t worry.”

Jeff slowly begun letting his guard fall when with me. That night he told me what bothered him and kept him up at night. I saw that familiar feeling of defeat in his eyes, as if whatever it was that was bothered him had won, as if he was destroyed. But, truth be told, he was just in repair. His grades were falling, yes, but he got help from Clay, his spirit was breaking, but I was there. Every wound needs time to heal, and Jeff’s did as well. He had me; he didn’t even have to call me, I just was there.

It wasn’t until that Friday night, when I visited him for no reason at all; it was as if I was running to him- that I saw him cry for the first time. He was down on his knees in front of his bed, face in his hands, noticable sobs escaping his lips. Something in me broke and my body worked before my mind. I kneeled next to him and embraced him, craddling him from side to side. He didn’t say anything, he just hugged me back, crying on my shoulder. “Oh, baby. Please, please don’t ever leave me,” he cried, never taking his face off my shoulder. “Hey, sh. I will never leave you. Never give up on you. I’ll be here,” I assured him. “I don’t care what I will have to lose but I’ll be here, yeah?” He nodded and I felt him smile a little bit. “Just hold my hand, ok? It’s a storm that we can get through; together,” I informed, pecking his forehead.

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I don't know if this is weird or too much for you but,,,, what if Red's S/O was the most open and honest person like "what took you so long?" "Oh I was taking a MASSIVE dump and it just wouldn't come out, y'know? Do skeletons even shit?" Like, uncomfortably open and honest and curious (if you are not okay with this, please don't feel pressured to answer. That'd make me feel shitty and you feel uncomfortable =_=)b)

Oh my gosh, don’t worry about it :) I love getting asks! Seriously. I don’t think you guys understand how much all your support means to me.

You kind of catch him off guard, when you two first meet. You say anything and everything on your mind without a second thought, and it kind of makes him sweat sometimes. Once, You’d asked him how he vomited. Then you’d asked him to lift up his sweater so you could see his ribs. Then- oh boy- then you’d asked if you could freaking stick your arms into his ribcage. 

“Hey, Red?”

“yeah, kid?”

“How do skeletons have sex?”

He’d choked on air.

You’ll casually mention painfully awkward or intimate things in front of him like it’s no big deal. “Oh, yeah, I’m not wearing any underwear today,” or “I haven’t shaved in like, two weeks.” He’ll just freeze up, and try and laugh it off with a stiff pun or innuendo. It’s kind of frustrating, sometimes, because he’s constantly wondering why the hell you’re telling him these things.  He can’t really see any reasons why you’d talk to him about your sex life with him without ulterior motives. Do you want him to jump your bones?  Or are you just an aggressively honest person? Or maybe you’re dropping hints.

He sure as heck hopes it’s the latter. 

He’ll eventually just snap and shake you violently by the shoulders while he asks in a voice near a sob what the hell you’re playing at? He needs to know, because if he doesn’t get a straight answer soon, he’s going to break. 

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28 or 29 for drarry?^^

this takes place during eighth year (also im doing 29)

My Writing

Prompt List

Harry didn’t want to do it. He really didn’t want to do it. But he had exhausted all his efforts in getting his potions grade up. He had even tried having Hermione help him, which did nothing because all she did was yell at him. This was his last resort. He had to ask Draco Malfoy to tutor him in potions.

It’s not like they still hated each other or anything, but it was still awkward when they hd to talk to each other. They certainly weren’t friends. And they certainly didn’t cast longing glances at each other from across the classroom when they thought the other wasn’t looking.

Harry walked into the library and saw Draco sitting in a corner of the room alone, reading. He took a deep breath and swallowed his pride before approaching the blond.

He stood before Draco and, when he didn’t look up from his book, cleared his throat.

Draco slowly looked up at Harry and raised an eyebrow.

“Yes, Potter?”

I need your help.”

This piqued Draco’s interest, so he quickly shut his book and smirked at Harry.

“Oh really?”

Harry sighed. He knew this wasn’t going to be easy.

“I’m failing potions, and I could really use your help.”

Draco snorted.

“What about Grang-”

“We already tried that. It didn’t work. Please, Draco. Slughorn said you’re the best in the class.”

Draco’s eyes widened slightly at the use of his first name coming out of Harry’s mouth, but he tried to play it off like it didn’t matter to him.

“I don’t know, Potter. What’s in it for me?”

Harry rolled his eyes.

Anything. Please just help me. I will get on my knees and bed if I have to.”

A picture of Harry on his knees in front of him quickly flooded Draco’s mind, but he shook the thought from his head. Now was neither the time nor place for that.

“I…yeah, fine. I’ll help you,” He agreed.

Harry smiled at him, and Draco was sure that was the first time that the Boy Who Lived had ever looked at him with such genuine kindness. He couldn’t help but give him a small smile back.

“When can we start?” Harry asked eagerly. 

Draco chuckled.

“I’m not doing anything right now, if you’d like to start looking over some things.”

“That sounds fantastic!” Harry exclaimed, a little too loudly for Madam Pince’s liking, before quickly grabbing a chair and pulling it over to where Draco was sitting.

Harry handed Draco his textbook, and Draco opened to the page with the potion that they’ve been working on in class. He explained in depth about how to do everything to absolute precision, but Harry was more focused on the fact that Draco’s voice sounded so soothing to him.

“Does it make more sense now?” Draco asked when he finished. 

Harry was slightly disappointed that he was done talking, but he nodded his head, even though he really hadn’t registered anything Draco had just said. He suddenly got a surge of Gryffindor courage and decided to seize it.

“Draco, would you, um, like to go to Hogsmeade with me next weekend?” 

Harry was blushing furiously, but he stared straight into Draco’s steel-colored eyes.

Draco was taken aback at the abrupt question. No one had wanted anything to do with him after the war, so having Harry Potter ask him out on a date was quite the surprise. But it was a good surprise.

“Yeah, I would really like that, actually.”

Harry didn’t really know what to say, having not expected Draco to actually say yes, so he just gave a curt nod before turning to leave, but Draco called his name before he left, causing Harry to whip back around to look at him.

“I can meet with you again after dinner tonight to help you some more. If you want.”

Harry grinned at him.

“That sounds great. See you then.”

Harry then walked out of the library, unable to keep the large smile off of his face.


Pairing: Reader x Ivar
Warnings: let’s see…death, murder, blood, swearing, NSFW
Summary: Reader knows what Margrethe told Sigurd and wants her to pay for it with Ivar’s help.

This is part one.

Tagging: @squirrelacorngliterfarts @captainpoopweinersoldier @underthenorthstar @mizzvengenz6661 @whenimaunicorn @lordavanti @ivartheboneme @pagan-raider @synnersaint

I broke through the thick brush, jumping and just clearing a few small boulders at the very edge of the forest clearing. I panted heavily, a smile on my face as I made the chase, catching up much quicker than I thought.

I followed close behind the flowing cream dress of Margrethe, she screamed out loud when she turned to look at me over her shoulder. No doubt to see just how close to her I was getting after a good 10 minutes of running. Though she probably knew that already, as my boots pounded into the ground, while she ran barefoot.

With the smile still planted on my now hot face, I got close enough to almost reach out and touch her dress. Instead, I took a chance and lunged out, tackling her to the ground with a hard thud.

She whimpered into the ground, half at my full weight landing on her and half that she was tired of running, I guessed. I caught my breath for a few seconds, breathing in her salty skin and hair. I held onto her thin dress tightly so she wouldn’t get away again.

She really thought she was going to get away from me. From us.

“Ivar! Over here!” I called out into the cool night air, my voice was rasped and scratchy from running. I breathed harshly into the back of Margrethe’s hair, my nose pretty much at the nape of her neck, while I waited for Ivar to show up.

I soon felt the low rumble and thudding of Ivar’s chariot getting closer, a few pebbles bounced lightly next to her blonde hair. I sat up with my knee pressed to her back and just in time to see Ivar shouting at his horse loudly, slapping the reigns like a madman. Which he was.

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Forced Help

Characters: Sam x Reader, Dean

Word Count: 734

Warnings: fluff honestly, crack humor

Summary: Sam had hidden the one thing you desperately need and he won’t give it up until you help him. 

Author’s Note: Sorry I’ve been neglecting the requested fics you guys asked for. I just have a lot on my plate right now with writing. If you want to be tagged, leave an ask or message and I’ll add you! Same goes for my Series Rewrite! If you want to request a fic, please send them in! I love writing what you guys want!

Feedback is always appreciated

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This was it, this was your chance to escape. Getting out of your seat, you rushed to Sam’s room, only one thing on your mind. You promised Sam you’d help him organize the library after you made it a mess and at the time, you were all for it but now, there was one thing on your mind and it wasn’t books.

There was a new video game that was just released on Steam, that you were waiting to play forever and the only controller was in Sam’s room. He hid it from you because you played too many video games. He was concerned for your health but you knew the real reason he hid it was because you paid more attention to the games instead of him.

You didn’t bother to close the door since Sam was out on a supply run since he wanted a beer and there was none. He said that he may as well do a full supply run if he was there. Which gave you more than enough time to find that damn controller.

You checked underneath the bed, in the closet and through his drawers but no controller.

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A Lifetime of Memories- Chapter One: First Meeting

Alrighty, here’s chapter one of the fic I’m writing for @atarostarling since she won first place for my 1000 follower giveaway. She had requested a fic with Ignis and a female reader chronicling their entire relationship. Originally this was supposed to be a 3k word fic, but my muse struck me and I have decided to make it a full length multi chapter fic. so I can properly detail every moment of their lives. This is obviously their first meeting. I hope you all enjoy it. 

Tagging: @alicemoonwonderland @thefriendlytonberry @major-artery @missusignisscientia @hornyoldmoogle @mp938368 @singergurl91 @prophetparadox @indigochocobo @bleucommelhiver  @silverdriftdragon Just let me know ig you want to be tagged alrighty!

High School. A troubling time for just about every teen. You were no exception. Your family had been forced to move to move from your house in eastern Insomnia due to a fire that had destroyed your home. Your father was rather finicky about choosing your new home, but after searching all summer, he had finally found the perfect place in western Insomnia. Which meant you had to move and had to start a new life with new friends at a new school.

You stood in front of the gates of your new school, Insomnia Academy. The only thing you knew about your new high school was that Prince Noctis attended school there. It was a completely foreign environment and it did not help your anxiety one bit. You took a deep breath and straightened your uniform skirt before you crossed the threshold of the school grounds to ground yourself. You had this.

Teenagers all around you were chatting with their friends as they sat outside on the school’s well-manicured lawn. You felt lost, scared and alone. You knew no one and you felt as if everyone around you was staring at you. The voices in your head were telling you that anyways. You were never good at making friends, but you would give it a shot. After all, who wanted to spend their school time completely ignored and alone.

While you were looking around and taking in your new surroundings, you weren’t exactly paying attention. There were so many interesting about this new place. The architecture of the building, the colorful flower arrangements planted throughout the school yard, the laughter floating through air and the tantalizing scent of a delicious breakfast drew your mind elsewhere. You had spaced off as you marveled your new school. So when you ran to a wall of solid muscle, it was no surprise that you fell flat on your ass.

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Affection (Shiro x Reader) (Part 2)

Summary: Shiro and you are eventually rescued… but you both can’t deal with being apart any longer. Will you reunite?

Warnings: this is sad okay… like I’m sobbing, but probably just because I have all of this in my mind like I’m not saying my writing makes you cry (if it does it would be an honor wow) but if you’re searching for a happy fic you’re wrong here

Note: I tagged part one as “Affection part one” because I am to lazy to do a link thing

Shiro woke up with you in his arms. He didn’t know when he has fallen asleep, he just knew he shouldn’t have. You felt like a block of ice and for a second Shiro panicked. He shook you, called your name and as you opened your eyes a little, your lashes were framed with ice, he was thanking God.

“(Y/N)! Hey!” He tried to cup your face, but his flesh hand was numb and he barely was able to move it. His other hand lit up and he held it close to your face, seeing how the ice around your lashes vanished.

“I’m fine.” You managed to smile a little. Your ankle stopped hurting and you feared the cold had claimed your foot, but as Shiro stretched his leg, he accidentally moved yours and a sharp pain rushed through your body.

“Sorry.” He apologized. “It was dangerous to sleep.” He moved the glowing hand along your body. His voice had lowered in anger about how careless you two were.

“You shouldn’t have tired me out with your affection.” You chuckled and Shiro shook his head. His anger broke apart and a smile appeared on his face.

“That was nothing.” He grinned devilishly… and promising.

“Oh, pardon me.” A laugh rumbled through your chest and Shiro was revelling the sound. You had a laugh that could brighten the darkest day and made him want to tell jokes forever, but he also knew it was a rare sound.

Shiro placed a kiss on your forehead before looking up at the white sky. You needed to find water. You were already dehydrated. Why did the others take so long? What if they didn’t even feel the need to search him, thinking he was dead?

“I will climb up and look if I can see anything.” Shiro announced.

You nodded and got off his lap. It was a rather good idea to have a look around even if staying was saver. You reached for the wall and pulled yourself up, using only your arms to climb.

“Wow, what are you doing?” Shiro’s hands reached up for your hips and he put you back down. “You can barely stand.”

“I’ll sit on the edge and watch your back.” You looked at him. Nothing would keep you from doing that. He might needed help. Four eyes worked better than two. You worried.

Shiro nodded. “Okay. Let me go first.”

He climbed out of the gap, skilled, but exhausted. Shiro was out of breath as he reached the edge and helped you as much as his strength allowed him. You sat with your legs dangling down the edge and used the visor of your gun to look around.
There was nothing but wasteland spreading in all directions. It made no sense, because if those creatures could live there had to be water somewhere.

“I see nothing.” You told him as your eye caught a reflection. “Wait. There.” You pointed out. “Something is reflecting the light. Could be water, but doesn’t have to be.”

“I go and check it out.”

“That’s a stupid idea, Shiro.”

He grinned again, softly and devilish all at once. “I can take care of myself.”

“I highly doubt that.” You raised an eyebrow. “You’re shaking in exhaustion. You probably pass out when you try to run from something.”

Shiro sighed and leaned his forehead against your shoulder trying to think of something. If his condition got worse Black would eventually come and save him… or that was the theory at least.
Why was he so helpless?
Pidge would build something out of the tech of her suit that would transmit a signal, Keith would not think twice about looking what reflected the light and Lance and Hunk would be creative enough to come up with something eventually. Shiro was not feeling any of those things.

“I don’t know what to do.” He admitted and looked like a lost puppy for a moment, feeling like he’d let you down. He wanted to get you to safety, make the pain you tried to conceal stop and do nothing but cradle you in his arms for at least 2 more days, but in a warm bed, in the Castle and not here.

“I’m not expecting you to.” You smiled reassuringly.

Your eyes locked for no apparent reason. It wasn’t a sad stare you shared, neither was it shame or fear. It was filled with a special kind of warmth, an undeniable longing and fierce hope. Shiro couldn’t let you go back to Lotor. You didn’t belong there. You weren’t like them!


“I know.” You raised your hand to cradle his cheek. You knew what he was about to say, but it was impossible to just run away with him like love sick teenager rebelling against the system. “But it’s not that easy.”

“You just have to come with me.” He leaned into your touch. “It’s as easy as that.”

“That is wishful thinking and you know it. They are my family, Shiro. I cannot just leave them behind just like this, despite the fact that they wouldn’t let me leave. Your people would never accept me either. It’s cruel, but the truth.” You closed your eyes.

If they are family… they would understand.”

You chuckled. “Did the Capulets and Montagues?”

“We’re not star crossed lovers, (Y/N).”

“Are we not? We spend a lot of time crossing stars?” You frowned at him.

Shiro smiled. “It’s not what that is supposed to mean. How do you know Romeo and Juliet anyway?”

“You humans and your metaphors.” You rolled your eyes.

Time passed. You kept sitting there in the sun, leaning on each other. You explained that human stuff was sold on black markets and that human literature was fairly popular. Shiro told you about Earth and his time at the Garrison Galaxy. It warmed your heart how passionate he was about it. You didn’t talk about the inevitable again, figuring it was better to use your time for more joyful things.

You jumped up as a deafening roar echoed through the air. You were supporting each other, leaning against one another to stand. The Lions flew through the air followed by Lotor’s ship. Shiro swallowed hard.
The Lion’s landed on one side while the ship on the other.
Keith and Lance got out of their Lions walking past you and Shiro. Lance was aiming his rifle at you, but moved it towards Acxa as she and Lotor came closer as well.

“I don’t think we have to make this complicated.” Lotor announced.

Keith nodded and walked towards Shiro while Acxa walked towards you.

“You okay?” Keith asked worried.

Shiro could only nod as he felt how you untangled from his grip, slipping away. You were leaded into opposite directions, away from each other and it felt overwhelmingly. You tried to seem calm, glad, but the distress you felt was gleaming in your eyes. You didn’t want to leave Shiro.

In the last moment, just before the doors of Lotor’s ship closed, you turned around and so did Shiro right then. You caught a last glimpse at each other, a longing, helpless gaze full of question.


“Shiro?” Coran cleared his throat. They were cleaning the healing pots and it was the right kind of moment to finally bring up the topic no one knew how.

Shiro has been acting differently ever since the others brought him back. He was simply sad and it was a new experience to all of them since Shiro hardly let the others know when he was feeling down.

“Are you alright? We are worried, you know?” Coran carefully asked.

Shiro stopped in the middle of his movement and his head dropped with a sigh. He smiled bitterly before taking a deep breath and looking at Coran.

“Can those things heal an aching heart?” He said and felt like an invisible fist was closing around his throat.

Coran smiled sadly. “I’m afraid not.”

“Hmm.” Shiro picked up his work again, turning away. He tried to blink the tears away that crept into his eyes. “I’ll be fine.” He told Coran, but his voice betrayed him. “I just… I need some more time.”

You need (Y/N), his thoughts told him and he shook the voice away.

“If it’s love it will only get worse with time.”

Shiro looked at Coran, shaking his head before storming off. He stopped in an empty aisle, closing his eyes. He didn’t know why this statement made him so angry.
Shiro didn’t need to hear that.
He needed to be told that you were the bad guy, killing innocents and that he would forget you soon.
Shiro wanted to hear lies, because the truth was not promising any form of closure.
He just wanted this void that was gaping inside of him to be gone… to heal and it didn’t help that you didn’t even break his heart.

“Hey, Shiro!” Pidge and Hunk walked by.

“Can you help–”

“Can I please have five fucking minutes to myself?! FOR ONCE?!” Shiro raised his voice, making Pidge and Hunk jump. He has never done that before. No matter what stupidity they were participating in he always stayed calm.

Hunk and Pidge were only able to stare at him with wide eyes, in pure shock. Shiro waved them off and walked to his Lion, knowing that no one would disturb him there and that Black truly understood what he felt.

“Hey, girl.” He took a seat and cupped his face. “Remind me to apologize to Hunk and Pidge later.” He sighed heavily.

The Lion growled lowly and Shiro was immediately fully alert. “What’s going on, girl?” He frowned and the Lion again growled.

The cockpit lit up and a signal was picked up. Shiro’s eyes widened as you appeared on the screen. You were bleeding, someone must have beaten you up, and sitting in a small ship as you tried to transmit your coordination. “Shiro!” The look on your face said it all. You tried to leave. Perhaps you told them the truth, perhaps they caught you sneaking off.

Black took off towards the coordination you sent without Shiro doing anything.
He was frozen in place looking at the screen in front of him, watching how you were trying to not get killed, dodging the blows. You were suddenly reachable… so close. He had to get you out of there and you could be together. So close.
Suddenly the signal was gone.

“NO!” He yelled and took the control, pushing Black to its limits. “God, please, no.” His heart was racing with fear.

You tried your best to not get hit, but Lotor was angry on an emotional level and he fired just like that. You, of everyone you told him you would leave because you loved the Black Paladin of Voltron. It was ironic, hurting and ridiculous. You understood, but you couldn’t bare the feeling of incompleteness anymore. You had to leave.

Your heart stopped beating as the Black Lion, as Shiro appeared out of nowhere and for a split second you didn’t pay attention.

Shiro gasped as your ship exploded. All relief evaporating. His eyes widened and his body shook violently. No.
His eyes scanned for your body amongst the debris and as he finally found you floating lifeless he didn’t waste a second and picked you up.

Meanwhile Lotor started to fire at the Black Lion and Shiro had to first get out of here before he could look for you.

“Please!” He begged desperately and Black took control again. “Thank you.” He whispered and ran to the back.

Shiro took your helmet off and cradled your face in his hands. Time seemed to slow down and stop altogether. “(Y/N)?.” You didn’t respond. “(Y/N), c'mon! HEY!” He yelled and felt for your pulse. “No. No. No! (Y/N), HANG ON! Please!”

He returned to his seat and called the Castle, telling them to get a healing pot prepared.
He arrived shortly after and picked you up in his arms running to the elevator, not even realizing Keith and Hunk waited for him.

“What happened? Where have you been?!” Keith wanted to know, but Shiro did not hear him.

“Hang on!” He whispered over and over again, making sure your head was securely laying against his chest.

“Lay her down!” Coran ordered.

Coran and Shiro got most of your armour off, but suddenly Coran stopped and looked at Allura helplessly.

Allura squeezed her eyes shut for a moment then looked at Keith who understood immediately.

“What!?” Shiro demanded.

“Shiro.” Allura whispered softly. “She is…” Allura was unable to finish seeing Shiro’s eyes which were filled with so many emotions.

He shook his head. “No! This thing will help her!” He picked you up, placed you in the capsule and started the process. Non of the other Paladins, nor Coran and Allurs moved.

“Shiro.” Keith laid his hand on Shiro’s shoulder. “She is gone. There is nothing you can do for her. I’m sorry.”

“It will heal her!” His hand was resting on the glass near your face. “It… it healed Lance! She will be fine!”

“Lance was not dead. You cannot heal someone from death.” Allura explained carefully.

Shiro shook his head. He didn’t believe it. Tears were streaming down his face as he clenched his robotic hand into a tight fist. “YOU’RE WRONG!” He yelled desperately. “You’re….. you…. you are wrong!” His voice broke, shattering just like his heart. “She will be fine! She’ll… she… be fine. You’ll see!” His legs gave in and he fell to his knees, clinging to the pot. “You’re wrong… you’re wrong. You must be wrong.”

Keith wrapped his arms around Shiro,  convincing him eventually, after hours to let go of the pot. Shiro cried into Keith’s chest not seeming to able to stop.
You got killed because you were trying to reach him, following your feelings and his wish…. and Shiro didn’t know how he ever would be able to live knowing that.


“Thank you for telling us all this.” Keith nodded at you. “It will be helpful when we try to take Lotor down.”

You smiled. “What can he do? Delete me?” The hologram of you flickered.

Shiro was stepping forward and looked over his shoulder at the Paladins. “Will you give me a second?”

They nodded and left, leaving him and your stored memories alone.
Silence took over and Shiro wasn’t even able to look at you, still dealing with the loss.

“I thought about what you said yesterday.” He had to force the words out. “You are right. I cannot be here everyday.”

You nodded still wearing the warm smile. “I am glad. I will miss you, but I’m just memory and you are alive… and there are so many stars to cross for you.”

He laughed with tears in his eyes. “I miss you so much.” They streamed down his cheeks and dropped from his chin as he finally brought himself to look at you. “It still hurts, (Y/N).”

“You will be fine. Eventually.
I wouldn’t have fallen in love with a weak, pathetic human. Now straighten up, Paladin, and teach Lotor a lesson.” You winked.

Shiro smiled through the tears and reached for your face. The hologram flickered again. “I love you, (Y/N).” He closed his eyes and pressed onto the screen. You were gone.
Shiro took a deep breath and turned around.
You were memory and he was alive, but you were the loveliest memory Shiro had.

Percival Graves x Reader - Rule Four

: Rule Four

Pairing: Percival Graves x Reader

Word Count: 2648

Rating: T

Warnings: None

Sorry for the lack of smut >///< I just wasn’t sure where I would have fit it in with my idea for how to make Percival jealous. I hope you liked it though!!


anon: What’s up! Percival Graves will not get off of my mind and honestly anything about him would be fantastic(beastsandwheretofindthem) haha :)

@thepinupprincesses: Hi! Can I please have a Percival Graves imagine where he gets jealous? Smut isn’t required but greatly accepted.

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Characters: Castiel x Winchester!Reader, Dean, Sam

Word Count: 1,376 (This was supposed to be a drabble. Whoops?)

Warnings: Insomnia, other than that, it’s just fluff

Request: Can you do a Cas imagine where he finds out his girlfriend (Sam and Dean’s sis) hasn’t slept in two days and it’s because she can’t sleep unless he’s holding her?

Author’s Note: Please, send in requests because I love reading them and I love writing them! If you would like to be tagged in my future fics and my Series Rewrite that is coming soon, let me know and I’ll add you!

Feedback is always appreciated

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Originally posted by sooper-dee-dooper-natural

It’s okay, Y/N, you got this. A lot of Hunters don’t sleep. A lot of Hunters go on very little sleep. You’re nothing special. Sam and Dean do it all the time. Hell, Cas doesn’t need sleep. But he’s an Angel and they don’t require sleep but same difference, right?

It wasn’t the fact that you didn’t want to sleep; it was the fact that you couldn’t. You were a Winchester and sleep didn’t come very easily for you. You had insomnia and both Sam and Dean knew this. You’re the only one out of your family that has it.

However, since you started dating Cas, you’ve been able to get to sleep without a problem but only if you were in his arms. You’ve tried tea, milk, medicine, baths, watching movies but nothing seemed to be working.

You were tired as hell but no matter how tired you got, you weren’t able to fall asleep. It was like your eyes wanted to sleep but every nerve in your body repulsed against the thought of sleep.

“You look like shit.” You jumped when you heard the voice. Two days of no sleep made you jump at anything. You looked up at Dean who entered the library. There was a case going on and luckily it was very close to home so you decided to do the research here instead of some musty motel room.

“Thanks Dean. Appreciate it.” You grumbled, looking back at the lore book.

“Alright, you get some sleep.” The book was taken from you and you looked at Dean with pleading eyes.

“You know I can’t sleep.” You sighed.

“You look like a fucking zombie. You’re lucky we know the difference between a monster and our sister. Go to bed.” Dean demanded. He thinks that just because he’s the oldest, he could boss you around.

“No.” You crossed your arms, not moving from the chair.

“What’s going on?” Sam entered the library.

“Y/N won’t go to sleep.” Dean said, looking at his brother.

“Sam, tell your brother that I can’t go to sleep. You both know I have insomnia. The only way I’ll sleep is if you knock me out but you won’t.” You said, pleading with your other older brother.

“Y/N, when is the last time you slept?” Sam asked, frowning when he stepped closer to you. He must have gotten a better look at you. You must have had bags under your eyes and blood shot eyes from the lack of sleep.

“Two days ago.” You shrugged, not seeing a big deal.

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Perfect Perfidy Pt.3

Find Part 1 here and Part 2 here and Part 4 here!!!!!!!!! PART 5!!! Part 6 (final)

Wow, I just posted and I am very happy and I hope you are too. Pls enjoy this trash made by your trash writer person thing <3 (pls notify of typos)

Once you and Jumin were inside the penthouse the effect of the drugs had almost completely worn off, although you did stagger from time to time, you walked over to the kitchen eager to get a cool drink of water as you saw Jumin dialling a number on his phone.

“Why on earth did you go to such lengths?”

You overheard Jumin’s conversation from the kitchen and decided to listen.

“I specifically said, keep an eye out for her and make sure she’s safe!” Jumin yelled, whoever he was talking to definitely did something terrible.

“At what point in time, may I ask, was drugging her allowed? I asked for her to be brought back to me safe, why is it that a security company does not understand the meaning of safe!”

Your eyes widened, this conversation was about you and how you had apparently been drugged by Jumin’s security. You watched as he ran a hand through his soft black hair and dropped his phone on the kitchen counter, his movements were smooth and elegant, something you missed about him. You put your empty glass in the sink and found yourself craving a hot bath, you remembered Jumin owned a spa bath so you decided to use it then get your ass out of this hell hole.

You didn’t know where Jumin had gone, but as long as he wasn’t in the way you were fine, you made your way to the bathroom and filled up the bath, pouring in random soaps that smelt good to soothe your growing headache, once it was filled up you had stripped down and stepped in. There was a small hand towel which you had found and used it as a pillow for your head, your mind began to drift, you hadn’t been there in ages and it seems so long ago that you used to call this place your home.

Your muscles relaxed until you decided that you needed to get out of here, you had drunk too much and you could feel your energy slipping away with the need to sleep growing stronger. You drained the bath and wrapped a towel around yourself, hoping your belongings were still in their previous place.

You walked into the bedroom and checked your drawers, thanking the lord that your stuff was still here. You hurriedly slipped some clothes on and made your way to the bedroom door, but Jumin was standing outside leaning against the wall.

“Where do you think you’re going?” He questioned

“I’m going home, Jumin” You said as you tried to walk past but he stepped in front of you.

“I just got you back and you’re trying to run away from me? I’m not going to let you leave”

“What? You haven’t gotten me back, I just happen to be in your house due to some circumstances”

“No, you’re back and I’m not going to let you leave again, one whole month and I haven’t seen or heard from you” Jumin said quietly as he neared you causing you to back up as well.

“Please let me go, I don’t want to be here”

“I don’t care MC, you’re mine”

Your eyes widened as you looked up at Jumin, his face had darkened and his eyes were staring into yours, you knew he could get possessive but not this much. You glanced behind you and saw the bed, you couldn’t back away anymore and he was less than 5 centimetres away from you.

Jumin grabbed your chin and forced you to look at him, fear travelled through your nerves, but you were comforted by his close proximity. As he looked at you and you looked at him you noticed how his mouth drooped and his eyes had slight bags under them, you scoffed, he did this to himself. You felt his hand leave your chin before both his hands rest on your shoulders, he frowned.

“You lost weight, have you not been taking care of yourself?”

You stayed silent, he was always like this, somehow he noticed everything around him and wouldn’t hold back to fix it.
Suddenly the hands that were on your shoulders shoved you down harshly onto the bed, but you brought your legs up and shoved your knee into his stomach, he rolled off you and you took that opportunity to run out, you quickly grabbed your belongings but you were suddenly tackled to the ground causing everything to spill all over the cold tile, including you.

“You’re not going to leave me MC”

“As if I would fucking listen to your cheating ass” you said as you tried to wiggle out from under him.

“Have you fallen in love with Zen? Is that what it is?”

You were shocked into silence, how dare he accuse you of falling in love with someone else when you had seen with you own eyes that he seemed to be doing the exact same thing.

“Jumin, you have no right to say that to me right now and even if I was in love with him can you blame me? I saw your dick in some other bitch and you think you can question me on who I love? I’ve never hated someone as much as you”.

You feel Jumin freeze above you making you feel as if you have crossed an imaginary boundary but you didn’t care how he felt since it didn’t seem he cared about you and your own feelings. You flipped onto your back and looked up at his face, something wet fell on your cheek and brushed his hanging hair away so you could look him in the eyes. Jumin was crying, you weren’t sure whether to comfort him or leave so you just lay there waiting for something to happen.

“Tell me you didn’t mean that MC” Jumin said as he looked up at you with watery eyes.

“Tell me that you don’t hate me, please” He pleaded once again.

“Are you kidding? Why would I not hate you right now, I hate you so much, I wish I nev-”

Your head cracked to the side with a sting in your left cheek, an iron taste spread over your tongue, Jumin had slapped you and made you bleed. You spat the blood out onto the floor before you were about to shove him off but he got up himself and backed away.

“MC, I’m so sorry, please just stay with me, I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry my darl- I just don’t know what to do anymore, please jus-”

You got up from the floor and slapped him back, you didn’t say or do anything to let him know what was going on in your mind. Jumin looked at the floor not daring to look you in the eye, he didn’t even look up as you walked away into the bedroom so you could get rid of your blood stained shirt.

You quickly put on on of your old sweatshirts and left, checking your back pocket for your phone you walked out of the bedroom but ran into Jumin again.

“MC please I’m so sorry” he fell to his knees in front of you “I can explain myself, please give me some time, you know I don’t know how to deal with these emotions, please I’m begging you, you’re the best thing to ever happen to me, I can’t let you leave.”

You pushed him off of you and sped out of there, his footsteps not far behind.

“Jumin leave me alone, i need some time to think” you started to let your tears fall, you were so used to Jumin being strong and resilient, it hurt to see him like this, he was kneeling in front of you again with swollen eyes, tears rolling down his face and his hair stuck to his forehead, although you knew you didn’t look any better.

The both of you stayed there like that until the elevator doors opened behind you, you wiped your eyes and turned around to see the sight of V. The sight of him was like seeing the first ray of sunshine after three days of hurricanes.

You turned around and glanced at Jumin before asking V “Please take me away from here”.

A Meeting of Vampires

Thanks for doing my imagine! It was good! Can you do another one where the Volturi comes for a visit and the reader just cusses Caius out because the two hate each other??? And some of the other vampires (like the other covens are just trying not to laugh)???

This doesn’t have a pairing really so this is what I have, I did make up a coven for you to be with and I am going to let you name them! Hope you like it!

Warning: Cussing, loss of parents

y/c/n=your coven name

y/c/s=your coven sister name

y/c/b= your coven brother name

It was a meeting of vampires, occasionally you all would get together and just swap stories and discuss things, especially since you couldn’t really tell your stories to humans. This time it was different, though, representatives were coming from the Volturi, which made everyone a little nervous, especially you. You and a vampire from the Volturi had a serious problem with each other, you loathed him more than anything else in this world. As you were getting ready y/c/s came to check on you.

“Are you sure you want to go? What if he shows up?” She asked you.

“It’ll be fine, I have to give him a piece of my mind anyways.” You said.

“Okay, just don’t get in a fight please…” She said, she was always worried since you were a bit more aggressive.

“It’s okay, y/c/s, let her kick some ass.” y/c/b said, he on the other hand enjoyed your aggressiveness. “Okay, lets go, times a wasting.” He said laughing. You guys set off to the meeting place, this year it was in a deserted area in Canada, which wasn’t too far from where your coven lived in Burke, North Dakota. 

Once you guys got there you surveyed the area to see who all was there, you saw Emmett and Garrett hanging out, with the Denali Coven standing behind them, the other Cullen’s were all spread out talking to other covens. Benjamin and Tia were there, which made you happy because you and Benjamin enjoyed showing each other your powers, but you wouldn’t be doing that this year since the Volturi were here. The Volturi, you wondered which of them would be here so you scanned the area for them, your eyes landed on them and you saw him. The man you hated more than anything, the man who made your coven go from five to three, Caius. You snarled when you saw him, but your brother grabbed your arm.

“Not here sister, this is a friendly meeting.” Y/c/b said. You just shook your head, but he was correct. You couldn’t do anything whatsoever, but avoid him, if possible. You continued to look around to try to find one of your old friends, you spotted Jasper and Alice, so you decided to go speak to them,  eventually Zafrina joined you along with Senna. You all were having a great conversation, then the Volturi decided to make their way towards you, you were about to leave, but then you realized everyone was coming to where you all were sitting. You felt your mood shift, you instantly felt anger and hatred anytime you saw him.

“Y/n, are you okay?” Jasper asked, “You seem a little tense.”

“I’m fine, its just the scum is headed this way.” Once you said that he made eye contact with you and smirked. You brother and sister were by your side in no time.

“Y/n, it’ll be okay, please don’t say anything.” Y/c/s said to you.

“Yes, please don’t say anything, y/n, spare yourself.” Caius said with a smug look on his face.

“You have no right to speak to me. Do you understand me? You have no fucking right to speak to me.” You said to him.

“I can say whatever I want, whenever I want to you, little filth.” Caius replied, everyone got tense, but slowly got behind you, Jane, Caius, Alec, and Demetri stood in front of you all.

“Watch it Caius, this might be a friendly meeting, but I will take your ass down in a second. You had no right to do what you did, so you can back away and shut the fuck up. You took our parents away from us and killed them in cold blood.” You said, your whole body shaking in anger.

“I had every right to do what I did, your parents deserved it when I ripped them apart, limb by limb. I will do the same to you and your coven.” Caius said, you were about to lunge, but a few people grabbed you. You felt an instant calm come over you, which you knew was Jasper.

“I think it would be best if you left, Caius. This was supposed to be a friendly gathering, but you have taken it too far.” Carlisle was up front talking to the Volturi, he was there for your Coven when you all lost your parents, so you were grateful for him. The ones from the Volturi realized it would be wise for them to leave, but Caius had one last thing to say before he left.

“Don’t think this is over, when you don’t have so many bodyguards I will finish this.” He said, slowly backing away.

“I would like to see you try you piece of shit, I’ll be waiting.” He was already running before you finished your sentence, once they were gone everyone relaxed.

“Okay, explain what just happened, I mean I’m all for you kicking some ass, but explain please.” Emmett said, and everyone shook their head agreeing with him.

“Well, you remember my parents right?” They all answered yes, “So when we were over in Europe visiting, Caius accused my parents of revealing themselves as vampires to humans. The penalty for that is death, but my parents did nothing, they just wanted my siblings and I because of our powers. They tried to recruit us after our parents were wrongfully killed, but we refused. They didn’t try to forcefully take us either because they knew it wouldn’t work.” You explained.

“So what kind of powers do you have?” Garrett asked, his curiosity peaked.

“Well, I have manipulation over people’s minds, including vampires, my sister is able to shield us from any attack, and well my brother can move things with his mind. We all have great powers, but they wouldn’t dare to take us by force.” You told them.

You got a lot of cools and awesomes from the crowd, then you guys settled  back into your normal conversation, you knew there would be consequences for the situation from today, but you didn’t worry about that. You and your siblings just enjoyed your day, until the repercussions came.


For an anon who requested 20 and 30 with Hotch? Hit me. I’m serious, hit me.” “Don’t you dare say you love me!”

Angst Angst Angst! I’m sorry ❤️

You could feel angry tears threatening to break the seal that kept them all at bay and you bit your lip, feeling your hands shaking as they clenched into firsts. You barely muttered your excusal before turning and beelining out of the temporary conference room your team was using in from middle of some nowhere Idaho town.

You rushed down the hallway and to the ladies room ducking in quickly and throwing yourself into the first stall locking the door. You let the tears fall then, feeling angry and frustrated, and completely embarrassed. The bathroom door opened and two black men’s shoes appeared in front of your stall making you bite back an angry sob.

“(Y/N) Come out here.” Aaron’s deep grumble came from the other side, less the two feet away.

“This is the ladies room, SSI Hotchner, I can have you reported for luid workplace behavior.” You snapped, running an angry hand through your hair, and when you heard him snort with laughter you almost lunged.

“Angel, you are not going to report me, come out of the stall and tell me what’s wrong.” You couldn’t even stop yourself, you swung the stall door open so fast and took two steps towards him, pointing a finger in his face.

“Shut up with that angel shit!” You yelled, not even caring anymore who heard you though the thin walls, “Get away from me Aaron Hotchner before I-I.” You stopped, choking on your tears and words.

“Hit me?” He offered face darkening, “Go on then. Hit me.” You just stood there, staring at him, shaking your head.

“You’re not helping!” You cried.

“No, “Hit me. I’m serious, hit me.” He demanded, moving towards you, but you didn’t back down. “Will that make you feel better?”

“NO! What would make me feel better is if you weren’t in there treating me like utter shit in front of the entire team!” You snapped, “Yes! We had a fight at home, home, Aaron, so talk to me like I’m an idiot on our own time, not in front of my friends and my colleagues.”

“I was not treating you like idiot, nor was I treating you like shit, you made a mistake. I am your boyfriend, but I am your boss. You still get punished.”  Aaron, tried to grab your hands, but you pulled away.

“No no, I get I fucked up and I’m okay with that. Dave is my supervisor now, not you. He deals with me, you mind your business.”

“My team is my business.” He snapped.

“Bringing it up every three seconds isn’t helping anyone!” You were crying again, and Aaron’s eyes softened slightly as he tried to move close to you again.

“Love, please…”

“Don’t. Don’t call me love.”

“But I love you, you just need to-”

“Don’t you dare say you love me!” You cut him off. “I don’t need to do anything. You’re the one always going on about making sure home and work stay separate. We need to do our jobs. Well do yours and leave me be.” Aaron huffed and backed away, turning to look in the grimy bathroom mirror. You watched him fix his tie and pat his hair down, trying to look like you hadn’t been having a row loud enough for the entire station to hear.

“I want you back in the conference room in five, no if ands or buts. We will talk later at home.” He murmured and you nodded your head, shoulders dropping.

“Okay.” You whispered, and without looking at you, Aaron stormed out of the bathroom his boss face back on. 

Dean/jensen meeting readers family? - This is crap. I’m so sorry.

You Don’t Know Me

“Fuck!” You yelled, throwing your phone down on the bed. Immediately, Dean and Sam both gave you confused looks and you sighed, then grabbed the bottle of whiskey and took a chug from it, then slammed it back down on the table.

“Well don’t drag it out any longer, Y/N,” Dean laughed and stood up. “I know for a fact this time that I didn’t do anything. Sam, was it you?” Sam just glared at him and you rolled your eyes.

“My brother just texted me,” You sighed and put a hand to your forehead.

“Your brother has your phone number?” Dean tilted his head to the side.

“Yes, Dean. For emergencies only. He knows the drill.”

“Wait - your brother knows you hunt?” Sam stood up as well. “Does he know about us?”

“Yes and no,” You sighed again and started pacing. “But that’s besides the point. My parents found out I’m in town. They want me to come over for dinner.”

“So don’t go,” Dean laughed like it was nothing.

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Nudes ft. feelings // part II

a/n: back by popular demand, lolololol, but yeah, here’s the final for nudes, hope you guys like it. hope it doesn’t suck, so sorry if it does, but I rewrote this like 5 times. Enjoy


I got out of the tub and dried off. I threw on some sweats and a white tank top, letting my hair do whatever, dry in it’s natural waves I’m sure. I took a breath as I walked downstairs to see Sammy sitting on my couch, on the phone.

I walked down and sat next to him, indian style, as he hung up. He looked at me and smiled.

“I ordered the pizza.”

“okay good.”

“are those my sweats?” he asked, nodding at my pants.

“yeah.” I smiled, remembering when I went out with Emily and we were both trashed so we went back to his place and he let me borrow the sweats and I fell asleep in his arms that night.

“they look good on you.”

“they’re like 3 sizes too big.” I laughed.

“maybe, but you still look good in them.”

“stop it. I look homeless in them.” I laughed, but Sammy was just staring at me, silently.


“do you remember your senior night game?” he asked.

“yeah.” I smiled, remembering it. “you said you would be out of town, touring, and you were gonna miss it.”

“yeah, you were so pissed at me.”

“hell yeah I was, it was the most important night of my highschool career, and you said you couldn’t be there. I was more upset than pissed.”

“but then when you were being introduced or whatever and you started walking down the court-“

“I looked up and you were standing there at the end of the court, with a thing of flowers. And the Jacks and Nate were in the stands behind you holding those dumb signs” I laughed, remembering them holding signs like ‘number 4 on the court, number 1 in our hearts’ and cheesy stuff like that.

“yeah. But the look on your face when you saw me, that smile you had lit up my whole world. And then you ran down and jumped into my arms.”

“I was happy to see you, I didn’t expect you to be there.” I looked down.

“you think I woulda missed your game?”

“well I wasn’t expecting you to cancel your tour to come watch me play.”

“I was willing to do anything for you (y/n), I can’t believe you never saw it.”

“that’s what friends do though.”

“you still don’t get it.”

“get what Sammy?”

He turned to look at me, and I looked at him. Not much space between us.

“god (y/n) I was so fucking crazy for you back in the day. I never felt like the way I did for you, for anyone else. Fuck I still can’t find someone who makes me feel like you do.”


“no (y/n), all those hookups, I just needed something to try to get you off my mind. They didn’t work. God, you’ve got me so fucked up and you don’t even realize it. Yeah we’ve been best friends, but I don’t know, somewhere along the line you fucked me up” he laughed.

“Sammy, I don’t know what to say.” I looked at him with sad eyes.

“tell me you feel something for me. Tell me you wanna make us something. Tell me anything (y/n), please.” He begged. I’ve never seen him like this before. I looked away as I started to talk, not being able to look at him in fear I’ll freeze up or make a fool out of myself.

“Sammy, I don’t know when it was, but over the years of us flirting and joking around, I guess somewhere along the line I fell for your shit.” I laughed.

“hey now.” He defended.

“shut up, you know it’s true.”

“I mean, I knew you just needed some time till you fell for daddy’s ways.” He winked.

“ew Sammy, don’t be sick.” I laughed, playfully pushing Sammy, causing him to kinda fall sideways on the couch.

“whatever ma, so you’re saying you’ll give this a try?” he asked hopeful.

“Sammy, your gone half the year on tour. Out late with the guys partying. Or late nights in the studio. I just don’t know how well it’d work out.” I sighed.

“(y/n) look at me.”

I did, and I’ve never seen him look more serious.

“we’ll figure out a way, we’ll make it work. It’s been like this for a while now, and we’ve never had a problem staying friends and hanging out and shit.”

“yeah, but-“

“what are you so afraid of?” he cut me off.

“I’m not afraid.”

“then what is it?”

“Sammy I don’t wanna do this and then shit turn sour and I lose my best friend.”

“you don’t think we would fight for us?”

“No I do, it’s just-“

I was cut off by Sammy’s lips on mine. His hands on my waist as my hands found their way to the back of his neck. He squeezed my side, making me open my mouth as I was ticklish, and he slipped his tongue in my mouth. He pulled me onto his lap, so I was straddling him.

Breathing hot and heavy, hands were roaming, and small moans were coming from each of us. The kiss passionate and hot, everything I expected it to be and so much more.

We finally pulled away, both panting. Resting my forehead against his, I couldn’t help but smile.

“isn’t that worth fighting for?” he breathed out.

“I just don’t want to lose you.” I sighed.

“you won’t ma.”

“how can you be so sure?” I asked, leaning back to look at him better, still toying with his hair.

“I’ve just never wanted anything more than I want you (y/n), you’ve gotta trust me. Please ma. Give us a chance.” He pleaded, and I looked in his eyes, and there was a spark of hope in them. I’ve never seen Sammy like this.

“ma? Please? Nothing’s gonna change, other than the fact that I can kiss you and grab your ass in public, and our friends would actually be right about us. Please (y/n) just give us a chance.”

I just crashed my lips back to his, getting lost in another kiss. I couldn’t help but smile into it. I realized, this is what I wanted. I pulled back and rested my forehead against his.

“is that a yes then?” he asked, his hands cupping my face. I just smiled and nodded and Sammy smiled his perfect smile and crashed his lips to mine, and I’ve never been happier.

Within the pages of Happiness Chapter Four: Things are looking brighter

Note: Slight sadness, Mugger attacks Reader, and Fluff

Words: 1250

Pairing: Loki x Reader

(Y/N) smiled as she shook Charity awake as Charity tries to bury her face into the pillow. “Come on wake up Babygirl.” She whispered before climbing into the bed when she flopped down onto Charity. “M-Mommy!” Charity giggles squirming around underneath her as (Y/N) grins when she started to tickle the young girl’s sides. “Wake up!” Her mother exclaims as Charity squeaks before she laughs harder. “I’m up! I’m up!” She cries as (Y/N) laughs sitting up when Charity grins up to her before (Y/N) leaned down kissing her forehead. “Come on, I made you some breakfast love.” She said as Charity stands up going to the bathroom. “Brush your teeth.” She called.

(Y/N) walked out to the kitchen as she set down the stack of pancakes while she looked over Charity’s homework smiling. “You are such a smart little girl.” She said to Charity who grins sitting down in her chair as she starts to eat her pancakes. (Y/N) puts the work into her book bag before noticing the books she had in her bag as she grinned excitedly. She loved that Charity had a passion for reading just like her mother when she set the book bag on the chair beside her. “The librarian at my school likes that I check out more than one book. She says I’m expanding my knowledge.” Charity said with a mouth full of the buttermilk banana pancakes.

“That’s good Sweetheart, I’m proud of you.” She said leaning down kissing her forehead as she pours coffee into her to go cup when Charity frowned. “You’re not eating again?” She asked as (Y/N) froze for a moment. “Oh no Sweetheart, I’ll get something on my way to work like I always do.” She said trying to change the topic immediately. It was true, sometimes (Y/N) would skip a meal in order to save food until the next pay day and it was mostly because she wanted to make sure Charity ate first. “Come on, finish up the bus will be here in a few minutes.” She said as Charity nods before she eats the rest of her breakfast in silence.

She placed her plate into the sink before getting her book bag when she took (Y/N)’s hand as they walked towards the door. “Are you gonna be home late again?” Charity asked looking up to her mother. “I hope not Sweetheart, but I can’t promise anything.” She whispered as she locked the door before walking down the steps when the bus rolled up to her stop. (Y/N) leaned down kissing her forehead as she hugged her tightly before Charity smiles getting on the bus. “Have a good day at school. I love you.” She called blowing a kiss to her as she blew one back before the bus took off down the road.

(Y/N) was walking down the road towards the newspaper company she worked for with her coffee cup in hand. She couldn’t afford a car so she had to walk everywhere, which in reality wasn’t a good thing considering at night she could get mugged. However, despite it being day time that didn’t stop the person that pushed (Y/N) into an alley and demanding that she give them her purse. Fear immediately stabbed into (Y/N)’s chest as she closed her eyes holding her purse up for the person to take. They had a gun and she couldn’t fight them even if she wanted to, flinching when the purse was ripped out of her hands.

She held a grunt before what sounded like a body was slammed against the wall as her eyes fluttered open to see Loki standing there holding out her purse to her. The mugger was on the ground unconscious as she looked up to him in shock when he offered out a hand. “Are you alright?” He asked with a face full of concern. “H-How did you…? How did you do that?” She asked pointing a trembling finger to the guy as people started to stare at them. An older woman called the police when (Y/N) took Loki’s hand. “I-I… Thank you.” She mumbled as he looked over her. “Are you hurt at all?” He asked as she took her purse finally. “No… No I’m… I’m okay thanks to you.” She said softly.

“Come on, let’s get you out of here.” Loki said softly before taking her hand as he lead her out of the alley and down the street away from the chaos. “But when the police show up they’ll want to speak to me.” (Y/N) said as Loki looked to her. “Worry about that later, you were just attacked.” He spoke in a stern voice that made her… protected. “Where were you going?” He asked as (Y/N) shook her head to snap out of her slight daze. “To work, I work just a few streets down from my apartment… I thought I’d be okay… I can’t afford to take the bus.” She started to ramble as his eyes softened at her confession. “I’m sorry, please forget I said that.” She whispered.

“How about I walk you to work then?” He questioned softly as she looked at him. “I don’t mind, I am not doing anything anyway, besides I’d rather not see you get put in harm’s way again.” He explained as she smiles softly before nodding. “I’d like that. Thank you.” She whispered softly as she dusted herself off before looking at her pants. “Great.” She sighs softly when Loki took off his coat and gave it to her. “Oh no, I’m okay.” She said not wanting to take it from him. “I have more at home. Please.” He said as she let him put on his long trench coat. She smiled softly, because she felt warm in the coat and that feeling of protectiveness came back.

They walked down the street together towards her work place. “So tell me about yourself Lorrience.” She said as he looked to her. “Well I guess I live with my brother and his friends, they do a lot of work that’s not considered normal.” He chuckled as she let out a small laugh. “But I do enjoy reading, and I don’t really do anything exciting. I mean I’m just who I am I guess.” He shrugs softly as she nods. “And what about you love?” He asked as she blushed gently at the term of endearment. “Tell me a little bit about yourself.” He said as they grew closer to the building when she bit her lip gently.

“Well, my name is (Y/N) (L/N), and I was born in Brooklyn, New York. I live in a small apartment with my daughter Charity.” She said as he smiles softly before she turned to her work when he stopped. “Well I’m here.” She said smiling. “How about I take you and your daughter out to dinner tonight? Maybe I’d get to know more about you and this little one of yours?” He asked as (Y/N)’s heart flutters before she bit her lip to suppress her smile. “I work a little late tonight, but I’m free tomorrow.” She said brushing her hair behind her ear. “Then I will see you tomorrow, call me in order to pick you up.” He gave a wink as she nods before walking into the building with a huge grin on her face making her squeal.

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