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some things to note about this image

  • for once dimple makes an appearence without the god damn stupid fucking security guard thank fucking god 
    • please look at his tiny hands thats fucking adorable….
  • teru, just in general, i dont feel like i need to point out anything really specific here heres just a general gesture toward. teru. its teru
  • there is no fucking way reigens legs are fitting inside that small space im sorry but u can fucking convince me my suspension of disbelief just can go that far 
  • is mob…..standing up
  • also please notice how hes holding his arms……..whats he doing……..
  • tome mezato and tsubomi…..good fucking content………
  • i cant fucking comprehend musashi right now thats the thing thats fucking me up the most about this image is he in the car??? is he standing up perfectly straight like sideways in the car???? theres wind effects on everybody else but not on musashi hes just unaffected by everything in this image???????? HE LOOKS SO OUT OF PLACE MY BRAIN CANT FUCKING COMPREHEND IT
Akaashi Headcanons!

In honor of Akaashi’s birthday, I wrote a little headcanons for my baby owl! bless him

Boyfriend! Akaashi

  • Akaashi loves snuggling into the crook of his s/o’s neck, it’s his little safe haven.
  • Dating him would consist of watching him or practicing volleyball with him.
  • Cafe dates or just wandering around the city with him.
  • Akaashi tends to buy whatever his s/o wants. Of course, he doesn’t buy it on the spot, he enjoys surprising them!
  • He’s actually really good at comforting others, expect to see him at your doorstep in 10 mins when you tell him that you’re sick or upset or p much anything in general.
  • Dating Akaashi is really just comforting, he makes a good boyfriend and respects others really well too!

Father! Akaashi

  • If his first child is a girl that Akaashi would honestly be so happy he’d start crying. He doesn’t mind if it’s a boy tho, it’s just that he’d always wanted a daughter as his first child.
  • He’ll spoil his child to no end unless his s/o warns him about giving his child too much candy. Akaashi sometimes still sneakily gives his child his favorite treat.
  • Blows raspberries all over his s/o and his child!! Tickle fights too!!! Sign me tf up!!!
  • Adopts puppies just because his s/o and child wants to!! cute
it’s when he kisses you that you almost choke out, i’m in love with you.
but when you gasp for air, what comes out is, i’m a monster.
( you don’t say it, but you know that he sees it in your eyes. )
he presses his lips to your chest, where your heart is supposed to be, and you understand he means, we’re all monsters in the end.
somehow, to you, that sounds like, i’m in love with you too.
( and for once you let yourself believe that you are infinite. )
—  we’re all monsters in the end // k.s.

For the record, when I wrote that pine tree post, I had Eastern white pine in mind. You can eat most pine trees, and conifers in general, but as with anything in nature, you really shouldn’t put it in your mouth unless you can identify it.

Yew trees in particular can be ridiculously poisonous. Fortunately, they don’t look much like pine trees, but if you live in an area where yews are common, just…. avoid them.

Some species of pine may be poisonous to cattle, house cats, or dogs. This doesn’t necessarily mean they pose any threat to humans, as lots of things we can eat safely are toxic to animals. Ponderosa pine may rarely cause abortions in cattle, but unless you’re going to make a tincture of concentrated pine essence and guzzle it down, you probably don’t have to worry about that.

Fir and spruce trees make for good tea, too. Don’t bother with cedar. 

I’m having a really hard time atm. I start so many things, work hard on them and end up not finishing anything for some reason. It’s not like I don’t want to, it’s that I’m actually afraid of the outcome or something. It’s a really bad feeling of being frozen in place and I absolutely hate it, ugh.

I don’t like this drawing. But I’ll post it anyway, because I really loved the whole month of October and I’m very proud and happy with the things Jack and Robin did to bring Anti to life! I’ve always loved creepy and spoopy stuff. I’m one of these weird people who get really inspired by Horror movies, theories and just anything scary in general. This month has been incredibly cool and gave me many ideas! But I’ll try to keep in mind that I don’t have to work on everything at the same time, haha. 

I’ve turned the clock back on my drafts and ask box and am trying a new approach to start up new things with people! 

I understand that approaching people for plot and RP can be nerve-wracking (I feel that way, too, sometimes!) so this is just a way to take the pressure off for those who feel that way and have been wanting to start things. Myself included!

Give this a like or a reblog and I’ll hop skippy-like into your ask/submit to find a way for our characters to interact, whether they have before or not. This is mutuals preferred but nothing ever stops me from checking out a blog and giving you a follow if we aren’t! 

This lazy promo also serves to ensure my askbox/submit/IM/Skype are always open for IC, OOC, general chat, and really anything you want. You really have no reason to be intimidated to reach out : ) I’m harmless! 

So, come on to me and let’s have some fun! 

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I saw a post about how adult Riley wears a turtleneck and adult Maya wears a red flannel shirt exactly like Lucas does in Texas which was a huge moment between them. Some people are saying clothing is a coincidence and it doesn't really mean anything because Zay wears more flannel in general. What's your opinion?

Wardrobe/costuming definitely makes a difference, but that particular scene was shut down the writers as meaning to hint at a Riley/Farkle Lucas/Maya thing

certifiedcopy  asked:

can you talk about post-modernism a bit, and perhaps situationism? I've seen some people, Bookchin in particular, deride these tendencies as regressive for disregarding historical materialism, and I would be inclined to agree were it not for the ethical appeal of open interpretation and subsequent reinterpretation of morality. what place do the leading post-modernists and deconstructionists have in contemporary discourse? from them, what can we use to build new models of analysis?

I’m a big fan of the situationists but I’m also a big fan of Bookchin. I could talk bullshit about the feud between Bookchin and the situationists forever. I think they’re both in very unique places of thought and often difficult to interpret because of that. I don’t really have a whole lot to say because I myself haven’t gotten neck deep in either of their theory yet but I do have them on my shelf. I think more than anything what the situationists and postmodernism in general have done is really devise a language for talking about things like ideology and the spectacle and do really extensive explorations of those things and I think having the basics of that is really what’s important. Understanding how plain things are obscured and how abstract things are made to seem more real than real life. And Bookchin honestly shares more similarities with the situationists than people realize which I think is a big part of why he hated them so much. But I think his focus was really in the “what to do?” rather than the “what’s going on?” I think his shit is really valuable because it’s heavily practical. Like he does have his shitty moments don’t get me wrong. But Bookchin more than others focused on what changes needed to be made to the left and what strategies and futures they should look for. I don’t think you have to pick one over the other and they’re not as incompatible as they’d have you think. I think you should probably invest lots of time into both tbh

Murderess is a strong word to have attached to you. It has a smell to it, that word—musky and oppressive, like dead flowers in a vase. Sometimes at night I whisper it over to myself: Murderess, Murderess. It rustles, like a taffeta skirt across the floor.  — Margaret Atwood 

New followers!

Hey everyone,

I’m not going to lie I’ve neglected my duty in welcoming new readers to this blog so apologies for that.

So for those of you that have followed me in the past two months, big welcome to you. I started this blog in 2013 and have been following Scotland’s campaign for independence ever since.

Just so you know this blog is very inclusive and respects all opinions and ideas regarding Scottish politics. I focus mainly on the campaign for an independent Scotland and look at various facts and figures and I like to combat media bullshit too.

I occasionally look at general UK politics but not really anything that doesn’t impact Scotland. (And before some twat anon says it, the English NHS does impact Scotland despite being independent.)

So just so you all know, my asks are always open if you’ve got any questions. I quite like to share my answers with other readers of this blog, however, if you’d prefer an answer in private then please just let me know! Feel free to ask me anything from cool things to do in Scotland to some controversial political topics. However I do like to get questions relating to Scottish independence and these questions will take priority if I don’t have much time.

I’m a uni student so please bare with me if sometimes you don’t hear from me in a few days due to the crunch of studying and essay writing.

Would love to hear from some of you about why you’re interested in the blog, if you voted in the independence referendum, if you’re English and want to flee to Scotland or if you’re from afar looking at what Scotland has to offer.

Yours for Scotland,

Aye For Scotland

Recently, I’ve been really into study + lifestyle apps and I’ve been dying to make a post like this for quite a while, but I decided to give it some time so that I’d be able to check out a few more apps. I’ve provided an entire list of cool apps that I’ve personally tried out and I’ll mark my particular favourites with an asterisk. Enjoy (:

These are apps that are useful when studying. Good for making flashcards or notes, having a copy of your school timetable on your phone, reference or dictionary meanings + planning homework.

Timer / Time Management:
These are apps that would be able to help you manage your time while studying. Some also alert you when you may need to take a study break.

Lifestyle / Other:
These are apps that would help out ‘life’ in general. Very general apps that don’t really have anything to do with studying but they’re lifesavers!

These are apps that would help you sleep better through sleep calculations, music timers, white noise etc.

These are apps that would help you build habits and keep track of your progress.

Games that will stimulate your brain:
These are gaming apps that would work well to warm up your brain before tasks. I usually play these for a bit before doing any big tasks. Just make sure you don’t spend all your time on them!

Because reading is what cool kids do!

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Do you watch cartoons or anime? If you do, what cartoon or anime do you watch?

I watch both/either when the mood strikes me really. In general, I’m not heavy on watching anything, unless I’m with other people (or I get really bored and have nothing else to do). For cartoons, I can’t point any specific shows since I’ve watched a lot, but they’re generally the more popular mainstream American shows, and some of the adult cartoon Netflix exclusives :P

In terms of Anime, I haven’t watched a helluva lot. I’ve delved into a few though, some sad ones and slice-of-life type ones. My most memorable is probably Gekkan-Shoujo Nozaki-kun :P