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Annabeth becomes pregnant but doesn’t know it yet until one day Nico came up to her and just simply stared at her stomach before saying “congrats” and Annabeth and Percy (who is there at the time) gave him a confused look asking about what. And Nico saids, “on the baby” Annabeth gasped, “baby?!” And Nico replies, “yeah, I can sense it’s soul already” and smiles and walks away and I AM NOT OKAY PLEASE SOMEONE PROFESSIONAL DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS I AM JUST THE IDEA PERSON THAT WONT STOP CRYING DX

My very first Prompt Meme (Request in an Ask)


Fandoms: Please list your fandom your couple comes from. I usually do Sonic, Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Sly Cooper, Etc. (It may be wise to ask me or give me details to how to locate your OTP’s information so I can study a bit to write something I may be unfamiliar with.)

Only Canon couples please. (Nothing inappropriate or crack.) If by special request, such as Metal Sonic x Metal Amy or something along those lines, please check with me first.

To check if something’s alright, feel free to message me on my chat. I don’t usual turn down requests, so feel free to inquire. I may change your request if I feel it could enhance overall quality or if I’m uncomfortable with something listed.

Other than those few things, I should be able to do your couple and fandom of choice :)

(WARNING: please don’t take this in a bad way, but I do not do anything but straight couples. It’s just not my forte. Thank you. ;) )


1. I just want to cry. Is it okay to cry in front of you?

2. They must be mine. But how?

3. Can I kiss you? That’s the vibe I’m getting, just saying.

4. YOU ARE THE WORST PIECE OF TRASH I’VE EVER-… aww… do you mean that?~<3

5. I’m so angry at you that I just want to furiously make out with you. You cool with that?

6. Gently… gently… omg, I just touched their hair!!! Bucket list complete! W-wait.. what’s happening now… OH MY GOSH! THIS IS WAY BETTER THAN I’VE EVER DREAMED IT TO BE~<3 <3 <3

7. Need a ride? B)

8. I will hold you hand forever. Just stay close to me, okay? I won’t let anything bad happen to you!!!

9. Stop it. Stop that look. You know what happens when you give me that look.

10. I think you mean, ‘Charmingly irresistible’, sweetheart.

11. I’m so awkward. Nothing’s going to plan! Wait.. did they just..?


13. If you don’t love me, then I’ll find ways to make sure you can’t love anyone…

14. What if I told you I loved you? 

15. GASP. Was not expecting that!… C-can you do that again?

16. What if… we just… like this… and… um… continue steps 1 and 2 again? in repeat? Yes? No? Don’t fight me on this now~

17. I… I don’t want to ask for much… Just… some of your time.. if… if that’s alright…

18. I love you. I love you more than sun, air, and sky. I can’t tell you enough. Just let me love you!!!

Please give me your couple(OTP)’s ship name and wherever they are featured (game, t.v show, anime, cartoon, etc.) so that I can research a bit before writing them. Thank you!

Have fun choosing ;)

For now, you can only choose one at a time, please!


                                                   Can’t wait!

*Open always.


I’m doing emergency bust commissions so I can help with expenses. I’ve got 10 slots open for anyone who wants a $20 bust.

Ill do anything from fanart to OCs to real people. I won’t do robotics unless they’re humanoid in shape. Ex. Mettaton.
Please private message me for any questions you have or email me at to discuss hoe the commissions would work in terms of payment and delivery.