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Moana, IMO
  • Jackson: Didn't realize until watching that Lin Manuel had written all the lyrics.
  • J: But after hearing them it was pretty obvious. Sounded pretty "Hamilton" at points.
  • Chris: I was told about that connection at the end. I don't know the music from Hamilton. What did you think of Moana?
  • J: Ok here we go.
  • J: Disney had already decided that traditional 2D was dead. So they (read: the two directors of Moana) approved a movie (Princess and the Frog) that would fail and made it traditionally.
  • J: Art imitates life. They thought it would fail, so it did. and it probably "proved" to them that no one wanted the classical Disney musical anymore.
  • J: So they come out with Wreck-it Ralph, arguably the best Disney animated feature for a decade before it.
  • J: Then Tangled (right? I think?) [AUTHOR'S NOTE: YES, I GOT THOSE TWO BACKWARDS, BUT MY POINT STANDS REGARDLESS] came out and with it they tried a musical again. But they'd forgotten or tried to "update" it or something so they went with RadioDisney style songs. They cast Mandy Moore, a perpetually young sounding former starlet. Perfect for a new, naive Disney princess.
  • J: In my opinion, that was a weak and cowardly way to succeed and make money.
  • J: That said, they're a business. So that was a move they could be confident in making.
  • J: Then came along Frozen. They knew some success from Tangled so they kept that and tried to add on to it. Looking back, I see maybe they were trying to improve. Maybe they saw there was a demand for a real musical after all. But they were hesitant to market it that way, just in case, which was why so many people were taken off guard.
  • J: That brought wild success, much to my annoyance. But it was because of star power, not actual cinema. But they saw they needed something stronger than pop-musical sound. If they wanted to return to Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast and Little Mermaid, that wasn't the way.
  • J: So with Moana, they fixed it. The story was new. Pretty standard adventuring princess fare, but a genuinely new twist that I can't imagine could have failed. With Dwayne Johnson cast, there's your off-demographic draw.
  • J: Then you address your need for a real musical. What better move to make then to hire someone with recent explosive Broadway success? Cue Lin Manuel. He already understands how musicals work. That is: story must be advanced by the music, not simply reiterated or punctuated or repeated ad nauseum.
  • J: Belle told us about her world while singing. Ariel established the basis for literally every move she made during "Part of your World".
  • J: Tangled and Frozen have songs. Moana needs them.
  • J: That's what makes it a successful musical picture. And that's why it's a good movie and the other two are not.
Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate: Sakamaki Shuu (Heaven 03)

(Today I felt like a change, I changed my hairstyle a little but…)


(It seems like Shuu-san hasn’t noticed, he’s listening to music like always…)

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Even though you girls didn’t win Best Female Group, all the 28 million votes, are all the love we RV stans have showered throughout the entire year

Best Female Group in my heart always ❤️💛💜❤️💛

Congrats to TWICE tho, Best Female Group and Song of the Year ❤️💛💜❤️💛

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For me both the actors and the writers are stupid except for Noel. Emmy by saying that Mickey was just sex and war, Emma by saying that Mickey is a bad boy, Cam by saying that Mickey was a murderer and Tuby by saying all those shit about Mickey. The writer are the worst first they tell that they want Noel\Mickey back, then that Mickey's storyline had to end of season 5. (1/2)

(2/2) They use season 6 and 7 only to say shit about him and by saying things not true. They put similar scenes for Ian\Caleb - Ian\Trevor for destroy the Gallavich’s moments. And now sheila reverses 5x12 like we didn’t see it?? I am so tired of them. If in 7x12 Ian is with Trevor and not with Mickey, I demand the cancellation.

I love your rage, anon! By the end of 7x12 we’re all going to be so fucking pissed off and disappointed that once we’ve mustered the energy and motivation drag our sorry asses out of bed, we’ll make placards and storm the Showtime offices, screaming that Mickey Milkovich Deserved Better. We’ll hurl fucking Snickers Bars and pelt empty beer cans at fuckhead J-Wellsy until TPTB finally agree to cancel Shameless so we’ll leave and they can get back to doing Important Things like circle-jerking themselves for being edgy and cool  and extending their other shows long past their used-by date.

Occupy Showtime is what we’ll call it! And we are the 99%;  the 99% of tumblr who just wanted Mickey Milkovich to have nice things.

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I know it gets me slightly angry, like stop asking about Selena their thing happened 1 year ago, stop asking about 1D, they went on a break a year ago too and he has answered 10000000 times that they are coming back and are in touch (I love hearing about that but come on it's getting repetitive). Ask him about his single and new album and leave the gossip aside, because if they ask these things it's because it's gossip and great click bait for listeners not because it offers anything music wise.

I know?? like I get it, it was fun and chill for the first couple of weeks, but it’s been months, yet the interviewers seem too lazy to put their effort and ask about music-wise instead…you’re right about click bait, but not me though, in fact, it makes me not clicking anything at all when I saw the same, repetitive headlines…

urgh..SOMEONE PAY ME TO INTERVIEW NIALL please…I have so many questions to ask…for example..

How does he choose the next single? Would it be slow or more upbeat? What is the main theme of his album? Has he chosen his album cover yet? He said he can play some piano, how much is ‘some’ in the album that he played? Has he formed his live band yet if let’s say the next single requires more instrument when he plays it live? How many co-writers and producers that he has worked with? What kind of new things that he’s learning while recording as solo artist?

and…like….5 million other questions…


Annabeth becomes pregnant but doesn’t know it yet until one day Nico came up to her and just simply stared at her stomach before saying “congrats” and Annabeth and Percy (who is there at the time) gave him a confused look asking about what. And Nico saids, “on the baby” Annabeth gasped, “baby?!” And Nico replies, “yeah, I can sense it’s soul already” and smiles and walks away and I AM NOT OKAY PLEASE SOMEONE PROFESSIONAL DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS I AM JUST THE IDEA PERSON THAT WONT STOP CRYING DX