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ALSO today !! For English we have to do a career research project thing and when i am older i hope to become a french/english/spanish teacher and i had to do interviews so interviewed my french teacher and…idk life felt real for a moment


Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

AU: Coffee shop AU

Summary: You didn’t expect your day to be anything other than ordinary, but a trip to your favourite coffee shop turns into an unexpected school reunion

Warnings: None

A/N: The reader is an art student in this, so I’m sorry if that’s not what you’d choose to study or anything, it just worked well for the story :)

Gif credit to @mswarrner (thanks for letting me use it!)

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Hera and Zeus ~ The Snobby Royals
((Art by the amazing Efsher, go check out their art shop))

Both from royal families, both banished for being greedy and cruel, these two skydancers were made for each other.
They first met at the Haven of the Lost, ignoring each other as they see themselves as better than others but by coincidence they figured out they are very similar and after the same thing, ruling their own kingdom.
They don’t get along with anyone else in the clan, except for the leader Nyx, who despite this all takes care of them.
The royal couple looks down to anyone who isn’t of noble blood, thinking that they are no good for anything other than serving those of higher social ranks.
Zeus is always seen as the more dangerous one, intimidating in his armor, but Hera is the one plotting on taking over, while looking absolutely stunning.

Sudden Changes

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This is the prize drabble for @jpadjackles for her entry to my Quickie Challenge. Thank you for participating and enjoy!

Having recently realized that you were perhaps the girl of his dreams – and he was using perhaps very loosely – Sam had suddenly no idea how to act around you. While the two of you had always enjoyed doing research together, Sam was suddenly worried it was too nerdy. He had never before had a problem with making jokes or burping or … other things while you were around, but it was suddenly an embarrassment to be seen by you as anything other than a good, wholesome guy.

Dean scoffed when he caught on. “Dude, Sammy, if you like her, just go for it. You’re ten feet tall, you’re a Winchester, and you’re a kick ass hunter. What’s not to like?”

Sam rolled his eyes. “Yeah, thanks, Dean. That’s some great advice.”

“What?” Dean said as Sam walked away, leaving his brother to ponder what he had said wrong.

When a bad aim by Dean landed Sam a deep bullet graze to his shoulder, he insisted he clean himself up and take care of the stitches if necessary, instead of having you take care of him. To Sam, that was the manliest thing he could do.

But the younger Winchester underestimated how well you knew him. You had seen the way his behaviors changed and after careful observation and a few comments from Dean that Sam finally shushed, your suspicions were confirmed.

So, when you stood nearby, watching Sam struggle to patch himself up, you decided you were done dancing around the issue. You took the needle and thread from his hand, slammed it onto the table, then took his surprised face in your hands. You had never been so bold as you were when you laid a rough, wet kiss on his lips.

“Now,” you said, wiping your mouth as you pulled away, picking up the needle and the thread. “Sit still. Can’t avoid the scar completely, but I’ll do my best.”

rewatching yoi with a friend who hasn’t seen it and it’s suuuper fun, but also now that i get to watch everything retrospectively given what happens in episode 10… victor is. so obvious. how could we ever doubt this man. how could we ever think he was anything other than super genuine, and hella gay 

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I told this cute girl I had a crush on her and she didn't really say anything other than that she isn't looking to be in a relationship. I don't know why but I know she didn't outright reject me, but it still hurts...

i think she rejected you in the soft way that many girls do because we fear a negative reaction and/or anger :’) sorry kiddo. i know it hurts but it’s best to just accept what happened and find someone looking for what you’re looking for


The President-elect is refusing to divest his business holdings, planning instead to let his adult children run them for him. This will allow him to make money literally off of being the President. With the full power of the American government, he can create pretty much any deal he wants, any time. This is unprecedented corruption on the largest scale in modern history. Horrifying, but leaders lead by example. Here are seven things you will now be allowed to do in Trump’s America.

1. The most expensive item in your cart at Wal-Mart is now free.

They crush small businesses and leave towns in hock to them, and regularly refuse to give anything other than part-time shifts to avoid having to pay health benefits. So as long as you buy a couple things you’re paying for, you can then grab a gas grill or a set of snow tires. I mean, you’re a customer, right? You bought some stuff, time to share in Wal-Mart’s good fortune.

2. If you get tired in a fancy neighborhood, you’re allowed to go into anyone’s backyard, strip down to your underwear, and take a nap.

Our taxes pay for those roads, the school systems, even the salaries of the police officers who keep them safe. Sometimes you’re driving, you see a really nice neighborhood, and you want to just lay down in the sun in a fancy backyard. Go for it. Even if there’s a child’s birthday party going in, it’s your right. You pay taxes. Yeah, it’s cruel to the child maybe and incredibly disturbing to the families when you strip down to your undies and stretch your gross almost-naked body on the ground and sleep, but tough. Show me the law that says you can’t do EXACTLY that. With the underwear and everything.

3. You can use airhorns to get people’s attention.

You can now blast an airhorn in someone’s face to get their attention. This is especially useful if you’re in a really expensive restaurant and want to make a speech about, say, the truly impressive level of corruption our President has brought to our most hallowed office. Also, how he’s a whiny thin-skinned baby. “We couldn’t handle a female president so we elected a bitch??” is a real grabber to start off with. Try it out. Oh, btw you can give speeches anywhere now too. What? It’s inappropriate? Like the Pres-elect, I don’t know what that means.

4. Run, don’t walk, through TSA at the airport

Ok, technically, this is a safety issue, but come on, it takes so long! Granted, you’re kinda risking lives by ignoring TSA and yeah, someone could be holding a bomb or smuggling harmful drugs, but standing in line a long time really sucks. What matters, in the end, is your interests, not that of your countrymen and women. Run through it.

5. All loans are to be ignored, indefinitely, because that’s business.

Donald Trump has 3,500 outstanding lawsuits against him right now. Time for you to join the wave. Take out loans, then never pay them back. It’s the new American way! But hold on, you might be saying, won’t I go to jail? Not if you change your identity. See, you probably don’t have the immense wealth and power Donny has to hide behind, but we do live in an age of unprecedented forgery technology. Cut your hair, get a face tattoo and a new passport, then start again. Economy, schmonomy. Who wants to work hard to be honest? Not our guy, so neither should you.

6. You can now lie to the police and in court.

If there’s one thing DT does a lot, it’s lie. About major issues, stuff you shouldn’t lie about as a leader. Some of the greatest hits: He “won in a landslide” (he’s down almost 3 million votes behind Hillary), he “was against the Iraq war” (nope), he respects and values woman as people (look it up). Why, just last week he negotiated a deal with Carrier that effectively made tax-payers pay them $7 million to keep less than 1,000 jobs in the U.S. while over 1,000 still went to Mexico and called it a good deal. And when the leader of the union called it for what it is, a shitty deal, Trump called him a terrible leader to shrug off blame. Anyway, he’s a big liar, our guy. So you get to be too.

Police officer: “Where were you on the night of….”
You: “In outer space with Elton John.”

Sheriff: “Are you drunk, sir? Is this your gun?”
You: “Negative and a-negative.”

Judge: “Please take the stand and state your name for the record.” You: “Sweet Lou Dunbar, point guard for the world-famous Harlem Globetrotters.”

7. Park anywhere you want.

Yep, anywhere. Next to a hydrant, in someone’s driveway. Heck, you can park in your bosses’ space if you want. Now, maybe you’re reading this and saying, “Wait, I have people that work for me–I don’t want them parking in my space.” Don’t you get it? The President will be using his presidency to get rich and no one is doing anything about it. You think your parking spot or, for that matter, your lawn is safe from cars? Get with the times, man.

It’s a new day.

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oh my god, Holly, "LectOr" gives me a heartburn, but you know what else? when Hannibal unironically calls Will "William". like, i just imagine him saying that in canon and Will stopping dead in his tracks and going "have you hit your head on something, love?"

William only tends to pull me out of the story because I don’t believe we have any canon to back up that his name is anything other than Will? Like some people think my uncle John’s name is Jonathan but it’s not. It’s just John. I think I could probably get down with it in the context of some historical fiction, but otherwise it just feels all wrong.

This isn’t to say I think people shouldn’t write whatever feels right to them. I write daddy kink and monster porn and all sorts of things that I know make others give a big ole YIKES before noping away from my fic forever. If you want Hannibal to call Will ‘William’ you do you babies and write what you wanna write and have fun with it and don’t let crotchety grannies like me ruin it for you.

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Your "illnesses" are entirely made up for you to manipulate others into sending you positive attention. They don't actually exist and no one actually believes you're anything other than a sick demented liar. As for your lying disgusting ass pretending to be a canon character? You'll be gone soon enough.

[Made up? Hm, the medical diagnoses and medications would prove otherwise, darling. I totally fooled all those trained psychiatrists and therapists. Completely fooled those morons who totally didn’t go to school to treat such illnesses.

I’m not the sick one here. I’m not the one completely obsessed with someone that I don’t even know. I’m not an obsessed stalker that forces their way around a website’s blocking system just because you can’t get over me. I’m not the one too cowardly to show my face. I’m not the bully. That’s all you. So stop your self projecting, go get some god damn help, and get the fuck out of here.]

      I’ve got a longer meta post I’m working on atm, but since the drama CD’s have reminded me: Hamuko actually insists that everyone refer to her by given name in all verses except P3P canon. Honorifics are up to the person addressing her and she usually won’t bother questioning anyone on suffix choice unless they get WAY too casual WAY too quickly ( or unless they’re an underclassman who refer to her as anything other than ‘-san’ or ‘-senpai’ without permission, ) but nine times out of ten, she will politely correct anyone who refers to her as ‘Arisato’ right from the get-go. 

       reasoning? it was a lot more stressful growing up to hear ‘Arisato’ and have both her and her brother’s head turn towards the speaker + have to ask / wait for clarification on who was being addressed —— having friends / classmates separate the Arisatos by given name honestly just made both siblings’ lives significantly easier. it’s a habit she only somewhat curbs as she grows older, too; she’ll still ask anyone she sees herself as equals with to call her ‘Hamuko,’ but she’s a lot more likely to let it slide from people ‘above’ her, or people she doesn’t know well. 

       the only person she’d lived with in the dorm still allowed to get away with ‘Arisato’ is Mitsuru, if only because Hamuko was always too intimidated / respectful to correct her on name preference lmao 

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I did! I feel like Gabriel is all of the houses at once (leaning towards Ravenclaw) and I can’t see Jack as anything other than Griffindor, though (he’s hotheaded and rushes into everything, lol)

Mmm Reinhardt is Hufflepuff, Torbjorn is a Ravenclaw, Ana is a Griffindor, I think, Jesse…he’s a got a really strong justice code so I see Griffindor, Angela’s a ravenclaw too or a slytherin (she seems really ambitious to me), Winston is a Ravenclaw, Lena is a Hufflepuff, Fareeha is a Griffindor, Hana I can see as a Ravenclaw or Slytherin as well (she’s got drive but you can’t tell me she doesn’t have a tactician’s mind), annnnnd I can’t decide for Hanzo or Genji…I feel like Genji is a bit of a Hufflepuff

Zarya is either a Griff or a Hufflepuff, Satya is a Ravenclaw, Sombra is a Slytherin, Bastion is a Hufflepuff, Mei is between Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw, Amelie I can’t decide because we don’t know what she was like before her brainwashing, Lucio is Griffindor (i think?), and Zenyatta is Hufflepuff

OH I missed Junkrat and Roadhog they’re, um…I DON’T KNOW

I put too much thought into this

Update to my previous post

As an update to my previous post, I have decided that I am not going to pursue anything other than a platonic friendship with the girl who will be arriving from Seattle later tonight. 

My reasons:

  • I am still attached to my current SB. 
  • I do not need anymore complication in my life.
  • I don’t really know the girl from Seattle. There were a couple of red flags that came up suddenly this evening. For you all you know, she may slit my throat tonight and this blog will go silent forever (i am only half-joking). 



(( OOC : So as you can probably tell I am branching into new fandoms. I’m by far not done with Harry Potter but I will likely be doing other things in between HP ideas. Due to this I will try to keep this blog mainly HP RP, but if you do not wish to see anything other than my harry potter roleplays you can hide anything tagged “not hp” I will be sure to tag ALL of my none hp threads accordingly. 

On that note : New part to supermoony coming tomorrow night.))

I know that there’s pro-milk/anti-milk discourse, but some people don’t realize that within the pro-milk camp, there’s can be even higher instances of dissent, in the form of “what kind of milk do you drink?” Flavored milk is usually okay (chocolate being the best, strawberry and vanilla, banana, etc.) but in the case of the fat content, the debate rages on. This is me saying that if you prefer anything other than skim milk you’re a heathen. 

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“I want you. Only you." Any pairing <3!!

thank you @ladydracarysao3
Alistair X Elevane Cousland
for @dadrunkwriting

 The party had spent several days on the road. It’d been weeks since Zevran had attempted to assassinate Elevane and she’d spared his life in return for his vow to help with the Blight. She had come to realize that Zevran’s life had been not just hard, but pretty much impossible. She felt bad for him. He had no real friends, even those he claimed were friends in the Crows only sought something from him, be it murder, or sex, or using him in some other way. Elevane had made it her mission to become his friend. He needed true friends who didn’t expect anything other than his friendship in return. It had gone quite well. They now spent a lot of time while traveling trading quips and goofing off together.  Zevran had taken to calling her beautiful and “my dear Warden” Elevane thought it was cute. Terms of endearment. She didn’t see him as anything more than friends and assumed he thought the same of her. Even if he did stare at her like that, but he stared at everyone so she’d brushed it off as nothing. 

 When they set up camp Zevran made several remarks about her ass and her beauty, she laughed them off as usual and smiled at him. What else was she supposed to do? It’s not like she could control what came out of his mouth. He’d spent an entire day attempting to proposition Morrigan so it was obvious that was just his way. As she walked away she noticed Alistair glaring at Zevran. She watched Alistair for a moment. Suspiciously he wasn’t looking at anyone else, until he turned to her and gave her an odd look. His look seemed sad and confused but there was a hint of anger there as well. She supposed she’d better go see what his problem was before something happened. She’d known he didn’t like the idea of Zevran here. He’d made that perfectly clear when she had agreed to Zev’s proposal of a vow, but this looked like something else.

Elevane went to Alistair and tried to take his hand. He pulled it away and backed up a step. Hurt, she asked, “What’s wrong? What have I done?”

“What’s going on between you and Zevran?” he responded through clinched teeth.

“Who? Between me and Zev? Nothing, why would you think that? Are you jealous Alistair?”

“Of course I’m not jealous, it’s just that you two have been spending a lot of time together, and the way he looks at you. Like a starving man looks at a hunk of cheese.”

Elevane laughed but the look on Alistair’s face made her cut it off short. 

“Alistair, you ARE jealous aren’t you?”

“Just answer the question”, he snapped.

“Nothing is going on with Zevran. Alistair, I love you. I want you, and only you. You have nothing to worry about with Zevran. We’re just friends.”

Alistair’s face softened, “Maybe you should tell him that. I mean I don’t want him to get the wrong idea. I don’t like leading him on like that.”

“You’re not leading him on”, she giggled.

Alistair groaned, “You know what I mean. This isn’t funny, don’t play, it’s not right.”

She leaned in and stood up on her tiptoes, kissing hims softly on his lips, “You’re right Darling, I will tell him. Now stop being jealous, I am yours, now and always.”

He wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her back. Making a satisfied sigh before pulling her closer for a hug.