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Heyyyy I want to address these videos bc people keep bringing them to my attention through panic

I want to say right off the bat that using Hanzo for the title/thumbnail is such a bait for views. What the guys are covering in these videos is the overall hit detection errors that people have come across with ALL HEROES.

The initial reaction to these are probably something like, ‘Oh shit, Hanzo/Scatter Arrow is getting nerfed’, but that’s not the case. GOD, LET ME TELL YOU JUST HOW DISGUSTING THE COMMENTS ARE-

Anyways, the update they’re talking about is actually going to be…. beneficial? Like, I’ve noticed this issue on- I mean, mostly on Hanzo bc I play him the most, but it’s something that needs to be addressed; about shots hitting, but not doing damage even if you see the little hit effect. 

This is an update to look forward to. 

Be reasonable Rick.

A break from my original concept for this next series. I thought about this being during the first night they met, and Lucille has to change her shirt. But then I realized her hair would still be long, so this could be any point that we haven’t seen yet. 

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i've liked seventeen since mansae came out but i didn't really start stanning them until a couple of months ago when i committed to learn all their names. so i was wondering if you've made (or reblogged)/willing to make a post about jeonghan's hair through each era? he's changed his hair so much i'm not sure what hair he had in which era. thank you <3

oooh of course anon!! (WARNING: you might cry bc of his beauty. i definitely did)

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Just this blog or afc too??

just this one. at the moment, askfakeconnor is in a very plot heavy spot (i regret everything) and it doesn’t make sense to me personally to do guest artists during that. 

the dash: *fandom drama i completely missed and have zero context for*

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If Jon dies before Dany gives birth, how would you feel about a scene where Sam and Gilly deliver the baby and Bran recalls the moment when Sam said "He always comes back." Not that he is the baby, but that a part of him will always live on.

Argh anon. Why do you do this to me?!

Ok now that I’ve wiped all the tears from my eyes at the thought of Jon dying before being able to see, let alone hold, his own child (one that he thought he’d never have) in his hands at least once…..oh gawd. 

Honestly anon, any scenario where Jon dies (or Dany) is one I hate but him leaving behind a child that he’ll never meet certainly cuts deep. You just know that Dany would always want her child to remember its father and the right proper lad that was is Jon Snow. And there would be a sort of poetic nature about him coming back in the sense that his lineage is being passed on which I do like. But I’d also hate for Jon to grow up as a motherless bastard only to sire a fatherless child. Like, that fucked him up for years. I’m pretty certain he would marry Dany the moment he finds out about any baby but given the 6 episodes left, I’m imagining a horrible scenario now where he never finds out and the injustice of Jon never getting to know his own child is more tragic than bittersweet to me. 

Long story short anon, I don’t think there’s any version of Jon dying that I will accept without tears but I can see this scenario playing out on screen. 

this is pidge’s face when she’s geeking out about the castle. “the tech on this ship never ceases to amaze me, it’s so mathematically elegant”. you can tell she’s awestruck/longing because lance says “it’s not a sunset pidge”. i wonder where else we’ve seen that exact fond smile, those tilted eyebrows, and the lines above the eyes

what she says: i’m fine.

what she means: niall james horan really defied all of the odds and went to harry’s show last night AND he did it lowkey. he didn’t attract too much attention, didn’t really take pictures, took a couple of friends but stayed by himself in a corner and he just watched, like he was truly only there for harry. it wasn’t the first time he saw him perform but it was the first time he watched harry from the outside, from the crowd, where nothing he was doing was really directed at him, and yet he still had that same fond smile on his face which he gave harry so many times over the years before.