anything in exchange for their safety

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What if a student noticed his friend had been Taken and decided to hold whatever took his place hostage with some kind of trap of salt and iron, and traded the changeling's life for their friend back and and Oath that no harm coming from the Fae, directly or indirectly, would be made to those the student care about, including the student themself. What would happens?

It would violate the Treaty, and the student would be punished pretty severely by the school. Changelings are guaranteed safety by the faculty during their time on campus (so long as they aren’t actively harming anything else), in exchange for the safety of RAs at the end of each academic year when they wade into the Elsewhere to try and collect any missing students. Violating that treaty would put dozens of lives at risk on both sides, and more than likely start a cycle of revenge that could get very ugly very quickly if the University doesn’t nip it in the bud.


• Their sassy exchanges are to die for.

• They are the best fighting buddies for each other. THE BEST.

• Despite the situation, Chaol still loves Celaena and would still do anything for her.


• Chaol already imagined a future, with Celaena as his wife.

• Celaena says she would always choose Chaol. Always.

• Celaena dashed through Archer’s men like it was the easiest thing in the world just to save Chaol.

• Chaol sent Celaena to Wendlyn because it was the best thing he could think of to get Celaena to safety, even if it meant being away with her.


• Celaena dedicated her will to Chaol and would not, thank the Wyrd, take it back.

• Chaol chose to stay behind to let Celaena and Dorian get away.



A Slap and a gender swap was a small price to pay.

Mr.Hands: Okay, we’re in a desert on the surface that stretches on with no end in sight, right?

Dm: Yes.

Mr.Hands: We’re running out of food, as a sandworm ate all our rations, and water supplies, and we’ve likely have at most a few days to live. Right?

Dm: Mhm.

Mr.Hands: I ask the party to fail two saves so that I can get us out of here.

Dm: Teleportation won’t work, you don’t know anything about this particular plane

Vent-Iron: What did you have in mind?

Mr.Hands: I assumed as much. This is going to be a small price to pay in exchange for food and safety. I’m going to cast a spell, and turn us all into girls!

Party’s(new) Paladin: What purpose would this serve?!

Mr.Hands: Then, I’m going to cast Bitch slap… a lot.

Dm:(Ooc) I really hate that spell.

(Now) Ms.Hands:(Ooc) Just think of it like you’re slapping us to the next plot point. Should manage that, right?

DM: And now you guys get to witness this from a new perspective, as you all go flying hundreds of miles to the south east, to a distant city, where a peasant is just getting up in the morning, to be surprised to find five new strangers in his house, a hole in his wall, where they are all cooking up three course meals while giant hands loom behind them, watching them work with all the nastiness of a mages corrupted ego.

Ms.Hands: That’s ‘A Womans’ corrupt ego for you!

I loved the fact that Alex Romero would cradle Norma Louise Bates’ head oh so carefully whenever he would kiss her; as if he were holding the most precious thing he’s ever encountered. I loved how Alex Romero gave Norma Louise Bates his mother’s ring despite the fact that it was a “marriage of convenience” because it truly signified how much she meant to him. I loved how Alex Romero loved Norma Bates before she loved him and did everything he did for her never expecting anything in return; he never demanded anything of her in exchange for her safety and security, he just made sure she was safe (”I had not choice”). I loved how Alex Romero only smiled for Norma Bates; every genuine smile that emerged from that stoic face was reserved just for her. I loved how Alex Romero made sure, several times, that Norma Bates was ready to physically consummate their relationship because he knew her well enough to know that she wouldn’t have wanted to do something she really didn’t wanted to do in the first place (Alex would cut his own arm off than hurt her in any way). I loved the fact that Alex Romero constantly reminded Norma Bates of how beautiful she was; whether it be with a touch, gaze or verbal recount of that fact. I loved how Alex Romero showed her the difference between a manipulative sexual encounter and making love with someone you love and trust. I loved how Alex Romero was willing give Norma Bates all the time in the world to process and deal with the fact that she was falling in love with him. I loved how Alex Romero was willing to go as far as saying the most outlandish thing (”I am a unicorn”) in order to make Norma Louise Bates smile and soothe her soul; or do anything at all in order to make her smile. I loved how Alex Romero saw Norma Bates for who she is and not for her past. I loved how he made her realize that all the bad things that happened to her were not her own doing but rather the doing of the heinous people who purposely hurt her. I loved how Alex Romero was willing to sacrifice his reputation, job and even life for Norma Louise Bates. I loved how Alex Romero recognized that Norma Louise Bates had been dealt with some horrible things in her life and deserved all the joy he could possible rain down on her. He got her. I loved the fact that Alex Romero wanted to plant some fruit trees and basically help her renovate the entire house simply because she “deserved some good breaks”. I loved the fact that Alex Romero brought so much calm and happiness into Norma Louise Bates’ last few weeks of life. Basically, I loved the way Alex Romero loved Norma Louise Bates: unconditionally and willing to trade his own life for hers without reservation or hesitation. Every vow he made, he took it upon himself to keep and honor and I think that’s just beautiful and heartbreaking. 

Vision: “Not [your safety].  Mr. Stark would like to avoid the possibility of another public incident until the Accords are on a more secure foundation.”
Wanda: “And what do you want?”
Vision: “For people to see you as I see you.”

This exchanged seemed really bizarre to me the first time I watched the film.  Does Tony really think Wanda’s going to walk around New York blowing up buildings?  It seems like such a condescending thing to say, especially coming from Viz.  Wanda clearly isn’t a threat outside of a combat situation, and to imply anything else is downright insulting.

The second time around, though, a couple of things caught my attention.  First, consider how Tony tries to justify himself to Steve:

“There’s worse ways to protect people… I’m doing what has to be done to stave off something worse.”

On one level, of course, he’s talking about the Accords.  But on another, I think he’s talking about people like Miriam Sharpe.  Undoubtedly, that encounter is still very fresh on Tony’s mind.  Now, Tony has spent his entire adult life being the target of people’s hatred and blame, and he’s certainly no stranger to guilt.  In his mind, of all the Avengers, he’s probably the best equipped to face an accusation like that, and even he was barely able to cope.  

Keeping in mind that the exchange between Wanda and Vision immediately follows a conversation about how much people fear her, can you imagine what might have happened had she gone to the grocery store?  What if if someone came up to her and said, “You murdered my son,” or “You’re a monster.”  Even if she didn’t react violently under the emotional duress, the guilt would be overwhelming and certainly nothing she deserved to experience.  

So, in his own misguided way, Tony really was trying to protect her from something worse.  Now if only he could’ve used his words and just fucking explained himself, a whole lotta drama could have been avoided. (But then of course there’d be no plot, sooo….)

How I would write the wedding cancellation, based on the promo/sneak peeks:

Jace becomes Alec’s best man, because he smells something fishy (see the sneak peek). And that Lydia? It’s not Lydia anymore, it’s the shapeshifter from ep 107, the real Lydia’s dead already (like captain Vargas). After all, Hodge did escort “Lydia and the Cup” to safety, and according to Jon Cor, Hodge would do ANYTHING to gain his freedom, even invite a shapeshifter into the Institute: the Cup in exchange for his freedom. And Jace’s holding a Seraph Blade under that pillow and he will stab “Lydia” to everyone’s shock - only for her to go SPLAT demon-like (and proving his darkness/strength).

Well, that would be my take. Alec would still stop the wedding, but he wouldn’t actually hurt Lydia, because it wouldn’t be Lydia anymore…