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I made Life is Strange scary by writing a crossover fic with the game Outlast. I mean I go out of my way in the notes to say no main character deaths but I'm actually really proud of it... If that makes sense

Well thats comforting, Im used to horror-anything ending in tragedy (or being extra violent towards women) LOL plus Outlast is awesome.

I feel like this is not talked about enough

What the fuck are the lions??

This doesn’t make it sound like Alfor set out to make kitty robots.

Red is telling Alfor what Voltron is called. Voltron wasn’t named by the old paladins who ‘created’ it.

I also want to point out that the old paladins never once call them ‘lions’. Zarkon calls them ships. Alfor calls them beasts. Did the lions teach them the word?

It kinda makes me think back to the planet-eating weblum having a fucking defense mechanism but the lions are from an alternate reality so maybe not related.

TL;DR: The lions are terrifying and there’s so much we don’t know about them.


female awesome meme // (1/10) characters with the best growth - cordelia chase

“oh… and you’re welcome.”

hes a supernatural kid who can levitate things (including himself) and has a third eye

horror game asks
  • outlast: would you rather lose your genitals or your fingers?
  • amnesia: something you'd like to forget?
  • silent hill: talk about a memory from your childhood
  • slender: do you believe in any cryptids/urban legends?
  • until dawn: favorite horror movie?
  • alien isolation: do you believe in aliens?
  • five nights at freddy's: the worst job you've ever had/a job you would hate to have
  • left 4 dead: how would you survive a zombie outbreak?
  • the evil within: one thing you like about yourself and one thing you don't like
  • soma: would you live forever if you could?
  • fatal frame: post a selfie
  • lucius: do you believe in god or the devil?

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If killing kids never works out for him I believe pennywise may have a promising future in dance.

They sure have, especially as a pole dancer.
They would make it rain ~
And the dance move they did in the movie would be their special dance move.

Or become a stripper.

Only question is:
What would their stripper name be?


Not sure about the book, but hot diggity I love the organic + mechanic body horror of Twisted Fredbear and Bonnie.

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Will we ever see more of 2017 ":3" baby Pennywise. Idk why but I love your baby penny so much! It's just so adorable (sorry if that sounds creepy)

Baby Penny has returned to fuck more shit up!

Shoutout to all the freaks, weirdos, lovers and losers.

Want what you want, enjoy what you enjoy and love what you love. Do not feel like an outcast because others won’t let you express your love for gore, horror, villains, clowns, kinks, writing.

If you ever feel down, Send me an ask with a rant and I’ll cheer you up. They are open to everyone 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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What would you recommend to someone who is just starting to watch horror movies?

Oh hell, yeah!! I love giving recs and I LOVE when people start getting interested in horror. I’ll give you recs in a few different categories so that you don’t watch anything you wouldn’t enjoy:

Early Horror Movies (Most Are Black and White, 1900′s-1950′s):

Personal Favorites From the 1960′s (Suspenseful):

Must-Sees of the 70′s (The Beginning of the Golden Era):

1980′s Cult Classics (The decade of good special-effects make up):


Best of 2000′s-now:

Other Favorites (AKA 90′s horror):