anything happens to levi i die

Epic marriage

Armin: Eren, will you marry me?

Eren: Armin… We`re in a titan`s stomach, we`re about to die.

Armin: I know that, that`s why I`m asking, I have to know.

Eren: *shaky breath* Yes.

*hugs Armin*

Armin: I love you Eren.

Eren: I-I love you too, so much.


Levi: They`re here! We found them!

Erwin: We`re so glad you`re both safe, let`s get you out of there!

Eren and Armin: *smile the biggest smiles ever*

Hanji: So!? Did anything interesting happen in there!?

Armin: Well…

Eren: We`re getting married!

Everyone: WHAT!?!

I had to write my feelings out omg i’m still not okay aahhhh

The earth rumbled as they fell, splitting open in the wake of their combined attack. Trees cracked and splintered all around them, and with his last strength Gajeel curled himself around Levy in an attempt to shield her from the falling splitters and debris.

But they hit the ground so forcefully that no amount of care could have protected her fully, rolling over upheaved roots and uneven terrain until they came to a halt in a shallow pit.

Their magic ebbed away around them, black swirls or iron script dissipating into the air until nothing remained but their laboured breathing.

“Shit” Gajeel finally spat, coughing out dirt and blood. But he didn’t matter.

His body ached, but by sheer strength of mind he willed it to sit up, turning to the woman by his side. Her eyes were closed, a multitude of cuts littering her fragile body. “Levy!”

When he saw her brow twitch, just slightly, it was as if his heart burst free from invisible constraints. She was alive.

The aftershocks of their Unison Raid travelled through his body, her magic in his veins. It was so soft and gentle, much unlike his own. And with this gentleness in mind, with the memories of her smiles and careful touches, he reached out to caress his hand along her cheek. Cradling her head, he lifted it into his lap, brushing away the dirt that clung to her cheeks with his thumbs.

More dirt stuck to them instead, but he barely noticed.

Because Levy was opening her eyes, slowly, and the world around him stopped existing.

“Gajeel,” she whispered, her voice croaky and strained. She blinked a few times, and it felt like an eternity to him.

They’d made it. They both were alive. Levy was alive.

He could have laughed and cried at once, but settled for neither instead.

Levy struggled to sit up, and he supported her as best as he could until she managed to turn to him on her knees. Her eyes were full of tears, and immediately, he froze.

“Stupid…” she muttered as the first tears rolled down her cheeks, and then she laughed. It was an incredulous, happy sound, and he felt every note of it reverbrate in his soul. “We… really made it. We defeated him. Together. I’m so happy… I’m so happy I could help you.”

She smiled through her tears, such a bright and proud smile that he couldn’t help but answer it with a grim one of his own, finally breaking out of his trance.

“Listen, Levy,” he rasped, “What I said back then…”

Suddenly he felt so nervous that he wanted to run for the hills, but he remained steadfast, reaching out to take her hands into his.

“Yes,” Levy said, a faint blush spreading across her cheeks.  “I heard that.”

Her hesitant smile was enough to lend him the strength he needed to go through with this. It was now or never.

Damn it, he had to get over himself and finally–

But he didn’t get to say the words that were burning on his tongue, not quite yet, because Levy reached up to cup his face in her slim hands.

Every single word he might have uttered died in his throat when she pressed her lips to his. So soft and gentle, like everything about her, but with an underlying ferocity that he had come to know and cherish.

Gajeel leaned into her, tangling a hand in her hair as he brought it to the back of her head. Whether to steady her or himself, he wasn’t sure anymore. The world had stopped spinning, and he could barely feel the burning ache of his body.

He could have died right this instant and he would have been perfectly content.

But he didn’t want to die. Not even the darkest parts of his mind wanted anything but to live alongside her. The two of them together forever, finally leaving the darkness behind. 

He smiled against her lips.

“Me too,” Levy said when she pulled back, breathless and flushed. The smile that spread across her face etched itself into his heart much like the taste of her lips. 

“I’m so glad I could keep the man I fell for safe.”

Erwin and Levi

You know what really makes me sad about these two?

We all knew it, but it’s become extremely clear over the last dozen or so chapters how much Levi cares about and depends on Erwin. And we all know Erwin cares about Levi, especially since he seems to let his Emotionless Commander wall melt away only when Levi is involved. But, Erwin has basically labelled himself a walking corpse dedicated to the cause pretty much since he became commander, but especially since he lost his arm. And in that sense, romantically, he is totally dead to the world. It doesn’t matter who is involved, Erwin is not open to any kind of romantic investment because in his mind, it’s EXTREMELY cruel to start a relationship if he’s just going to get chomped on by titans. He basically spelled this out with the whole “Marie” situation. When he, essentially, gave her to Niles he came to grips with the fact that he would never get married to anyone.

I think Levi has shown progressively more open affection towards Erwin as the chapters go on (and I think, as his character progresses) but Erwin does not give an inch when it comes to his “dream”. Which is heartbreaking because even if Levi does love Erwin, Erwin will never give into it. Because Erwin would see it unnecessary and cruel to ever reciprocate any kind of feelings with anyone, only to die shortly after. And seeing how important Levi is to him, those feelings would go double for him. If anything super tragic happens, I just have no idea how Erwin would deal with it. Part of me thinks he would make it as clean a break as possible so he doesn’t scar Levi for life.

Hold me.

“Levi heichou, am I really going to be killed? Please… help me, I’m begging. I can’t die otherwise my memories of you will die too…”
Erens eyes begun to turn glassy.

“Eren! Listen to me. I promise you, I’m not letting anything happen. Even if it costs me my own life. I swear, I’ll do what ever it takes!”
Levi pulled Erens head to rest in the crook of his neck and ran his slender fingers through his silky chocolate hair.

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i feel like something bad is going to happen to levi... zeke was too easy to defeat, levi literally slaughtered him and we all know snk is anything but easy. also, i feel like hange going missing is a good thing, because if she didn't, she'll end up going with erwin's plan, and (I don't wanna underestimate hange but) she'll probably also die along with the rest of the sc.

Something bad did happen to Levi. I can’t think of anything worse. He failed to deliver on a promise. Everyone died to give him that moment. Erwin was counting on him. He promised. Now it looked like that sacrifice was for nothing.

I’m not worried about the horde of titans running to attack him. I’m worried about his mental health. Levi has only recently come out of a slump that started in chapter fifty-one when he found out the titans he was killing were once human and lasted through chapter sixty-nine. Learning the truth about his past from Kenny helped him move on. I hope

Hange being MIA was a plot device to save her life during the suicide run, and also to give Armin and the 104th a chance to work alone. I’m ok with this, but I do wonder how things would’ve been different if she’d been with Erwin and Levi. I’d like to believe she would’ve come up with a Plan C that would’ve saved lives.

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Trust me, you are not the only one being paranoid over Levi or Hanji being killed. I can't go on like this ISAYAMA WHY DON'T YOU STUCK THEM IN A PLACE SAFE FOR TWENTY CHAPTERS?


This pairing is going to be the death of me. But it’s not even the pairing, because I really like the characters as individuals, too. At the same time…ugh. I could write so many posts on this it hurts.

Here is my rambly thought process at the moment. Maybe a more coherent post later when I’m not feeling so droopy tired!

(Spoilers under cut.)

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What makes me laugh is that this chapter has no sense at all. Hanji understands the importance of Erwin alive, Levi leaves Erwin die for a reason I don't comprehend and Hanji doesn't say anything. Like "Why Levi?", "Erwin will suffer", "Oh you're right, poor Erwin. He cannot suffer." hahahah What's - this - shit. I never read a chapter like this in my all life.

Depressed people should just die mate. Killing them is the only way you can help them. Unless you’re a protag, dreams are *bad*, *slavery* and should be suppressed with the dreamer.
Also, legacies are to be passed to the next generation no matter what bc this is a shonen.

Of course this makes no sense at all, anon. This nonsensical shit happened just because Erwin’s presence was in the way of the protagonists’ survival and happiness and also likely inconvenient to the plot. Isayama could have done it in 3 pages, allowing Erwin to die a decent death in battle and the characters/themes to stay true to themselves. Erwin’s grotesque delirious state and Levi’s sudden schizophrenia and *philosophical* attitude are the most ridiculous things I’ve ever read in my life.
Isayama wanted to maximize the drama and the shock at literally any cost.

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I am dying to know more about Levi and Eren's relationship. What did Levi find the most difficult about suddenly becoming a father? Outside of the... you know... part where his tiny Sioux child is deaf and oblivious to pain.

I have been staring at this one for an age and a half trying to figure out how to answer it without spoilerfying…

One of the biggest hurdles Levi had to overcome was actually being able to think of himself as a father.  His upbringing was canon-complying-ly horrific (yeah, there’s an LL!Kenny kickin’ around) and so he had absolutely nothing positive to associate with anything familial.  And while we haven’t gotten to what exactly happened to Eren yet…er, well. Levi was there when it happened. And he wasn’t. Um. He wasn’t just in the right place at the right time. Shall we say.  YEah. Uh. Guilt was a thing. A lot of guilt. A lot of guilt.  But guilt or no, this kid would probably die without him.  

Why don’t I just tell you this story.

Erwin, for reasons known mainly to Erwin, helped them get out of Canada by giving Levi a job on the construction crew restoring the Amish stone barn on his old family farm into a house.  This crew was headed by an old buddy of Erwin’s named Mike, and included a number of people you may be familiar with (Erd, Gunter, Auro, Petra, Nanaba), all of whom pretty quickly got used to the presence of a small silent green-eyed person who kinda liked to stay close to Levi.  

Petra was part-timing on the crew while working on her social-worker degree and certification, and she was the one to point out to Levi that they needed to get Eren talking again, before he started to lose his vocal skills.  Eren was starting to pick up sign language (courtesy of Petra and Auro, who both knew a little) but he refused to talk - it was just too weird not being able to hear himself.  He didn’t even like trying to read lips: sign language was a fun game, but everything else was just a reminder that he couldn’t hear anymore.

Except there was this one phrase he kept seeing - he liked to sit outside under a tree while the crew was working and read, and he kept seeing the other guys say something to Levi, and then Levi would always look at him with this weird expression on his face…so he swiped a hand mirror from Petra and spent days sitting under the tree just watching every conversation he could, and staring at his own lips in the mirror trying to figure out those sounds.  And then one day he walked up to Levi and tugged on his sleeve and said, in his whispery scratchy unused little voice, “They’re calling me your son.”

It was the first thing Levi ever heard him say.  

Last thoughts on Serum Bowl 2k16 and the Clusterfuck that happened right after

So, now that the actual chapter is out on most manga sites, it was the one we all read on Tumblr (for those of you shouting ‘Its not even the full chapter!’) except for maybe one panel that shows Eren trying to pull the serum away from Levi, which lead to him getting hit. 

I don’t condone Levi hitting Eren or body slamming Historia in that one chapter, but it was spare of the moment and he did what he had to do. I still hope an apology is in order sometime in the future Historia didn’t get one so its only wishful thinking. But Eren wasn’t threatening. He didn’t raise his hand, cock back his fist, raise his foot, pull his blade or anything. He stood up because he was appalled that Armin might actually die at this moment and there was nothing he could do about it. Levi hit Eren only to make a point that whatever happened, Erwin was going to live and nothing could get in the way of that. 

While although I see people’s problems with Mikasa, I say that it was time to see more from her. I don’t blame her for acting the way she did because Armin and Eren are all she has left. If she loses Armin she might lose Eren to the grief and then there goes her. Remember she wanted to fight Levi when he kicked the shit out of Eren in that courtroom scene either, but Armin held her back. Seeing this proved that Mikasa isn’t perfect like people make her out to be and she’s human just like the rest of them and no I wasn’t bawling when she starting wailing shut up.

My next fault also lies with Levi in this situation. I remember seeing a post that said “Oh he hesitated for two whole seconds and Eren freaks out!” ok no? Just because it took you two seconds to turn to the next page doesn’t mean Levi hesitated for two seconds. For all we know Levi could have hesitated long after Eren asked for the serum the first time and Eren got frustrated because well that’s his best friend and the thing to save him is literally right in front of him. Armin was dying and Eren had to move before he lost him forever. How could Levi know that Flocke was bringing Erwin or that Erwin “lived” long enough for them to debate about the serum? 

Another note that I would like to make is that Levi is slowly not becoming my favorite character anymore (or anywhere near my number 1). Not because of this chapter, or because he hit Eren or body slammed Historia, but because the manga shows that hey, there’s more people than the ones on the cover and on every t-shirt. Jean exists, Sasha exists, Connie exists, and Hanji exists and they’re just as badass in their own way with their own feelings (especially Jean). Yeah Levi’s a badass with tons of angst, but there’s more people outside of the Shiganshia trio and Levi. 

I also hope that when Armin is all safe and sound and whatnot, the kids will take some time to actually go to their dead commander and pay their respects, because they didn’t and that just didn’t sit well with me. People criticize that part not happening, but that was the end of the chapter? How do you know they won’t do that in the next one when things have “calmed down”? Apologizing to Levi and Hanji about their loss might not be a good idea unless they want to lose more teeth. 

I was in the middle with Armin and Erwin living (I actually expected Erwin to get the serum and Eren to be livid tbh) but I hate Flocke. For the Armin side he didn’t want Armin to live and fought with Eren and Mikasa about their childhood friend that he knew nothing about and where they were coming from, and for the Erwin side he literally called the man a demon from hell. I don’t want to see this character for a long time. 

I liked how everyone reacted when they thought Armin was actually going to die, since he always seems to have this thought that everyone hates him and renders him completely useless (Even though he’s not, he just needed time to grow into his own skin and transition from being a person who always got protected from bullies to his own person. In no way is taking generically weak  character and developing them into a stronger character weak.)  And no I didn’t cry on that one page where Eren reached out for Armin shut up.

In all honesty and sincerity, I don’t believe Levi’s reasons for letting Erwin go. He could have easily hardened his heart and chose Erwin. Giving Erwin peace would be killing him after he saw the basement. I need to see something about Levi actually saying why he chose Armin. 

  1. I saw a post that said Erwin had thoughts for the present, but Armin had thoughts for the far future. After they saw what was in the basement, what was Erwin’s life goal after that? Fight Titans? He’ll get eaten or killed before he can kill one. Lead the remainder of the SC? You have to be there with them to lead and that takes me back to the fight titans thing. He would literally have to stay out of sight and hide while people die, and we already know how he feels about the people who died. Erwin was a soldier by blood and the only thing he could do after this was stay inside the walls and work behind the scenes, which he doesn’t do. Armin had plans past the basement to me. He wanted to explore and see the ocean once the titans were gone and wanted to help humanity regain the knowledge about the outside world that they lost (he says this and so does Isayama in an interview). 

Was Armin the bad choice? Eh (I scream no because Armin’s my favorite character out of the whole thing because he’s the only relatable one). Like the last page said, the new generation and something about that. I honestly think that if Armin doesn’t freak out when he realizes he’s alive and resents everyone for turning him into a Titan it could work. Armin’s also the narrator for the anime (The anime Isayama had every say on) and don’t you think it would have been a different person if he planned on killing Armin? He planned on killing Sasha right after giving her almost no development and when he decided her to live she got buckets of development. 

The only long term problem I see with Levi choosing Erwin is that Eren, Mikasa, Jean, Connie, and Sasha (when she wakes up), might not want to fight anymore, but can you blame any of them? Mikasa might become even more reckless than she did when she thought Eren died and get killed and Eren himself might give up completely out of grief. They can’t lose Eren and they can’t lose Mikasa as well as the young SC because there’s literally no one left. Plus, even after this happens, I don’t think Eren and Mikasa (especially Eren) will ever forgive or trust Levi again, even though Armin’s alive. 

The only problem I see with choosing Armin is that he’s young and that tends to be most people’s arguments.  But with the way Armin’s character is now, if he keeps growing he could be something great. I hope Levi gets his time to grieve because he deserves it, but I hope that grief doesn’t lead to him dying until its all over. 

The only thing I want to see happen is the basement. Its what they deserve after this cluster of emotions and to see what’s in the basement might be the only thing for them now watch it be completely empty. I don’t wanna see Zeke come back. I don’t wanna see Reiner for a long time, and I certainly don’t want to see anyone else die maybe Flocke There’s still loads more of the story to go because A). We haven’t heard anything from Yimir or Historia for a long time, and B). I think something might happen with Annie one last time, especially with Bertolt being dead. 

Answers to the arguments people give me

Erwin’s death came out of nowhere: Ever since he lost his arm he’s wanted to die and its been foreshadowed for at least 20 chapters. Also, Marco, Moblit, Petra, Mike, Oluo, Hanji and Grisha all died out of nowhere. 

Erwin’s death didn’t have any satisfaction: Look above at the names and tell me where that satisfaction is. Still waiting for Jean to hear how Marco died btw

They’re all fucked since Erwin died: If you’re not the main trio (and not the trio  that gets put on all the merchandise aka Eren Mikasa and Levi) you’re already fucked just saying. People are going to die after all this and I don’t want to see one person blame Armin for it unless he’s on the other side of the blade/gun/titan hand. 

Armin’s useless: Eren listed that answer already I don’t have to say it again. Also, he’s the reason Jean/Connie/Sasha/Hanji/Historia/the entire SC are alive and weren’t pushing up daisies anytime sooner. 

Eren and Mikasa were acting like children/the worst characters in the manga now: I’m pretty sure the oldest one out of all of them is Jean, and he’s somewhere around early 17 late 16 (please correct me if I’m wrong) so yes, they’re both children and deserve to act like that. I would have been angrier if they didn’t fight for Armin to live. Levi and Erwin are no perfect saints either. 

This is bad writing: It is if you were looking at it in terms of visual aesthetic for your otp/ship (Which is mainly where I see all the hate coming from). Its not a romance anime/manga, that’s what fanfiction are for if you wanna see it like that. Humanity lost their one sign of hope and they have to come back from that. The only way now, I hope, is up for them. You wouldn’t have stuck around for 80+ chapters and a 20+ episode anime if this were bad writing. The theme of this is twisted morality just saying. And JeanMarco seems to be thriving even though Marco’s been dead so your ship is not dead.  This plot has been thought about for a long time and was not spare of the moment at all. Obviously something’s going to happen in the future because it’s called THINKING YOUR STORY OUT AND HAVING AN ENDING IN SIGHT BEFORE YOU START IT. Ya’ll act like he did it for shock value. No? He’s thought about this and had it planned out with the end in mind. 

I quit reading: Ok? Even if Snk loses its massive fanbase (which I don’t see happening anytime soon with the video game and new anime season coming out) small manga make it to the end all the time. Just because it lost its place in rankings doesn’t mean its not going to finish. I would be wholeheartedly disappointed if there were no end to it *Cough* Love Stage *Cough* even if that means they all die.  People left at the end of Season 1, they left with Snk Junior High, they left when Season 2 kept getting pushed back, you aren’t being original (not to mention I and everyone else don’t care if you read it or not)

So Armin’s more important than Erwin?: Well I mean to Eren, Mikasa, Jean, Connie, Sasha, and Historia yeah. He’s their age, he’s their friend, they identify with him more, etc. etc. 

MIKASA AND EREN SHOULD RESPECT THEIR SUPERIORS:  Again, I don’t know if we’re reading the same manga or not (those AU fics where they’re all aged up might have gone to your head or something like that) but these are children. You cannot hold them to the same standards as a +20 yr old war veteran or else they would be the OP super badass characters that everyone seems to complain about. Again, I would have been angrier if there was no argument to save Armin because guess what guys? That means they have emotions and aren’t some robots!

Armin sucks/is going to be the villain now: 1). Villains still have large fanbases  (Hisoka, Claude, Griffith, Light, Lelouch, Dio Brando, Takasugi, Lucy/Nyu, Vegeta, Itachi, every villain from Fairy Tail, the list goes on). Just because you say that doesn’t mean people won’t like him anymore. Plus I like to read for plot purposes and that would be interesting if that were to happen.  2). Armin’s been getting hate ever since his character was created. It was either him being too weak, looking like a girl, not doing anything, etc etc. This is nothing new and you aren’t starting anything. The only time I’ve seen so many people come together for Armin is when he “died”. 

*Sends harassment and hate to someone just for liking Armin and sends hate to Isayama*: Now you’re being an immature child that didn’t get what they wanted and you deserve every clapback the petty Armin lovers throw at you. I have no respect for you in the least because its a piece of fiction. But I’m also not surprised because this happens all the time. Not saying you can’t be mad (really though?) and sad (more reasonable in my eye) because the man died, but realize that you’re bashing a 2D drawing and the people who drew it? There’s plenty of better things to do tbh. 

I’ve said my final piece about everything and what I expect to see with future chapters so I think that’s enough. I also refuse to say anything about Bertolt because I have mixed feelings. 

Bottom line: Stop being childish because you didn’t get what you wanted, Snk is not a romance manga, the plot is in fact thought out (I know shocker to some of ya’ll)  And do something better with your salt like banishing demons or fighting ghosts or something like that.