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do u ever stop and think about how kiku grabbed onto konatsu instead of sukeroku because he could have tried to save sukeroku who he loves so much but instead he grabs onto konatsu who he knows shin loves more than anyone else in the universe and wow my heart bye

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Tangled omg. I dont have a line but my favorite scene is when he's holding the flowers for her to leave in the river and then the lanterns came up? Is there anything that could inspire you from that scene? I know it's hella vague? But it gives you like free reign to write how you please?



Remus used the paddles to urge the small row boat out into the center of the lake. For the first time in your life, you were going to see the lights up close. No more watching from your tower. Instead, you would be in the midst of it. A part of something special. With a boy you quite possibly could be falling in love with. 

While you waited, you toyed with the small bouquet of flowers Remus had provided. One by one, you set them afloat in the blue water. Each petal dancing gracefully in the small ripples.

Remus was perfectly content to watch you. Well, until you nearly capsized the small boat in your haste to get a closer view of the lights. 

“Easy,” Remus murmured with a chuckle as the boat stilled.

“Oops,” you blushed, though you didn’t dwell on it long, as your eyes took in the growing sight before you. 

Lanterns of all shapes and sizes lifting themselves into the air. Their different shades illuminating the night skies as they drifted higher and higher. 

Your mouth had fallen open slightly and as you turned to see if Remus was enjoying the view as much as you, you were shocked to find him holding two lanterns of his own. 

He held one out to you, a small smile gracing his lips. 

You eagerly joined him and took the lantern into your hands. For once you were going to be a part of something magical. 

“On three?” he asked.

You nodded anxiously, an excited grin on your face. 

“1, 2,” he paused, “3.”

The two of you guided the lanterns into the air, where they quickly joined the rest of the embers of a fire built of hope. 

“Thank you, Remus,” you whispered dreamily, your eyes still glued to the sky, as he rowed back toward the shore. 

“I’m glad you enjoyed it,” he responded simply, a smile in his voice and the sound of the paddles slicing through the water providing the background music. 

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Blurb Weekend!

Give me one reason Bonnie should be cold hearted toward Damon after he read her the letter. I mean she even hugged him and now all of a sudden, she is angry with him. Did episode ten not even happen? Or what’s going on with her? Damon didn’t do anything. Looks like our fandom was right. We got the letter scene to get it over with so Bamon don’t have interactions with each other after the fact. The writing staff has Alzheimer’s. They don’t know their own stories.

Three more weeks until the show is finally finished. I can’t wait.

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which episode is the call your girlfriend scene in?

Episode 3 and it starts at 15:41 in the episode….not that I would know that off by heart or anything *nervous laughter* like lol i’m not crazy or anything. *quickly hides the million screencaps she’s taken of that scene on her desktop* 

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I'm so absolutely enthralled by this dine and dash discussion omg. Starting to wonder if macusa has like the wizard equivalent of traffic cops but like their job is to just monitor wizard restaurants to prevent this sort of tomfoolery. This is the sort of bullshit Tina is demoted to. She's like the wizard equivalent of Julie the bunny-cop from Zootopia. Aaaaand now I'm picturing Grindelwald as the Fox.

Okay, but how does that work in places where muggles/wizards mix? Like if James and Sirius went to a Burger King and disapparated in the bathrooms, how could the cops do anything without making a scene?

Technically this is late as it’s already 2am for me, but I’ve been struggling with this picture for two days now and I really won’t be able to think of anything better for Chapter 23;;

I thought that after that scene where Toshinori falls over with the couch Izuku would probably offer to help him up, cue to me desperately trying to find a good composition for this with a perspective I can handle..

There’s gonna be a live action Lion King remake and I know this is an unpopular opinion but I think the original is kinda overrated among Disney’s animated movies. Also I thought the live action Jungle Book was kinda boring so I’m not really excited for this. 

The whole Disney live action remake thing has honestly gotten so boring, like it gave us Cinderella, but all the other ones were just blah and now it feels like they’re not even pretending to add anything new and just recreating the exact same scenes to coast on nostalgia.



I’ve been in need of some $ to get a new tablet since my old Cintiq died, and some other needs like finally getting a driver’s license. (Which are both expensive things in Brazil, unfortunately). It’s your chance to get some art while helping a poor artist!

Prices above are for Half bodies and Full bodies. Other stuff like portraits, full scenes, pixel art sprites/animation, etc. are negotiable. Browse here for more examples.

I won’t draw complex robots/machinery, anything racist or homo/transphobic, and explicit sex scenes (nudity is fine otherwise). Anything else is peachy.

I’ll limit them to 3 slots at a time! Buy one while it’s hot!

Contact me through ask or message.

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Do Miyu and Ronya know one another?

There is a connecting element to their pasts which I haven’t brought up yet!  

Alright, so…. recall back to [Vivi/Ronya’s and Marcus’ supports]? The assassination mentioned — Miyu was involved in it. Family Dahl (Vivi’s noble house) had people inside the castle helping their cause, and one of those people was a mistress of the King. Miyu, who’s worked under Garon and anyone connected to him ever since her youth, had been hired by this particular mistress, who was aware of Miyu’s connection to some assassinations of Garon’s concubines and children; She was an easy piece to control, since she pretty much did anything she was told.

They did meet a few times before this assassination scene as well — family Dahl would partake in the grand balls in castle Krakenburg quite frequently, and Miyu, guarding the royal children or accompanying Gunter, would often meet children of nobility who would spend time socializing with the royal kids while their parents were speaking of politics and adult business.

So basically… yes, they do ‘know’ each other, but not personally and not well. Miyu is 100% dedicated on serving the crown and especially the royal siblings, and tends to ignore anything unrelated to these matters. She does recognize the blue-haired outlaw, however, as the night of the assassination attempt was a turning point to Miyu’s life, as well.


Dean + worrying about Cas

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Fired! After years… years of hard work. And ass kissing. Oh God, I kissed so many different kinds of asses.


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