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A few days over the horizon just waiting for us.

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Did you see what happened on Twitter? Cuz @/ContactSH Just confirmed that Redbeard is his DOG while he just met VICTOR at University!!! (You should read the tweets if you haven't) So what about TFP?! What do you think this means??! I mean we do consider these Accs real in a way right?

Hey Nonny!

Yeah, I don’t follow the twitters aside from whatever people post up on twitter, LOL. I remain cautiously optimistic that the Twitter Accounts are associated with the BBC in some way, since I find they’re very much in character. I’m just boggled because they sort of follow the narrative but at the same time they don’t? So I’m not sure. We’ll see soon, I hope.

Also, I don’t believe TFP is anything other than John’s Nightmare and not supposed to be taken at face value :P.

I proposed a theory at one point that Victor was actually a friend of John’s in his childhood, and used him as an avatar for his dream.

  • Molly : You're coming over to my house tonight. And we're gonna..."study".
  • Sherlock : [petulantly] Come on. I never get to do anything fun.
  • John : My god, you're dumb.
  • Sherlock : [huffing] Well, I guess that's why I gotta go "STUDY".

29th January

It’s mad. I think he might be mad. He was certainly arrogant and really quite rude and he looks about 12 and he’s clearly a bit public school and, yes, I definitely think he might be mad but he was also strangely likeable. He was charming. It really was all just a bit strange.

So tomorrow, we’re off to look at a flat. Me and the madman. Me and Sherlock Holmes.

for fucks sake why couldn’t they have ended it with the gang eating cake in 221b


Alexander Hamilton:

  • You know how sims walk when they’re tired. He walks like that.
  • He sometimes forgets to eat because he can’t shut up long enough to put food in there.
  • When he laughs he throws his head back.
  • Short af.
  • PTSD
  • Abandonment issues and tends to push people away.
  • Naturally blushy cheeks. (This is based on truth!!)

John Laurens:

  • Short but muscles.
  • Also all the freckles.
  • Gets sunburnt very easily.
  • Usually has his hands in his pockets.
  • Almost always having a smal smile on his face because he has great hair.
  • He has a light step.
  • Skateboards(???) a lot.


  • Long and slim.
  • Has a great ass though.
  • Clothes has no gender.
  • Says please and thank you a lot.
  • Sucks at dancing.
  • Is fantastic at english but doesn’t understand chat speak that well. “Why would we name a ship after them?”.
  • Always cooks extravagant meals.

Hercules Mulligan: 

  • Tall and buff.
  • But very kind and sweet!!
  • He naturally has his chest a bit puffed out and it’s so !!!
  • His beanie is his safety “blanket”.
  • When he laughs his cheeks get bLUSHY
  • He has very soft hands because he gets manicures
  • Makes nicknames to everyone

Aaron Burr: 

  • Cool and collected.
  • Very good posture.
  • Likes K-pop.
  • Is lowkey a flaming pile of garbage.
  • Awful hand-eye coordination.
  • Walks in long strides.
  • Recycles

Eliza Schuyler:

  • Very kind and trusting like jesus The Man doesn’t have any candy Eliza.
  • Loves soda.
  • Always wear skirts.
  • Great hair.
  • Naive but we love her anyways.
  • She tries to look dangerous but it doesn’t work.
  • Once stepped of ladybug and cried for 2 hours.

Angelica Schuyler:

  • Her back is as straight as Laurens is gay.
  • Very supportive of her sisters.
  • Very kind but if you fuck up… I’ll come to your funeral.
  • Shit is together.
  • Poise and elegant.
  • Loves fuit sallads.
  • Donates a lot of money.

Peggy Schuyler:

  • Seems very sweet but knows literally all your secrets.
  • Everyone is like “protect Peggy” and yet…
  • Not the greatest at spelling but fantastic at math and science.
  • She’s either an engineer or doctor.
  • Pastel colors and flower crowns.
  • Her hands are always touching each other.
  • Very sad and gets ignored a lot.

Thomas Jefferson:

  • Teases a lot and is very ego-boosted
  • Quite the emotional nervous fella.
  • Tall and muscles.
  • Loves attention.
  • Has a very cocky posture.
  • Has a bunch of ironic shirts.
  • Definitely shitty but feels bad for being shitty.

James Madison:

  • Short but muscles.
  • Has epilepsy.
  • Very closed posture.
  • Good friends with Peggy because mutual anxiety.
  • A good friend.
  • He’s very mentally strong and stuff.
  • Sometimes Thomas has to hold his hand in public.

George Washington:

  • He’s done with everyone.
  • Very kind but also like protective of himself.
  • Not used to physical affection.
  • Offensive posture + long strides.
  • Protects all of the above when they have their weak moments.
  • Takes proper care of himself by fucking sleeping and eating which nO ONE ELSE DOES.
  • Give him flowers.

Here is the complete list of super powers me and @simply-a-storyteller came up with for the hamilsquad:

Alexander Hamilton - Super speed

Aaron Burr - Can stop time

John Laurens - Beast Boy (can transform into different animals)

Hercules Mulligan - Shapeshifter

Lafayette - Confusion Manipulation (can confuse people/make them forget what they were doing)

Angelica Schuyler - Earth-based powers

Eliza Schuyler - Fire-based powers

Peggy Schuyler - Flight

James Madison - Mind reading

Thomas Jefferson - Duplication

George Washington - Invincibility 

Theodosia Sr. - Healing (but she can’t heal herself)

Theodosia Jr. - Can see into the future

Philip Hamilton - Charm (makes people fall in love with him)

George Eacker - Creates force fields to block other people’s powers

James Reynolds - Bad luck magnet (gives other people bad luck)

Maria Reynolds- Copy Cat (can copy other people’s powers)

Charles Lee- Invisibility 

King George- Reality bending

Samuel Seabury - Amplifies people’s fears

*Bonus* (we were having a Sky High discussion so….)

Jonathan Bellamy - Guinea pig transformation 

John Adams - Turns into a puddle of goo


When the moon fell in love with the sun
All was golden in the sky
All was golden when the day met the night