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Steve has no shades of grey when it comes to Bucky and I love him for it. Bucky’s in Austria, whats he gonna do, walk there? If that’s what it takes. He’s been brainwashed Steve, he doesn’t know you. He will. Steve he’s wanted by multiple governments, why won’t you hand him over? He’s my friend and it wasn’t his fault. Like, there’s no question for Steve, there’s no part of him that hesitates, no other factors play into it, is it Bucky? Does he need help? Steve will do whatever it takes to give it to him. Can you believe how much he loves Bucky wow.

There’s a lot of very young queer ppl on this site which is like, great and stuff, but it’s important to realize that 90% of the topics that gain traction on this site aren’t ones that will truly effect them in their everyday lives, leaving them unprepared. Before I was out and first joined tumblr, I thought hard hitting issues were things like not having enough ace people on tv and bi erasure of celebrities because lets face it, those are things that get the most notes. And they’re issues for sure, but it didn’t prepare me for the almost violent homophobia and bullying I experienced when I came out. I think their needs to be a shift in attention on this site, because honestly? The violence gay men are subjected to is obscene. The rate at which trans people are murdered is obscene. The sexual violence that lesbians and bi women are subjected to?? U guessed it. Obscene!! Like if we could stop stalking about riverdale and ace representation and celebrities that may or may not be bi for two minutes, and contribute to actually helping young and old LGBT people alike protect themselves and each other, it would really improve the safety of our community! Not to mention it would better prepare young people for the life they’re about to live. Just a thought.

rebelcaptain bodyguard au part 2 [part one]

“Where were you born?”

“Doesn’t matter.”

“Did you have any siblings?”

“You don’t need to know.”

“How did you find yourself in the academy?”

Jyn finally looked up from the floor, an annoyed look gracing her usually calm face. He couldn’t help but smile.

“You ask too many questions.”

He leaned back in his chair, setting down the documents he was supposed to be overlooking. 

“Well, seeing as you know so much about me, it’s only fair.”

Her breath released from her nose in an audible hiss, and he knew how trained her breathing was. He was getting under her skin. 

And they both knew how incredibly dangerous that was. 

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Arranged Love Pt.15 | Jungkook

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14 | Part 14.5 | Part 15 | Part 16 | Part 17 | Part 18 | Part 19 | Epilogue

Summary: When you and Jungkook are forced into an arranged marriage for publicity, you never expected to find yourself falling for him - even if you know it’s wrong.

Word Count: 4,021

Genre: Fluff/angst

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This is interesting, Robin wearing white when there was something important going on with Barney. Anytime something significant happened between them she always wore white. I always thought it was yellow, but the color that represents Barney and Robin’s relationship is white. It’s not yellow, purple, green, blue or red it’s white.

  1. gif 1: Robin and Barney are planning where they want to live a few weeks before their wedding she’s wearing a white tank top in bed. This was a big milestone in their relationship and it was also the episode where she says that she loves every creepy, psychopathic things about him and this showed growth as a character as well.
  2. gif 2: At their wedding weekend they were having a disagreement on what romantic thing to do right after getting married. Either, release doves or have a gun solute as a sendoff gift. They didn’t tell each other that they were going to do these things but at the end of the episode they both figure out what to do after realizing that they are both lone wolfs and it was time to not lone wolf it apart and work together and that’s what they did.
  3. gif 3: Robin’s wedding dress, I’m not talking about the scene I’m just talking about the dress. She and Barney are getting married and that’s a huge milestone especially since both of them were against marriage for a long time. I know some people hate this dress and I didn’t love it at first either but now I love it and think it was a beautiful dress, however I could have done without the sleeves but the rest of the dress was actually really pretty.
  4. gif 4: She is wearing a white sweater in this scene which is huge for HER because she realizes that after Barney tells her he’s done going after her she realizes that she could lose him if she doesn’t do anything about that which in the Robin she goes nuts trying to get him back or just sleep with him. But, that’s not what Barney wanted and that’s why Robin said yes when he proposed.
  5. gif 5: The dress she wears in this scene is three different colors, all representing BR’s relationship, the colors are yellow, gray and white. This moment is significant because it’s technically their first real date (although I do count their laser tag as their first date ever) but this one was when Barney was first in love with her so this is a big moment in their relationship.
  6. gif 6: She is wearing white and black in that one, but the big moment here is that in the next minute she realizes she’s still in love with Barney and this was huge for her because it showed that 1 she isn’t over Barney and 2 her development as a character shows that she’s putting a relationship before anything else including work. And, as you’ve seen in season 6 that season was a really big season for them in general because they both grew a lot from this point onward. Her feelings for him were stronger and she was absolutely sure that she’s still in love with him. She spent the next few months in love with him and we know that the moment in the rain was before this moment so it could be a few weeks but as it was a finale and the beginning of season 7 I’ll count it as months.
  7. gif 7: Another season 6 scene, after her breakup with Don she’s a mess but suddenly once Barney was teasing her, he teased her enough for her to get mad at it so she dresses (sundresses) up in this white dress after she got some of her confidence back. This moment is also big because it was the start of the flash forward wedding stuff which was their wedding ie the white dress here is kind of like the white dress she wears to marry Barney in.
  8. gif 8: Barney tells the story of how he meets Tracy in which helps him get him to finally admit that he’s still in love with Robin which then has him creating The Robin to get her back for good by committing to her 1000% and this moment also had her crying after finding out that her mother wasn’t coming to her wedding. He instantly cheered her up by telling this story and it got her to stop crying. This also shows that he’s really the only one who can really and truly calm her down when she gets overly worked up like this it also parallels the moment when he comforts her in “Sandcastles In the Sand” which was the start of their romance.
  9. gif 9: Robin’s wearing kind of a mix of brown in her sweater but it was brown and off white so it’ll count as white. She was very upset that she thought that Barney had thrown away all the stuff from their relationship but he didn’t and when she went to the storage unit she sees he didn’t throw it away. Even though this was a moment where she was supposed to let him go it really wasn’t because as we know she wasn’t over him and got engaged a few episodes later. Still, this is big for her because it’s part of her development and shows she’s still not over Barney and is sad that he’s marrying someone else. She’s putting her relationship with Barney ahead of anything else that’s why that failnale never happened because she would never give up the thing that makes her happiest and would never throw away this relationship at all ever, period. She’s grown enough to realize that this is what she wants and she chose Barney and it’s important for this relationship that she’s not only choosing to be with Barney but she also wants a life with him and believes that he’s her soulmate and true love. She would never get rid of him or her real feelings for unhappiness again. Same goes with Barney, he would never want to go back to being single, alone and depressed because his true happiness was and is always with Robin.
  10. gif 10: The white blouse, they’re going off to their wedding weekend both happy and pretty content after the little issue they had. Barney tells her he doesn’t need to wait for it anymore because he has her and that’s really all they needed to be happy and completed. Anything else is just  irrelevant to being happy and content, nothing would ever have them easily let each other go. Their love, acceptance, understanding, and happiness will never let anything stand in their way to be together because this is where their happiness lies… with each other and that’s the ending for me and them.

This is all @foleypdx ’s fault. I was studying without pants, sent her a pic of my textbook on my legs, and she replied with ‘nice science. nice gam’. I can only assume that her later thought process was this:
lol, Alexis is a science, she’s pantsless, Lena’s a science, she’s probs also pantsless.
She then sent me: 'imagine Lena pantsless in her office’
To which I screamed about and then wrote this.

Also, the idea that Lena doesn’t like caramel is from wtfoctagon whom I cannot seem to tag? but here’s a Link to their blog, but their fic: Sunlit Honey and Lavender Sunsets which is literally the best representation of Jess that I have ever seen with mine own two eyes and I fucking love this fic, I can’t even describe how much I adore it.

This is also on AO3 :

Jess was tired and now Ms. Danvers was here and Ms. Danvers was nice but honestly she was loud and rambunctious and a little over the top with everything in life and Jess was just tired. So, yes, she waved Ms. Danvers toward Ms. Luthor’s door without buzzing Ms. Luthor and THEN the phone rang and well? Ms. Luthor always liked seeing Ms. Danvers so it just wasn’t going to be a problem.

Kara opened the door; Lena’s office was dark except for one lamp beside her couch. Kara really needed to talk to Lena about staying so late. Really, if the light bothered her enough that she had to sit in near dark-

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Request: Can I have a Hoseok imagine where he finds you dancing alone and he is amazed, with lots of fluff and and cuteness :)

Words: 1.4k

Ahhh, this was a super cute request, it practically wrote itself xD

Originally posted by btsleepy

It really wasn’t the kind of thing you usually did.

You were definitely more the sort of person to laze around, only moving when it was completely necessary. Hoseok was the dancer out of the two of you obviously, he would dance with a carefree glee, hips moving fluidly with the beat of whatever song was playing. All the while you would sit and watch him happily, drinking in the way his body moved with such perfection, you never really thought to join in and dance yourself.

Yet, here you were, alone in your kitchen with the radio turned up to full blast carelessly moving to the quick beat. You were aware that if anyone were to walk in right now, you would look completely crazy. You lack any sort of rhythm, your legs move randomly and you throw your arms around haphazardly, almost knocking over various ornaments several times.

But once you started, you couldn’t stop.

You were no dancer by any means, especially not compared to your boyfriend, but perhaps you were starting to see why he loved dancing so much. There was something so liberating about moving like this, putting your everything into each tiny movement.

The food in the pans slowly boiled away, long forgotten as you became lost in the heavy drum beat. The music echoes throughout the whole room and you were sure your neighbours would complain about the noise tomorrow, but you can’t bring yourself to care. You just keep moving and moving.

You aren’t sure how many songs you’ve gone through or how many minutes have passed by the time you finally stop. Your hair sticks to your sweaty forehead and you can feel the extreme warmth of your skin as you quickly breathe in and out in a struggle to catch your breath.

After turning the radio down you turn your attention back to the food, giving it a quick stir and breathing a sigh of relief when you see none of it had burnt during your impromptu dancing session.

You look at the clock. Hoseok should be home by no, he’d promised 6:30. Just as you sadly return to stirring the food you hear a quiet little coughing noise coming from the doorway of the kitchen. Upon quickly jolting around you find Hoseok standing there, a smile that could outshine the sun itself gracing his face. Every single time you see that smile, your heart melts like butter. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together or how used you are to his company, that smile never fails to get to you, it’s possibly your favourite thing in the world.

“Having fun?” he asks, a laugh escaping from his beautiful mouth, you always take your time to remember every single one of his laughs, everything from the pitch of his voice to the way it seems to brighten up the whole room.

“What are you talking about, I was just cooking” you insist bashfully, pretending to suddenly be very interested in the food in front of you. You fixate your vision on it, pretending not to notice as he moves closer to you.

“I’ve been here for like five minutes Y/N, I saw you dancing” he says, moving so that he’s standing behind you.

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god I hate men so much and i especially hate fathers/brothers/etc that don’t do shit in the house or to raise their kids but are the first ones to complain when something goes wrong like shut the fuck up bitch you don’t do shit in this house, you dont get to say anything about it!! go be irrelevant somewhere else!!!

Ok but...

Richonne isn’t being sidelined for some crusty ship. Some of y’all are putting too much stock in promo pics that are of the same damn scene and this freak out is completely unnecessary. They are our leading couple after all. And to be frank, I don’t give a damn about c@ryl, or anything else that is irrelevant when it comes to Richonne and I wish I wouldn’t see anything about them in the tag.

We been knew that Richonne is usually separated in the first half of the season as this has been the formula since Michonne showed up and showed out in season 3. Now, from the looks of the season 8 trailer they are separated once again and Rick looks like he is being held captive. He is going to be let free someway somehow, correct? And who do we think is going to be leading that rescue mission? We need to look at the bigger picture people!

I mean, can you imagine the angst? Michonne is going to go ballistic when she finds out that Rick is in the clutches of those nasty trash people and she will be doing everything she can to get him back (and kill Jadis hopefully). And this may be the longest time they have spent separated from one another so their reunion will probably be the best one yet with a sweet Richonne kiss to go with it. From that point, they’ll probably be attached at the hip in 8B like they usually are and all will be right in the world.

Now I need to go watch that blessed honeymoon episode again because I do miss them something fierce.

omg did u know we wouldn’t have a community without trans women?!?! stonewall (which involved drag queens and not necessarily trans women) was so important that anything that came before involving nasty cis gays, or anything anywhere else in the world, is irrelevant!! praise trans women and don’t give gay people any credit!!


Try Me | Theo Raeken Imagine

request ; HELLOOOOOO!!!!! could you please please please do a Theo imagine where he is just super protective and over jealous because the reader is really gorgeous and guys always stare at her and flirt with her? Thank you thank you thank you you’re amazing

word count ; 1051

warnings ; jealous theo (A+ tho i love me some jealous theo), lots of swearing.

Theo Raeken was singlehandedly scaring off every single boy in Beacon Hills who dared to say as much a friendly ‘hello’ to you in the morning. At first, it was almost sweet, the way he would conveniently pop up out of nowhere and give you a loving kiss before cheerfully greeting the boy who had decided it was a clever idea to flirt with someone who was dating the scariest bad boy in town. Then, as the flirting escalated, Theo became more and more protective, not to mention thoroughly pissed off. 

He took his bottom lip between his teeth, resting his head on his chin whilst ever so casually thinking up a million different ways to rip off the head of the hideously flirtatious boy that was either completely ignorant, or actually didn’t see how clearly uncomfortable you were. The assholes in Beacon Hills were truly testing Theo’s patience nowadays. It didn’t help that you attracted everyone within a hundred mile radius, considering how fucking gorgeous you were, not to mention how sweet. 

He knew that you love him back, but god damn it, he was sick of people thinking it was okay to flirt with you. And he wanted it to end. 

The last straw was him eavesdropping on your conversation, and happening to hear the overly obnoxious boy ask you if you wanted to come over to his house later, and Netflix and chill. Who the fuck even uses that? Assholes, that’s who. Thank the lord for werewolf hearing. Before you knew it, his pencil was snapped in half and rolling across the classroom, and you didn’t even have time to hold your boyfriend back before he had the other boy pinned up against the wall by his throat. 

“What the fuck do you think you are trying to do to my girlfriend?” Theo asked, tightening his hold on the other boy, who was doing his best to wriggle out of Theo’s grip. Theo, however, having the wolfy advantage, slammed the boy against the wall again, not caring whether or not the kid hit his head. He did, just for the record. “You try to come onto to her again, and I will kill you.” 

“That’s cute,” the other boy snickered, clearly not getting the message. You rubbed your temples, wondering how boys could be so stupid and petty. 

“You really should shut up,” you advised him. Theo didn’t mess around, and from the sick smirk he was donning now, he meant business. 

“I think you should listen to my girlfriend,” Theo said, taking a quick look at you.  He gave you a small smile, then turned to the boy in front of him. “Now, I’m gonna let you go, unless you say anything else that I find stupid, irrelevant, or really fucking irritating.” You rolled your eyes, tugging on Theo’s arm. 

“Alright, Theo, you’ve made your point. Let go,” you said, taking his hand and removing it from the boy’s throat. It was sort of amazing, how Theo really only listened to you, how you were the rational voice in his head. Right when he had finally taken your hand in his and was about to move away, the other boy just had to open up his mouth. 

“It’s not my fault your girlfriend has a really nice ass on her, and don’t get me started on-” Theo’s fist had collided with his face before the boy could finish, blood spurting from his nose in an instant. 

“Talk about my girlfriend like that and I will end you, right here and right now. Try me, douchebag.” He flung the kid away by his collar, sending him skidding across the classroom. “And that,” he said, grinning at the rest of the class who all looked thoroughly frightened by the little exchange, “goes for each and every one of you.” 

You grabbed Theo by the sleeve of his leather jacket, roughly pulling him out of the classroom and into the nearest bathroom. You locked the door behind you, crossing your arms when you turned to face him again. He had a smug, overly satisfied smile on his face. “I really did a number on that one, didn’t I, baby?” He wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you into his chest. You moved back slightly, frowning at him. 

“Theo, you can’t just fight everyone who flirts with me. It happens, okay? I’m hot, you’re hot, people flirt with us, but we love each other and that is what matters. Isn’t that how this,” you gestured between the both of you, “is supposed to work?” 

“Sure, but I still like getting to knock a few heads together when touchy-feely boys try to pick you up without permission. It’s fun, what can I say?” You groaned, burying your head in his chest. He rubbed your back, a softer smile now on his face. “I’m sorry, if that makes you feel any better. You’re just really, really beautiful, and guys think dirty thoughts when they see you. Hell, I’m a guy, I should know, considering you’re my girlfriend. I just love you too much, and I get protective.” 

“Stop trying to be cute. I’m mad at you.” 

He ignored this. “Now, what do you say we skip the rest of class, go out to my truck, drive a little bit away from here, and I’ll see what I can do to make it up to you,” he asked suggestively. You shook your head, pushing him away. 

“Nuh uh, you are going to go apologize to that poor boy, and then maybe we can see what you can do to make it up to your completely embarrassed girlfriend, who probably has no more friends after this. Get to it, pretty boy,” you said, patting his shoulder. He unlocked the bathroom door, a pout on his face as he slouched down the hallway. 

“I didn’t mean to embarrass you, but c’mon Y/N, you know you love me,” he called to you from across the hallway, sending you a wink while you raised your middle finger in response. He just laughed, a loving smile on his face while reentered the classroom. 

He knew your mannerisms. He knew you loved him. And even though he had a funny way of showing it, he loved you back. 

The Truth
  • Caroline: You really want this?
  • Klaus: What ever gave you the impression that I wanted anything else?
  • Caroline: The redhead or the other blonde maybe.
  • Klaus: Irrelevant.
  • Caroline: On your best day?
  • Klaus: On my worst day I still wanted this. You.
  • Caroline: Even when I made you walk away?
  • Klaus: I stand before you with my heart forever in your hands don't I?
John Blake and Bane: The Fettered and the Unfettered

So, I was browing TV Tropes (as I so often do) and I found the perfect description of John (also my favourite character archetype). Then I clicked on the opposite trope, and it turned out to be the perfect description of Bane. The two tropes together are why I love writing them, complete dysfunction and all.

*weeping forever*

John Blake: The Fettered

It’s common for a Fettered character to be a police officer, paladin, soldier, or other law enforcement/martial profession focused on bringing peace and justice to the world.

John Blake, Gotham PD, everyone. (…sorry, I’m always gonna find that adorable XD)

That said, choice and freedom are an important aspect of a Fettered character; while they freely choose to adhere to a code, the temptation to desert it is always present, but placing their trust in these ideals serves to give them and others strength to stand firm. … Choosing to live by these ideals is never easy, and it has tangible drawbacks. If they put their faith in an unsound moral code, or obedience in an authority that is less morally upright than they, there will be a reckoning where they must choose To Be Lawful or Good.

“Those men locked up for eight years in Blackgate, and denied parole under the Dent Act, based on a lie?”

“Your hands look plenty filthy to me, Commissioner.”

“You were right, about the structures becoming shackles. I just can’t take it.”

John’s character arc/development, where he moves from seeing things in pure black and white to… more complicated greys, is the whole reason he makes his choice at the end between being Lawful or Good.

(Also see: my John Blake character tropes set! :D *shameless*)

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Psycho Pass Movie Novel Chpt. 2 - Part 1 of 2

Half of chapter two is done. This part is really nice and features some scenes already seen in the movie and some new scenes.


Akane and Kaori meeting.

Gino’s shower scene. (sorry, I don’t have a pic for this one. If some talented artist would like to make one, I would happily put it here).

Sugou and Hinakawa training.

Thanks to my dear Beth, who has the patience to read and fix all my messes and give me always good advices.


Note before reading: sentences in italics represent the character’s thoughts.


In the chief office at the Public Safety Bureau headquarters, behind the desk, Tsunemori was facing her superior — Kasei Jōshū. Chief Kasei, who is a part of the Sibyl System.

It was not a metaphor; she was a mechanical body, the container of a packaged ‘brain’.

Finding out that thing had been a shock for Tsunemori and even now she could remember her sense of hatred*, but she had completely gotten used to behaving in a manner so as not to show it openly.

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The sun and the moon have spirits. They change every thousand years or so, cycling through new and old souls to take on the burden of being an inanimate celestial body. It’s grounding, ironically enough: a stable starting point for the new and a reset button for the old.

The sun and the moon aren’t the only ones with spirits, of course. Every planet and star and moon, every comet and black hole and void has one, but the sun and the moon are different this time. The sun and the moon are special.

They love each other. Observe and persist—that’s all they are meant to do, but they are drawn to each other in ways that can’t be explained.

The sun is a new soul, and she can see a lot from her position. She can see all of the planets and each of their moons, and she can see plenty beyond that as well, but there’s nothing she loves more than gazing upon the face of the Earth’s moon. She’s beautiful, really, and in her boredom the sun names each of her dark spots as if they were seas and her craters after astronomers.

The moon is an old soul. She’s had thousands of lives before, but they’ve been cleared from her memory. Now, all she knows is loneliness; she’s too small and irrelevant to be of any significance to anything else, not like the sun, whose light and warmth are necessary to life. The moon is in love with the sun; she may be impossible to reach, but she is bright and beautiful and the moon wishes she could meet her, just once, perhaps in another life.

When their time is up, they become goddesses. The sun is put in charge of changing the seasons and the moon is given control of the weather. It isn’t what one would think godhood is like; they have no form, existing everywhere and nowhere at once, and they cannot speak or interact in any way a physical being would understand.

The goddess of seasons does what she can. She has a strict schedule to follow, changing every leaf in the fall, frosting the right places in the winter. Her favorite thing to do, though, is to bloom the flowers in the springtime. Every year, she does it specifically for the goddess of weather, unfurling each bud and sending the message with it that it’s for her, for that powerful and striking deity who she can’t explain her attraction to.

The goddess of weather clears the clouds and sends a pleasant breeze to tickle the flowers whenever they bloom as an acknowledgement, a thank you. It’s as if the season goddess knows where she is at any given time; they bloom where she goes as she roams the Earth, and it never fails to make her feel alive, to feel loved.

The others pity them. Deities aren’t meant to fall in love; there’s a reason they’re only given enough power to do their duties and don’t have the privilege of having a voice or a body. They don’t pay it any mind, though; after all, it’s better than being the sun and the moon, even if they have no memory of that.

So, they perform their duties as long as they must, for hundreds of years, until new spirits are chosen to replace them. It’s like a release when they are finally freed from their responsibilities, and they’re placed on the land they’ve cultivated as a mari-morgan and a hyleoroi nymph. It’s almost cruel for them to finally be given animate, corporeal bodies but to be separated by domain, but still their love perseveres.

The morgan lives in a lake in the woods, appearing as a stunning young woman with a face framed with golden hair spun from starlight and cloudy seafoam in her eyes. When she smiles, you can see the glinting tips of her mouthful of fangs, retracted so that they’re not sticking out at all angles when they’re not in use. She tends to her water gardens and combs out her hair on the shore of the lake, because that’s what mari-morgans do, and she takes any man who falls prey to her lures, because what else is there?

The nymph is afraid of her at first. She watches the forest in which the morgan’s lake is located, keeping harmony as well as she can. Sometimes her skin is green, sometimes gray-brown and rough like the bark of her trees, sometimes multi-hued in a way that allows her to blend in with patches of wildflowers. She blends in and watches the morgan, watches her leading these men to their deaths, until one day she thinks, isn’t that lonely? When has this woman had the opportunity to bond with someone when her nature forces her to kill?

The nymph wanders out of the shade of her trees as the morgan sits on the shore and sings a song with words from a language she doesn’t understand, and she sits right in front of her, half expecting to be brought to her death as the men had been. Instead, the morgan stares at her in shock; nobody has ever approached her like this before. She sees the same fascination and kindness in the nymph’s face as she does in the men she drowns, but this is different. This is kindness not for the sake of the nymph, but for that of the morgan.

They speak until the nymph must return to her duties, and they bid each other farewell, the morgan wishing she could leave the lake to go with the nymph and the nymph wishing she could survive beneath the water. They meet for an hour every day where the edge of the trees meets the lake’s shore, and they fall in love as quickly and easily as each life before.

Life as a spirit of water or of the wood is dreadfully dull, as each would attest to, and they’re relieved when time takes them to their next incarnations.

They’re humans. Fragile, insignificant humans who mean nothing to every spirit and deity and celestial body in existence. They’re humans, but they’re happier than they’d ever been. The seven years spent before they met each other was nothing compared to the duration of time they’d spent waiting for this in their previous lives.

The sun, the goddess of seasons, the hyleoroi nymph, is now called Riley, Riley Rosalyn Matthews, and she is born with no knowledge of the universe and no powers just as every other human being is. When the moon, the goddess of weather, the mari-morgan climbs through her open window and introduces herself as Maya, Maya Penelope Hart, Riley could swear she knows everything, could swear she could sprout wings and fly. There’s familiarity there that neither of them can understand, but they know that there’s something special about each other, even at only seven years old.

It shows as they grow up; never have two human beings fallen in love so quickly and easily and completely as this. Like many humans, though, they fail for years to realize it.

They sit in the dark of Riley’s room under her covers, hands entwined as they stare at the ceiling and talk about anything and everything they could possibly think of.

They sit side-by-side on the subway that takes them to school, Riley leaning into Maya’s shoulder as sleep threatens to take her, and Maya smiles softly to herself.

They sit on the roof in the dead of night, when everything is quiet, when it feels like the world only exists for the two of them. Maya watches the sky in silence, and Riley watches her with the same amount of wonder. She sees the light of the city and the light of the moon in her eyes, and she sees her chest rising and falling with each gentle breath, and she sees the faintest hint of a content smile on her face, and that’s when she knows she’s in love. Thirteen years old is dreadfully young for a human to know such a thing, but it doesn’t scare her. She only feels utter tranquility as she takes Maya’s hand, hugs her arm, and lays her head on her should as she had so many times before.

It takes Maya a little longer. She’s in denial for a long time, afraid her feelings would be bad for their friendship if they weren’t returned, afraid the relationship wouldn’t last if they were. She tries to love Riley’s uncle, Josh, because that can’t go wrong. He’s unattainable, something to chase after, something to keep her preoccupied. If anything were to ever come out of it, well, he was nice, and it would keep her tethered to Riley’s family forever.

It isn’t until he tells her himself to stop going after him, that perhaps she’s projecting (he says this with a meaningful nod in Riley’s direction), that she can’t ignore it any longer. “You love her,” he says, “and she loves you. Don’t try to fight it.”

And she kisses Riley, sitting in the bay window of the ski lodge, just like that. She takes the advice and doesn’t try to fight it when Riley rambles on about their “extraordinary relationship”. She cuts her off mid-sentence, one hand on Riley’s face, her eyes closed out of passion and nerves. It’s stilted and clumsy; their noses bump and Maya nearly misses, but it’s the closest they come to remembering who and what they were before. It’s just out of reach, fuzzy memories made fuzzier by the cloud of their emotion, but it’s there, and it’s powerful.

There’s a stuffy silence when they break apart, each of them staring at the other as if she were the sun and the moon, until Riley says, “I love you,” and the air comes rushing out of Maya’s lungs in a breathy laugh.

“I love you, too,” she says. “God, I love you so much.”

“What do we do now?”

Maya shrugs and shakes her head, the kiss still bright in her chest. “What do you want to do?”

Riley pauses for a moment in consideration. “I think,” she says eventually, “I want us to be together forever.”

“That’s cheesy.”

“I want us to be together for longer than forever.”

“How does that work?”

“Well, we’ll just have to find each other in our next life. Easy.”

“What do you think that life will be?”

“I don’t know,” Riley says, “but whatever it is, it’ll be good as long as we’re together.”

Maya nods. “I think I like that idea,” she says. “We’re starting now?”

“Yeah, we’re starting now.”