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I’ve been watching Doctor Who save me

More Fairy Tail crack predictions
  • Zeref: Natsu, I am your brother.
  • Natsu: I believe the line should be "No, I am your brother".
  • Gray: And I thought having Lyon as a big brother figure was hard.
  • Acnologia: I'll kill you, son of Igneel!.
  • Gajeel: Wait a sec, I'll be your opponent!
  • Acnologia: Dude do you even Dragon Force?
  • Deliora: Surprise b****, I bet you thought you'd seen the last of me.
  • Juvia: A love rival?
  • Wendy: Why am I still boobless??!!
  • Jellal: I'm still hiding from my fangirls.
  • Zeref: So do you want me to fix your key?
  • Lucy: OMFG YES!
  • Zeref: Haha just kidding.
  • Yukino: Zeref-sama, I'll avenge my big sister's death.
  • Sorano: Hey I'm standing right here y'know.
  • Zeref: Oh BTW Natsu you're E.N.D.
  • Gray: You're E.N.D so I want to kill you, Natsu!
  • Atlas Flame: You're the demon Igneel couldn't kill, Natsu!
  • Mard Geer: All hail our master, Natsu!
  • Rogue: It's your fault I'm evil, Natsu!
  • Acnologia: Disregarding everything I want to kill you, Natsu!
  • Natsu: Great... can anything else go wrong today?
  • Lucy: I'm pregnant and you're the father, Natsu!

anonymous asked:

What's your name? I feel weird calling you Squid with Elbows in my head.

Actually, I love it that somewhere in the world someone’s forced to refer to me as a squid with elbows, because the mental image I get from it makes me want to laugh hysterically. “Ah yes, that squid with elbows just posted something weird again.”

(Anyway to actually answer your question, my name is Heather.)