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  • psychic: *reads my mind*
  • me: she called her honey she called her honey she called her honey she called her honey she called her honey she called her honey she called her honey she called her honey she called her honey she called her honey she called her honey
  • psychic: honestly wtf
  • Me after season 9: I'm done with this show
  • Me after season 10: Okay, I'm really done with this show now
  • Me after season 11: I'm done with this show, for good
  • Me after season 12: NO BUT REALLY, I'M DONE

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Do you think since it's only fair that the big 300th Eppy- Eppy 14x07 is gonna be some kind of Arizona/Calzona The Movie and it will be very quiet and on the down low until it premieres so no one spoils anything and us Calzona fans will be surprised? Will there be an an out of the blue Calzona Wedding again like they just did on The Fosters the other night for Stef n Lena?

Wouldn’t that be amazing? But no.

Sara didn’t owe Calzona fans anything. Why should her sexual orientation have anything to do with her fictional character or what the writers chose to do with that character or that character’s relationship? 

Sara probably waited until she wasn’t on Grey’s anymore to open up about her orientation to keep the two separate because fans have long ago made it clear they CANNOT separate fictional characters from their actors.

I empathize with her because as angry as Callie/Calzona’s writing made me as a queer woman (it really was not good representation the last few seasons), I can only imagine how it must have felt to have to act that shit out as a queer woman. The fact that she left after it just completely went to shit and immediately started hitting the ground running with advocating for lgbt+ rights is probably no coincidence.

Sara is my hero. Go ‘head lady!

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While I get Jerrika’s exasperation – some fans take it too far and Samantha as a person is taking heat for a fictional character – this still rubs me the wrong way.

1. I see just as many “she killed Derek” comments as I do anything referencing calzona, but only calzona fans get the trolling.

2. The calzona fandom is constantly used, manipulated, and teased by the show ITSELF, yet the fandom gets gaslit.

3. The calzona relationship isn’t just any ship. It’s literally the one of the only ships most queer women still have to invest in.

I just wish there was a bit more understanding & tenderness for why people care so much about the calzona ship.

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"You’re never too old for trick or treating!”

“But what happens when Sofia finally reaches that age where she’s too cool to go out with her moms? As cute as we are, babe, I don’t think people will give us candy if we show up at their door without her.”

Not to sound bitter or anything but the calzona custody storyline was one of the most simple-minded(dumbest) storylines Grey’s Anatomy has ever had. This comes from a person who watched the “Ghost sex” and the train wreck that was season 9 & 10, so really that’s saying a lot.