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some heathers valentines day cards!! sorry they’re just doodles and tht there’s only 2, i’m working on another valentines thing!! which will be coming out on actual valentines day lmao

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the batboys and jealousy head cannons?

Romantic Jealousy:

-Bruce gets very very cold towards anyone, including his s/o. He doesn’t know how to voice how he feels so he tries to get everyone to not want to talk to him, which can result in arguments with his s/o (which he then needs to apologize for and hesitantly explain why he acted like he did)

-Dick has faith that his s/o would never cheat on him, especially if someone kind of sleazy is hitting on them. He will, however,drape an arm around their shoulders or wrap it around their waist, basically try to maintain physical contact and assert that he’s with his s/o so that everyone knows not to even try to hit on his s/o

-Jason gets really angsty because he definitely has self-worth insecurity and looks down on himself, so he gets mopey and self-deprecating. It’s kind of up to his s/o to bring him out of this mood and tell him that none of the things he seems to think about himself aren’t true. He won’t hesitate to fight someone though if he thinks that they’re getting too too close.

-Tim tends to get depressed and think that maybe his s/o would be better off with someone else while he begins to think about all of the things he does “wrong” in life. His s/o would have to remind him that they willingly chose to date him and that even if any of the things he thought were remotely true, they would still stay by him to the end of the earth

- Duke would get kind of quiet and try to act like it doesn’t bother him that his s/o is getting hit on or anything. Sometimes people don’t realize that he’s jealous, but his s/o will notice that he’s not as effervescent and give him a peck on the cheek and squeeze his hand to reassure him


- Damian gets jealous if someone monopolizes time with his family, say, at galas and he’ll shoot dirty looks and give mean comments to get the aforementioned offender away from him and whatever family member they’re swarming around. This happens often with girlfriends and boyfriends. Just friends in general.

-Tim sometimes gets jealous if people have really good food that he can’t have and he’ll do the longing side eye that people do, especially in restaurants and when it’s his siblings’ food

-Damian also gets jealous if someone else gets praise and he isn’t commended at all for his efforts, even if they did the same thing. He feels that his efforts go entirely unnoticed while someone else gets all the glory, which leads to his fuming internally but composed and cold on the outside

-Dick gets jealous when he thinks people are choosing to leave him behind and go to someone else, especially when it’s his close friends. His jealousy will often turn to melancholy reminiscence when he realizes that he can’t prevent or change what people do (even if he’s completely wrong and nobody is leaving him)

-Jason gets jealous and angry when people beat him in competitions, even if it’s something totally meaningless like who can get the most high scores on an arcade machine. Cue him being really pissy and shunning whoever he was competing with

-Duke gets jealous when someone gets something that he wants (ie nerdy merch, a cool book, etc.) and he’ll kind of hint that “oh hey, that’s cool. Did you just get it? Can I look at it?” until they get that he wants to borrow it for a while (he usually gives it back. Usually)



hey. reminder. if your batfamily/robin post doesn’t have duke in it. it ain’t shit.
Batfamily jobs as adults

Bruce: We all know this one.

Kate Kane: I feel like she is busy as it is with Batwoman. In her free time though, I see her being a big support for LGBTQ. Volunteering at the different organizations to help them. 

Dick: Police officer. I know he was that in Pre 52 era, but it fits him so well.

Barbara: She has had a few different ones. I like the librarian one the most and feel like that works for her. Of course doing computer work for the police as a side job.

Jason Todd: English teacher. Also like English teacher at the public schools maybe in the Narrows. He would be the teacher who actually cares about his students and wants them to succeed and get a better life after school. He might also teach self defense classes after school.

Tim: So he was working at WE Pre 52, I could see him being good at business. I feel like he would best be suited for the design department or IT. Anything to do with technology.

Duke: I feel like he would start a new line of social workers in Gotham. A department focused on helping children whose family has been affected by crimes committed by the rogues. If not then a detective. 

Cass: Professional ballerina for the Gotham City ballet or an instructor at the community center. Maybe teaching marital arts classes or self defense classes.

Stephanie: Doctor or nurse. Most likely working in the free clinics in Gotham. The ones she would have gone to as a child.

Damian: Veterinarian. He cares a lot about animals and for him would be very rewarding.  

Harper: Electric engineering. She has the skills and can create amazing items that can help others.

heathers characters as things I've said
  • Veronica: can you do that like a person, please? just act like a human being, please.
  • JD: [watching a can being crushed in science class] could you kill a person like that? asking for a friend.
  • Heather Chandler: all the boys in that hallway just parted for me to walk through and i didn't even have to say anything
  • Heather Duke: i would be perfect if i could just kill you and take your personality
  • Heather Macnamara: please don't invalidate me I'm fragile like an egg filled with tears
  • Kurt and Ram: I'm straight but this would be better if it was more gay
HeathersxHarry Potter

-Heather C. in Gryffindor, Heather D. in Slytherin, Heather M. in Hufflepuff
-Veronica and J.D. in Ravenclaw
-For their muggle disguises J.D. will always wear his trench coat
-Heathers are all purebloods
-Veronica is half blood
-J.D. is muggle born
-Kurt and Ram (both in Slytherin) often call him mudblood+bully him
-All the Heathers still manage to hang out even in three different houses
-J.D. and Veronica start dating in 5th year
-They stay together even after school
-Kurt and Ram are star quidditch players
-Both are beaters
-Every charms lesson Veronica+J.D. spend it talking and do literally no work
-This results in them getting even more homework than normal
-They do it in potions some times too
-The only thing Veronica gets in trouble for is skipping with J.D. (or the Heathers on a rare occasion)
-Veronica stays at the school over breaks to stay with J.D.
-He eventually starts coming home with her on breaks
-Trips to Hogsmeade are the BEST
-J.D. literally could not care less about his education and only does work bc Veronica makes him
-When they’re adults J.D. is a professor teaching datda and Veronica works for the ministry

legend has it that if you look in a mirror and say “daddy issues” three times you can hear the sound of otogi ryuuji sobbing as he clings to the tattered remnants of his all-but-forgotten character arc


Duke University


Even with all the construction currently going on around campus, I don’t think it’s possible to catch a bad angle of Duke. 

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If anything duke nukem is the cuck of video games

duke nukem is the guy who goes to the gym and works out a lot and buys expensive shit to compensate for the fact he has a micropenis and his girlfriend fucks serious sam

the whole brother/sister relationship between jason and cheryl is really important to me. trevor and madelaine did that interview together and talked about how jason was the golden boy and like because his parents favored him, he tried to protect cheryl AND NOW HE’S DEAD AND HE CAN’T PROTECT HER AND HE JUST???????? I’M SAD

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southern poly squad using southern phrases (ex. fixin' to, over yonder, etc) Italian Ronnie not understanding anything.

Duke: I sure woulda hate it if'n y'all couldn’t understand a lick a what I’m sayin’ to yas.

Ronnie: *sobbing hysterically* I don’t understand.

the birds are mocking me, a mix for the girl whose smile might mean anything ;

01. part 1 — duke ellington ; 02. chick habit  april march ; 03. caravan — duke ellington ; 04. pretty girls  neko case ; 05. bones  ms mr ; 06 the silence  bastille ; 07. you’re a wolf — sea wolf ; 08. broken crown  mumford & sons ; 09. laura palmer  bastille ; 10. raise up your weary hands  the builders and the butchers ; 11. black dirt  sea wolf ; 12. what a wonderful world  angel’s music box