anything and everthing

lil roadhog things

  • snorting + snuffling in the little piggy highlight intro
  • the way his belly expands during take a breather
  • the neck crack on the title screen/hero select screen
  • sitting
  • sitting with zenyatta
  • sitting with lucio
  • sitting with hanzo
  • sitting with genji
  • sitting with junkrat
  • sitting on the victory screen
  • the character development of “you hook ‘em, and i’ll cook ‘em” “shut up” to “i’ll hook ‘em” “and i’ll cook ‘em”
  • heavy breathing
  • every time he laughs about anything ever
  • the way he says “whole hog”
  • mercy automatically during setup: “must violence always be the solution?” roadhog voice line: “violence is usually the answer”
  • hooking bastion in turret form
  • hooking genji
  • hooking pharah during her ult
  • hooking mcree during his ult
  • hooking anyone into the abyss (bonus for getting winston or just after they’ve used up their jump/dash)
  • his belly
  • his mask
  • his voice
  • roadhog

We haven’t seen the last of Void Stiles. “That’s part of the darkness still lurking inside of Stiles and he’ll have the fear that, is it more than just being possessed? Is there something inside that he has to keep a lid on?” As for the difference between Scott and Theo, Davis added, “Whereas Scott tries to bring out the best in his friends, Theo actually came back for the worst in them. He came back for the angry kid, the killers, and the murderers, he wants that because to him that equates with power.” - Jeff Davis (x)

Eisuke thought MC was pregnant but she wasn't

This is from his POV, Im sorry for any typos, Im writing this on my phone because my laptop broke, 😭. Anyways, enjoy ~~ ♡

“Oops” I dropped everything, wait, what is that box, “!?!” , “pr…….pregnancy test ?”, MC’s pregnant ?? But I used protection, what’s wrong, did it break ?
“MC, hey, don’t work today” I said when I saw her cleaning downstairs, she shouln’t work hard, she is pregnant isn’t she. “Why ?!” she exclaims loudly, “You don’t need to hide anything, I know everthing” I said as I carried her to the bedroom, “rest, don’t work too hard, okay ?“I told her as I kissed her forehead. “Is something wrong ?” she said with a worried expression. “Don’t hide anything from me” I whispered in her ear. “?”, “hide what ?” she asked, confused. “You are a very stubborn girl” I sighed then went looking for the box, “Here” I said, giving her the box. “A thermometer ?” she asked . “Dummy, its your pr…” wait, it is a thermometer…“Pr ? You thought I was pregnant ??” her eyes wide. “No” I answered, flustered. “hahahhahahah” she laughed so hard that tears start dropping out of her eyes. “How about I make that happen for real ?” I teased. This time, MC blushed bright red and when she was trying to escape, I caught her arm, “You’re not going anywhere, heheh” I chuckled. “Ahhh, no, no, Eisuke, ohh, no-ahh, st-aa-op”. “Too late now, baby” after that, all I can hear are her sexy moans.

Tell me if you want me to go a little more nsfw next time, moahh, love you all.♡♡♡

Does it ever hit you like a punch to the gut that at any given time, any day or night of the week, anywhere in the world, there are people on tumblr blogging about the fact that they’ve seen love between these two boys??! People of different languages, different cultures and multitudes of backgrounds are talking about those two boys and how they believe their love to be true. It’s amazing if you truly think about it.