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C-can I ask for sormik with 34 or 38 ? Because I'm a sap and I need my fluff (and maybe some spice <.< )


ANYWAY….here have another AU because why not right. As if there aren’t enough of them out there. I hope you enjoy, Looveel!! <3

Featuring the-ocean-personified!Mikleo and his human-lover!Sorey. Warnings: NSFW…….I mean as NSFW as I get, anyway.

34. “If you keep looking at me like that we won’t make it to a bed.” 

There is nothing quite like midnight on the shores of his island home.

Sorey looks out to the dark line of the horizon where sea meets sky for a long time, his hands loosely tucked into his pockets. This is his favorite place in the world, he thinks, at his favorite time of day:  when no one else is around, and it’s just the water and him and the starry velvet of night. His khaki pant-legs are rolled up mid-calf, his bare toes pressed into wet sand. The chill of the tide as it washes in over his feet offers a nice reprieve from the balmy heat that had been present all afternoon; he relishes in the feel of the ocean water.

He supposes he always has, in a way.

The tropic wind brushes his brown hair away from his forehead and for a moment, there’s no sound at all but the sigh of the water as it rushes in and out. Back and forth.

There is something sensual about that motion, Sorey must admit. A slow and smooth rhythm, languid in its toss. It makes his entire body hum with a quiet warmth—a curling anticipation of half-imagined pleasure.

With a small smile, Sorey turns from the ocean.

He stops when he feels two hands wrap around his hips. His knowing grin spreads wider across his face.  

“If you keep looking at me like that, we won’t make it to a bed,” a familiar voice purrs in his ear.

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If you’re gonna die on thanksgiving clap your hands

any time the the word ‘canon’ comes up in a conversation about vld i have to resist the overpowering urge to repeatedly bang my head into a wall because not a single person in this fandom has any idea what that word means and idk why it makes me so irrationally angry but i hate all of u

                                The quiet of Snowdin Forest can lull even the most paranoid child into a false sense of security.  Allow Flurry to feel safe and almost at peace,  if only for a fleeting moment.  She perches on a tree branch,  not too far from the ground,  and swings her little legs mourning material loss.  Her knife’s gone away somewhere,  now.  Sans took it away and she’ll never see it again.  Stupid Sans.

                                                                Flurry lifts her sullen gaze skyward,  juts her chin and squints to see past the thick foliage.  There’s no sheet of azure,  no blanketing of blue,  no warm sun beating down.  It’s a dark cavern roof,  twinkling rocks embedded within.  Like stars,  but not really.   ( A mockery of night sky. )

                                …  Maybe she can wish on them,  all the same?  Maybe it will make her feel better.  Shifting,  the little girl’s furrows her brow and mulls it over.  Right now?  She’d like to wish for a good,  long nap.  No night terrors to plague her slumber.  It’d be nice,  if utterly selfish.  

“No,  I  –  wish I coul’ be better… wish I coul’ be b– brave enough t’ jus’  –  
  give th’ monsters my stupid SOUL.  ‘M tired…  ‘m v’ry tired,  now,  stars.”  

                               I don’t want to die anymore.  It hurts and I’m tired and I’m only little;  I want to rest.

“D’you think–  would it make me,  um  –  not so evil?  If I  –  if I gave up f’ them?  If I,  if I jus’…?”  She can’t say it.  Her voice breaks a little.  Out of nowhere,  Flurry sounds small,  and frightened,  and vulnerable.  “’M sorry…  ‘m,  ‘m scared…  am I gon’ go t’ Hell,  stars?”

                                              The stones twinkle down at her from above;  they provide no answer.  

sometimes i’m glad i’m a disaster who barely knows how to use this website and only follows like 3 people because someone could vague the shit out of me and i would very likely just miss it entirely. the only time i know someone hates me is if they come directly to my ask box with it. i guess sometimes being dumb as fuck and also Bad at functioning…….pays off.