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I’m doing emergency bust commissions so I can help with expenses. I’ve got 10 slots open for anyone who wants a $20 bust.

Ill do anything from fanart to OCs to real people. I won’t do robotics unless they’re humanoid in shape. Ex. Mettaton.
Please private message me for any questions you have or email me at to discuss hoe the commissions would work in terms of payment and delivery.


Annabeth becomes pregnant but doesn’t know it yet until one day Nico came up to her and just simply stared at her stomach before saying “congrats” and Annabeth and Percy (who is there at the time) gave him a confused look asking about what. And Nico saids, “on the baby” Annabeth gasped, “baby?!” And Nico replies, “yeah, I can sense it’s soul already” and smiles and walks away and I AM NOT OKAY PLEASE SOMEONE PROFESSIONAL DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS I AM JUST THE IDEA PERSON THAT WONT STOP CRYING DX

Fic Prompts Meme

These are way too fun to make so, send a ship and a number

1. Last Kiss
2. First Dance
3. Walking Together
4. Waking Together
5. Falling Asleep in the Other’s Bed
6. Falling Asleep in Each Other’s Arms
7. Playing a Game
8. Foreheads Touching
9. Holding Hands
10. Near-Death Love Confession
11. Too Late
12. Maybe One Day
13. After All These Years
14. Last Chance
15. Wedding Day
16. Waiting
17. Eyes Closed
18. Forehead Kiss
19. Past Love
20. No Regrets

calling all da bloggers

i need more dragon age on my dash. so if you reblog any dragon age in any form or media, like this so i can check out your blog. ur a bioware blog? like it, i like mass effect too. ship all the rarepairs? bring it, i’m multishipping trash. we can talk mage rights. or just creep on each other.

but srsbsns i need more da to reblog and view, every ship, every game, idc. but especially isabela <3 bitch took my heart.

if you’re a blog that frequently hates on any of the characters tho, give this a pass. i honestly have love for them all and i believe in character development so if you’re just going to trash talk anders or slut shame bela or side-eye cullen, waiting for him to explode, then adios nuggets i don’t have time for ur shenanigans.