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they call me baepsae 

(or as i like to call it, the result of a drawing tablet and too much free time)
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sorry, i just saw one of your posts about babygate, and it reminded me how the other day one of my friends (who loves louis), said that if she were briana, she would be pissed as hell at how louis is treating her and their unborn child and how she can't believe he's not treating them better... and i was just kind of in disbelief, because that's kind of like half the point even without the whole larry aspect and i'm just so so sad that she buys this terrible image of louis they're selling :(

If she loves Louis and can’t believe that he would act like that, maybe you could discuss with her other possible interpretations of the present situation (i.e. Louis is closeted and babygate is a nasty PR stunt gone wrong, Syco being on its way out and doing everything they can to tarnish Louis’ image before they leave). You could point out that not everything the fandom is presented with in the press and through social media is an accurate representation of reality.

The most obvious thing here is that the PR team of any celebrity does everything they can to do damage control when required, counteracting negative press with positive news.

Is Louis getting vilified in the press? Yes. Is anything being done to stop it? No.

Instead, we see publications close to 1DHQ (The Sun, Daily Mail) posting a never-ending barrage of articles about Louis partying nonstop, being an irresponsible “future dad” etc. Under normal circumstances, any PR team would have intervened a long time ago and would’ve made tabloids publish retractions, apologies and so on. They would’ve made sure that the coverage of babygate is done in the most positive light (a few made-up quotes coming from “Louis” would’ve sufficed). They wouldn’t be flaunting Louis “dating” another girl right before the supposed “birth” of the baby.

What we are seeing now is 1D PR team actively doing everything they can to ruin Louis’ image. The question everyone needs to ask themselves is why nothing is being done to protect his reputation and stop the smear campaign.

Hopefully Louis’ image will be redeemed after the end of babygate. It wouldn’t require too much effort as long as Louis has PR professionals working for him and not against him.

ah I fucking miss joshifer like come on give us something we’ve been so patient all these years don’t we deserve something now that the trilogy is over we have nothing else to look forward to where you two will be together so please be kind and just… anything a tiny little sign that will give us something to go like oh they’re in the same fucking city at least probably in the same house banging like bunnies wink wink


Every young cast member from thg has given us something but you two.