Do not attack Ajit Pai’s kids, or anyone in his family for that matter.

No doxxing, no death threats, no name calling, no nothing. They have nothing to do with Pai’s choice, as dumb as it is, and shouldn’t suffer for his actions.

Especially just after we discussed with Keaton Jones’ situation about no bullying, we shouldn’t be hypocrites and bully others as well.

And a second note, as much as you may hate Ajit Pai, don’t doxx him and don’t send him death threats. You lose moral ground when you do that.

A PSA by Krow.


My dbh oc is a RW500 secretary at the police station that has a crush on one Samantha Anderson (belonging to @rockboci), featuring a suit design that I regret trying to make work and is somewhat reminiscent of a transition card from spongebob.

Becka is the one with the courage to greet Sam everyday and would take a bullet for her. The other two are her sisters, Anna and Clarissa, make up the hype squad to encourage Becka to try to one day talk more to Samantha.