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Congratulations for you milestone! I wouldn't mind if you wrote something fluffy post season 4. :)

thank you! hope this satisfies that itch. :-) emotionally follows this & this ficlets.
Anniversary Ficlet 7/8.
Rated G. FitzSimmons. Future fic, space!fic, super fluff.

Everyone on the space station was abuzz with the possibility for an Earth-bound mission departing sometime soon, so Jemma wasn’t sure if she was feeding off of that or was imagining things (or not). But for the past two days, Fitz had been behaving atypically squirrelly and seemingly avoiding her, and it hurt her more than she cared to admit. Even if they were sort-of-mostly dating (Still? Again? They hadn’t quite defined it yet), they were not, after all, glued to each others’ sides, and nor should they be. With their steady but tentative patching up of their relationship around Fitz’s healing, though, his strange and unprompted behavior had caught her off-guard.

Because their bunks were minuscule and the space station’s rules on fraternization were opaque, to say the least, they were still spending their nights alone. Whenever they could sneak away or had free time that they could spend together, however, they had been happily easing their way back towards a romantic and physical relationship much more alike the one they’d both been enjoying before the Framework had forcibly turned everything upside down. At the beginning of the week, Fitz had even tugged Jemma into a storage closet for a clandestine snog, which had made her positively giddy.

Then, barely two days later, he had begun acting vague and unduly distracted around her, from when she spoke to him at work and to when he’d scoot off to be on his own. Even though she tried to tell herself he was probably just working on getting the Peak’s camouflage up and running, and that she really should try to avoid being clingy, his behavior was making her antsy. It was a clear sign that she was still recovering from their forced separation, too, Jemma pointed out to herself, and attempted to keep her mind on her work.

One afternoon following a long day in the lab, Fitz sidled up alongside Jemma as she was finishing tidying up her workstation. “Hey,” he said, giving her a small smile that she returned, “what’re you doing tonight?”

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HUGE fitzsimmons fic rec list

in honor of fanfiction writer appreciation day, as well as this being the second part of my 1k followers surprise, i created a huge fitzsimmons fic rec list for you guys to enjoy :)

okay for starters i am going to say that i am terrible at explaining things, so the brief explanations / premises of these fics that i wrote are terrible, but all of these fics are amazing and these writers are all so talented so you should read their work. this list is really long because i just kept adding and adding and adding and before i knew it my word document was 4 pages long and counting so it’s going to be under the cut

it is divided into 3 sections, multichapter fics or a fic series, one shots, and AUs

for the multichapter and AU section:

* = mean it is a multi chapter fic that is finished

** = means it is a multi chapter fic that isn’t finished yet

the fics aren’t ordered in any specific ranking or anything, i just added a fic on to the list whenever i read a fic and liked it :)

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[AOS] All I Want For Christmas ~ Fitzsimmons Secret Santa

AN ~ FitzSimmons Secret Santa for anythas-thoughts. My prompt was “first holiday together as a couple”. I was watching Love Actually and tossing up between Christmas and Valentines Day and then this happened. And I’ve been reading fics with Fitz’ written accent lately, I don’t usually write it but it happened while he was being grumpy in the morning. It chills out later in the fic/day. It was really nice to write some fluff! SO MANY LAYERS OF FLUFF I think this whole season worth of angst just fluffified. I hope you like it.

All I Want For Christmas

Simmons stretched herself awake, smiling as the heavy lump that was Fitz obstructed the movement of her limbs. As he began to stir, she wriggled out of his arms and rolled out of the way, and sprang lightly to her feet. He scowled at her from the bed as she flicked through a few of the options in her wardrobe, picked one, and turned back to face him, the dress sweeping outward in the spin.

“Goooood morning, Mr Simmons,” she greeted with a smile, laying her selection on the end of the bed.

“It’d be be’er three hours from now!” he retorted. “An’ Mr Simmons? Wha’s that about? Tha’s no’ how it works. Besides, we’re no’ even married. You wouldn’t like it if I star’ed calling you Mrs Fitz now would ye’?”

“I…wouldn’t mind.”

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Hiiiii!!! *nervous chuckle* Sooooo this has been my first year on Tumblr, and opening this account has been one of the best decisions of my life. I have gotten to know so many of you wonderful people, you brilliant and talented sweethearts, and that alone made my year infinitely better. I have had the opportunity to be friends with you amazing friendly souls, I have made friends with the people I fangirl over - how rad is that!!! And you, mutuals and non-mutuals, have been so nice to me and have blessed my dash and life with a giant bunch of goodness - thank you so much for that! Thank you all for making my experience here so fantastic! I love you so much!

I am overcome with squeeness and Luis-level fangirling, so have a giant virtual cuddle from me!

I hope you’re having an awesome holiday season and I hope all of you will slay in 2017!

All my love

P.S: Eternal gratitude for @leggypeggys for making this crayyyyzy stupid fine gif 💖

P.P.S: Please forgive me if I forgot anybody. Tumblr’s glitchy af.

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I need some Fitzsimmins fic recs.

Okay where do I start! I’m gonna rec some recent ones that are either completed or still ongoing.

The Universe We Hold Inside (rated T) by eclecticmuses - It’s a Deep Impact AU where a young Fitz is the one who discovers the comet, and Jemma is his best friend. Such a brilliant and descriptive fic! Chapters are being posted regularly! My favourite WIP to read right now. Definitely one to read!

Bright by agentverbivore (rated E) - Really really loved this! It’s a Stardust AU where Fitz is the star and Jemma has to find him to get into “The Academy.” Such a lovely fic!

The Escape by agent-85 (rated T) - What I love about this is that it’s basically canon took into the Star Trek universe! Jemma’s a betazoid and goes undercover after Fitz is injured. So well written I loved it! Plus afterwards you have to read the sequel Imzadi that is pure Fitzsimmons!

are we out of the woods yet? by jeemmasimmons (rated T) - This is a series of stories about what happened to Jemma after she was taken by the Kree rock. It’s mostly Jemma/Fitzsimmons but part 2 is a brilliant Jemma/Skye/May roadtrip! So incredibly well written! This is pure gold!

The Well of Urd by mech-bull (rated E) - This is split into two parallel storylines with the premise of what if Fitz and Jemma were killed in the future, and their daughter travelled through time to save them. I really loved this! Especially how you see the two timelines, the uninterrupted one, and the one where their daughter shows up. Loved it!

Two Parties by notabadday (rated G) - Words cannot describe how much I love this! Two different parties that Fitz and Jemma attended. So lovely and will just make your insides melt into a puddle of sweet fluffiness!

Love Thy Neighbor by fitzsimmmonsy & omgfitzsimmons (rated M) - An AU where Fitz and Jemma are neighbours. This is still ongoing but God it’s so good! Especially seeing how they become friends and how that progresses! Brilliant!

All Will Be Well by unbreakablejemmasimmons (rated T) - Each chapter is a different prompt. I read these when they were posted on here, and I loved them that much I’ve read each one as they’re now being posted on AO3! It’s got everything in here! Wonderfully written!

Daydreams by agentverbivore (rated T) - Again another set of prompts for each chapter! Wonderful and brilliant!

And, just adding a few more that have been out for a while now but I love them so much!

Stay the Course by lavendergaia (rated G) - A 2B AU where Trip lives! Skye and Trip take Fitz and Jemma mini-golfing and it’s so much fun and fluff! I’m not gonna lie - this is my favourite FS fic out there! I just loved it so much, and I’ve lost count how many times I’ve read it!

Crime AU by agentverbivore (rated E) - I love this series so much! Especially the last one! Takes place after season 1, though the pod didn’t sink. Fitz and Jemma have to go undercover as married criminals. Excellent excellent fic! Plus the way it moves between the first and last parts is pretty much flawless!

Stop All the Clocks by eclecticmuses (rated T) - Jemma gets sucked into another dimension and Fitz tries to get her back! This is pure brilliance! Set during season 2 it has all the angst and is just wonderful! And, it was written before the end of season 2, and it’s so scary great how canon seems to be similar to it! Jed and Mo probably took one look at this and went “this is perfect!”

keeping empty beds elsewhere by imperfectlychaotic (rated T) - Another road trip fic! This time May takes Skye, Jemma, and Fitz on a road trip in Australia. So much character driven, it’s just perfect for showing how they are. This is an AU in that the end of scene of season 2 didn’t happen!

puzzle pieces by unbreakablejemmasimmons (rated E) - Only the last part of this series is rated E. Jemma is starting realise her attraction to Fitz set in season 2! So much fun! A must read!

And I Know Things Now (Many Valuable Things) by agent-85 (rated T) - A look at what might have been happening to Jemma after she took by the Kree rock. This is a brilliant look into Jemma’s psyche I loved it so much!

Dial O for Orgasm by mech-bull (rated E) - I’m just gonna say right off the bat this has the best smut ever written for FS! AU where Fitz is in love with his best friend, and Jemma needs a job to help with her studies and gets one at an adult call centre. Guess who ends up phoning? lol

Do not stand at my grave and weep by anythas-thoughts and historygirlbites (rated T) - A really clever AU set after season one where Fitz and Jemma both lost each other in different dimensions. Will they meet?

Splinter by msdevindanielle (rated T) - Though things are strained between them in season 2, we see how Fitz and Jemma met at the academy. So wonderful! My favourite academy story!

the language of love by filzsimmons (rated T) - When Fitz and Jemma decide to elope after a mission, it’s just all kinds of brilliance, cuteness, and fluffiness! And brilliantly written!

you’ve got some kind of nerve by jeemmasimmons (rated T) - A soulmate AU, where Fitz and Jemma remember every lifetime. But, why doesn’t she want to know him in this one? Loved this! So so much!

One For the Money (And Four to Go) by lavendergaia (rated E) - AU where Jemma is dragged by Skye to a charity date auction and sees that Fitz, who she’s admired, is on the list. This is brilliant! Just brilliant!

Incentive by agentverbivore (rated T) - Jemma finds it hard to not think about Fitz when the team plays laser tag. Loved this one so much!

Okay that’s my recs for now. Hope you enjoy them as much as I have!

Thank you so much: @stillnotapepper, @0hcicero, @madalayna, @badscienceshenanigans, @recoveringrabbit, @lalallicat, @grapehyasynth, @agentverbivore, @superirishbreakfasttea, @thelatenightstoryteller, @everyl1ttleth1ng, @chinese-bakery, @agentcalliope, @lettertoelise, @aretsuna, @ughfitz, @amanda-rex, @unbreakablejemmasimmons, @roamingbadger, @quibbler, @mech-bull, @blogginghaley, @amandajoyce118, @pocketfullof1, @lavendergaia, @notabadday, @madamemare, @awkwardspiritanimals, @theradiointukyshead, @bookishandbossy, @writeonthrough, @agl03, @overworkedunderwhelmed, @theclaravoyant, @agent-85, @shieldsil, @reymanova, @undercovermarvelgeek, @eclecticmuses, @anythas-thoughts, @jessiecrimefighter, @mrsleopoldfitz, @youremorethanthatjemma, @tardisinwonderland, @plinys, @nerdlove4thewin, @notlovenotalways, @ifwehadamonkey, @jemmamaximoff, @blake-wyatt, @engineerleopoldfitz, @mightyjemma, @ohfiitz, @etoilesdeglace

I did my best not to forget people, but I know that I have. Please pass this along to anyone I migh have missed and check out the authors I’ve tagged. They’re amazing people and definitely worth a read :)

So, I don’t know if it’s still the Fanfiction Appreciation Day everywhere, but as one enamored and mesmerized fan of you awesome legends, I just wanna let you know how much I love you and how much you make my days. You guys lift my spirits when canon screws us over. You guys take the characters on amazing journeys for us to join them- to another time, another place, another anything, or even in canon. You make canon a better place and pull a better place out of what is canon. You make me laugh, you make me cry, you make me blush, you make me yell, you make me fall into existential crisis, you make me grip my phone so tight that I fear it might break. I’m so grateful to all of you for taking precious time out of your busy lives to put giant smiles on our faces. I just can’t thank you enough!

Before becoming a sobbing mess, here I shout-out to some favourites. There’s a lot more, though, whom I’ve either forgotten to mention like a dickhead or whose Tumblr username I don’t know, but I love you all so freakin’ much and I love you forever and you have no idea how precious you guys are to me!

@agentcalliope @grapehyasynth @chinese-bakery @jemmamaximoff @writeonthrough @thelatenightstoryteller @recoveringrabbit @roamingbadger @stillnotapepper @agent-hayley @tashonix @nerdlove4thewin @doteleven @everyl1ttleth1ng @undercovermarvelgeek @unbreakablejemmasimmons @agent-85 @jeemmasimmons @theclaravoyant @imperfectlychaotic @amanda-rex @eclecticmuses @agentverbivore @perthshirekisses @lucyrinner @reymanova @fitzsimmvns @agl03 @overworkedunderwhelmed @drsfitzsimmons @bookishandbossy @superirishbreakfasttea @lalallicat @fitzsimmonsftw @consoledacup @thesokovianaccords @plentyofmalk @comickid99 @shieldsil @omgfitzsimmons @crystabelshalott @jemmaswan @memorizingthedigitsofpi @dilkirani @accio-the-force @agentlukaofshield @msdevindanielle @madalayna @0hcicero @notlovenotalways @theresalwaysaway @jessiecrimefighter @badscienceshenanigans @amandajoyce118 @parksanddownton603 @etoilesdeglace @aretsuna @anythas-thoughts @ughfitz @clearascountryair @inevitably-inquisitive @leofi-xed @whentheskyequakes @adaughterofeve @pleaseletmeshowyou @fitzsimmmonsy @mech-bull 

Nothing but love and love and love and love and love and love for you beauties! Keep on rocking our worlds with your mega awesomeness! 

Four for you, fanficcers! You go, fanficcers!

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FitzSimmons(clearly XD) and n° 16. ;)

16. things you said with no space between us

Fitz tells her that he loves her when she can’t hear it, at first.  When her lips are pressed to his, when they’re tangled together underneath her sheets, when they’re all gasps and moans and shared breath, when she’s asleep in his arms afterward, he whispers the words so quietly that it’s almost like he’s never said them.

Then, he gets bolder.  He traces them across her skin when he holds her close, he kisses out the pattern of the words against their body, he brews it into her tea in the morning.

He tells her that she’s perfect, that she’s brilliant, that she’s beautiful, that she’s strong and kind all at once, and underneath everything else, he’s always saying it.  Fitz thinks some days that he might burn up with the force of it, that the way he feels about her might consume him, and he thinks that he wouldn’t mind if it did. It’s in the way he looks at her, the way he touches her, the way he says her name when it’s only them.

But the words don’t slip out of his mouth until a bright May morning when they’re curled in bed together, her wrapped around him, and when they do, Jemma just smiles at him, a million-watt sun-bright smile that might be the best thing he’s ever seen, and says it back. 

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Congratulations for your milestone! I've just read your giveaway fics and they're all awesome(as always). :) Might I ask for this one? 78: Are a tourist who gets hopelessly lost and a local who offers to show them around.

aw thank you so much! if I remember correctly, you’ve been in the fandom for longer than I have (or at the very least, just as long), so congratulations to you, too. ;-)
Anniversary Ficlet 7/10.
Rated G. FitzSimmons. Non-SHIELD AU.

Nothing exciting ever happened in Birnam. This was fact, and anyone who thought differently was kidding themselves. The most interesting things they ever got were particularly weird Shakespeare fans who made the trek from Glasgow just so they could laugh at their own forest jokes. From the city himself, Fitz had considered more than once how he would pay someone to get him out of Birnam, but unfortunately his job prevented him from leaving for another two years, one month, and seventeen days. Not that he was counting.

The company had offered him an exorbitant amount of money to do R&D on a new type of rocket fuel, as well as provide them with weaponry consultations while he was at it, and Fitz had initially jumped at the chance. He should have known that the job had sounded too good to be true, and the isolation of the development facility was high on his list of reasons why he couldn’t wait to leave this little town in Perthshire for good. Convinced that this would always be the case, Fitz went through the motions of living in the Scottish countryside without ever trying to find a reason why he would stay. So it made complete sense that, one gray afternoon, said reason would literally knock him on his arse.

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My FitzSimmons fics...

For Jemma, it’s an event that typifies or determines all subsequent related occurrences.I’ve seen others do this, so I thought I would as well! All are COMPLETE (yay!) and they are organized from first to most recently written.  

Story of Us 
Encounters between Fitz and Simmons leading up to their promotion onto Coulson’s team. (multi-chapter)

With interruption the truth hides. (one shot)

Sun Among the Clouds
When Leo Fitz is forced to use his umbrella, it winds up being the catalyst to him meeting Jemma Simmons. (one shot)

Underground the Stars are Legend
When a famous stranger shows up at Jemma Simmons’ door, she’s forced in to orchestrating her first meeting with Leo Fitz. (Jemma’s perspective to the events of “Sun Among the Clouds”) (one shot)

When Fitz is sent home following his accident, both he and Jemma struggle to move on with their lives. (one shot)

To make you well
Jemma feels responsible for what has happened to Fitz. (Post 1x22 speculation) (one shot)

When it’s dark enough, you can see the stars
Everyone has secrets, even Jemma Simmons. (multi-chapter)

It’s a strong word
Hate, like and love are all strong words. Jemma Simmons uses them all. (one shot)

Do not stand at my grave and weep
(Co-authored with anythas-thoughts) Jemma grapples with Fitz’s death. Post S1 finale. (multi-chapter)

Love at Christmas
Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons spend one day a year together: Christmas day. It’s a little bit strange and a little bit beautiful. (one shot)

On the Top Shelf
There was a reason Fitz loved the chairs on the library’s ninth floor and it wasn’t because they were comfy and worn, nor because they were thought to be lucky. (one shot)

Just a Moment
Something happens when Fitz leaves the monolith unattended for just one moment. (one shot)

Fitz believed that keeping his books past their due date was the best way to get Jemma Simmons to speak to him. (one shot)

Do not go gently into that good night
With Jemma’s return from the monolith, Fitz begins to realize that all is not as it seems. (post 3x01 speculation) (one shot)

From which I never want to separate
Jemma’s return from the monolith has left her with many hidden scars. (post 3x02) (one shot)

Awoken by the morning sun
With Jemma’s return, Fitz struggles to find a way to help her. (pre-3x05 speculation) (one shot)

Once more with clarity
There was a truth that Simmons hoped to reveal to Fitz, she just hadn’t realized who was paying attention. (Post 3x08) (one shot)

At the stroke of midnight
Fitz meets her for the first time at the stroke of midnight. (one shot)

At first glance
At first glance everything appears as it should; he’s just someone she met on an elevator. (multi-chapter)

Fortune’s Fool
Daisy found the perfect match for Jemma online. There was just one problem: Jemma had to agree to meet him. (one shot)

From the same star
Shortly after Jemma Simmons’ birth, a signature had appeared at the underside of her wrist indicating the name of her soulmate. Unfortunately for her, the odds of finding the right Leo were not in her favour. (multi-chapter)

Luck of the Draw
Luck is when skill and opportunity come together. (one shot)

The Defining Moment
For Jemma, it’s an event that typifies or determines all subsequent related occurrences. (one shot)

Happy reading! x

Author Appreciation Week - Fitzsimmons Fic Recs!

Hello all! I saw a post on my dash talking about doing an Author Appreciation Week in order to show and spread love for our favorite fanfic authors, so here’s my contribution to the pile. This post is going to be dedicated to fic recs for the Fitzsimmons ship from Agents of SHIELD. And it took me almost all week to do it, because I basically ended up re-reading most of my bookmarked fics. OOPS.

If you don’t see your fic here, that doesn’t mean I didn’t love it! I love pretty much all of the fic ever, but I’m trying to keep this post a reasonable length (my FS bookmark list on AO3 is 15 pages long, for crying out loud). and sticking to the fics that I keep coming back to over and over. I also tried to limit myself to one rec per author. Just know that I love all of you!

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