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Congratulations for your milestone! I've just read your giveaway fics and they're all awesome(as always). :) Might I ask for this one? 78: Are a tourist who gets hopelessly lost and a local who offers to show them around.

aw thank you so much! if I remember correctly, you’ve been in the fandom for longer than I have (or at the very least, just as long), so congratulations to you, too. ;-)
Anniversary Ficlet 7/10.
Rated G. FitzSimmons. Non-SHIELD AU.

Nothing exciting ever happened in Birnam. This was fact, and anyone who thought differently was kidding themselves. The most interesting things they ever got were particularly weird Shakespeare fans who made the trek from Glasgow just so they could laugh at their own forest jokes. From the city himself, Fitz had considered more than once how he would pay someone to get him out of Birnam, but unfortunately his job prevented him from leaving for another two years, one month, and seventeen days. Not that he was counting.

The company had offered him an exorbitant amount of money to do R&D on a new type of rocket fuel, as well as provide them with weaponry consultations while he was at it, and Fitz had initially jumped at the chance. He should have known that the job had sounded too good to be true, and the isolation of the development facility was high on his list of reasons why he couldn’t wait to leave this little town in Perthshire for good. Convinced that this would always be the case, Fitz went through the motions of living in the Scottish countryside without ever trying to find a reason why he would stay. So it made complete sense that, one gray afternoon, said reason would literally knock him on his arse.

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[AOS] All I Want For Christmas ~ Fitzsimmons Secret Santa

AN ~ FitzSimmons Secret Santa for anythas-thoughts. My prompt was “first holiday together as a couple”. I was watching Love Actually and tossing up between Christmas and Valentines Day and then this happened. And I’ve been reading fics with Fitz’ written accent lately, I don’t usually write it but it happened while he was being grumpy in the morning. It chills out later in the fic/day. It was really nice to write some fluff! SO MANY LAYERS OF FLUFF I think this whole season worth of angst just fluffified. I hope you like it.

All I Want For Christmas

Simmons stretched herself awake, smiling as the heavy lump that was Fitz obstructed the movement of her limbs. As he began to stir, she wriggled out of his arms and rolled out of the way, and sprang lightly to her feet. He scowled at her from the bed as she flicked through a few of the options in her wardrobe, picked one, and turned back to face him, the dress sweeping outward in the spin.

“Goooood morning, Mr Simmons,” she greeted with a smile, laying her selection on the end of the bed.

“It’d be be’er three hours from now!” he retorted. “An’ Mr Simmons? Wha’s that about? Tha’s no’ how it works. Besides, we’re no’ even married. You wouldn’t like it if I star’ed calling you Mrs Fitz now would ye’?”

“I…wouldn’t mind.”

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I did my best not to forget people, but I know that I have. Please pass this along to anyone I migh have missed and check out the authors I’ve tagged. They’re amazing people and definitely worth a read :)


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Wow, you guys! I’ve seen a lot of great theories/ideas about Simmons’s Earrings, and I’ll probably end up making a masterpost of all of them, including my own, sometime later today.

anythas-thoughts brought up Simmons’s other major jewelry choice, and since necklaces are much easier to spot than earrings, I managed to find all the times Simmons has worn this particular necklace (where the pendant is visible). It turns out that with the exception of the Pilot and 0-8-4, this is the only necklace of choice for Simmons! (In the first two episodes she wears some kind of golden horseshoe necklace, but this one has been there from The Asset up until What We Become.)

I’m forming headcanons as I type, but does anyone have any they’d like to share?

I was tagged by the wonderful @anythas-thoughts, who has been a joy to have in the FitzSimmons fandom since before I even joined! thank you for thinking of me. <3 

EDIT: OOP I scheduled this to post before seeing that @theclaravoyant also tagged me! another one of our fandom’s wonderful long-haul residents, haha, thanks for tagging me!

The rules are: when you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you’ve written (with an unfinished fic bonus round), then pass on to at least five more writers. Do multiple fandoms if you want!

erg, well, I’m really bad at choosing favorites, so this was hard - and the following aren’t in any particular order!

Bright - I’d been enamored of the idea of a role-reversed Stardust AU for FitzSimmons for over a year by that point, so finally getting to sit down to write it was just such a treat! it was my “job” for about a month during my last free summer before grad school, and I had a blast! at about 20k more words than I’d anticipated, I suppose I don’t regret all that extra time spent in retrospect - I had too much fun writing the fluff and adapting the material.

Wait Out the Sun - Ah, this guy. I still can’t believe that I managed to write 50k+ of it in one month, even while I moved across the country. The ideas just kept popping into my head, one after another after another - it was like a fever dream. I just knew I had to keep going until it was all out of me. (plus, I got multiple people saying that they hadn’t known they needed the “science babies” to be sexy until they read that fic, and I still preen at that particular comment, lmao.) (an extra shout-out for Hideaway in Daylight, the sequel, which was a lot more difficult to write - on a word-to-word basis, as opposed to a structural basis - but that I ultimately feel was worth the struggle.)

A Thin Line - See, I don’t really like soulmate AUs, but when one (generally) was requested as a Secret Santa present, this little guy popped into my head. I remember worrying about my idea for a while (because, as I said, I don’t tend to care for them conceptually, even if I may enjoy reading them), but then Academy!Jemma’s voice popped into my head and just would not shut up until I started writing her down. (On my phone while taking the metro home, fwiw. I typed up almost 700 words on that damn touchscreen, lol.)

Out There (If I Reach Out) - aka. the WALL-E AU no one asked for, but will always be near and dear to my heart. I don’t really know what it is about this fic, other than that it was one of those ideas that I hadtohadtohadto get out - I think, actually, that’s probably the pattern for all of the fics I’ve listed on this response (including the bonus). something undefined about each of these ideas really drove me to write them, and that feeling’s stuck with me, even after all of this time.

The Storm Inside - About a bajillion words longer than anything I ever wanted to write for fandom, haha, this monster is one of my favorites because I was able to pack so much meta about season 2 in alongside a hell of a lot of normal shippy stuff. I’m particularly proud of the Bus Trio emotional scenes, I think, and my re-write of Jemma’s 3x02 rescue from the gigantic black plot device Kree Stone. 

Bonus round - WIP:

Side By Side - It’s currently on a temporary post hiatus while I finish up my rom com challenge entry, but I’ve still got the epilogue left to write, and I’m sooooorta waiting for S4 to start up to see if I’ll need to do any big, story-altering adjustments to certain backstory details that I have in upcoming chapters. (I also keep toying with the idea of doing an additional, follow-up fic to it that takes place along the canon-timeline rather than just in the Academy Era, buuuut… there are a whole host of complicated reasons why I probably shouldn’t bother going there, lol. that being said, it’s, like, possibly one of the few ideas I’ve ever had where my beta has advocated for me to write an additional, separate fic for an AU of her own volition, if that gives you any kind of idea abt it.) anyway, I am just totally and completely in love with this AU, both for the versions of FS themselves as well as their daemons. I kinda sorta never want it to end! (and don’t get me started on baby headcanons, lmao - like, idgaf abt pregnancy/baby/kid fic 99.99% of the time, but then throw in this AU and *poof* I’m squealing and covering my face. go figure.)

I’m gonna tag @eclecticmuses, @unbreakablejemmasimmons, @bookishandbossy, @msdevindanielle, @mech-bull :-)

I was tagged by the awesome @agentcalliope and @anythas-thoughts– thank you! 

When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you’ve written (with an unfinished fic bonus round), then pass on to at least five more writers. Do multiple fandoms if you want!

Running Up That Hill: My first Fitzsimmons fic. I’d been trying to write something for a while but everything came out so melodramatic and unreadable, I just quit. Then the “FS Kiss” thing happened and I picked up my draft and managed to finish something. Without the collection, I might not have engaged with the fandom at all.

Off To A Good Start and its sequels: This verse is all fluff and lust and no drama. So relaxing!

The 28-Year-Old Virgin: My RomCom challenge fic. I sometimes hate it, sometimes like it, it took a lot longer than I was prepared to put in it, but all in all I’m glad it exists.

You Play With Water, You Get Wet: Because it’s my first attempt at actual PWP and I think it went better than I feared it would?

His Best Friend’s Wedding: This was supposed to be a drabble and not an actual fic but it got extended a couple of times and ended up surprising me in a good way, for once.

Unfinished fic: Cubicle of Love. I knew from its inception this story was gonna be trouble and I’ve been stuck in it for months but it’s never very far from my mind. It will be written, eventually. No word on when ‘eventually’ might be.

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I was tagged by @anythas-thoughts, @mrsleopoldfitz, @clearascountryair, @unbreakablejemmasimmons, and @superirishbreakfasttea. Thank you all for making me feel super popular :D (and for tagging me on a Sunday when I’ve got some time to actually do the thing)

Rules: When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you’ve written (with an unfinished fic bonus round), then pass on to at least five more writers. Do multiple fandoms if you want!

In no particular order… (except I’m scrolling down my AO3 stats page to troll for titles, so I guess it’s in order of number of hits on AO3?)

  • A June Wedding. I know, I know. You’re tired of hearing about my fake dating trope-a-licious fic, but it’s the most fun I’ve ever had writing anything ever, and even though I see all of the problems with it when I reread it now, it will always have a place in my heart :)
  • Two Weeks Isn’t Forever. Just a sweet little piece of fluff with a manip at the end. I like it now even though I almost didn’t post it. 
  • Running Out. This is one of those ‘Challenge Accepted!’ kinds of fics that I’m ridiculously proud of making work? Ish? Like, I made diarrhoea romantic. Who does that?
  • A Golden Opportunity. Back in June of 2015, I wrote a (crack) fic per day based on random prompts from the Amazing Story Generator. This fic ended up getting 2 days’ worth of prompts, explaining how Raina didn’t die and then going into a bit of her back story. 
  • Initiation. Another one of my June (crack) fics, this one explains part of how Garrett got Ward to join Hydra. 

And as for WIPs… Gah. So many. And a lot of them are unfinished because I kind of stopped liking them? So I’m finishing them because they need to be finished instead of because I’m enjoying the process. (This would be why I’m not writing right now. No one wants to read something that was written because of a feeling of obligation). 

I think the only one I actually like right now is The Dancing Men, which I haven’t worked on for almost a year and a half now. It’s a cipher fic with reader participation and code-cracking fun, but I was inspired by Fitz’s leaving on a spy mission with Jemma’s sandwich in season 2 and well… that didn’t last long, so neither did my fic :P 

Maybe one day I’ll get over it not being canon and actually continue it. 

tagging: @notabadday, @0hcicero, @lalallicat, @lettertoelise and @aretsuna as well as anyone who hasn’t been tagged yet :)

I was tagged by @anythas-thoughts. <3

The rules are: when you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you’ve written (with an unfinished fic bonus round), then pass it on to at least five more writers. Do multiple fandoms if you want!

A lot of these are going to involve @engineerleopoldfitz. Writing with her is just too much fun for the stuff we’ve written together to not end up here. 

1. Another Door Opens (M)

I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it: I love this fic, and I am so proud that we wrote it. What started off as fairly cracky became our longest (if not the longest) FitzSimmons fic. I understand why some people see the tags and pass on it because there are not a lot of fics that handle the “I’m-gay-but-somehow-falling-for-a-woman” trope with sensitivity. I think we did here, and we did it while staying true to the characters. That’s why I’m so proud of this baby. 

2. For Science (E)

One day Jen asked me what my thoughts were on dom!Fitz. This (along with a series of other fics) was the result, and I have to say that I could not be more pleased. 

3. Stasis (M)

One of the RP threads I worked on with another partner resulted in Jemma dying. I never agreed with that decision, but she was insistent, so that’s how it was written. It never felt right to my Fitz to leave it there, so I wound up writing this in response. TW: character death. 

4. Strictly Business (M)

I wish I’d had more time to work on this one! I entered this for the FitzSimmons Secret Santa, and while I’m pleased with it, I really wish I’d had more time to delve into this world. Maybe now that life has quieted down some I’ll be able to get to it. 

5. You’ve Got Science (T)

Another Secret Santa Exchange coauthored with Jen. I was just very pleased with how this turned out, considering neither of us had seen “You’ve Got Mail” recently. Plus, it’s one of the things we’ve written without straying into M or E territory, so it has broader appeal. 

Bonus: 180 Days (T)

The long-struggling teachers AU. I love this fic. I love my outline for it. But the real world keeps getting in the way. I keep coming back to it, but the muses are hard to prod into motion on this one. (I swear, I’m still trying!)

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