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Congratulations for your milestone! I've just read your giveaway fics and they're all awesome(as always). :) Might I ask for this one? 78: Are a tourist who gets hopelessly lost and a local who offers to show them around.

aw thank you so much! if I remember correctly, you’ve been in the fandom for longer than I have (or at the very least, just as long), so congratulations to you, too. ;-)
Anniversary Ficlet 7/10.
Rated G. FitzSimmons. Non-SHIELD AU.

Nothing exciting ever happened in Birnam. This was fact, and anyone who thought differently was kidding themselves. The most interesting things they ever got were particularly weird Shakespeare fans who made the trek from Glasgow just so they could laugh at their own forest jokes. From the city himself, Fitz had considered more than once how he would pay someone to get him out of Birnam, but unfortunately his job prevented him from leaving for another two years, one month, and seventeen days. Not that he was counting.

The company had offered him an exorbitant amount of money to do R&D on a new type of rocket fuel, as well as provide them with weaponry consultations while he was at it, and Fitz had initially jumped at the chance. He should have known that the job had sounded too good to be true, and the isolation of the development facility was high on his list of reasons why he couldn’t wait to leave this little town in Perthshire for good. Convinced that this would always be the case, Fitz went through the motions of living in the Scottish countryside without ever trying to find a reason why he would stay. So it made complete sense that, one gray afternoon, said reason would literally knock him on his arse.

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