Aftertale/Echotale: Gaster!Sans by Jay101

WELP! I did it. lol I colored the Aftertale G!Sans.

Is he called GG!sans? Cuz Geno Gaster Sans. xD lol GG WILL BE HIS NICKNAME INSTEAD OF G! HAH! XD I love it.

So yus! I might recreate some of those pen doodles I been doing digitally. Maybe, hopefully. Probably…Okay!

At anyrate, I hope you have a wonderful day!

Original Doodle: Here

Echotale belongs to @yoralim

Aftertale belongs to @loverofpiggies

G!sans belongs to @borurou

SHINee Reaction

Anonie Asked:

Can you do Shinee members reacting to hearing that their girlfriend was in a car crash and is now is hospital? Thank you.

OH I think this is our first angst but I’m not totally sure

But at anyrate lets began shall we


Onew:*gif explains it*

Key: Are you sure she will wake up… doc you have to get her to wake up….please.

Jonghyun: and I didn’t even say I love you. why did we have to have that argument. stupid I’m just stupid.

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Minho: but shes still young….and…I-I was g-going to m-marry her

Taemin: She’ll be okay. I know she’ll be okay. I hope she’ll be okay.

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Aigoo this was hard at first because I was watching a funny part in a drama but then it got really sad like REALLY sad and it got a little more easier.

Um… I hope little Miss Anonie liked this and yeah bai.


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Title: Bitter
Pairing: Steve/Tony
Universe: 616-ish, but it could really be almost any
Rating: G
Warnings: There is a brief mention of suicidal thoughts.
Summary: Steve knows he’s dreaming.

Written for the prompt “cold” on the 12 Days of Steve/Tony prompt list.

He’s cold. It sinks through his skin and down to his bones until he aches with it all the way to his core. He wants to call out but he can’t make his lips shape the words that will bring aid. He wants to reach for his communicator but his fingers are still and frozen by his side.

Hundreds of feet beneath the cold Arctic ice, Steve Rogers tries to scream.


He’s shivering so hard that his muscles ache.

The heat is turned up as high as he could justify to himself, and he’s buried under a pile of blankets – Tony’s ridiculously soft duvet, a down comforter, the quilt from the living room couch. Not even the top of his head is exposed but he can’t quite convince himself he’s warm. He wraps his arms around his knees and breathes into the space between his chest and his thighs, using his own breath to warm himself, but it doesn’t help as much as it should.

He can hear the door open and part of him is ashamed that Tony will see him like this. The rest is just relieved. Tony can make him warm again.

The bed shifts as Tony sits down beside him. He can hear Tony say his name, but it’s tinny and faded, as if he were calling from a great distance.


The ice creaks and cracks around him. Sometimes it comes close enough that Steve can pray it will shatter his prison – even drowning is better than this, the water will take him quickly at least. But the ice encasing him is thick and deep and the cracks never come close enough to give him real hope.

But he listens, and when the ice moans loudest he concentrates on flexing his hands, shifting his feet, trying to take advantage of any weakness he can find.

(He knows he’s not moving but admitting it would be too much like surrender)


Tony’s hands are warm against his face.

It makes up, at least a little, for the fact that Tony has peeled away some of his blankets to expose him to the cool air. Steve shudders under Tony’s touch and doesn’t complain. Logically, he knows the cold is all in his mind. It’s not anyone else’s fault that he can’t quite convince his body of that.

Anyway, Tony is worth freezing for. If Steve had known, all those long years in the ice, that Tony would be waiting for him on the other side, then he wouldn’t have prayed so hard for the water to come.

“Steve,” Tony says, and his voice makes Steve feel warm again for a moment. “Steve, you’re burning up.”

Tony moves away, and without his touch to fend off the cold, Steve freezes all over again.


He can hear Tony’s voice.

It’s an echo, muffled by the water and the ice, but Steve would know him anywhere. He tries to call out to him, but the ice is in his mouth and crawling down his throat.

Tony is calling for him, and Steve can’t go to him, can’t save him from the ice. Soon Tony will be just as trapped as he is and it makes something twist and break in Steve’s chest.

(Tony’s not supposed to be here, Tony was never here. Somewhere, Steve is aware that he’s dreaming, but he shies away from that thought. No, god, no, he needs Tony too much)


He hears voices. People he knows, people he trusts. Hank and Henry, Reed, Bruce. Jan is there and Pepper and Sam. Maybe not all at once, though it’s hard to tell, their voices drifting in and out around him as the ice shifts.

He’s warmer now. Tony is back, curled up against Steve’s back, his arms holding Steve against him. He’s not going to drown, not as long as Tony holds him.


The ice is silent. The voices have faded into the distance. Steve pretends he can still feel the warmth of Tony’s arms around him but he’s forgotten what warmth feels like.

Hundreds of feet beneath the cold Arctic ice, Steve Rogers tries to cry.



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Ayenke ( Yeva’s dad) and his uuh necro arm ahaha for lack of better term. Before he became a shaman, Ayenke was actually once a necromancer and during that time, he lost his arm, probably from some sort of beast I’ve yet to work out the details of exactly HOW he lost it. But at anyrate through necromancy he had another one put on to replace the one he lost and the magic sorta made it look really funky looking. When he later decided to give up necromancy to become a shaman instead, he tries his best keep the arm hidden as most people were a bit antsy about him joining their ranks since after all Necros are the enemy of Shamans. He felt the arm would make people uncomfortable. He also adopted a habit of almost always wearing a head scarf as to be as inconspicuous as possible and not draw much attention to himself as he began living among these people. Even after he had been accepted, the habit still never quite died. Some part of him still feels like he doesn’t quite belong.


This is an old old picture from…tbh I don’t even remember. It was either at the end of last year or the beginning of this year. At anyrate, I did most of this at a time where I was style transitioning and ultimately decided that I didn’t really enjoy painting. Dun try to convince me to go back, aint going back to that suffering lmao AINT GOIN BACK TO JAIL. But this painting has been in my thoughts for a loooong time and I’ve contemplated posting it several times but I kept thinking maybe I’d come back to it…flesh i tout more ( which I did fiddle with her dress maybe…2 months ago) and just eeeh…So here it is : T It was inspired by Franz-xaver-Winterhalter paintings because the way that dude bro handles fabrics is just HNNG. 

This pic is of my character Juliana Fontaine. Who in one of my stories she is the Goddess of Beauty and Justice. The drawing was meant to show case her symbols. Beauty ( the lovely dress or just her in general) and Justice, the sword and the Owl. Some parts of her body language are very intentional too as I wanted her to feel as if she was strong as she looks on intently but also delicate all the same as she lifts her dress. Which pretty much encapsulates the air that I wanted to give off for the character in general. She is very feminine and elegant but a force to be reckoned with.

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