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Can you do prompts with " I don't curse and tell"

1) “I don’t curse and tell.”
“You don’t even curse! It makes you feel mean. Don’t give me that mysterious tone of voice bullshit.” 

2) “I don’t curse and tell.” 
“I know you did it.” They advanced a step closer, fists clenched. “And I’m going to prove it, and fix them, and everyone will see you for what you really are.”
“Oo, dear. That does all sound very dramatic.”

3) “I don’t curse and tell.” 
“I know you’re innocent.” 

4) “I never knew you could do that.”
“I don’t curse and tell.” 

5) “Is there any chance that we can keep this between us? If anyone ever finds out-”
“I don’t curse and tell.”

YNWA: Yes or No? Well, Always; ❤️

(^ the question before this answer is: “do i love you?”)

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This Text post is OOC

((This is going to be addressing the recent thing with Madalena and all that junk. I understand I am a silly character and I will be eliminated. I didn’t do this to win. Actually, I expected to get eliminated the first chance Alex got. I joined the OC to have fun and brighten days and to showcase my funny side, and I see that’s what Alex wanted to do with her OC Madalena, so why did I get dragged into that post? Alex, you said you made Madalena to have fun, that’s why I made Meme, so how come you trashed me for your exact reasoning? I guess what I’m trying to convey here is that I don’t understand why you (Alex) blame Meme when you did the exact thing with your OC. Hate is never okay and trying to push yours onto me wasn’t cool either. I have not once done anything to anyone out of seriousness or ooc that could be taken offensively and if my oc has really been that much of a burden I’m sorry. I just wanted to make some people laugh. Nothing meme said was out of malicious intent and I thought everyone understood she was just a joke. I’m sorry if my fun annoyed you. I have not sent any hate to anyone so I once again don’t understand why I was thrown into this. I thought my oc would be a nice distraction from all the chaos, but I guess I thought wrong. I apologize for this rant, but like you said I am allowed to have emotions and be upset about things.  Me being thrown into something that had nothing to my OC or me as a person just kind of upset me and I wanted to share so this didn’t happen again. 

~Just some thoughts from the creator. Also just a quick note: Thank you to everyone who enjoyed my jokes and played along. I deeply appreciate you and I don’t want it to seem like I got excessive hate because I got a couple comments here and there. The people who were kind to me, thanks geese, you were the best.))

(true to my ocs name I thought it would be appropriate to post a meme at the end of this all.)

Hey is finding kissing fucking disgusting an aro thing or just a me thing? Because honestly idk what anyone gets out of it its so gross and it feels terrible and slimy and its so awkward. eugh. I’ve tried kissing with an embarrasingly high number of people and the best it has ever gotten is ‘reluctantly willing to put up with a quick smooch’. Maybe its a stimulation thing? my mouths pretty hypersensitive so idk. Just wondering in general.

  • Most people's questions going into season two: Where is Eleven? Is she alive? What are those slugs Will is throwing up? Is Nancy going to stay with Steve? Who did Hopper get into the car with? What's with Eggos in the woods? Are there more monsters in the Upside Down? How is the lab handling the gate? What was that dark place that El went to in the sensory deprivation tank? What are the full extent of El's powers? Are all the characters coping okay? Is anyone going to die? Are there any people in Hawkins curious to what was going on? Is anyone going to find out? How are they going to explain Will's fake dead body? What long-term effects will the Upside Down have on Will? Will anything happen to Joyce, Hopper, and Nancy since they went to the Upside Down as well? Will any new characters go there? Is Brenner dead? What did they do with Will's grave? Was Barb ever ruled dead, or do the people of Hawkins and her family still think she ran away?
  • My questions: Is season two going to start back over at Chapter 1 or is the first episode of the new season just going to start right off with Chapter 9?

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How did you get started with running? I would love to work on running, but it's painful and I feel like I forget to breathe while trying. My HW/SW was 410 and my CW is 347, but I've mostly been doing simple cardio and simple yoga. I was just wondering where you started with workouts and running and if you had any tips. You, sir, are an inspiration!

Wow! You are doing great! I am so proud of you :) 

It sounds to me like you are in a perfect place to start running. Here are some of my tips for new runners, with an emphasis on the challenges faced by bigger runners, like me. 

  • Ease into it - My first recommendation for new runners is that they ease into. It is so easy to push yourself too hard and either burn out or get injured, this is especially true for anyone that is really out of shape like I was. IMHO, the best program for new runners is Couch to 5k (C25K.) The version I used is C25K free by Zen Labs. It is an 8-week program that eases you into running by gradually increasing your runs from 30 second run intervals - to running a 5K non-stop. This gives both your body and your mind time to come to the realisation that yes, you are a runner.
  • Set your own pace - One huge mistake of believing the idea that if I was not running at least 6 mph, I wasn’t running. This caused me to push myself too hard and get injured. Don’t set a speed target for yourself. Use your Heart rate and how you feel to tell you how hard to run. If you are breathing hard and sweating, you are running and don’t let anyone else try to convince you otherwise.
  • Get some good shoes - If you can swing it, investing in good running shoes will pay off in easier miles and fewer injuries. My advice to new runners is to forget brand loyalty avoid big box shoe stores completely. You are much better off going to a dedicated running store and getting fitted for shoes. Bring your old shoes with you so they can look at the wear patterns. They will also measure both feet (did you know your feet are probably different sizes?)  They will have you walk and perhaps run in your new shoes so they can watch your gait. This is a very good investment. After you have done this once - and know your size and any adjustments you need - you can buys shoes on-line but I recommend you go to the store for your first time.
  • Get some more good shoes - OK… the sad news is, these expensive running shoes are going to wear out in 300 - 500 miles (give or take.) This is true for everyone, but big folks have to deal with it even sooner. One trick you can do is try to get 2 pairs on sale and alternate them. You are more likely to get 500 miles out of shoes that are rotated.
  • Keep track - find a way to track your running. There are lots of great free apps out there. I happen to use Samsung Health, Garmin Connect and Runtastic. Using one of these kinds of apps will help you track your progress. It is so cool to see yourself getting stronger. It’s one of the things that motivates me.
  • Be Proud - One thing many big runners struggle with is body image issues. (I sure do.) I remember writing several posts a few years ago about how much I dreaded running outside. Now I LOVE it - and prefer it to the dreadmill. :p I know this is easier said than done - but every time I feel bad - I remember that I am doing so much better than anyone else that is sitting in their car or on the couch is doing…
  • Be confident - at least 50% of running is believing in yourself. I 100% believe that if you think you can do it - or you think you can’t… you are probably right.

Those are the big hurdles I faced. Here are some old posts I made that might be helpful.

  • Here are all my C25K posts from my first run at it several years ago.
  • Here was a very tough day of C25K and how I got past it.
  • Here is when I finished C25K and the tips I shared then.
  • More C25K tips, written a year later.

Good luck friend - you CAN do this :) 

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Please don't break my heart but does akiyama kun have a happy ending?

Well since it’s still ongoing, there kinda is no end. But something BIG happens and it’s gonna be ASDFGHJKL and CLIFFHANGER!!
If that helps xD

By the way, I’m looking for a typesetter for Akiyama-kun. So if there’s anyone out there who’s skilled and experienced, please message us! :)


My colored part from a collab with @kmittingarts and @crashandburrnart         suze did the sketch and skoop did the line art 

This was a lot of fun to do and id definitely do this again if a chance came along

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You live on Long Island? I live on Long Island! :D lol sorry it's random. Anyway, Pride is all about coming together! I won't be there but I'm sure you can find plenty of people to talk to tomorrow. And even if you don't reach out to anyone, someone will see you and reach out to you. Take the risk! Life is worth a couple of risks!

So… I get that these messages are supposed to be supportive. And I feel like they would be wildly helpful if life were some kind of uplifting romcom where the hero pushes out of her comfort zone and immediately stumbles upon New Best Friend/Romantic Interest/Group of Friends With a Convenient Hero-Sized Opening for her to slot into, but in my experience real life does not work like that. People go to events with their friends, and talk to their friends there. They don’t approach lonely looking strangers… unless the lonely looking stranger is really hot I guess? Or are maybe super interesting? Neither of which I am.

If I went, I would not be able to reach out and talk to people because I have absolutely no idea how to talk to people, and no one would approach me because… why the hell would they? I don’t know how people make friends, obviously, only that I’m the kind of person that people don’t make friends with. And it’s not that I haven’t tried. Obviously sitting in my room isn’t the way to make friends, but the times I have made an effort to go out somewhere on my own it’s never led to anything except me coming home gutted and with a stronger belief that there must be some obvious thing that makes me unlikable. And the fact that you guys just… think that’s how life works, that you can go out somewhere and of course people will spot you and want to befriend you… maybe that is how life works for other people, then. Must be, I guess, because people make friends somehow. And it’s honestly really nice if you can just do that –– go out and have this great sense of community, and have people notice you and reach out to you… but that’s not my life. I fucking wish it was, and that’s the part of me that wishes I could go. Wishes I could experience… something. But spending a whole day and wasting money on train fare just to confirm yet again that there’s something wrong with me isn’t something I think I can deal with facing again.

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Hi so im sorta freaking out. i just found out i have a physical on tuesday with a doctor i absolutely hate and i am not out to anyone as transmasc. ive never had a physical before and im sure its gonna cause a lot of dysphoria but it could help if i know whats going on beforehand? could someone explain what i might have to do while im there? also i have scars on my thigh and upper arm and i dont know how to hide them and no one knows about them and i dont know whatll happen if someone finds them

Do any followers have experience with physicals? I haven’t so I can’t help, sorry.

I hope it goes okay - Matthew

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*holds you* i'm pretty sure we're all gonna need a support group tonight.

Thank you, Anon. 

One thing I know for sure is that I’m going to be avoiding all the angst post ep and probably shitposting/dirty headcanoning to drown it all out. 

If anyone wants to join me in ‘I avoid feelings by not taking things seriously’ land, you’re most welcome to.