I rewatched season 6a and do you remember this scene!? When Lydia told Scott that she didn’t “say it back” and Scott got all teary-eyed? - I don’t know if anyone pointed this out - but it had me thinking back to when Allison died. She said “I love you, Scott McCall” but maybe Scott realised in that moment that he didn’t say it back either!!

Monsta X As Your Classmates


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  • Goodie Goodie
  • Probably has been in almost every extra curricular physical activity that’s offered
  • Pays attention during lectures
  • Is somewhat annoyed when he’s writing and someone bothers him but tbh it depends on who it is
  • Says no when you ask for lecture notes because he “wants you to understand that you need to do good on your own”
  • That does sound like some shit he’d say
  • anyway
  • He’ll eventually give in but it’s like a day or two before the test
  • Does that stop you from cramming? No
  • Forces you to buckle down during exams because he ain’t tryna have you fail or anything like that


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  • Always adapts to whatever class he’s in
  • However only has 1 or 2 real friends in those classes
  • Gym rat
  • Always got people swooning
  • Socialite but still focuses on his studies
  • Will literally help anyone out with anything even if it inconveniences him
  • You need notes? He got you
  • You need a pencil during a test even though you aint supposed to be talking? He got you anyway
  • Teachers love him and lowkey have a crush on him
  • He’s a sweetheart appreciate him when he shares his notes, supplies and snacks with you


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  • Kids can you say class clown???
  • Probably gets shushed by the teacher a few times a day
  • Lowkey a little shit
  • Was sent to the office for accidentally pranking the teacher
  • Has made a few get rich schemes (I mean like Eddy type of get rich schemes)
  • None, literally none, have worked
  • Hyunwoo tries to stop him but did that help? Nope
  • Plays with you alot when he sees you hella focused
  • Once threw an eraser at your mouth
  • He never did that again
  • You stay a few steps ahead of him now so it’s all good


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  • Oh boy
  • That one kid man
  • you know, that ONE kid
  • The one that always seems to one up you in everything you do
  • Yep that’s him
  • You got a 98 on a test? He got a 100
  • You answered 2 of the teachers questions? he’ll answer 4
  • You run for student council? He won the election
  • You guys always seem to be neck and neck
  • Kihyun doesn’t take it seriously, he just sees it as friendly competition
  • For the most part
  • Ya’ll legit don’t even ask each other for help
  • Everyone’s waiting to see if this is gonna be a typical teen romance 


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  • He’s a student??
  • Seems like he doesn’t pay attention in class
  • So it’s a surprise when he gets good grades
  • He pays attention he just multi tasks when he does 
  • Like he’ll probably be setting reminders and making plans for the weekend all while taking notes and doing classwork
  • Not a genius just really coordinated
  • Sometimes you ask him for answers to the classwork because you don’t pay attention all the time who tf does???
  • He’s willing to help but acts somewhat flirty
  • little shit
  • You don’t have time for this disrespect but he finds this entertaining


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  • Excels at language arts or anything writing related
  • Help him with science he needs it
  • Scribbles little things in the margins of his notebook when he’s actually supposed to be writing down notes
  • “tf is inertia???”
  • Minhyuk convinced him to get into a scheme where they profit off of his writing skills and he gets paid to write essays for the other kids
  • That didn’t last long
  • He got off the hook because he’s lowkey the teacher’s favorite
  • Minhyuk’s dumbass almost got suspended but that aint nothing new-
  • anyway
  • Is an english tutor when he can but catch him at the open mic nights
  • His poetry has everybody snapping in tears
  • His music is A1
  • Lowkey Changkyun tried to start a fanclub for him, it didn;t work out but Joo appreciated it


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  • Ya’ll think he all cute and shit but this is class clown number fuckin 2 right here
  • knows when to control himself unlike Minhyuk
  • but he has his moments
  • he dressed as a whole fuckin meme for halloween
  • Also wore the costume for a week afterwards because he bet Hyungwon he could
  • People were amused but also concerned bc was he going through a mid life crisis or??
  • Model student academically
  • Part time tutor, also attends open mic nights for his bro Jooheon
  • Everyone loves this bromance it’s beautiful
  • It’s hella cute and you know it
Tips for new Homestucks

Okay since Homestuck is having a resurgence due to Hiveswap coming out anyone new to the fandom should understand some aspects. Nothing major, just something so you all don’t repeat the same mistakes as the fandom did when it was in its prime.

  1. Seal your makeup with cosplay. I know this seems like common sense but speaking as someone who has been decked out in all gray. Seal. Your. Makeup. If you don’t have sealer, baby powder works just as well.
  2. Making horns for the trolls? Model Magic air dry clay is your best bet for smaller horns (so for the main trolls sans Tavros). I wouldn’t go into too much detail on how to make them but there are tutorials out there for the best results.
  3. I know you’re excited and interested in Homestuck but don’t go trying to force people to read it, that’s one of the major reasons the fandom was looked at with poor taste in the past. Because it has a massive following and almost that entire following tried to get people into it.
  5. On the opposite side. The main characters are 13-16 so if you write smut fanfics or do smut roleplays or draw nsfw fanart. Make sure you write a disclaimer that these versions of the characters are of age. This is a series that involves countless timelines. It’s not that hard, and don’t just write the disclaimer and have them OBVIOUSLY still be kids. It’s not right.
  6. The story is long and tedious yes but it is worth it. There are so many gems that can easily be glossed over. So don’t just skip to Act 5 for the trolls ya know?
  7. Don’t be ashamed for enjoying what you enjoy. I know that Homestuck has become “cringe culture” but fuck that. Cringe culture is for the birds. You enjoy it? Embrace it.
  8. Don’t make bucket jokes, like, I get it. I was new to the fandom once too but bucket jokes are just really lowbrow humor in the middle of some great humor to be had.
  9. People are going to ship what they are going to ship. Don’t get into full on shipping wars over it. In its prime Homestuck had ships for literally every possible combination of character. It’s not worth the time, effort or anger to argue over them.
  10. Headcanons are headcanons and there are a lot to be had. The series is great but because it’s so massive there are some things that can be lost. Don’t blast someone’s headcanon.

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Sooooooo is anyone ever gonna figure out that lance is a prince??? I feel like that would make the situation a LOT more dire for him and bring in some interesting political themes. Not to mention Keith's reaction when he figures out he was courting a freaking prince!!

*eyeball emoji* you don’t have to wait long my dear anon :3

December’s Bareness [YKH] (M)

↠ kihyun x f!reader, 16.7k, protecting yourself isn’t easy, but protecting the ones you love is harder
smut (face riding, mentions of other stuff), mentions of death and other mafia stuff, part of my mafia!au collection (pls check my masterlist)

“But let me set one thing straight. I can’t live without you. I’ve barely been sleeping because I don’t know if you’re okay. I won’t live with myself if you’re hurt, and you can bet your ass I will be looking out for anyone who could have touched you. Innocent or not. I will hunt them down until I know you’re okay. Please. Please. I just want to know you’re okay.”

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hey i just wanted to say that i'm really glad you're touching on this subject, for anyone else out there to understand that it's never the victims fault, never. and i was affected by sexual abuse a while back, and i just want others to know that it's not their fault. it's never their fault, and i want my bb miles to know it's not his fault either

thank you so much sweetheart and i’m sorry this is something you have gone through yourself /:

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Can I be honest? Every night before I go to bed I play a scenario in my head where I meet Tom/Harrison and become friends with them/date them. It helps me sleep and I always look forward to it. I've been doing this for like six years but with different people and it's helped me get over my nightmares which I used to have really badly as a kid. Is that weird? I'd really like to know if there is anyone else out there that does this

it’s not weird at all i do the exact same thing!!!! i have no life and i wish i did so i do it too bby don’t worry

-sappy sunday-

anyone else out there wanna make a gifset of ben c in his shiny pants from the child in time so i can share it. my blog feels incomplete without it now

Listen. I’ve seen a lot. A LOT of shit about the tstz group chat that I’m in. And a lot of it is mean and hateful for no reason other than the fact that you’re “annoyed” but I’m not sorry at all.. Like I have been just kind of wandering around on this site for two years because I lost all of my friends that I used to have. And I decided I would message someone and say Oh I see you’re starting a group chat can I be in it? And they let me in and now I have people that I talk to everyday and that I can go to if I’m sad and I can laugh with and I don’t feel lonely anymore. I’m truly sorry if anyone feels left out because of the fact that we had to cap the amount of people we had forty people is really so much it gets super stressful. So I’m sorry for anybody who is hurt. But I will not apologize for finding friends and appreciating them and having fun with them? If you don’t like it, you’re welcome to unfollow I won’t be mad. But I’m going to put my happiness over your comfort level on something that has absolutely nothing to do with you. That is all.

Dear Charlie,

I feel very lonely, very lonely, more than ever before. I wish everyting was like a year ago. A year ago I was the happiest human being,I would hang out with my friends every weekend and we had lot of fun, I was happy, really happy. But now I´m in uni, and I don´t have any friends, I don´t anyone to hang out with, anyone I can talk to. It feels like shit, I need someone. I need someone.

- Lm

Yuta: What Am I?

Word Count: 1053

A/N: This is literally based off of something that’s happened to me recently and like I need to write it down so i can understand it better. There will be a part two, I’m just not sure if it’ll be a happy ending or a sad/angsty one.

(Y/N) –> Your Name, (Y/F/N) –> Your Friends’s Name


“Hey! (Y/N), are you going to the football game on Friday?“ Yuta asked you as he weaved through the crowded halls of your high school. Yuta was arguably the most popular kid in your school but he was also such a loner that it was hard to tell. He rarely hung out with anyone aside from Jaehyun and Sicheng every once in a while.

You two shared two classes; your third period and your last period - which is where you are heading right now.

“Um, probably. Why do you ask?“ you kept your head down as you watched him fall into step with you.

“I was wondering if you wanted to hang out after school on Friday until the game starts.”

“Uh, yeah sure. Where?“

“Have you been in the drama room since they refurbished it? It looks so much better than it did before.“

“I haven’t been in the drama class since I started at this school,“ you laughed as he stared at you with an incredulous look on his face, “How much better does it look?“

“The paint’s no longer peeling from the wall, there;s a collage of all the plays that have been done at this school on one of the walls, and the chairs are so much more comfortable,“ you raised your brow at his excitement and body movement while he told you of the great things that have been done to the room. By this point, you were less than ten feet from the class room, “I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. I keep the door unlocked so I can go in there when I want to skip class or take a nap.“

“That’s an odd place to go. Most people go to the bathroom or to a different class where the teacher is cool with them,“ Yuta set his bag down on the desk next yours before continuing his story.

“Well, no one else, aside from you of course, knows that I keep the door unlocked or that I go in there. I usually go into one of the corners where the couch is and just sit there. So, you down for hanging out on Friday?“

“Yeah, I’m down.“

~Time Skip to Friday~

“So let me get this straight, you’re going on a date with Yuta tonight?“ (Y/F/N) asked while grabbing her tray of food and stepping to the side to wait for you.

“It’s not a date. We’re just hanging out.“

“In his sanctuary where no one else aside from you and me knows he disappears to? Yeah, it’s totally not a date,“ sarcasm was practically dripping from her words.

“It’s not a date,“ your words were said a little too loud and drew attention from some of the people around you. You quickly cleared your throat and continued at a quieter pitch, “We’re just going to hang out in the drama class for a bit. That’s all, end of story.“

Or so you tried to convince not only her, but yourself too. There’d been a little voice in the back of your mind repeatedly calling it a date but you didn’t want to believe it was one. You’ve gone to school with Yuta for years and have only spoke to him a handful of times so for this to be a date was a little weird and unsettling for you. And you hoped for the day to go by slowly so you’d be mentally prepared for anything to happen later that day, but it seems time was against you. Because Yuta was back at your side, walking and talking with you on your way to the drama class.

Your POV…

“So, how was your day?“

“It was good. Hey, Yuta, why’d you ask to hang out?“

“You seem fun and interesting. You know, I still remember the first time that we spoke,“ a soft laugh left his lips as he let his bag drop from his shoulder to the ground, “You looked at me like I was insanely stupid and I have no idea why?“

“Wait, what? I don’t remember any of that,” I laughed quietly as I wracked my brain for any recollection of the first time we met.

“It’s fine. I was probably being dumb to elicit that reaction from you,” I could feel a smile on my lips as a way of curtly laughing with no sound while I looked up at him, “You have like a perfect smile, what the heck?”

“Uh, thank you. No one’s ever said that to me before,” I smiled at him hoping to get it across that I was genuinely grateful for his comment. What I wasn’t prepared for was what followed for not only that night but the next few days.

Yuta and I haven’t spoken much after we hung out in the drama room. It was mainly small conversation here and there with a hug or two exchanged. It was almost like nothing had happened really but something did. He was flirting with me in the drama room, with no shame either. All his comments were complimenting my personality, smile, laugh, appearance, and some were about how I was affecting him; making him lose his train of thought or how my smile made him have heart palpitations. But none of it made sense.

Especially since a few days later, I hear that he and Hope had kissed. It wasn’t so much the fact that they had kissed that made my skin crawl, it was the fact that none of it lined up.

“Are they talking?“ (Y/F/N) asked me while he got our stuff out for class. We shared our third period and second to last class with each other so it gave us time to talk.

“I have no idea,“ I shrugged.

“It doesn’t make sense. He never talks to anyone the same way he was talking to you and he’s constantly looking at you in third. What’s his game?“

“You ask me like I know,“ I laughed while she rolled her eyes and poked my side, “But seriously, i have no idea.”

We looked at each other right before the teacher began lecture, passing notes throughout class while we tried to figure it out. I only have one question for him, what am I?


The next morning he was going through his morning routine when the resident genie materialized in his private bath. “Get out” he growled at his unwelcome visitor.

“I’m giving you another chance to eliminate the right one this episode” Micah smirked looking as smug as ever.

“No” Adam shook his head not even attempting to pretend to play along this time.

“She isn’t who you think she is” Micah told him like he knew more than Adam did and being a concerned friend.

“Are any of them?” Adam asked turning to face the genie “the elders agreed I could choose anyone out of the contestants you selected. If she’s not someone you wanted as my mate then you shouldn’t have allowed her to compete. You have no one to blame but yourselves.”

Anger darkened Micah’s features as he vanished from the room. Adam let out a short half hearted snort. He had been forced into this charade but he would not relinquish what little control he had in the results. He had the right choose who wins. He would hold onto that right until the end. It didn’t mean he had to be blind about his choices either.