!!!!!! GUYS. I just found out something COOL. 

The Joker card that Gordon gives to Batman in Batman Begins was turned in to the police department by the Joker HIMSELF. He used the false identity of “J. KERR” (a homage to an alias the Joker likes to use in the comics: Joe Kerr). 

Can you believe the sly bastard?

i’m assuming lydia get’s hurt and then is like ‘i wanna learn how to fight’ ???

i mean she has a bandage under her sports bra.

and maybe that’s what her face it when parrish grabs her. if it’s still bandaged it probably still hurts right?? 

and that would probably be the scar that we see her have when she’s showering at eichen house.

Tokyo Ghoul VS Tokyo Ghoul:RE

I’m pretty happy with the route Tokyo Ghoul:RE has taken so far.

When I was reading Tokyo Ghoul I was thinking “Okay so Kaneki is supposed to be the bridge between Humans and Ghouls right? so then why is he leading a seemingly full ghoul life, having thrown away his humanity?” 

Now it makes a lot more sense. People shouldn’t have been expecting for “Haise” to switch back to Kaneki quickly because that doesn’t seem to be the point of Tokyo Ghoul:RE.

Tokyo Ghoul was about the ghoul side of our main character Kaneki Ken.

Tokyo Ghoul:RE is about the human side of our main character Haise Sasaki.

Whatever conclusion both sides of Kaneki come to, most likely if both sides join together will hopefully lead the path to the coexistence for both species if it is at all possible, at the end of the series.


Outside of the constant video feed, from 1800 hours to 2000 hours Sephiroth was granted “free time” to do as he wished inside of his bedroom. He was more active during the day once they attempted this practice. 

Hojo kept an eye on what he did, but never put a stop to it. It was mostly quiet things to keep him occupied. Reading, both a few picture books he was allowed and chapter books he was encouraged to read. Sometimes he continued to color and sketch. On rare occasions he talked to Ceecee. 

Most of the technicians just brushed her off as a figure of Sephiroth’s imagination. For some reason Hojo had a strange interest in her. He only questioned the boy once or twice and received short noncommittal answers. Ceecee simply was not something he wanted to speak about. 

But Hojo listened to Sephiroth’s one-sided conversations. What he learned from them was anyone’s guess. 

She was one her stomach watching him. Her head rested on her folded forearms. 

“You shouldn’t pick at your scabs like that,” she said. Sephiroth didn’t respond, but stopped fidgeting.

“You haven’t been here in a while,” he said softly. 

“I felt tired,” she said, “But I missed you.”

“Are you still tired?” he asked. 

“Yes,” she said, “but I’d rather stay here with you for a while. I can rest later.”  Sephiroth nodded and kept quiet. The blinking red eye of the camera unnerved him. Ceecee paid it no mind. 

“Tell me one of your stories,” she said. 

“Why?”  he asked. 

“Because you make up such good ones,” she said, “I like them.” Sephiroth fidgeted with his arm again. 

“I don’t think the professor likes me talking to you,” Sephiroth whispered. She smiled. 

“Why would he care?” she asked. 

“He says you’re not real,” Sephiroth said, “I made you up. You’re only make-believe.” 

“Well then you have one great imagination,” she said, “one of the best I’ve seen. With an imagination like that, who cares what that old fart thinks.” Sephiroth let out a brief snort. He covered his mouth and stole another glance at that red eye. 

“Come on,” she goaded, “just a little one.” He thought for a moment. 

“Well…there was a dragon…”

Her eyes were closed now. He couldn’t tell if she was breathing or not. This was happening more and more often. 

“Ceecee,” he whispered, crawling a little closer. 

“Mmm,” she said. 

“Are you going to leave?” he asked. 

“…No,” she sighed. 

“Does seeing me make you tired?” he asked. 

“Seeing you is the only thing that keeps me going sometimes,” she said, “keep talking to me.” 

“Do…Does the professor not like you because you know something about my mother?” Sephiroth asked. Hojo had always been curt whenever Sephiroth had dared to ask. Professor Gast said he didn’t like to think about it. 

“Yes,” she said. 

“Oh,” Sephiroth replied. He moved a little closer still. 

“Sometimes I wish she was just like you,” he said. 

*very long rant ahead*

Can we take a bit to turn back to Owen’s description of a perfect woman? Because at the time, he was obviously referring to Cristina (at least that’s how I interpreted it) but he was referring to the Cristina 5 years into their relationship, not the person she was when they met.

The most important detail of the speech is ‘someone who understands me… To the point where I don’t have to say anything, she just gets it.’. Cristina didn’t get him, not at first. Sure, she was interested in him and sure she was attracted to him, but she didn’t get him. Just think about the therapy they went through, or how she reacted when she had an abortion.

It took her a while to fully get Owen, and it wasn’t until she understood that he really wanted kids, that I think she finally understood him.

But at the time of the speech, if I’m not wrong (correct me if I am), Caterina was already set to join Grey’s cast, right? I imagine the writers knew what they wanted to do, where they wanted to go with her character otherwise they wouldn’t have brought Amelia back. The way I see it, that speech, in the long run, was somewhat both a preview to what Owen and Amelia’s relationship would be and to give the fans an idea at what Owen really wants.

For five seasons, most of the choices were Cristina’s. I’m not trying to downplay their relationship, because it was big. And in the beginning, it did help him. But the later seasons showed an unhappy couple (most of the time) having an unhealthy relationship. I saw them living on the memory of what they once were, instead of what they had become.

But Amelia’s different. We have seen that they get each other, and we have seen their choices are respected by the other’s. When Owen said they were a plane crash, (still hurts) Amelia pulled away, regardless of what she wanted. You can consider it hurt, but I think it was also because she wanted to respect what he felt. And after Amelia said they should break up( or whatever you can call it) Owen initially accepted it and walked away. The fact that later, he had the common sense to understand she didn’t actually mean it is something else. But they respect each other, and respect each other’s wishes.

I can’t wait until I can give more examples.


I don’t care how many times you say “I don’t ship Brallie”. That’s not going to suddenly make me stop liking them together. I don’t care if you decided to stop shipping them. I still do. I don’t care how many reasons you give as to why they shouldn’t be together because I can probably give you the same amount of reasons as to why they should be together. And no I don’t just watch the show for the ship. Yes I believe that Callie deserves a family but they’ve already told her countless times she is apart of their family with or without the piece of paper. They will never be able to be just siblings because I mean they’ve had some pretty heavy make out sessions and have told each other countless times they’ll always have feelings for each other. But this is all simply my opinion. And I respect everyone else’s opinion so I ask you respect mine please and thank you

Mun Stuff;; I know that it isn’t Munday and I could easily wait to post this then, but hey, today I was feeling really pretty because I haven’t worn make-up in forever but my sister demanded she do it for this video we were about to film. And I’m sporting my Teen Wolf shirt (which I also have in red).


i guess monolids are ok


is she talking about all the dancestors 

because I remember way back meenah was trying to build an army to take down lord english in a flash game but that was so long ago now I cant really remember what happened with that, but I remember Karkat saying he would lead it with her or something like that so maybe he’s got crazy relevance after all…I cant wait to see whats going to happen next 

In all my years in the hobby I now can get to experience the feeling of being able to actually say that every single one in the resin family is painted by my hand. Guess I just put great pride in painting them myself, pouring a bit of me into them, ‘waking them to life’. Sure, a few is missing some paint, but working on fixing that real soon, tho :D

I edited the english cover compilation list but in case you missed the edited songs, here’s a short list. Here’s the main compilation list

Give Me Everything (Pitbull) // Samuel, Joshua, Hansol, Jihoon

If I Ain’t Got You (Alicia Keys) // Seungkwan

So Sick (Ne-Yo) // Joshua  (op : there’s like 4 version of So Sick now)