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Verb (used without object) coped, coping

  1. To struggle or deal, especially on fairly even terms or with some degree of success (usually followed by “with”)

      2. To face and deal with responsibilities, problems, or difficulties, especially           successfully or in a calm or adequate manner

Gabe ran a hand through his unruly raven locks, trying to pay attention to the press conference. Today wasn’t a good day for him to have to pay attention to a press conference. He steadied his breathing as he watched his leg bounce up and down, periodically making a tap when his heel collided with the floor. Everything was just too loud. He shut his eyes for a long moment, listening to the rhythm of his harsh breathing.

He slowly cracked his knuckles, looking to his right, then to his left. He was hoping no one was watching. He knew someone was, though. He wasn’t wrong. Jack sat in a chair that was far behind the podium, barely focusing on the speaker. He watched Gabe’s erratic movements, studying how his eyes would constantly flutter to the left or to the right, looking for someone. He furrowed his brow, he didn’t want to see Gabe go through this.

The moment the speaker said, “Conference is dismissed,” Gabe practically leaped out the door, racing to his room. He swung the door open, and quickly shut it. He sighed, and crawled onto his bed. His hands found themselves in his hair once more, clutching it with all of his might. He inhaled sharply, and slowly exhaled. He slid his legs to lay on the bed, trying to still himself. His mouth quivered as he slowly breathed, keeping himself from falling apart.

“How can you live up to your title?”

“Your division is miserable. You’re like a deadbeat dad with his misfits.”

“You’ll never deserve a statue.”

“What kind of hero do you think you are?”

Gabe grimaced and grit his teeth, letting a few tears slip down his cheeks. He took his hands out of his hair, turned one into a fist, and wrapped the other around it. He dug his nails into the back of his hand, focusing on the feeling of the crevices on his hands. He sighed and stared at the wall in front of him. His focus was not deterred when there was a rapping on his door.

On the other side of the door, Jack quickly pounded his fist, trying to get Gabriel’s attention. He sighed, and decided to slowly open his door. He walked into the room, immediately noticing Gabe in his seemingly entranced state. Jack’s frown grew as he watched Gabe rock himself, attempting to get a grip on reality. He didn’t know if he should speak, or if he should make it a quiet encounter.

Jack climbed onto the bed where Gabe was situated, looking into Gabriel’s blank stare. “Hon?” Gabe looked down and sighed at the sound of Jack’s voice, focusing his stare on his hands now. Jack inhaled, realizing this would have to be a quiet encounter. He slowly reached over and grabbed Gabe’s hand, enclosing it in his own. He put his other hand on Gabe’s cheek, rubbing his thumb over his cheekbone. Gabe leaned his head into Jack’s touch, humming. Jack stared at Gabe’s pouting face, frowning. He knew there was nothing he could do when he got like this, all he could try was sitting with him in silence.

Gabe pulled his hands out of Jack’s grip, making Jack raise an eyebrow. Gabe outstretched his arms, doing a grabbing motion. Jack leaned forward, enveloping Gabe with his arms. He rubbed his back slowly, and Gabe laid his head into the crook of Jack’s neck. Jack broke the silence. “You need anything?” Gabe slowly nodded. “Anything, I’ll get it. You want some water and something to eat?” Gabe nodded again, hugging Jack tighter. “Okay.” Jack slightly smiled as he slowly removed Gabe’s arms from around his waist. Gabe looked up at Jack, pouting. “I’ll be right back. I promise.” As Jack left the room, Gabe laid his head on his pillow.

Jack came back into the room with two bottles of water and a turkey sandwich. He sat the sandwich and one of the bottles on the nightstand, crawling back onto the bed. He handed Gabe the bottle. “Drink up, babe.” Gabe smiled as he cracked the lid open and downed half of the bottle. He sat it down, and leaned onto Jack’s chest. Jack leaned down, kissing the top of Gabe’s head. Gabe sighed. “Am I okay?”

Jack furrowed his brow at Gabriel’s question. “You’re better than okay to me.” Gabe slumped over. “I should have been more clear,” he whispered. “Am I living up to everyone’s standards?” Jack frowned. “I mean, you always live up to mine, I’m sure you live up to everyone else’s. Did someone say something to you?” Gabe grimaced. “No, it’s just me. I know that people don’t think highly of me. I can tell by the way they look disgusted when I’m training my team. I can tell by the way no one really bothers to know me because all they see is some monster. Soy realmente un monstruo?

Jack hugged Gabe tightly. “Absolutely not.”

“It feels like it, cariño.”

“I couldn’t possibly begin to explain how wrong it is.”

“What do you mean?”

“You’re absolutely wonderful. You’re the strongest person I know. We’ve been through hell and back together. I never want to be without you. You’re perfect in every way. You may not be perfect to everybody, but screw them. You’re perfect to me. The way your eyes crinkle when you smile may just be my favorite thing on this planet. I wish people would pay attention to even your smallest perfections. They make you original. One of a kind. They make you you.”

They sat in silence, thinking over the discussion. Gabe began crying and grabbed the front of Jack’s shirt.. “Hey, hey, hey, what’s wrong?” Jack cupped Gabe’s chin in his hand, bringing his head up to face him. “T-thank you so much, príncipe, te amo, te amo mucho, no sé cómo podría seguir sin ti, mi vida…” Jack let a tear trickle down his cheek, and he leaned down to kiss Gabe. They fell back in each other’s arms and fell asleep to the rhythm of their breathing.

heckie-dot-net  asked:

Why do people trash on you??

So I wasn’t planning on responding to this publicly but so many people have asked me this question that I think it’ll be easier for me to just answer it and leave it at that.

So some people have a really awful tendency to take a statement and blow it out of proportion. For example (and this isn’t necessarily the only example, it’s just one of the things I’ve gotten in the past): the statement “anyone can follow me” in their minds translates to the statement “I support pedophiles” when that’s absolutely not the case (it’s actually considered something called a logical fallacy but we won’t get into that here because I don’t feel like reliving my high school Language Arts class 😂).

So anyways, one person will take that statement, and then that person will around telling people “oh, foodstimming supports pedophiles.” And upon hearing this, other people take their word at face value instead of fact checking the information and forming their own opinions, and they go ahead and spread the rumor as well.

Then it snowballs and people will add different things into the rumor that they’ve supposedly “heard” about me. But it all goes back to things that are not based on facts but instead based on just a few people taking information out of context and running wild with it. And if someone takes an issue with me for a specific reason because they personally disagree with me on it, that’s fine! It’s just a little frustrating when it gets out of hand and people are out there believing things that are absolutely not true.

However, I really don’t care what people say about me on the internet. They don’t know the first thing about me, and they don’t impact my personal life anyways, so I try my best not to pay attention to it.

All of you guys have been so insanely loving and supportive of me, and words cannot describe how deeply I appreciate it. As I’ve said before, the only people who matter to me are the ones who are loving and supportive. You guys are great to me and I’m going to continue to try my hardest to be great to you in return.

Though the lies people tell and the hate people give don’t bother me, this will however be my last post on this topic. I know some of you might still have questions, but it does get tedious trying to answer things like this. And part of the reason why the things people say don’t bother me is because I try not to dwell on it, so I hope this answer will suffice for now. Love you all ❤️

Jun ▶️ Sho

If we’re talking about 2016′s Sakurai-san’s, it should be Rio Olympics!

Even during arena tour, I’m sure there were many things that he had to study for, things he had to remember.

Once the live ended, he had to go to Rio to report… Just thinking about it, I know it’s really tough.

Of course I didn’t actually see him study.

Moreover, I’m not him so I probably don’t know the truth.

But because he’s Sakurai-san, he definitely enjoyed doing it, I think.

Oh and also, I have received souvenir from Rio (laughs).

Thanks so much for the beach sandals.

Also, thank you for the hard work!

Jun ◀️ Sho

When Matsujun came as a guest for Sakurai Ariyoshi The Yakai, he bought a bonsai.

When I heard that he really used it as a decoration, I was happy.

Even though it was planned for the TV program, the fact that he really bought it, I as well but I think the staff too, were happy.

Then, the concerts.

Including the meetings the rest of us didn’t see, and while shooting for a drama, creating the arena tour at the same time, it must have been very tough.

I thought it was very amazing.

So I finally translated the song, and if someone wants to know who sing it, it’s Jean Ferrat, and the title is “Ma Môme”

@zumpie this is for you, and anyone who wanted a better translation! Keep in mind that even if I can speak and write in English, i’m not a professional so I can make some mistakes! I tried to do my best, and I also put in italic what was writen in the video Cole liked. 

Also, here’s a few things:

“Ma môme” can be translated as “my kid”, but as it seems the singer is in love with the girl, I think he calls her like this ‘cause she’s younger than him, so the right translation would be “my baby girl”. 

Also, there’s a bunch of french city name, especially when he sings about summer! 

Finally, Verlaine is french poet! 

My girl, she doesn’t play the starlet, 

(My girls not the kind to be seen)

She doesn’t put on sunglasses, 

(In a chic magazine, that’s plain to see)

She doesn’t pose for the magazines, 

(No starlet’s sunglasses or gowns)

She works in a factory, at Créteil.

(She works around town, in a factory) 

In an overpopulated suburb, we live in a furnished flat, 

(Some plain furnished rooms are our home, we live there alone)

She and I, 

(She and I)

The window only has one pane, 

(A warehouse and rooftops below)

Which overlooks the warehouse and the roofs.

(From our little window, meet the eyes)

We don’t go to Saint-Paul-de-Vence,

(Vacation we spend close at hand)

We go every holiday at Saint-Ouen.

(The Rivera’s too grand for our pay)

As a family, we only have one godmother, 

(Loved one are distant and few)

Somewhere in Lorraine, and that’s far away. 

(I’ve a godmother who lives far away)

But my girl, she’s twenty five,

(But my girl, though just twenty five)

And I think the Holy Virgin of the churches, 

(Is the sweetest that I’ve ever seen)

Hasn’t more love in her eyes and doesn’t smile better, 

(No saint in any church you could find is as sweet or as kind)

Whatever they say. 

(At least to me)

During summer, when the city falls asleep, 

(When the town dozes off in the blaze) 

At home, there’s the sun, which lingers.

(Of the sun’s summer rays, burning bright) 

I lay my head on her waist,

(With my baby girl wrapped in my arms)

I slowly take her hand, and keep it [in mine].

(I drink in her charm, and hold her tight) 

We say to each other everything that comes to our minds, 

(We whisper our thoughts, she and I)

It’s as beautiful as Verlaine, 

(As lights fades from the sky)

It seems,

(Up above)

We watch the sun set, 

(In the secrecy of our four walls)

And then we secretly make love. 

(As night slowly falls, we make love)

Hello 2 my darling Japanese followers/anyone who speaks Japanese. Would you mind PLS translating this for me 2 english? Thank u!!! It probably says I am a nerd that has no friends.