anyone who believes differently can out

Everyone knows Castiel loves Dean Winchester. He shouts it to the entire world. There is not a moment in time anyone can doubt that Castiel does not love Dean because that is completely impossible.

People say it’s unrequited. Dean Winchester doesn’t love Castiel back. Or if he does, it’s only brotherly love. But the people closest to him know different. Unlike Castiel, Dean doesn’t shout is love out to the world. His love is private. He believes love should be between the two who share that bond.

So instead of running in town square with a bell, yelling “here ye, here ye” for the whole world to know, he whispers his love into Castiel’s skin. He transfers his affection through small unnoticeable touches. His love his murmured into Castiel’s lips. His adoration is shown only to Castiel. Because he doesn’t believe anyone should know because as long he and Castiel know, he will be content.

I really don’t understand people who vilify others for their faith.

People interpret their religious texts/teachings, and hold their faith so personally that it’s impossible to accurately judge someone based on their beliefs. Like, absolutely you can judge a person based on their hateful actions, but denouncing an entire religion based on extremists is irrational and entirely fuelled by prejudice and ignorance.

When you condemn muslims and christians and sikhs etc you’re condemning all of the gay, lesbian, bi, trans, poc, women, disabled, mentally ill, inter sex, pan, non binary, ace, aro, people who hold that faith.

There is nothing revolutionary about flat out hatred for anyone who believes something different than you.

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ok i know your never gonna see this but i feel guilty for being gay? i came out to my family and friends as bisexual and my friends were like gr8 and my parents were reluctant. I've recently come to this realization that i'm gay? and i told my friends and they're still like gr8 but i don't want to come out to my parents again because i think they'll believe that stereotype of "bisexuals are only confused"

Honestly, you don’t have to come out to anyone you don’t want to come out to. It is your life, and your sexuality does not define who you are as a person.

Look, they already think you are bisexual. So you can continue dating the same sex and it won’t make any difference. When the time is right, you will know.


-LGBT Advice

I regularly help out newbies, even the seemingly dumbest questions, I make tutorials and giving away free stuff. I do charity faceups locally and translate information. I am crafty and make my own stuff, all the way letting people know how they can do it. I give advice when asked and fave regularly. I am pro artists but never sent hate to anyone other thinking differently, and I don’t police who buys from my shop which has a 5 star feedback. I send out things less than a week and give little gifts and they always arrive. Never flaked and when faced with a problem I fix it and communicate. I want to revise the idea of having donations so I can send out gift dolls too because I believe others might think the same way.
This is what everybody knows. What they don’t know is that I am battling deep depression and has been suicidal. I have a very low self esteem because I was never good enough for my parent’s expectations, even being successful in school or in life, it was never enough. I used to be bullied where my school desk would be drenched in yogurt because I was a bigger teen. Nobody knows that I was cheated on while I lay very sick at home and raped when help came too late in a form of a neighbor. The biggest reason keeping me alive is helping others but nobody looks under the surface. And I am thankful for that, so nobody has to be sad for me. And I am thankful for this blog that I can pull this off my chest.


To anyone who wants to join any kind of group activity related to spirituality, magic, anything:

Please be careful!

There’s a lot of manipulators out there who can use your honest concern and interest in this topics to control you for their personal gain! If you perceive that something is wrong, stay away from them. Trust your gut! And don’t believe anyone who claims to have the absolute truth or someone who is inflexible and doesn’t accept ideas that are different from their own.

 Please, please take care of yourself! Don’t be afraid of turning your back to people who are potentially dangerous. Practising and studying alone is NOT less valid. Develop your own critical thought before joining any kind of group. This is my opinion and advice from experience!



Thanks! Yes It’s a shame that the Gay Left promotes hate, and intolerance to anyone that thinks differently than them. I’ve had it pretty bad, but they only help my cause. When they lash out.. it proves my point. I’m so blessed to have my own mind, and think for myself. I don’t need anyone telling me what I should, and shouldn’t believe in. God is good my friend, and we need more people to stand up, and fight the good fight! 

-The Gay Republican 

“Be brave enough to break your own heart.” - Cheryl Strayed. I don’t normally post about my personal life, but I just encountered a little bit of heartbreak on my journey and needed to remind myself of this: I should be sad, but I should also be really fucking PROUD of myself for having the courage to be vulnerable with someone. For taking risks and putting myself out there, over and over again. For always believing in love. Bravery comes in many different forms; showing someone your soft spots can be just as terrifying as bungee jumping off of a cliff. There is so much strength, not weakness, in telling someone that you love them. I don’t think we take the time recognize that often enough. So for anyone out there who is currently nursing a broken heart: it gets better, you’re a badass, and I’m proud of you!

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Argh can't people mind their own business?

That’s why i hate talking about personal stuff… man it’s their lives. Who cares… i am here because she is an amazing model… geezz i never lost two seconds reading about fashion… and after seeing her… I was like… who is she??? Now i have 3 blogs about her. I buy fashion magazines 😂😂 never in million years i thought i would spend 1 second with fashion world and here i am almost 1 year following her work. That’s all i care… her work. Not her personal stuff… But everyone is entitled to have their own opinion I wasn’t trying to convince anyone that nothing happened. Like no one has the right to come here and call me out because i think differently and think i am a teenager because i believe a man and a woman can be in the same place without having sex. Because i am older i know that is possible.. been there done that. No one read me saying … hey look i am 100% sure nothing happened. I just said I don’t know and don’t care… all i know is to me me Georgia is the best model of her generation and all she has is with her hard work and not name. it’s my opinion… i am over 25 and i never cared about fashion so for a model to make me go “obsessed ” with fashion, the model has to be really good. So no more personal asks about her. Please.

sam vimes was this wide-eyed naive kid who volunteered for the watch because he friend did, and who worshipped john keel and believed in ideas such as right and wrong and that things could get better, who thought politicians might really bring a better tomorrow and that he could make a difference  and the point of the watch was to protect the people but keel dies and things don’t get better and snapcase turns out just as bad as the rest and the watch doesn’t dare run too fast after a criminal (poor old gaskin) and they’ll never make a difference, not with the guilds, not with the way the city turns and sam slips into drink and despair and he can no longer believe in any of those ideals that drove him so much when he was young and one of the first things he tells carrot is that anyone who volunteers for the watch needs their head examined probably because he can’t see why anyone would volunteer themselves for the pain he’s been through 

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Do you believe self-dx is okay if you can't get help at the time? Not like "oh I definitely have this" but instead "I think I might.."? I'm 17, and still live with my family who for some reason has serious stigma against the mentally ill (my nephew was pretty much disowned) so I'm afraid to reach out to anyone right now, but I have suspicions that I have /something/ to cause very low empathy as well as other things..? Something that I've had since I was little.

There’s a big difference between “I THINK I have this” and “I know without a doubt that I have this.” Acknowledging that something isn’t quite right isn’t self-diagnosis.

If you need to talk to somebody about this, there are resources out there. They might also be able to direct you towards somebody who can help you. A school social worker or counselor might also be able to provide some guidance.

NAMI might be a good place to start:

The signs as quotes from Cole
  • Aries: You aren't afraid. You won't fall.
  • Taurus: I like trees. Trees don't hurt people.
  • Gemini: There once was a man who had bees coming out of his mouth.
  • Cancer: They are not gone so long as you remember them.
  • Leo: I can be me, no fear of falling.
  • Virgo: I want to help. Looking doesn't matter.
  • Libra: You want to be one with the words that wander.
  • Scorpio: You think caring makes you weak. Don't worry. I won't tell anyone.
  • Sagittarius: It won't hurt me. It's friendly fire.
  • Capricorn: My hat wouldn't fit there...
  • Aquarius: "something interesting?"
  • Pisces: Help enough, and I'm different. I'm not me. Believe it to become it.
Listen up folks

Okay, I’m sorry but anyone who thinks Glenn’s death was Daryl’s fault is an idiot.

YES! He is the REASON Glenn died, but it isn’t his FAULT (there’s a differences guys just go with it) He was standing up for the group and had no idea what NEGAN would do. He can’t predict the god damn future people.

TECHNICALLY. if you believe Daryl is at fault for Glenn’s death then Maggie is responsible for Abrahams (they were out in the woods for her)

Daryl (and Maggie) are not at all at fault. NEGAN is. No one can predict the future and he was just standing up for Rosita and up to an aggressor.

Please stop hating Daryl. Glenn would not want this. Ok bye and thanks

I just want to applaud anyone who’s ever stood up for what they believed in. Whether it’s speaking up for movements/calling out any harmful action etc. gaining the confidence to do so is not easy at first, and I’m soso proud of you for doing so <3 

On multiple occasions I’ve been told to “get back in the kitchen”, and other stereotypes they can think of, the minute I speak up.Despite how frustrating it is, what you say matters and does make a difference. 

A little love can make a world of difference. And you should never rely on anyone for that love except yourself. People who promise to stay in you life will leave. Believe me when I say “nothing is forever.” So, let others make you happy. But don’t depend on them. Place faith in yourself. Love your life, even when it is not that lovable. If you let good out, good will come back to you. Sometimes we just don’t look close enough.

Out on a limb...

I’m probably the only person who feels this way, but I’ll say it anyway. After seeing the very steamy EW cover and pics, my heart hurts a bit for Cait. Of course she looks lovely (as she always does), but I couldn’t shake the feeling that Sam was the focus, and Cait was “the girl”, easily replaceable and unimportant (um no, and I will fight anyone who thinks she is!). For a strong, solid woman that I believe Caitriona to be, that would sting, and also put out an image completely against what I’ve seen her fight for, namely women’s equality and strength. While we can argue that the women’s perspective on love, sex, and relationships is being portrayed in a different light on Outlander (that’s a tirade for a different post), these pictures seem…typical. Even the behind the scene pics, it’s all about Jamie/Sam and portraying him in the Alpha male, master of his domain. I didn’t get a “couple” or “partnership” vibe. I got “look at this man and how manly he is” vibes one normally sees in Hollywood.

After seeing Cait’s art post, and lack of retweet of the pics, maybe I’m not the only one that feels this way.

I spent my whole life concerned about what everyone else thought of me. I wanted to be like everyone else, but that’s the thing, I wasn’t like everyone else, and I knew that. I didn’t want anyone to see that I was different, but I think now I was just better off being different. I look around me and I see all these people who think they’re living these great lives, but they do the same thing every day. Life becomes routine to them, it’s safe and comfortable. What happened to life being an adventure? I thought we were supposed to step out of our comfort zone and take risks? What happened to everyone that made them so scared of living? I can’t believe that I ever wanted to be like them.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #59
1. You are going to love him more than he loves you. When he leaves, you will shatter.
2. Put yourself back together. He isn’t worth being broken.
3. If this boy turns out to be a girl, know thay I’ll love you anyways.
4. Your sexual orientation and gender identity doesn’t change the fact that you are made of galaxies.
5. People are going to let you down.
6. Learn to pick yourself back up.
7. You have every right to your feelings. Anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is wrong.
8. Its okay to say no. Its okay to say no. Its okay to say no.
9. You can make a difference in this world, all you have to do is believe in yourself and believe in others.
10. Don’t let your heart grow cold. Don’t allow anger to spread like frostbite until the only thing left to feel is numb.
11. Love yourself for everything you are, everything you have been, and everything you will be. You are beautiful.
12. Use your voice to raise people up instead of driving them into the ground. Fill your words with kindness, it is so rare these days.
13. Know when to stop being nice. Dont let the quarterback run his hands up your skirt while you smile and say “Thank you”. Instead introduce him to your fist as it makes contact with his jaw. Do not apologize.
14. Don’t be afraid of standing up to others, including me.
15. Don’t spend your life wishing to be anyone else. I promise you, there is no one else I’d rather love.
—  Lessons I Will Teach My Daughter - Taylor Edson