anyone want to figure out if i missed some
YOI Artist Blogs
Master Google Database for all YOI Artist Blogs! Open for anyone to edit!

As a huge fan of the incredible fan art that’s been produced in YOI fandom, I thought I would start a master database of all of the artists in YOI! 

Since I can’t possibly follow every single YOI artist in all of Tumblr, I’ve only listed the artists I follow currently. 

If anyone else wants to help collaborate by editing this doc and adding to it, please feel free to do so! If you are an artist, please feel free to add yourself; if you’re a fan, please feel free to add someone else whose art you like. 

Click here or the title for the link to database

This database categorizes artists by: ships/characters drawn; NSFW; requests; commissions; repost policy; and preferred language!

I wasn’t able to figure out some of the answers for categories for many artists, as they did not have an FAQ page, or it wasn’t immediately apparent on their page, but did my best! I know I’m missing a TON of amazing artists, so if anyone wants to help, I think this would be awesome. :D 

Currently listed artists include:

@1o8k @aina-p @alpakappa @amelin-art @ask–viktor @ammeja @badlydrawnyuurikatsuki @badlydrawnseung-gil @blau678 @brilcrist @campaignofmadness @chaotichero @cookiecreation @crimson-chains @cubisticking @dedemidianart @doodlesonice @dorkishdorkish1905 @gairanelixir @hasuyawwn @kaciart @kamisartvonkunst @kantonliu @lamenart @mikkapi @minatu @nerfitisketch @niyaokul @redzonest @sakihokoru @seek-victory @shynii @themightynyunyi @yukipri @yurionniiice

If you are an artist above and would like to be properly categorized, please check out the doc. ^_^

Please reblog! <3 

If you have any suggestions as to how this database can be improved, please let me know!! ^^

It’s been crazy

But I’m BACK


I wrote a lot of stuff and I’m posting it ALL tonight!!!

My requests will be opening up tomorrow don’t worry if I haven’t answered yours, it’s still in my inbox!!! I’M AM TRULY SORRY FOR BEING MIA, SO I MADE SOME EDITS TO MAKE UP FOR IT I’ll post those before all the HC I wrote

My winter break is gonna start soon, and I’ve FINALLY figured out what I want to do with my life, so no more randomly disappearing ♥ hope you guys aren’t too mad!!


Kaylee ♥♥♥

PS: I hope I didn’t worry you guys too much, I feel so bad :( I’ll try to get back to everyone who messaged me while I was gone ♥

anonymous asked:

I know you're not coming back till Monday but did you or anyone you know watch Dexter when he was doing a live video chat thing on IG? I wanted to know if he let anything slip about filming TDC, lol. I know he showed the script (just the front page) but I don't know if he said anything?

I didn’t see it.  For some reason I don’t get IG live notifications, I gotta figure that out.  I totally missed JR and Ian, but someone sent in some screencaps!

GrillbyxReader Fanfic

I want a tiny ball of flame Grillby. Badly. I want this to be a thing. SO HEY HAVE SOME TINY GRILLBYxREADER FANFICTION. (Completely SFW. Minor angst and some fluff ahead.)

It was difficult for anyone who didn’t know the flame monster well to read his moods. Often the signs were subtle, easy to miss if you didn’t know what to look for. A slight change in the colour or density of his flame could reveal an awful lot, and it had taken you a while to decipher all the tiny signals, like figuring out a complicated puzzle.

Luckily, you were pretty good at those.

However, the look he gives you as the water hits him, pouring down on his head like a torrent, was clear as day to anyone. His mouth, so rarely seen, splits open in shock, jagged tongues of flame acting like teeth as he lets out a cry that’s equal parts surprise, pain, and fear. Behind his glasses his eyes are wide, glowing white-hot with shock as he staggers forward out of the water. His whole body hisses like a kettle, his clothes flapping wildly as steam rolls off him, and you move forward instinctively to help him as he drops down onto one knee with a grunt of pain.

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