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GUYS IM FINALLY OUT OF THE DAMN SHELTER AND NO LONGER HOMELESS??😭 😭👌Its been a looong 4 and a half months of stress and tears but i finally have a home and its super nice and i was hoping and hoping my papers would go through to get this place and i finally got it…i just moved in today and theres still alot i have to take care of. If anyone wants to help support me in anyway please donate to the link below itd honestly help me through so so much at this time. Thank you!!


I’m in a pickle!! I’m unemployed, I have one more semester of school to get my associates and no way to pay for it because my dad lost his job, had to leave my home in Austin because of my abusive step mom, currently living with my mother who is ALSO unemployed. AND on top of it all my car broke down yesterday. I need to earn 400 dollars within the next three weeks and I don’t know what to do.

If anyone wants to donate to me I’d really appreciate it. I made a paypal this morning. Don’t really know how to use it, but here is a link

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Some asshole stole my insulin and I need help

So during the move to Texas, someone went through my stuff and stole my insulin-ya know, the stuff I need to live- probably thinking it was drugs or something. I need help with getting money (about $300) to buy more to replace all that was taken since I’m jobless, I can do commissions in the meantime if anyone is interested though. There’s also adoptables I’ve got for anyone who wants one.

If anyone would be kind enough to donate me some money that would be great, and if anyone has insulin to spare, I’d be really grateful if you could send some my way. Please spread the word. My PayPal is

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Kicked out by abusive mother

Last night I went up to my college to work on a homework assignment after work. I left around 11. I texted my dad (both parents were asleep, i was in a hurry so I did not text both; would not have changed anything) that I would be gone. My mother woke up to find me gone and freaked out, demanding I come home now. I explained the project was due Monday and I couldn’t leave in the middle of working on it, so she told me not to come home at all.
I am currently living with a friend and her family, but I can only stay for one more night.

My mother has also threatened me with taking away my car insurance, so I won’t be able to drive either.

IF ANYONE can help me, PLEASE message
me. I don’t want to ask for donations, but I’m taking emergency sketch commissions in the meantime.
I am a lesbian woman with mental illness so everything is looking super bleak right now.

gangster ceo!jungkook;

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  • yall dont realize how fast i got to work on this as soon as i got this request
  • originally it was like “gangster or ceo” but u know.. me….. i cannot chill
  • so!!! background
  • jungkook grew up as your typical spoiled rich boy
  • he had the fliest cars, biggest parties, and everyone was in love with him
  • he woke up everyday on satin black sheets tangled in gold blankets with a new person tucked into his side every early morning, only for said person to get escorted out of the house by his father’s long line of personal assistants
  • as the heir of jeon group, jungkook is a very, very precious person not only to his family but to the press, and he has to keep some semblance of a favorable image if he doesn’t want his father to send out an employee while he’s in Sicily to give jungkook the talk
  • the “talk” consists of a lot of scolding, all of which jungkook is not listening to lmao
  • despite being the heir, jungkook is super ignorant as to where the money that pays for his yves saint laurent shoes really come from
  • he kinda thinks like “oh yeah i’m gonna be the ceo and just dump everything on everyone else nbd”
  • in short, jungkook only finds out what he’s in for on the night of a very big gala being held at the jeon house, in which usually he’d crash and leave five minutes later with a pretty young thing before his father could stop him
  • but this year, his father asks jungkook to help put it together
  • now jungkook has had a lot of bodyguards throughout his life lol
  • mr. jeon is super serious about jungkook getting a stable one who will both protect him and not take his shit
  • jungkook is already mentally groaning at the thought of being assigned a line of bulky, no fun bench pressers and he can feel his freedom slipping away again at the very thought, but he decides not to protest cause he doesn’t want the night to be any more agonizing than it’s already going to be
  • halfway through the gala, jungkook is tucked away at the personal bar in the ballroom, downing his third hennessy and listening to his good friends taehyung and jimin whine about how their families were taking them to the french countryside instead of la for the summer, or how their new bugatti got scratched by one of the butlers, when jungkook spots you
  • you’re not paying him any attention, talking to a young entrepreneur a few feet away in your pretty little red dress
  • to most, you’d look really intrigued by what this guy is saying, but not to kook
  • he can see the scowl behind the curve of your champagne glass, can see the twitch in your fingers as you desperately ache for something to do besides listening to this guy talk about how many successful stock investments he’s had this year
  • bored, and kind of sick of his friends’ talk, jungkook decides he’ll be your knight in shining armor tonight and smoothly sidles up to you, his hand slotting easily into the crook of your elbow as the man before you two frowns like?? um
  • “baby, i didn’t know you got here already. you should have come for me right away” jungkook purrs beside your ear, fingers tightening around your elbow as he begins to slowly inch you away
  • you don’t miss a beat, smiling “apologetically” at the boring stranger, “oops! seems i got lost in conversation with this fine gentleman, darling. we really should be going, hm?” you ask, your free hand reaching around to playfully pop a button on the top of his tux, and he has to strain his legs closer together, mind forming with all the possibilities of what that brown lipstick staining your mouth might look on him
  • “we should” he groans through his teeth, and then shoots the perplexed stranger one last look before whisking you away between the dancing couples on the floor
  • he’s halfway through saying you’re welcome when you wrench your arm away, letting out a frustrated sigh once emerged in the crowd
  • “where’s your room?” you inquire, and immediately jungkook is leading you through elites and socialites from all over the country, up a spiral marble staircase and down four different hallways before he reaches his room
  • as soon as the door is open, you shove him through the crack, much to jungkook’s amusement
  • “i have to say, i’ve never met someone as bold as you before. can’t say i hate it though” he grins, reaching out for you as you begin to stride toward his king sized bed 
  • but as soon as his hand makes contact with your wrist, you wrench it backwards, sending a light kick to his backside and making him tumble unceremoniously onto his sheets, whispering a light “what the fuck”
  • you completely ignore him, walking over to his wall of windows overlooking the moonlit beach before wrenching the dark curtains closed, leaving only the light of the lamps in the room to illuminate jungkook’s shocked expression
  • “it’s like you’re asking for trouble” you murmur, taking a good look around his bedroom before rushing over to his closet, ripping article after article of clothing off the rack to his shock
  • “what the hell- do you know who you’re-” “of course i do, mr. jeon. now put on something comfortable, preferably to run in”
  • you toss a tee shirt at his face and it smacks him in the eyes, leaving him stunned and sitting awkwardly on his bed as he attempts to reach whatever conclusion you’ve clearly already drawn
  • finally, he finds his words again
  • “w-why…?”
  • you shoot him a glare over your shoulder that could freeze hell, as his mouth instantly clamps shut
  • “because someone is here to kill you, mr. jeon”
  • in fact, as soon as you say this, someone is knocking on the door to the room
  • jungkook just abandons the cocky asshole thing in total fear of his life and starts shaking from head to toe, little whimpers falling from his mouth as he realizes the gravity of the situation
  • you don’t finish picking out clothes for him, and instead shove him far into the back of his walk in closet before ripping up the carefully sewn slit in your dress to reveal a set of like four different knives lmao
  • you toss him one and he watches in horror as you use another to hold to his throat, your eyes trained on his shocked expression
  • “do not, under any circumstances, come out of this closet until i say the word. if someone breaks down this door, you stab them and run, understand? don’t look back”
  • all jungkook can do is nod bc he’s nearly pissing his pants
  • he wants to ask so bad why anyone would want to kill him
  • like his family donates to charity religiously, and as far as jungkook knows, a lot of the money his dad makes goes toward research funds for rare diseases and what not, and he, personally, doesn’t think he’s fucked anyone over enough to get a hitman on him
  • you just shoot him a fleeting look that he thinks for a second is sympathetic, and then you shut the door to the closet and disappear
  • unable to contain his curiosity, jungkook peeks outside to see what’s going on
  • as soon as you’re a few feet away from the door, the door is suddenly kicked down and a group of like five guys barrel in
  • jungkook’s knee jerk reaction is that you’re going to die and he wants so badly to go out and help you but you also told him to stay put
  • it’s getting harder tho bc even tho you can handle yourself for now, they’re starting to gang up on you the more irritated they get
  • they’re starting to corner you, their backs turned to the closet, and jungkook thinks this is his only chance
  • he jumps out of the closet and heaves his knife at one of the goons
  • it hits him in the back of the leg, hilt first
  • so now not only are these guys gonna kill him, you are too :)
  • all five turn to look at him at once, and he thinks this is the end, and when he imagined his life ending with him and a pretty girl this was not his first choice tbh
  • suddenly, you reach down and grab one of your stilettos, twisting the heel off, and there’s a hissing noise that fills the room before you toss the shoe at one of the stunned goons and rush past them before they can react
  • you throw yourself against jungkook and shut the door to the closet tight, and seconds later, there’s a loud explosion in his room
  • “here, keep this over your face. whatever you do, don’t breathe until we get outside. and listen to me this time” you hiss the last part as you hand him one of his scarves, making jungkook laugh sheepishly 
  • “but i mean, didn’t i technically just save us back there-” “i still have knives to maim you with, mr. jeon”
  • the party is in complete chaos, but you manage to smuggle him out between all the scared patrons, and soon, you’ve got him in the backset of a bmw with his father in the passenger seat and another guard driving you two to the city
  • “what about mom?” jungkook asks, looking out of the window frantically for her
  • “we got her to your father’s penthouse in seoul already, she’s safe.” you tell jungkook, running a hand through your hair as you let out a tired sigh
  • jungkook finally gets to take a good look at you now, and even though you’re covered in sweat, your makeup is smeared, and your hair is a mess, he’s convinced this is the fastest he’s ever been endeared by a woman 
  • when you notice him staring holes into your head you just shoot him a glare “i hope you know that stunt back there almost got us killed, idiot”
  • usually, jungkook would not settle for someone calling him an idiot, let alone someone he just met
  • but jungkook goes from O.O to heart eyes so quick 
  • “who are you?” he asks
  • “that’s (y/n), your new bodyguard.” jungkook’s father chimes in, with a small, pleased smile on his face as he watches his son’s reaction in the side mirror
  • for once, jungkook does not put up a fuss
  • his father ends up having to explain that their company is aligned with a few powerful mafia families in asia, and that a rival was beginning to rise and wanted to take out jeon industries’ heir as a way to halt income for some of the mafias
  • it takes jungkook a long time to get used to the fact that his family is so linked with crime, and at first he honestly doesn’t even want to believe it
  • his family is also a fifth generation family of notorious gangsters, as he finds out
  • apart from becoming the actual ceo of the company, jungkook was also expected to deal in the crime business that his family had been keeping for decades
  • his father even goes as far as relocating jungkook to the city to live on his own in preparation for taking over the business
  • so far, it’s just him, you, and a few other guards living there who work round the clock
  • the first few weeks with you are kind of hell and heaven for kook
  • any time he attempts to bring home anyone you literally card them at the front door, look up their identity to make sure it matches, do a facial and fingerprint scan, and then when (if) they finally pass your test you honestly pat them down before and after they’re about to leave
  • jungkook is like lol i dont care if they stole anything i can have it replaced
  • but you’ll be damned if you don’t do your job so you do it anyway and jungkook is kinda amused?? he thinks it’s funny that someone actually has to do this for him and you look so cute fussing over his one night stands
  • some of them don’t even come back bc of u and before, he might’ve been pissed but honestly he doesn’t give a damn
  • you’re much more entertaining
  • when he attends one of his first meetings with a few mafia bosses on updated territory negotiations after he’s promoted to ceo, he’s so nervous and pacing back and forth outside the meeting place and he so badly wants to run and hide bc like? people?? social elites he can handle but crime bosses???? no
  • you too are nervous but you can’t show it, especially not with jungkook looking like he’s abt to faint 
  • so instead of panicking too you just place your hand on his shoulder and look him in the eyes with a stern expression and tell him “don’t be nervous”
  • he scoffs bc of course it’s easy for you to say
  • you’ll be standing in a corner and the only thing you’ll have to do is look invisible and make sure a fight doesn’t break out. he has to do a shit load of talking and has to be smart abt what he’s doing and he’s just not ready
  • “i know you’re afraid of them. they’ll know that too. do you know what my physical defense trainer taught me when i got hired to my company?” you ask, and he just shakes his head side to side with wide eyes
  • “she said to imagine yourself as a lone wolf, entering a new pack. you’ve got to be strong, hold your head up high, and show them you mean business. you’ve got to prove yourself worthy. you can be scared, but whatever you do, don’t let them know. even if they try to make you look stupid, do not let them know. they can and will only attack if they sense weakness”
  • part of him is a bit stunned, bc?? you being scared doesn’t really mix in his mind
  • you’re one of the most fearless people he knows
  • but to know that even someone like you could secretly be scared on the inside takes him aback
  • he’s silent for a little while, fiddling with his thumbs, and then he swallows down his fears and steels his face into a stoic expression “alright. let’s go”
  • more often than not, jungkook needs reassurances like these
  • even years down the line, when jungkook is in his twenties and running the crime business like a pro, he still sometimes needs that calming look from you, or that squeeze on his bicep to tell him that everything is alright
  • even though kook has grown into quite the man, he’s very much still an annoying little shit
  • the people he brings home dwindle more and more until you literally have to ask him if you’ve scared all of them away and kook just laughs like “nah i don’t really care about them anymore is all”
  • you know jungkook has three moods
  • ceo jungkook: charming, flirty, conversationalist
  • gangster jungkook: cunning and ruthless
  • jungkook: dances around his living room in his underwear on the fourteenth floor to big bang
  • when you deal with ceo kook, it’s a mix of rolling eyes and resisting the urge to sock him in the throat
  • he really knows how to pack on the cringe-y compliments to make his clients fall for him
  • he’s always sitting around his office, feet propped up on his desk with the first few buttons of his white button up undone, his suit jacket draped over the back of his chair and his tie loosened
  • whenever he has an unexpected visitor however, he always asks you to clean him back up
  • he’s all smiles with his hands deep in his pockets as he watches you fix his tie and one day he even has the audacity to wink at you when you’re done and say “thank you, honey”
  • gangster jungkook is calculated. he likes everything to go his way, and he wants complete control over what’s going on in his company from the ground up
  • rumors aren’t appreciated
  • jungkook once caught one of his goons talking shit and spreading rumors to a few others about you, of all ppl, about how jungkook was keeping you on the side as a quick fuck and that you weren’t worth anything to the company besides that
  • what made it worse is that you’d heard, unbeknownst to anyone but jungkook
  • as soon as jungkook walked up to the guy, the goon immediately dropped to his knees and started apologizing and asking for forgiveness
  • “why are you apologizing? did you do something wrong?” jungkook feigns innocence, giving him one of his charming smiles that he reserves for the fake elites he works with at the company everyday
  • the guy just keeps apologizing, saying he shouldn’t have said anything about you in the first place, and starts wailing like a moron until jungkook is so annoyed with the guy he yanks him back up by his receding hairline and brings him face to face
  • “do you know how badly i want to kick your ass for disrespecting my bodyguard right now? she has more worth to me and this company in her pinky finger than you do in your whole body”
  • the guy is really scared now, begging jungkook to spare him, and everyone is just looking on like lmao he had that coming
  • and then you walk over, peel jungkook’s hand away, and give him an appreciative smile, “it’s fine, jungkook. you don’t have to hurt him”
  • and jungkook is abt to argue with you 
  • and then you just. raise your knee and sock the asshole on his knees in the chin, knocking him out cold on the ground “i can do it myself”
  • he falls in love with you more honestly
  • normal kook is your favorite tho
  • when he really lets go it’s just the two of you, being silly
  • sometimes he asks you to play hide and seek with him and claims he’s “fine tuning your skills”
  • the dancing to big bang thing is a common occurrence
  • when you’re off duty, he gets you to change into a pair of boxers with him and dance throughout the house
  • he’s even filmed a few of these dances on his phone and occasionally plays them back on long, stressful flights from here to there, smiling down at the screen
  • even tho you have a place of your own, he tends to ask you to stay over at his
  • he claims it’s for maximum security but really, he just likes having your presence around
  • he likes having an excuse to send his chef away so he can make dinner for two, or to have someone he can talk to abt his worries with business, or to simply just see
  • he’s a lonely man, working on top of everything, and sometimes it hits him just how lonely he is when you’re not around
  • you’ve steadily become a constant in his life he never wants to lose
  • at first you thought it was a bit strange, but sometimes he just asks to hold your hand
  • it might be in the car on the way to the airport or even while he’s attending a press conference
  • when you ask him why he likes to hold your hand so much, that rare sliver of jungkook shines through when it’s not supposed to, “you make me feel safe”
  • you’ve seen a lot of jungkook too
  • from quarrels with his family to actually seeing him butt naked he said he wasn’t embarrassed but he was red all over??
  • jungkook, tho you’d scold him for saying so, would jump in front of a bullet for you before you could for him
  • it made him frustrating when he fretted over you after a fight bc “kook,,, this is my job, i should be asking if you’re okay”
  • sometimes jungkook wonders if you should even be his bodyguard anymore
  • he thinks he cares too much about you to see you hurt like that
  • he thinks about it for a long time, but it only becomes clear to him when a meeting with a potential new crime ally from the states goes horribly wrong
  • the new ally  is unsatisfied with how much jungkook is willing to give to him in exchange for connections and goods, and push comes to shove until bullets are flying
  • you immediately shield jungkook and throw him under the table, but a miscalculated bullet hits your side and fall to the floor, unable to stand much longer
  • jungkook is so frozen in shock he doesn’t realize why you’re kneeling until his people chase the others out of the room and he sees your hands glistening red
  • immediately he’s screaming “no no no no” in his head, and you’re holding on quite well but the look of sheer pain on your face makes jungkook want to never see it again
  • he’s grabbing at you as you slump again him, and he quickly starts dialing the number for his private medical team to get to you asap
  • “i don’t think it hit anything too serious-” you start, but he’s muttering for you to shut up, that he can’t believe this happened, that he should have been more careful
  • all you can do is frown up at him through the pain, “jungkook, how many times have I… had to tell you…? your life comes first”
  • but he keeps shaking his head, holding you close to his chest as he wishes the ambulance to come faster “not to me”
  • thankfully, the bullet hadn’t hit anything bad
  • but it still hurt a hell of a lot
  • jungkook insists that he set you up in the best hospital room, and he keeps taking off time from work to visit you
  • he floods your hotel room with flowers of every color and size, has you on paid leave, and even offers to get you a emotional support dog
  • just bc
  • “do you want a puppy? i’ll get you a puppy. what’s your favorite breed? i’ll even get it a wardrobe for the seasons. we can take it with us to work”
  • having jungkook feigning over you is far more adorable than you expected, and you just let him ramble for a few minutes before he tires himself out and you just peck his cheek and tell him “thank you, but i’ve got a good enough pup right here”
  • yeah…….. he’s blushing
  • no matter how much he pleads you to take lit any other job than bodyguard, you tell him that it’s what you want to do, and that you will protect him until he no longer needs protecting
  • the time you spend in the hospital only reminds jungkook that he never wants to lose you
  • you know even though he’s trying to joke with you and do silly things to lighten the mood, he’s trying to hide the fact that the day you got shot was one of the worst days of his life
  • he truly believed he almost lost you and that alone had left him speechless for hours, waiting anxiously outside your surgery room
  • “you know you’re… you’re the only person i trust this much, right?” he tells you, gently grasping your hand in his
  • you hold it back just as tightly, a soft smile taking over your face as his eyes never leave yours. just being here with him, knowing he cares for you so much… it’s enough to make your heart stutter “i won’t let you down, mr. jeon”

The Netflix Series of Unfortunate Events is turning out to be awesome! Super stoked for season 2. Loving how VFD members are getting a lot more screen time too! And Lemony Snicket!! And UNCLE MONTY!!!

Please help if you can?

So I’m about $300 behind on my electricity bills,, the company called up today and said unless I pay them tomorrow by 5pm they’ll be cutting me off. I already had a payment extension, however it’s expired.

I’ve had my electricity cut off before and it sucks;; I won’t have money again til the 26th so I’m extremely stressed out;; I’ve been trying to apply for more jobs but bc I have a psychiatric disability people are extremely hesitant to hire me…

I hate to ask (again) but if anyone can spare anything could you maybe consider donating to my PayPal? I can write fanfics and such for anyone who donates,, I just have no idea how I’m going to manage $300 by tomorrow, or even manage without power…

If you can’t donate could you please maybe just share this post? I’d really appreciate it, I hate having to ask people for money but I have no family so… This is like my last option.

My Paypal is :

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as so many of you know i’ve been struggling a lot lately. mentally. physically. financially. but today my sister and i went and donated food and things to a non profit called home front. that provides for people who are struggling. i truly believe that no matter how much i’m struggling there’s always someone worse off. there’s always someone in need. give back. because not only does it feel great. but maybe one day you’ll need it too. my sister is starting a drive at the bordentown starbucks and i’ll be starting one at RCBC for anyone who’s wanting to donate to the organization. keep your hearts happy and full today.❤

Personal Request for Help

Absolutely 100% do not feel obligated to donate anything at all. I’m just putting this out here. Don’t feel bad if you don’t or cannot donate anything. I know that a lot of us are struggling right now and times are not easy.

Right now my mother has been undergoing cancer treatments. She was just hospitalised for an infection and now has ecoli on top of all of that. I have Ehler Danlos Syndrom and MCAS that severely limits me, but somehow not enough to be on disability. At present I don’t have my own car and a job within walking distance is almost non existent. Not to mention there’s no real public transportation in my area.

The job I currently work at is about to end and the company was bought out from under us, meaning I am about to lose what little work I have. I have a ridiculous number of medical bills amd medications, not to mention my rent and paying for food. There are some amazing people on here who have already been so wonderful and helped with feeding my animals and I am eternally grateful for them. I’m Working as much as I can, right now I’m trying to waitress with dislocated ribs and, well, that’s not going so great.

I can’t offer a lot. I don’t know what I can do for you. I just cosplay and make stupid gifs. I don’t know what to offer you in return, but I will try to think of something

And I know this is coming after a natural disaster and your money is better donate to help the places affected by the hurricane. If you want to donate anything all to me then my PayPal is below:


Again, do not feel obligated to donate anything at all. Right now I have just reached a point where I need to ask for help because so much has been going wrong. Hopefully soon I’ll get everything together.

Thank you so much. No matter what I love each and every one of you. You’re all so important and I hope that we all find our ways through our individual struggles.


Enid (Ok K.O. Let’s be Heroes)

I will disconnect for a long time, forgive me if I’m not answering messages, but I need to rest and I will be away for a long time.

Many asked me questions about if I am making commissions or not.

Well, I will not do it.

Previously, before I changed my name, I made commissions and it was very bad, nobody wanted commissions, tried and tried, I did several drawings to promote … even so it didn’t work and that was for more than three long years.

And I received messages, but they did not answer, they just made me excited about a commission and I felt bad.

So I better not make commissions, I don’t want to disappoint myself again.

But the good side of this, I am grateful to those people who supported me in Ko-fi, they have my eternal gratitude.

I don’t force anyone to do anything, you can donate if you want, it’s your decision, my drawings will be there, without any restrictions.

Anyway, I hope I didn’t waste your time on this.

We’ll see you later, I don’t know how long, but I’ll come back.

Take care!


my dad’s cancer is most likely back and he has dementia from radiation and chemo and he likely wont ever be the same, my mom is physically disabled and im autistic and mentally ill. if anyone wants to help pls donate to my paypal or at least reblog this cause our landlord increased rent starting from this month on and we need help with paying for medications, gas and i need to get my service dog her heart worm and flea meds

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I’m also gonna do some tattoo commissions once I figure out sizing requirements and whatnot.

So. Here we are. Back again, because I just can’t seem to climb out of this hole I’m in.

I’m just gonna keep it short: I live in Florida and it’s summer, which means my electricity bill gets larger each summer. I had accounted for it to be $120, but it ended up being $146 instead. With my mom’s help, I can cover June’s bill, but I’m coming up short for July and August.

I’m about $40 short, so if someone (or several someones) could help with that, it’d be appreciated. Paypal is or (check “friends and family and not goods/services, please).

Anything extra will be used to buy groceries. (Yeah, we don’t have money for that either. :/) If anyone wants, I can explicitly break down all our costs.



Hey everyone, here’s the situation:

I thought I had a job lined up for me when I got out of school, and it was the same position that I had last summer. However, this wasn’t the case anymore BECAUSE they aren’t hiring anyone, and have no plans to open any positions anytime soon, which sucks for me, because I was promised a position after I left that job last year to pursue my 4th and final year in University.

It’s going to be hard trying to find a job in my area because I have lots of experience and qualifications as a manager, and unfortunately, there’s absolutely no positions open for that anywhere, and that’s not the position I’m looking for because there’s too much stress and time consuming work involved in being a manager, BUT THANKS TO THAT, many institutions won’t hire me to just be a clerk or a cashier, because I’m:

“OVER-QUALIFIED” – the stupidest word in the employment business.

It’s now May, I have rent and bills that need to be paid this month, and I still haven’t found a job yet thanks to the mix up I mentioned above, so I need help finding the funds while searching for someplace to work in the meantime.

This is a Donation Drive callout. If anyone reading this wants to help out, even if it’s just a dollar, please donate to my paypal address here:

The total amount that I’ll need for the end of the month: Approx. $2000.00

All proceeds will go towards: Rent, Phone bills (this month’s and next month’s), Health Insurance, groceries, emergency funds, and bus pass (min. $100). Hopefully there will be some left over for next month’s bills in case I can’t find a job by then.

I still make peanuts on YouTube, I’m not Full-Time there yet and I probably won’t be for a few more years. I’ll work on getting a Patreon page up for all of you if that helps, but I know right now, I need the help.

With donating, I’ll repay by doing the best I can with my YouTube channel and find the job I need that will cover all of the outstanding fees I need paid off.

TL;DR - My last job screwed me over for a guaranteed position, I’m unemployed, apparently “Over-Qualified” for anything less then a Manager’s position that would be unhealthy for me, looking for work and need help with finances. Even $1 will help if you can spare it, or reblog this for others to see.

Thank you,


yeunonesforflint  asked:

Hello there! We're Steven Yeun fans doing a fundraiser to help relieve the Flint water crisis: just $1 can provide 6 lead-mitigating meals. We’d be grateful if you could please help by donating and/or spreading the word, using the tag #yeunonesforflint. Feel free to head over to our tumblr to read about the campaign in more detail and reblog our first post if you'd like to help promote this. We’re also on FB, IG, and Twitter (all yeunones). Thank you for your time and have a great day!

There are multiple admins on this blog, but I’ll post this if anyone wants to donate to this cause.  

Make sure to check out @yeunonesforflint and donate here to the cause if you can :)


Hey guys - I mentioned in a post yesterday that my dog had to be rushed to the vet. I’m able to bring her home tonight but she’s still not 100% okay and the medicine they’re putting her on plus the overnight stay + emergency fee (not including additional check ups the next couple of days) will be over $800. If anyone can/wants to help you can donate to my paypal at and if you could signal boost this I’ll love you forever. Thank you!!

Most of you know I work from home because of my disability, but I’m going to try working two in-person jobs through the summer, and then continuing to work as In-home health aide for my mother or the rest of the year. For now, though, all my current income is going toward keeping the lights on. 

God willing I’ll have two jobs next month, but for now, I’m super broke and I need help feeding myself! If anyone wants to commission me for writing, buy nudes/video, or even just donate, message me! I’ll be happy to discuss specifics. I can write basically anything, but I specialize in fiction and poetry. Please reblog if you can. 

Paypal banned me because they hate sex workers so I only have the Cash app. My Cash tag is $AngelMcCorkle.