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Why you love Eren so much???

This is hard to answer because I honestly don’t know where to start! Sorry it took me a while to answer, I wanted to write this down so :) Sorry if it’s messy and repetitive. Eren is so so important to me in so many different ways and he makes everything so much better. I genuinely care a lot about him and he has changed me in positive ways. It’s hard to explain but to me he’s just wonderful and amazing and he’s always there for me.

Eren is a truly fantastic and genuine character and he brings out the best in people (including me) and is able to inspire everyone around him. He is a genuine kid who stays true to himself no matter what, who speaks up for what he thinks is right. He has a ridiculously huge heart even though people ignore that and his core is brave and determined, he moves people just by being himself. Eren is passionate, ardent, desirous, strong willed and those are things I deeply admire about him. He is unique and so so so amazing, he makes me value stuff around me a lot more and he makes me feel passionate and loving, he inspires me and gives me something to look forward to, he gives me a reason, something to be happy about and I will never regret loving such a delightful character. I’m unconditionally proud of him and I feel like every day I find a new reason to admire him. I could just sit all day and stare at him and I would never get bored.

Eren is a great friend, the best friend anyone could possibly have and he is always there for his friends no matter what, even when it means protecting them with his own life. He cares a lot about his dear ones and would never hesitate when it comes to them. Although his childhood was taken away from him, Eren remains loving and caring and would do anything to get that happiness and freedom back. Eren works harder than everyone else to achieve his goals and never gives up, he trains so ridiculously much because he believes he can achieve greater things, he overworks himself to prove his worth and to feel like he is needed and that he can help everyone. Eren is the type of person who overworks himself to the point of being physically exhausted and getting nosebleeds just so that he can be useful and because he wants to use his abilities to use others. He wants people to approve him, he wants to feel needed, he wants to know he can be more than just a burden, he wants to help and he wants people to understand how much he values his cause and how much he would sacrifice for it. Eren bluffs because he himself wants to believe he’s strong and a “good weapon” for humanity. He wants to believe in himself, he needs reassurance just like a normal kid would and that’s because he treasures people’s lives and is tired of seeing everyone around him suffering because of him.

Eren has begged to die, he has been tortured, he has seen his friends die, he has seen his mom being eaten, he was forced to grow up way too fast, he has to live with the fact he has his goddamn father, he knows when he’s going to die, he has been hurt countless times, people have tried to kill him, he has lost all his hope, he has seen awful stuff, he struggles a lot with all the mixed memories he gets, he feels betrayed by his own dad and by people he looked up to, he has self harmed himself so so so many times, he is exhausted, he is feared and not trusted by most people, he has lost limbs, he even has been eaten by a titan, he has been treated like a monster with no feelings, he blames himself for the deaths of so many people, he blames himself for his dad’s acts, his dreams have been crushed… but this kid remains strong and true to himself, Eren keeps his head up for the sake of what is right. Eren wants to help people without expecting anything in return from them, and that’s something very important he has taught me. He keeps fighting no matter what and dedicates his heart and soul to what he thinks is the right thing to do. He spreads strength and hope, he makes people understand their true value and gives them a reason to always keep fighting.

Eren has been through so much development and that proves how amazing his character really is. He is aware of his surrounding and learns with his mistakes. He has doubted himself so many times and he has learnt that he can’t do everything alone, he has learnt how to value team work. He’s way more than his “anger issues”, he’s honest, emotional, courageous, compassionate, and there’s this huge mix of emotions inside him. He’s reckless and stubborn but he always takes action and has learnt to control his emotions. He has a great morality and wants the world to be fair and real. He has a striving spirit and a kind and generous heart. His sheer determination and his hard work were enough to take him to the place he is now, and he should be proud of himself. He has learnt so much and he has a huge huge huge potential. He can do anything he sets his mind to. Eren admires and respects his comrades with his entire heart, he looks up to people and follows their examples because he wants to be a great soldier.

Eren made it to the top 5 in his trainee squad even after being told he wouldn’t be able to make it, he didn’t hesitate to fight the colossal titan when it appeared in Trost despite being a new soldier with no fighting experience, he sacrificed his life for Armin and saved him with only one leg, he saved Mikasa form her kidnappers giving her a new family, he punched a titan with his bare hands and saved everyone, he was ready to sacrifice his life just so that Historia could eat him. Eren is badass and wonderful even without relying on his titan powers and fights even though he knows he has low chances of actually winning. He closed both holes in wall Rose and wall Maria and provided humanity their first victory against titans, he fought the female, armoured and colossal titans alone, he mastered his hardening ability and used it to save everyone once again, he gives people a reason to remain hopeful. He carries the burden of “not being a hindrance to humanity” and deals with a lot of stress, uncertainty and pressure, yet he’s still ready to go no matter what. This kid never gets time to properly rest and just be a kid, and was forced to embrace powers he never asked for.

In spite of everything, this is just a little boy who probably misses his mom probably a lot and who doesn’t want anyone to go through the same as him. Eren is my happiness, he is always full of life and lights up my world just by being his unique and amazing self. He really does inspire me a lot and really do care a lot about him, so I hope one day he gets the opportunity to be happy and surrounded by his loved ones. I am very grateful that I found something so worth of love as Eren and I’m always here for him :)

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Related to the "Posting You Art Online" video, may I ask what is your take on the "fanart trap" scenario? What I mean by that is mentality of an artist doing fanart not because they want to (and having fun) but have to in order to succeed and/or be popular just for the sake of it.

eh. couldnt care less. 

i feel like people make too big of a deal out of these things lmao theyre not hurting anyone? and theyre still making content that people are enjoying?

People are too like…grossed out about people doing shit for success/fame but I dont think theres anything wrong with wanting that. It’s kinda what you need in order to profit off of art. Hard to make money when no one knows you/your work. And fanart is good for that boost. 

MONEY ISNT EVERYTHING LESLIE!!!!” I never said it was but money sure does make life hella easier cuz uh…yknow…rent……YKNOW THE BASICS. so we really outta stop shaming people for wanting money and for wanting popularity (again as long as they arent hurting anyone)

IM SURE theres videos of me saying “omg only make fanart if u like it!!!” BUT LIKE opinions change and shit and now I understand that telling people not to draw something cuz theyre not a true fan or whatever is stupid af. fucking do what you gotta do man. 

Music Series: Friends by Ed Sheeran

Thank you for the request, Anon! I love Ed. His music is so good, and even though my tickets are in the nose-bleed section, seeing him in August is going to make me a very happy girl!

Before I present this imagine to you, I would like to say one thing. I am doing this imagine because I like this song and I like Ed, huge fan of his songwriting, and I think it makes for a good Harry imagine. I know this song has been linked to ‘Larry’, which I have no issue with either way, I ship nobody from any fandom, and I don’t know that it was sent to me for that reason, or just the love of the song. My answer to a question I was asked about Larry is HERE if anyone wants to read it, but that is not what my blog is about. My blog is about Harry, and my imagines are about Harry and an OFC (Original Female Character), written in a 2nd person narrative, placing the reader in the story as the OFC, because that’s what I personally like.

This is “Friends” by Ed Sheeran, which can be found on Spotify —>HERE<—. 😊




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Have you heard Verzion owns tumblr now? Please if you have a yahoo email get a gmail or something or else you'll be banned(you have until 30th June). There's more about this on their user-help thing. Spread awareness, please!

I didn’t know about this, Anon, Thanks for letting me know! This is what I found on the tumblr help page, if anyone wants to know:

Starting on June 30, 2017, customers will no longer be able to log in to their Yahoo and Tumblr accounts through email addresses with the following domains:,,,,,,,,,, and

If you’re affected, all you need to do to ensure continued access to your Tumblr account is to update your registered email address to something other than one of these addresses mentioned above.


Btw, you should all know that @blyedeeks@morleybell, @youovercomeit, and others (who I’m not aware of because I’m only sort of half on here most of the time) put their heart and souls into our fandom polls and promoting fandom-wide solidarity (a feat NO one else has accomplished in our fandom). 

So yeah, honestly? they’re not thanked enough for the work they do for this fandom, so if you get the chance, thank them. Like, I’m pretty sure Bob wouldn’t have won Alpha Madness without them (from what I saw, anyway). 

Btw, if I didn’t mention others who were instrumental in this, I’m sorry. If anyone wants to inform me of others, please let me know. 

Much love, always


For now until Gotham returns in late September you can consider this blog basically inactive. I have a lot of patience and tolerance but being in this fandom is burning the candle at both ends, and I simply can’t do it anymore for my own mental health and honestly because I hate seeing this fandom, one which I used to find comfort in go to hell.

I’m not going to put a link to the blog I’ll be on because I don’t want 99% of the people on here finding me, but be on maybe at least once a week to check some sideblogs and see if anyone’s sent me a PM.

I’m not going to be queueing posts and I’ll probably only return around the start of Nygmobblepot week. This feels really good to say for now, Goodbye Gotham Fandom. It’s no secret that I well and truly hate you.

Reasons: too many to count and not enough space to talk about them

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One Line prompts

1. “You make my heart do the thing and I want you to stop it.”
2. “Robbing banks is for beginners.”
3. “The silence is loud.”
4. “Do you ever just laugh at that one frog meme?”
5. “Put down your glass and fight me.”
6. “You think your tough? Cute.”
7. “Does anyone have any real ideas?”
8. “What’s wrong with you? That whole plan it crazy!”
9. “Since you’re insane, I’m making the plans now.”
10. “That’s my pizza!”

Can anyone help me with a little brainstorming today? I got the Bridget Jones assignment for the rebelcaptain rom com challenge, about which I am very excited, but now I need a rom com plot set in the Star Wars universe. I don’t want to do the same plot from the book since this is post-Scarif and Jyn and Cassian already understand one another, but I need something with misunderstanding and romantic tension. Can anyone help me out?

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Hi there! Sorry but I have two rather distinct questions. 1, what is it you like about Emerald as a character? (I also like her, but find other people's perspective interesting) 2, um, are you planning on doing a response to Jac the one man bands new Bmblb video? I really liked your retort to his previous Bumbleby focused video.

Hello! Firstly, I’d like to say thank you for taking the time to message me! I’m also sorry that I’m answering this late! I’ve been a bit busy and I’ve been recently dealing with a cold.

Secondly, I’m glad that you liked my previous response to Jac’s, “RWBY Talk: The Divided Fandom”, video! However, I’m sorry to say that I don’t really have any plans to make an in-depth response to his latest, “review”, on the song, “BMBLB.” 

Honestly, I tried writing up something over the past few days and I just can’t bring myself to do it. I would rather be working on other things that demand more of my attention. If I don’t really feel motivated to work on something, the quality of the overall product will suffer and I don’t want to put out something half assed. I will however share a bit of my thoughts on the video, since I’ve had some time to think things over. It just won’t be as long as my other response. 

As for why I like Emerald as a character, I’m going to make that an entirely separate post! I’ve always wanted to share my thoughts on her character, so I just need a bit of time to write it down and organize my thoughts and what I want to say! Now that that’s out of the way, here’s my short thoughts on the, “BMBLB”, review.

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me: wow i really want to write a book some day :)

my brain: you haven’t had a truly original idea that worked out in years, when you do have an original idea you don’t get past four pages, you can barely hold onto projects for a long period of time, and the chances of you writing a book and it actually getting popular are probably slim

me: wow,,,, i really want,,,,,, to write a book,,,,,,, some day,,, :)

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hiii!!!!! do you know any blogs with a similar aesthetic like yours?? i just love your blog so so much

ahhh thank you so much!!! <33

i don’t even know what my own aesthetic is lol but here are some aesthetic blogs i really like ((i’m not mutuals with everyone though i hope no one minded me tagging them???)) all a++++ blogs though

@shyubi @delium @umaio @lovguk @sulqis @sugyo @kotikjoon @shykooks @solasm @pamilku @sukooks @valuekook @czevny @caitc4t @entrytrash @milktu 

I made a Markiplier cake for his birthday!
Me and my parents spent a day on this and we’re actually pretty proud!

Mark asked us to talk about our favourite video and honestly.. I don’t even know. All of the videos, even the short and stupid ones, are inspirational to me. I enjoy watching every video of you and I never seem to get bored. I’m gonna keep this short because I’m just one of millions, but I want you to know that you have helped me more than anyone ever has and you still continue doing that to this day.

Thank you for saving my life Mark, this is all for you 💞 @markiplier

@blvrryvxssel tagged me to do 10 songs i’m loving at the moment.

alternatively a playlist titled:

:aches: // listen on spotify

1. the good in me - jon bellybutton
2. anathema - twenty one pilots
3. linger - cranberries
4. round here - counting crows
5. please, please, please let me get what i want - the smiths
6. prisoner - the weeknd ft. lana del rey
7. egyptian pools - jinsang
8. a case of you - james blake
9. slow it down - the lumineers
10. untitled - matt corby

i tag: anyone who would like to do this.
tag me back so i can see what you’ve been into recently. ☺️

The Gods Are Not Too Busy

During my recent camping trip with my kindred, one of the members of the other kindred with us said something that made me pause. I don’t remember the exact words, but the general gist was that he believed the gods were too busy to deal with the everyday problems of the humans who worship them, so we had to take care of shit on our own.

I’m not going to tell anyone they’re practicing/believing wrong, but for me and my path, this rubbed me the wrong way. In hindsight, I think it’s because it feels like a very Christianized way of thinking to me, that the gods have too much to do to worry about their followers, are too distant to want to be involved with the people who honor them. It smacks of “there is only one god and he doesn’t have time for your bullshit,” only in this case it’s “there’s only one version of each god and they don’t have time for your bullshit.”

I understand that a lot of people really heavily push the self-reliance aspect of Heathenry (and this particular guy is definitely one of them) and that believing the gods don’t have time for personal relationships is a way to forcibly encourage action over prayer. In other words, saying the gods don’t have time for the daily minutiae of human existence is supposed to encourage people to avoid praying/asking for things that require direct action in order to come to fruition (ie. finding a new job), and instead to go out and do that direct action, taking the responsibility squarely on your shoulders no matter what. I understand that mindset, even if I don’t particularly like any of it.

But to say the gods are “too busy” for their followers? I’m honestly not even really sure what that’s supposed to mean in this context.

Time flows differently for deities and mortals. It’s not inconceivable that a god can be in multiple places at the same time. Mythic time is a thing, and gods can be both death and alive, or bound and unbound at the same time. The laws of physics we’re bound to here on Earth do not necessarily also bind the gods.

With that in mind, why would the gods not want to develop intimate relationships with their followers (I use intimate here in a broad way, not related to any sort of romantic or sexual relationship)? Surely there are things we can offer them gods in return for companionship, aid, and support? Is it really so inconceivable that a god would want to hear about how their follower’s day went and wish to do something to help or congratulate them?

Again, I’m not here to tell anyone that the gods are or are not for sure distant and too busy to keep up with us. But in my personal practice and experiences, they’re far more intimately involved than we often realize. And, quite honestly, that was one of the big draws to Paganism for me in the first place–the idea that I could interact with my gods on a familiar, daily basis, instead of waiting for a special occasion or constantly feeling very far away from them. That closeness is what has gotten me through a lot of shit, and for as much as I know I did most of it alone, I also recognize the aid the gods gave me to find my the strength to do it. And the idea of taking full credit for overcoming intrusive thoughts when Loki was the one to first point out what was happening feels dishonest and wrong.

The gods might not give us what we want in any particular moment. Their aid might be mysterious and frustrating. But I simply can’t believe they’re “too busy” for their followers.

I believe the gods care. I believe they make time for us. I believe they’re closer than we could ever imagine when we want them to be, and are capable of ditching out for a time if we need it. I believe the gods desire those intimate, personal relationships with us as much as we crave it with them, and that they are more than capable of tailoring each relationship to the level that particular follower needs–some closer than others, just as relationships develop between humans.

I believe the gods are here, and that no one who believes in them ever has to walk their road alone.

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I couldnt help it sorry. Jungkook, how big are y/n's boobs? Do you think it's small? Would you want them to be bigger?

Jungkook snickers beside you. “Oh, how the turns have tabled—”

“—I fucking told you that it’s how the tables have turned. The fucking tables.”

“What is this? English Literature 101? Anyway, the better question is how small are her boobs. I didn’t start calling her mosquito tits for no reason. They’re literally as small as you can get. Like, imagine a cantaloupe and this can—”

“Oh, my god… I say your dick is above average and you’re going to just—”

“I can’t fucking lie to them,” he reminds you, but enjoying every second of it.

“God, you’re a dick.”

“So, if I could just compare her tits to a fruit… I would have to say oranges.”

You blush, angrily looking away from him as he continues to laugh.

“Sorry my boobs aren’t to your liking, Jungkook.”

“What the fuck are you talking about? I fucking love your boobs.”

“What?” you ask, looking at him. “Really?”

“Yeah. They’re the perfect size.”

You smile to yourself. “Really?”

“Fit perfectly in my hands.”

“Thanks, Jungkook.”

“Okay, but they are pretty fucking small, you guys. Like the smallest of the—”

Send my muse “👀 + a question” and they’ll have to answer with 100% honesty.

he traces the shivering skin with his lips
and his breath spells out a question
a plea
a 'do you trust me?' against a rib
and it's loud and makes you want to cry

because, by gods, you do
you've never trusted anyone
quite the same way as him
and you probably never will
and you don't ever want to

because he's your one and only
and your bond goes deeper than 'trust'
your heart beats as his does
one organ in different bodies

you'd have it no other way
would you?

and isn't that the same as him asking
whether out loud or not
'do you trust me?'

(you do
you always will
you'd never have it another way)

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Hello, I have never "asked" before, so here I am haha. I just need help and opinion. Im bisexual, but closeted to everyone but close friends and my sister. I think my mom wouldn't like me if I told her. I want to help in the GSA at school, but I don't want my mom to overthink it. I just want to be myself but I'm afraid of truly doing so. Any help would be great.

listen. you come out when you think you are ready. you know your surroundings better than anyone.

i’m not sure about your school but i don’t think you need parental approval to join gsa. plus, you don’t have to tell her its going-ons.

you are you and you are wonderful.
gsa is a wonderful support group

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So I'm 27 and I just recently came out to my sister. She is the only one in my life who knows I'm a lesbian. I have never been in a relationship (with a man or woman) and I'm almost embarrassed that I have never been in one... I have a million insecurities that I'm dealing with, like what if I'm not lovable? What if i will never find anyone to love me? What if I do meet someone and they think I'm weird or something since I've never had a relationship and I'm 27? I want love but I'm scared

You are far from the first in your position, I promise. I think you’ve been incredibly brave in coming out to your sister–the first person is usually the hardest–and you’ve dealt with a lot to get to this point. Nobody starts off their journey the same way or in the same time. A woman could come out at 40, 50, 80 and it would still be a beautiful and worthwhile thing. A woman could never have dated at 40, 50, 80 and it would still be a worthwhile thing. And there would still be a woman who would love her exactly as she is. 

27 is not as old as it can feel. And while you haven’t been in a romantic relationship, you have been in relationships. You have a sister who you trust that you build a social structure with. There are friends, families, coworkers. There are people you have learned to relate to and you have matured in your relationships with. This is a new kind, and it is a very exciting kind to embark on, but you are not as green as you might feel. You have 27 years of experience with the world under your belt, and dating is just as tied to the world as anything else. 

If someone thinks you are too “weird” or that you aren’t a good fit for them, that doesn’t make you unlovable. Not having been in love could never make you unlovable. But that is such a fear that preys on us, especially when we don’t know where the others like us are in the world. But you are a human being, with all the complexities that brings, and in all of those is the capacity for love and for appreciation to seep through. You are not only lovable, you are a worthy target of love. 

I know it’s scary. But what is scarier is not knowing, not being free. You’ve served your time, you’ve fought your battles. Now you get to be home. You get to shout truth from the rooftops. You get to date people that you could love and that would love you back, as hard as they can. It’s scary, yes, but opportunity is often scary. It will be okay. There are lots of women who wouldn’t bat an eyelash at you taking your time to know yourself–truth can’t be rushed. 

Welcome home, sister. There is always space here for you.

Sprint Over!

Go us! We made it through another sprint! How did you guys do? What did you work on? 

I wrote the ending scene to Chapter 11 of ALID (four chapters complete and ready for revision; seven more to go till the story is finished – if my outline is accurate!), which gave me 2,362 words for the night. One more good night and I’ll have hit my word goal for @thievinghippo‘s creativity challenge! 

Thank you all for sprinting with me! I’ll be sprinting tomorrow (and probably Friday) at the same time, if anyone wants to join me! <3

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here we go…

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality: I guess the fact that he wants to make the world a better place even tho his way of doing it is shitty asf
ship them with: no one ( I would have said Guillietta but he deserves better even tho he’s an ass)
brotp them with: Enzo (before the plague)
needs to stay away from: Adelina, Violetta, just everyone in general
misc. thoughts: he is one crazed-up fruitloop lol but I would totally bang him