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annakendrick47 I am about to get on a plane to start my book tour. I am feeling very weird about it. It feels icky and wrong to engage in self-promotion right now. Or even to push humor on people. (“Welp, in other news, my book!” - ugh.) But, two things: 1. I want to fulfill my obligations to be where I said I’d be, and not let anyone down. 2. My goals for this book were to make people laugh, to feel connected to people, and maybe get people to feel more connected to me. This is the final paragraph of my book (which obviously I hadn’t planned to share before it was out). I hope it illustrates just how excited I am to spend time with you gorgeous weirdos who are coming out to this tour over the next few weeks. I love you all so much. I have always been just a silly person, peddling my silly wares, and I hope that as I do that over the coming days I get to feel more and more inspired by you. (P.S. those two asterisks do have attached jokes; maybe by the 15th we’ll all be ready for a good laugh.) For now, what books are you guys currently reading? X

@annakendrick47​ 3 pics. Whole lotta words about feelings. But those are all I’ve got. X

Pike’s guide for getting yourself to write like a shit ton of words

Okay so basically one of the hardest parts of writing is actually getting yourself to write but I’ve gotten pretty good at it over the years so I want to share some tips with anyone who cares.

Okay but who the hell are you?: I’m Pike, I’m about to win my eighth NaNoWriMo in a row.  This does not give me any cred whatsoever when it comes to actual writing skills but I do think it gives me some cred when it comes to sitting down and writing ~1700 words a day (I’m averaging ~1900 words a day so far this year) (and I’m working at my job six days a week) (so these 1900 words are usually happening in an hour or two)

SO, tips.  (Forewarning that this guide is mostly geared towards writing absurd amounts of fiction i.e. novels, and not so much geared towards short stories or essays or something) (but maybe this will work for you there too)

1.) It’s Draft Zero.  Tell yourself that it’s not even your first draft.  It’s like, your pre-first draft.  It’s okay to suck.  It’s okay to be the worst thing ever written.  This is the hardest hump for people to get over.  (trust me it took me a while to get over this too) and once you get “it’s okay if this is a steaming pile of shit” into your head things get a lot easier.

2.) Don’t stop to spend a lot of time thinking stuff up.  Like, I think it’s okay to stop and research a little if you need research.  But don’t spend an hour trying to come up with a name for a new character or place.  If I’m taking more than like 30 seconds to come up with a name I’ll use [Potato] or [Pancake] or something in brackets and then later on you can do a Find+Replace for those bracketed words when you come up with a name later.  Right now it’s not important.

3.) “I don’t know what to write next writer’s block is killing me help” write a crappy transition paragraph to the next scene you have in mind and then put [fix this later] in brackets at the end of the paragraph

4.) “I DON’T HAVE A NEXT SCENE IN MIND HELP” this is the only real time I’d advocate stepping away from the project for a while, like maybe a day max.  Listen to music and look at artwork that reminds you of your project and its aesthetic and run your imagination at full RPMs.  This is usually how I generate scene/plot ideas and maybe it will help for you?

5.) “My motivation is still exactly zero” write one sentence.  That’s it.  Tell yourself that if you write one sentence you can successfully call it a day and close the document.  95% of the time this tricks me into writing more than one sentence.

6.) Once you figure out what works for you, do it - I know a lot of people need to have a full screen program up or they get distracted by social media.  For me, having my writing full screen would drive me nuts and I actually am my most productive when I’m alt-tabbed into a video game and I can write a paragraph, play the game for three minutes, write a paragraph, play the game for three minutes, write a paragraph…

ANYWAYS that’s my advice, I’m sure I’ll come up with some more the second I publish this post but that’s what I’ve got.  Go forth and write!!!

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Hahah, that's literally me when it comes to relationships. And also I am dreading sharing a bed with anyone, like no, I want my own space.

LOOOL I KNOW. i tell people sometimes that if by some weird chance i was convinced to get married i’d still have to have my own room like i’d still be an introvert i still need my space. and yeah my cat and dog can sleep all over me it’s fine but not a whole human nope

A bunch of Sabertooth headcanons nobody asked for but I’m posting anyway.

I actually really like making up headcanons for Sabertooth (Gaybertooth). If anyone wants me to do anymore, shoot me an ask, I’ll be happy to comply.

- Minerva actualy does most of the cooking, but almost no one knows outside of the guild.

- She practically swears the guild members into secrecy (The food helps too).

- When someone *coughStingcough* lets it slip Minerva is voted “Best Future Houswife in Fiore”, stealing the title from the previous winner four years running, Mirajane.

- Sting has to eat out for two months.

- Sting and Rogue share an apartment.

- They are GIGANTIC messes and when Yukino comes over, she stays for hours trying to get their apartment in decent shape. 

- Yukino is a huge neat freak and everyone knows it.

- At one point, Sting tried to have a “Get on Rogue’s Nerves Day”

- It didn’t work.

- Sting was in the imfirmary for three days.

- They also needed to repair the guild hall again. The left half of it had blown up.

- Rogue felt really guilty, but Yukino tried to make him feel better.

- Minerva yelled at him.

I will do a free one card reading for anyone who requests one! Please submit them to my ask box. You are welcome to submit it anonymously if you do not want your username shared with my followers.

A few suggestions for questions to ask, if you are coming up blank:
- What do I need to focus on over the upcoming week?
- What advice do I need to hear right now?
- What forces are at work in my life right now?

Ask away!

Part of me thinks it would be cute for Stan and Ford to sleep in bunks on the ship because of nostalgia, but at the same time I really want them to just share a bed already I mean come on those nights on the Arctic Ocean would be cold af and way better if they could snuggle up together and also bang like rabbits. Oh and has anyone else thought about the possibility of them getting married over international waters? Because I have :3


I don’t know If anyone else with anxiety can relate but I just wanna kinda share this. When I’m feeling anxious (like rn) for no apparent reason I really like talking to someone. Especially one person in particular. So I always think about texting them. But then comes the questioning: What if I’m bothering them? What if they think I’m just desperate? What if they think I just want attention? What if they get annoyed? What if they think I’m over reacting? What if they think I’m clingy? What if they just don’t like me? Why can’t I fix my own problems? Is my anxiety valid? Why do I feel this way If nothing bad is happening? I’m just dumb. Why can’t I be like everyone else? My problems aren’t real. I should just get over it. And then I decide not to text the person. I lay in my bed, feeling like vomiting or passing out if I move to fast. I shake. And I tell my self that I’m jut a defect and I’m over reacting. And I know that I have a disorder, that this is a mental illness, but side effects make me deny that I have validity. I know the person probably would help me calm down, and then I’ll apologize over and over and over for bothering them. I just need to know that I’m not the only who feels like this.

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This is the most selfish thing I’ve ever said or thought but I want you in my life for a very long time. It’s not easy for someone like me to need anyone; I always let them go no matter how badly it hurts. I’ve never needed anyone in my life but I sure have wanted them.

This may sound selfish to you but I want you in my life when it’s good and when it gets hard. I want to roll over at 3:00 am and find you next to me and come home the next day at 10:00 pm and find you at home. I want to tell you about my good days and about my bad ones. I want to share the good days with you and we’ll find a way to make it through the bad.

I’ve never needed anyone in my life. I’ve never allowed myself to need anyone. I shut people out or keep them at a distance. I never care if people talk to me and I never miss them. Yes with you, I care about all of that and I find myself resisting the urge to just call you every time I miss you.

Perhaps this is selfish, perhaps it’s not. All I know is that I would like you in my life for a few long time. I may not be perfect but I can guarantee you that I will love you on your good days and on your bad. I can guarantee you that I’ll never walk away from you as long as you want me too.


~Excerpts from the book I’ll never write #170


9:36 pm

Back to Black || Pezberry

“And so, I think this is when I’ll throw it open to anyone who has something to share.”

Santana sighed, running a hand through her hair and slowly getting to her feet.  She could see the looks of surprise around the group, and did her best not to look over at Rachel.  “Yeah, yeah,” she muttered.  “I know, she finally speaks, right?”

She could sense encouragement coming and spoke up to head it off.  “I actually did have something to say today.  Not because I expect anyone to have an answer, or because I want one, I just want to bounce this off people and this is the only place I can do it.”  She began to walk, unable to keep from moving as she spoke.  “I realized something about myself the other day, and ever since I did I can’t un-realize it.  I am not attractive.”  She put a hand up, forestalling anyone’s reply.  “If you look at me from the waist up, I’m okay.  But as soon as people look at that,” it was obvious what she was referring to, “that’s all they see.  And it’s not their fault.  In their position, I’d probably feel the same.”

She turned, pacing in the other direction.  “This blade means that I’m one of two things to women - something to be afraid of, or something to pity.  Girl came up to me in the bar last night, bought me a drink, the usual game - and when my dress came up a little it was like she’d seen a ghost.  Had an appointment, had to leave, the usual excuses.  And that’s when it hit me that this is going to happen every time.  That I should probably get used to it.  What the hell, right?  We live in New York, it’s not like there’s a shortage of toy stores.”  Some of the people in the group chuckled.  “And I will - get used to it, I mean.  But I don’t know if that look is ever going to stop stinging.  No matter how much I wish it would.”

She made her way back to her seat and slid into it, gesturing with her right hand.  “Sorry - just had to get that off my chest.  Discuss among yourselves, or don’t - it’s cool with me either way.”  She lit up a cigarette and leaned back, blowing smoke at the ceiling.

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My computer charger broke and I had to order another one so I had to go like 4 days without drawing O.o It was hard lol. But everything good now!!!! Ghahaa i just had to share my lifes problems with you guys lolol… Want more? OK my obsession with Harry Potter has been reawakened and it has seriously taken over my life, if anyone plays Pottermore anymore my names Magicflame832, come be my friend lololol. I am so sorry I’m freaking crazy. Also Slytherin FTW As always thanks for reading!

i just wanted to share some thoughts with all of you. i think that anyone who’s ever gone through any sort of mental disorder, sexual abuse/bullying or any other traumatic event could relate

i get really pissed when people say “oh, but it’s been three months since he raped you, just get over it already” “come on, you’ve been depressed for the past five weeks, it’s time to cheer up” “oh please, you cannot be anxious all the time, there’s no reason for you to feel this way” so i wanted to clarify something

first of all, mental disorders are nothing to be ashamed of and SHOULD (NEED) to be talked about. when someone already suffers from any kind of disorder, the last thing they need to hear is that their time to feel certain things is limited. it fucking’s isn’t. you never know what’s going through person’ head, for what you know, they could be proud of themselves for getting out of bed and a simple sentence like “you should try harder, your life is not THAT hard” could actually ruin their entire day. feelings are very fragile, especially with someone who’s suffering. so please, think before you speak. depression/anxiety/eating disorders, unfortunately, don’t have an expiration date. neither do rape/sexual assaults. they deserve all the time and support from their family and friends that they need.

and as far as sexual assaults/rapes go, it is none of your business to judge someone depending on how long they take to recover. i myself have been through the experience and once i started hearing people telling me to “finally get over it, it’s been xxx months/weeks”, i only felt worse. everyone deals with things differently and everyone who’s been through such an awful experience deserves to take AS MUCH TIME AS THEY NEED to find peace within themselves again. ptsd and other sexual assaults related disorders DO. NOT. HAVE. AN. EXPIRATION. DATE. when i talked to my therapist about this, she said that sometimes it takes three weeks to get over such traumatic experience, but that sometimes it could take three months/three years or longer. so please, if your friend has been through a similar experience, give them as much time as you can to get back to being themselves. people who suffer are often seen as “selfish” for “taking so long to recover”, but i can PROMISE you, that they are trying their best, they really are. 

also, please be careful with joking around people you don’t know/and also your friends. some people never speak up about their problems or what they’ve been through and simple “joke” could tear them apart even more.

if you read the entire thing, thank you x


Gek gets so irritable when he sees Jez rp with other ships (or those he views as potential ships), glaring and pouting and sometimes turning into a dog and hiding under the coffee table to growl at anyone who comes close.

She is multi ship, Gek. It’s not like she’s leaving you.


You hypocrite, you are multi ship too, you know that?

“… yeah, but. But I’m not good enough for Leigh, not really, and Leo won’t have me, and NAHNE *incoherent non-English sounds and random hand motions* …. BUT JEZ IS MY TEDDY BEAR.”

Please remember that I am a 15 (almost 16) year old human who struggles with mental illness and tries their very best to not stress out over giving people advice and being a good role model and not sharing too much online and not coming off as annoying and still gets insecure and isn’t perfect. Cause I can’t always be 100% for you guys as much as I want to be and I’ve started to get very stressed out. It’s not anyone’s fault but there are so many messages and people who need me and I can’t always fix everyone’s lives as much as I wish I could. I’m sorry…

A Safe Place For The 'Drama'

So, it has come to my attention that things have been briefly going down, in regards to Mark and Jack’s interpretations over Vernon Shaw’s pose.

Now, I don’t want anyone sending others’ hate. We all have our own opinions, but we shouldn’t bash each other over disagreements. So, please support @dork-iplier , @markiplier , and @therealjacksepticeye , as I’m not sure what is going on in their ask boxes.

I will personally be providing a safe place for people to come talk. We can calmly discuss the situation at hand, or we can have a fun conversation. I can switch between each of the groups who would like either or both.

While I could share my own opinions, I would like to place everyone else’s words before mine. So, please, with my recently opened ask box, come hit me and others up!

Thank you,



The #krystalnetwork is a network for all the Krystal fans out there who wants to find more blogs about this amazing person and share information, photos, edits, graphics or opinions. Come and join this network now to make new friends, fangirl over this perfect human being, and share your own creations on this blog! Anyone can join this blog, just as long as your blog contains Krystal content, and you have a big love for this idol!