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For those new fans of KS

You don’t need to be ashamed for enjoying fiction like Killing Stalking or anything similar to it. 

You don’t need any permission from anyone to read or watch fictional content like KS. 

You aren’t sick or disgusting or a terrible person for liking it; you like it, that’s great you found something new to enjoy. 

Abuse survivor, mentally ill, or not, you do not need permission to enjoy fictional worlds and stories, and you don’t have to be ashamed of it. You aren’t hurting anyone physically, especially in the real world. 

Don’t let these online bullies and abusers, complete strangers, shame you, manipulate you, force you to share deeply personal information. 

They aren’t gatekeepers, they don’t speak for one group, they only speak for themselves. They are selfish, and they just want to hurt others over fiction.

If you feel the need to talk or confess or anything, I ask you, please come talk to me. My inbox and PMs is open for all. I won’t judge you, I’ll listen, and I know others in this fandom will too if you need to reach out to anyone else other than me.

As long as you aren’t actually hurting people in real life, then you have nothing to apologize for, especially not for loving fiction.

okay so there’s been a lot of controversy about whether the ****ing+ episodes should be shared or not. myself and @tuanpumpkins don’t really see the problem with sharing it so we’ve created a private google drive folder where we will be uploading each episode (w/ eng subs).

because of how risky this is however, there will be some rules for anyone who wants access to the files. they’re nothing too daunting i promise, just some measures to protect the both of us.


→ ACCESS can only be obtained through email-invite so we can have some form of control over who’s seeing what. this means you would need to message us your emails (along with a polite request, nothing too extravagant but a ‘please’ would be nice :p)

→ NO RE-SHARING. like we can’t stress this enough. putting these videos out there comes with risks as it is, so the further this spreads the more at risk we will be. we are trusting you guys to keep these videos to yourselves so please don’t abuse it.

→ these videos are for your VIEWING purposes only, please do not re-post this content in any form (incl. gifs, screencaps, etc.)

→ DOWNLOADING is allowed, but again, do not re-post. it can only be for personal use.

SHARE THIS POST with other ahgases but do not share the content inside the folder. direct them to either cher or myself and we will share them into the folder.

apart from that, please enjoy the episodes! they’re honestly really entertaining to watch and cher and I believe it’s worth the risk so all ahgases can watch these too.

i’m just going to stress one last time, please please please do not re-share or re-post.

if you have any other questions please don’t be afraid to drop either of us a message!


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Yoongi x reader

Genre: Fluff, romance

AU: best friend!AU x Jungkook

Warnings: Suggestive language, swearing

Words: 4170

Author/admin: HO

Beta: FeeFee


Anonymous said to kpop-reads: Your best friend, Jungkook, text invites you over to the BTS dorm and says it’s fine that you’re only wearing pjs cause he knows it’ll fluster his Yoongi hyung 

Author’s note: I wasn’t going to write anything for this blog and just remain a Beta. But this request was too good to pass up. Thanks for the glorious idea!

In which your best friend has his friends’ best interests at heart, despite being a little shit.

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Dating Carl Grimes would Include:

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  • You weren’t together at first but always going out of each other’s way to protect one another
  • Every night, sneaking in his room to sleep in his bed because the two of you can’t sleep not knowing if you’re by each other’s side
  • Carl keeps his door cracked open for you
  • It doesn’t matter how dangerous it is if one of you is going so is the other one.
  • “You have to stay here, I have to know you’re safe.”
  • “How can I sit here, when you’re out there, seconds away from being snapped up? Bite your damn tongue because I’m going with you.”
  • Carl getting annoyed at how stubborn you are
  • You getting annoyed at how stubborn Carl is
  • Not having your first kiss for the longest time because you two already knew you belonged to each other
  • Til one day you were seconds away from being bitten, Carl kissed you frantically but slowly from both the adrenaline but also the fear of losing you
  • Rick accepting your relationship with open arms knowing that you would do anything to keep his family safe
  • Straightening his Sheriff hat every now and then
  • Insisting on wearing one of his shirts whenever on a run
  • “I might die today, I need to wear something of yours.”
  • Judith taking a particular liking to you and crying every time you try to put her down
  • Holding Judith in your arms with Carl hugging you from behind
  • “Y’all look like a mini family, it’s seriously creepy.”
  • Sharing comic books and getting in arguments over the plot and character
  • Sometimes you two are quiet, basking in each other’s company. Other times you’re loud, so loud that Rick wants to come and warn you two to stop jabbering on and on but then he realizes you’re just kids. Just kids.
  • Holding hands at the dinner table and all of your family poking fun and teasing you
  • “If you’re gonna kiss, can I at least finish my meal before puking it all backup?”
  • “I didn’t know toddlers were allowed to date.”
  • Both of you blushing really hard whenever someone comments on how cute you are
  • Everything in your life feels rushed and chaotic with walkers roaming the Earth and the constant need for supplies but you two make each other feel sane
  • When on runs, you and Carl love to place bets
  • “5 walkers.”
  • “No way, it’s an abandoned Walmart. Gotta be at least 10.”
  • “You’re on.”
  • “Bet I can clear the house before you can.”
  • “Ha, yeah, in your dreams Grimes.”
  • Pouting when Carl ends up winning the bets you two place
  • “Aw c’mon (Y/N). Don’t pout.”
  • Being able to be a kid while around each other
  • It’s almost unlikely to see you two have PDA in front of anyone else besides hand holding or small kisses on the cheek
  • “Wait wait before we go.”
  • “We’re almost 10 minutes late, we need to haul ass.”
  • “Okay but give me a kiss first.”
  • Sharing a room in Alexandria because no one can separate you two, and no one even wanted to try
  • Carl being protective when Ron comes over
  • “I’m not saying I hate him, but I’m saying if there was a piece of cake and him dangling off of a cliff… then I hope that cake is chocolate.”
  • “Carl!”
  • Kissing Carl in front of Enid then turning to look at her with an eyebrow raised
  • “Are you claiming territory or something?”
  • “Nope… just showing my love.” :)
  • Pushing you behind his back whenever Negan comes to collect from Alexandria
  • “Now whose thing lil thing?”
  • “Don’t fucking touch her.”
  • Carl didn’t want to see you for a while after the whole incident with his eye til you burst the door down and yelled at him
  • “I don’t give a damn what the hell happened and you can keep trying to block me out but I’m going to keep fighting because we’ve gotten this far and you’re not going to be the reason we break up. I can’t do this without you.”
  • Changing his bandaged and kissing his forehead
  • Carl being shy about how his eye looks
  • Assuring Carl is still as handsome as he was before
  • “You’re still that annoying boy I am very much in love with.”
  • You keep on reminding him to cut his hair even though you love it when it’s long
  • Sneaky kisses behind shelves
  • Trying to find pudding, comic books, or candy bars on runs 
  • “(Y/N), stay back”
  • “You stay back.”
  • Being each other’s first time
  • Feeling on top of the world when he smiles at you
  • Loving the shit out of each other
Truth or Dare | Courtney Crimson & Zach Dempsey

You knocked three times then stepped back and awaited for Hannah to open the door. You had just had an argument with your boyfriend Zach, it was petty, nothing serious but you called Hannah anyway and she told you to come over as she had a free house tonight.

The sound of laughter and muffled music emerged from inside so you assumed Hannah had company over.

You inhaled a deeply then sighed “Great”

All you wanted to do was spend some one on one time with your best friend and not have share your business with anyone else.

Soon enough, the door knob turned and the door swung open, revealing a very tipsy Hannah Baker

“Y/N!!” She exclaimed as she flung her arms around your shoulders and placed a slobbery kiss on your cheek.

“Hannah, thaaanks” you say as you wipe her kiss away from your cheek.

She pulls you into the warmth of her house and kicks the door shut behind you “If I even hear the words ‘Zach Dempsey’ I am kicking you in your ovaries”

You chuckle “Fine, I won’t mention the kid”

You watch in amusement as Hannah staggers over to her parents liquor cabinet, crouches down and pulls out a bottle. You hover over her as she begins to pour some into a glass.

“Want some?” She asks

You thought about saying no, I mean it was never a good idea to get drunk when your upset “..Fuck it. Sure”

She holds the wine glass above her head and you take it from her.

“So you gonna introduce me to your drinking buddy upstairs or what?”

“Courtney, this is Y/N. Y/N this is Courtney” Hannah said introducing you to the girl sat casually on her bed.

“Hey” she said sweetly “Don’t I know you?”

You shrugged and leaned against Hannah’s dresser.

“Ignore her” Hannah says wavering her free hand around “She’s just mad at her boyfriend”

You pull your jacket off and lay it the chair in Hannah’s room. You know the one, the one dedicated to having a pile of clothes on it.

“Damn. You have a great figure” Courtney says, bringing a smile to your face.

“Thanks Court”

“Doesn’t she?” Hannah agrees “And she’s wasting all of that on the likes of Zach Dempsey”

You chuckle and sit in the bed with them. You already knew you had a great body, it was probably what drew Zach to you in the first place but the comments from the girls made you blush a little. You never usually got compliments from girls
Without warning Hannah lifts up the bottom of your glass, forcing you to drink more “Drink up cos your way behind”

“We we’re gonna playing truth or dare, we could use a third player” Courtney said smirking at you.

“I’m in but I’m not doing no illegal shit” you say before downing the last of the contents in your glass “Dare”

Courtney and Hannah look to each other then back to you.

You smile at them “What?”

“Strip” Hannah orders, her eyes widened and both eyebrows risen.

“No fucking way”

You we’re comfortable taking your clothes off in front of Hannah. She was your best friend and had seen in your underwear plenty times before. But not Courtney. You just met the girl.

“Pussyy” Hannah hisses

“Sorry Courtney but I just met you and-

“What do you think I’m gonna do?” She questions “I won’t tell anyone”

“Take it off baby” Hannah sings. You roll your eyes and begin to undress earning a few cat whistles and cheers from the girls. You pull dress down, revealing your blue lace bra and black underwear.

“Damn girl” Courtney says, scanning your body up and down

Blushing, you grab a pillow from Hannah’s bed and hug it over your body. “Ok. Ok. Next person”

“Truth” Hannah picks

“Hannah Baker” Courtney says, sitting up on her knees “..Are you a virgin?”

Hannah raises her glass “Yesss and proud”

“That’s my girl” you say as you clink your glasses together.

Hannah crawls over to you and lays her head on your lap. You could tell the alcohol was getting to her.

Courtney continues her inquiry “Waiting for the right person?”

“Well, I have someone in mind but-who knows” Hannah shrugs.

You begin to run your hands through her hair, smiling to yourself, knowing exactly who Hannah was talking about.

Courtney leans in “Who is it?”

“Two questions in one?” Hannah giggles “I don’t think so Court. But nice try”

“What about you Court? Are you a virgin?” You ask her

“Virginity is a man made concept I chose not to believe in” She plainly tells you

You nod “Well said”


You hold your hands up and shake your head “Not my question”

“Ok. Truth or dare?”

“Dare” you quickly say

Courtney smiles “I dare you- I dare you to kiss me”

Hannah laughs and you join her “Hunny I’m not drunk enough for that”

“It’s just a bit of fun” Courtney tells you as she inches a little closer to you.

“Zach would kill me if he found out”

“Pfft, fuck Zach” Hannah says as she holds her middle finger up I for the of your face.

“He might find it really hot”

You look around the room “Fine..”

A huge smile was plastered across both your faces. Courtney leans into you and licks over her bottom lip, promoting you to follow her actions and lean into her as well. She gently grabs the back of your neck and presses her lips against yours.

You smile at her lips and she does it again, this time sliding her tongue into your mouth. This was your first time kissing a girl. This was your first time kissing someone other than Zach.

Courtney was surprisingly dominating. She began to get a little rough as she pushed you on to your bed and began sucking your neck as her hands cupped your boobs.

“Girls” Hannah warns before crawling from underneath you.

You harshly push Courtney away and sit up, adjusting your bra back over your boobs as you tried to catch your breath.

“Holy shit Courtney” Hannah says “Your not as innocent as I thought you we’re”

“Sorry” she giggles “Got a little carried away I guess”

"Shh!” Hannah orders “..Did you hear that?”

You grab the pillow again “Hear wha-
Before you could even finish your sentence Courtney and Hannah ran over to the window and shone a huge tort he outside.

"Tyler Down”

You walk over and stand behind them. By the time you got there it was too late, and you only caught the glimpse of someone running away from the house.

“You said it was some creepy guy from down the street!” Courtney yells all in one breathe.

She begins to pack her belongings into her arm.

“Thats who I thought it was” Hannah tells her “I didn’t know my stalker was Tyler-fucking-Down!”

“You have a stalker?” You ask

“Whatever” Courtney mumbles under her breath as she quickly exits he room. Hannah chases after her and you begin to get dressed again.

— A few days later —

Monday afternoon had rolled around, you hadn’t thought about the sleepover incident much until you reached your locker and spotted Tyler walking into the dark room.

You rolled your eyes and shook the thoughts of that night out of your head.

“You seen Courtney?”

You shut the door of your locker and faced Hannah.

“No, why?”

Hannah fishes her phone from out of her pocket and shows you the picture of  you and Courtney kissing. You take the phone from Hannah and inspect it closely.

Hannah sighs “She’s really torn up about it”

“No one can even tell it’s us” you hand the phone back to Hannah and begin to make your way to the lunch room.

“And how comes you never told me you had a stalker?” You suddenly ask her

Hannah shrugs “I didn’t think you cared”

You enter the lunch room and search for someone in particular “Of course I care”

You spotted Zach sat at the lunch table with the other jocks and immediately walked over to them.

“Hey baby” You announce before placing a kiss on his plump lips. Zach grabs your waist and gently pulls you down on his lap.

You hear Hannah scoff “Guess you guys made up then? That didn’t take long”

Zach looks up at you “Do you have to tell everyone about every little argument we have?”

“She’s my best friend”

“Yeah well it’s none of her business”

“You guys seen this” Justin announces as he holds up he screen of his phone, showing you the picture Hannah had previously shown you.

You flick his phone away “Yeah two girls kissing. Get over it”

“Lemme see?” Zach asks. Justin hands him the phone

“Oh shit” Zach zooms into the picture “They look hot”

You give Zach a dull look. You knew it was you in that picture, but he didn’t. He hugs you tighter and buries his head in the crook of your neck.

“I-I mean hot in temperature, you know-that’s why one of them is half naked cos it’s hot…in the room”

“Nice save” Bryce says, taking the phone from him “These girls, they look pretty familiar”

“Porn stars in the making” Marcus says earning a few laughs from the boys.

You look up at Hannah “Besides we never actually broke up”

“Didn’t seem like that a few days ago” Hannah states before walking away from the table.

Zach’s jaw clenched “What the fuck did she mean by that?”


Sorry for the late update 😊✌🏽

Yo dawgs, I’m a huge fucking dweebus and I’ve written a backstory for a character I’m gonna be using in a DnD campaign in the near future.

I’ve never really written a backstory before, so could anyone who knows how to write stuff give this a once-over? It’s not important that it’s the most incredible and perfect backstory in the world, but inconsistencies and things that are superfluous need to be spotted.

Plus I wanted to share it cuz I think it’s kinda cool.

I’m off to school, so I’ll be able to respond to any messages when I get back in a few hours. Thanks!

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Preference "How they react to you breaking up with them"

Pt. 1 :

(Great…I made myself tear up again XD oh god…This is SAD…Yeah…So this is like a continuation of the cheating one :3 Hope it as requested and you all like it :) Gifs not mine/found them on google/credits to the original owner.)

Negan-When he’d hear the words, “I can’t do this anymore…I really loved you, Negan…I really did but your lifestyle isn’t for me…It’s over…I’ll go back working for points…”, coming from you, he’d get angry at you and his gaze would change. He’d want to take it as a joke at first but your watery eyes and shaky voice told him it was the truth. In that moment, he’d pretend to be unaffected but hold a grudge against you for the rest of your life, making you work harder until you’d come back crawling and begging him to take you back as one of his wives.

Daryl-When he’d hear the words, “I love you Daryl…I do…But I don’t think I can feel the same anymore after that…I just can’t…It hurts me to say this…but I’m so sorry, it’s over…”, coming from you, he’d stay still and get quiet. He wouldn’t know what to do but to stare down, thinking about his mistakes and remember all the past memories he had with you, making him tear up. As he’d look back up, he’d feel short of breath and wouldn’t be able to stop himself from trying to approach you to convince you that it wasn’t over.

Rick-When he’d hear the words, “I thought you were the one…That we’d grow old and be happy together…but after what you did…It’s hard to see it…I’m sorry Rick but it’s over…”, coming from you, he’d be speechless and wouldn’t want to believe this was happening. He’d remember his memories with you and feel regret for his mistake of that night. He’d grow anxious to see you in tears and would himself tear up and it would all show. He’d grab your shoulders to have a better talk.

Merle-When he’d hear the words, “I don’t think I can love you anymore after…what you did…let’s break up…”, coming from you, he’d instantly scoff and deny your feelings and words. He’d hold back his tears trying to be tough and just shake his head over and over again. He’d raise his voice at you and instantly tell you to take back your words, only for your tears and silence to confirm him that you all meant it, making him grab a hold of you the instant you’d turn your back on him.

Glenn-When he’d hear the words, “I know you don’t love me anymore…I can tell by the way you smiled at her before I let you know I was there…What’s the point of us…let’s just break up…”, coming from you, he’d feel terrible to have made you feel that way and grow to feel regret for his actions. He’d want to comfort you and tell you that it was going to change but your tears and silence, made him realize you really don’t want him at the moment, making him look down at his feet.

Carl-When he’d hear the words, “I can tell you don’t love me anymore…That’s why you were with her, right? And that’s why i’m letting you go…”, coming from you, he’d feel himself in doubt and start to rethink his feelings. He’d stay quiet for a good while and remind himself about you and him together. He’d look back at you and understand your feelings, making him just try to plead you to rethink your decision as he realizes he still loves you.

The Governor-When he’d hear the words, “I don’t want to bother you anymore…or for you to have to constantly worry about my faithfulness to you…So let’s break up…”, coming from you, he’d oddly be in disbelief and get even angrier at you. He’d feel as if you had no rights to feel that way, as to him what he did to you was simply to teach you a lesson. He’d grab a hold of you and raise his tone, only for it to change drastically the instant he hugs you, wanting you to stay in his life.

Abraham-When he’d hear the words, “You were right…I’m not the only one left…and nothing lasts forever…Although, it hurts me to say this Abe…but it’s over between us…”, coming from you, he’d feel horrible to make you feel such things but wouldn’t have the courage to admit it. He’d want to make himself believe he was fine and act that way, only to be unable to look at you straight in the eyes to confirm to you it was over. As he’d try to say something, a lump would get caught in his throat, making him realize he probably doesn’t want this. “You’re right…Good…I’m glad you realized it too…”

Eugene-When he’d hear the words, “I’m sorry Eugene…but I don’t think it’ll ever work out again…I just can’t bring myself to forgive you…It’s over…”, coming from you, he’d tear up quietly and wouldn’t know what else to do. He’d try to act tough at first but the more your words would pour out the more he couldn’t handle it. He’d try to apologize himself again and ask you as to what would be able to make you forgive him but as you’d stay quiet, he’d understand it was the end.

Ron-When he’d hear the words, “You’re obviously better off without me…I could tell from your smile with her…So let’s break up…”, coming from you, he’d deny your words and just be angry that you would ever think that. He’d realize his mistake and thinking about it he also thought about how your absence would affect him, making him tear up as well and just hug you to keep you from walking away.

Jesus-When he’d hear the words, “I loved you Paul…I always did…But now, after everything, It’s hard to feel that way…I tried but nothing…I’m sorry but it’s over…”, coming from you, he’d tear up and feel his heart aching. To hear you say that you love him, only to then announce him that you wanted to part ways, made everything worse for him and he just couldn’t hold in back his tears. He’d just want to comfort you and tell you that it isn’t over.

Dwight-When he’d hear the words, “I want to believe that I still love you D…But it’s hard after what you did…I just don’t feel anything for you anymore…”, coming from you, he’d feel empty and would just be in disbelief. He’d want you to take back your words but as he’d try to say something, nothing would come out. He’d only glare at you, to see you in tears, making him feel his heart slowly breaking apart. He’d just put all the blame on himself as you’d walk away and eventually break down in tears.

Morgan-When he’d hear the words, “I trusted you and loved you…but after what you did…I just can’t feel that way anymore…I’m sorry but it’s over…”, coming from you, he’d have nothing else to say but to just apologize for everything and especially hurting you. He’d feel terrible to have broken your trust in him and would reflect on his actions, only to think of how much it must’ve pained you but in the end, he’d realize you made your choice and would let you walk away.

Shane-When he’d hear the words, “I don’t think I can go on with you anymore…I just feel myself hating you for what you did…That’s why it’s better to break up…”, coming from you, he’d hate you for your words and just not accept it. He’d want to believe that he loved Lori but the more your words came to him the more he realized how much he regretted his actions. He’d show his frustration through his apology and end up to beg you not to hate him.

Milton-When he’d hear the words, “I thought we shared the same feeling but you proved to me that we don’t…and how wrong I was…That’s why it’s over between us…”, coming from you, he’d feel his heart ache and just wouldn’t want you to say such things. He’d ask you to stop and would try to convince you to forgive him and give him another chance to prove himself. He’d admit to you being his first love and all, saying how he just can’t ever see himself with anyone but you.

Aaron-When he’d hear the words, “You were everything to me…but after what you did…I don’t feel that way anymore…So it’s better to break up…”, coming from you, he’d feel lost and learn to regret his actions. He’d realize how much he meant to you and regret to have pushed you aside so easily that day. He wouldn’t be able to look you in the eyes as guilt would come to him and he’d only be able to let out an apology.

Gabriel-When he’d hear the words, “I really love you Gabriel…But as much as it hurts me…I don’t think I can ever bring myself to forgive you for what you did…It’s just better that we break up…”, coming from you, he’d feel just as hurt, tearing up to hear you. He’d shake his head in denial of your words but come to realize that from your tone it truly was the end. He’d want to look at you and beg you to stay and work things out but in the end let go, if it’ll make you happier.

The Wolf-When he’d hear the words, “I want to say that I still love you Owen…But I can’t anymore…Let’s just go our separate ways…”, coming from you, he’d scoff and call you out for acting “Childish”. He’d never have the intention of letting you go anywhere anyways even after what had happened, so for him to hear you like this was stupid to him. As you’d try to walk away, he’d grab you over and just explain to you reasoning.

Noah-When he’d hear the words, “I’m sorry Noah…But I can’t go on…I realize it’s better to break…i’m just not in love with you anymore…”, coming from you, he’d be utterly heartbroken and wouldn’t be able to form his words. He’d try to be strong and hold back his tears but he wouldn’t be able to. He’d realize how much it hurts to learn such heartbreaking news and would just wish to be able to go back, while trying to reach for you, only to be rejected.

Simon-When he’d hear the words, “I can’t be with you anymore Simon…I loved you…but after what you did…I don’t know if i’ll ever feel that way for you again…”, coming from you, he’d stop smiling and feel the tension between you two. His heart would seem to stop for once and he just wouldn’t know how to react properly. As you’d talk and talk, he’d zone out thinking about your past together and realize how much of a big mistake he’d make if he’d let you go.

Ezekiel-When he’d hear the words, “I’m sorry Ezekiel…But after what you did…I just can’t bring myself to be happy by your side…There’s no point…let’s part ways…”, coming from you, he’d feel disappointed in his own behavior and realize the extent of how much he must’ve hurt you. He’d want to pull you closer and comfort you from your tears but seeing you purposely avoid him would only end up tearing him apart even more.

Benjamin-When he’d hear the words, “I love you Ben…But thinking about what you did makes me forget that feeling…and I can only think that it’s over…”, coming from you, he’d shake his eyes and start to tear up. He’d feel like a little boy all over again and just rub his eyes trying to refuse what you had just said. He’d manage to look you in the eyes and tell you his thoughts and how he wants to be with you.

Caesar-When he’d hear the words, “After what you did…I don’t know what else to feel for you Caesar…I just can’t go on…”, coming from you, he’d want to refuse what you just said and instantly prevent you from leaving him. He’d go as far to lock the door of the room and keep you in there, saying that you’ll work things out together. However, as you’d get adamant, you’d end up hurting him and he’d just have to let go of you.

Spencer-When he’d hear the words, “I don’t love you anymore…I just don’t…i’m putting the blame on your actions but it could just be me…either way, it’s over…”, coming from you, he’d question you despite knowing the answer behind it all. He’d feel desperate to keep you and would do anything to stall more time to just be able to convince you to stay with him. He’d try to remind you of the past, only to get his heart broken even more as you’d reject him again.

Richard-When he’d hear the words, “I don’t think we can ever go back…I just don’t see myself forgiving you for that…I’m sorry Richard but I just can’t be with you…”, coming from you, he wouldn’t want to believe you and just try to make you take back your words. He’d get mad at himself for everything and it would show in his tone. As you’d try to leave, he’d grab a hold of you and hug you tightly expressing his excuses and his love for you, only to never feel you hug him back.

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Has Anyone Seen My Harley?!

Request:Could I get a Jerome fic? Him and Harley were already an established relationship and she was there with him the night he died, after he kills Dwight he goes to find her!! I need total worship of his face please :)) You can have whatever you want to happen just as long as they reunite.
Word count: 1,406

Harley POV:
“You said I was gonna be…” Jerome’s voice dies down and his heart slows down completely. “No! No. Come on Mr. J. Pull through. Come on Jerome. Come on! Stay with me you crazy thing!” I cry into his body.

I turn to see Galavan acting innocent and scared. “You son of a bitch!” I grab a knife and charge to him screaming. I’m unable to get to him when Babs grabs me and makes me follow her into the secret exit.

I cry as I run and as we come to a stop Babs holds me. “I know honey. I know it’s okay. Look. We can go shopping and get our nails done when we’re not wanted anymore! That’d be fun!” He says trying to cheer me up. It didn’t work.

Nothing worked.

A year later and I’m still moping around. Sure I’ve gotten back on my feet and gotten myself out there with the business, but it’s not the same. Not the same without J.

I look at myself in my mirror. I examine my red/black hair sectioned into two ponytails. My black and red corset hugging my body snuggle. my black and red shorts making my ass look incredibly sexy. The red and black knee socks on each leg topped off with one red converse and a black one. “Oh you’d love this look J. You always said red was my color.” I can almost hear his laughter.

I skipp up the street and giggle when everyone crosses the other way. I see a banner hanging in an alleyway. It has the eyes and HAHAHA! For the mouth. I’ve heard about this! It’s a tribute to Jerome!

Should I go? Yes! They would love to see me! Oh what am I thinking? No! It would hurt to much! Ugh so many choices!

Deciding against my fears and sadness I follow the sign and a few weird dressed people. I pull back the sheet and see a bunch of people chanting his name. Oh my Jerome has a true fan base! Oh he’d be such a proud daddy!

I look up to the front and see a man stepping down wearing a mask. Oh come on! This is Gotham! What kind of person wears a mask!

I look closer and see the details of the mask. The pale sink. The cute little curve of the lips… the red eyebrows… he’s not wearing a mask. HE’S WEARING JEROME’S FACE!

“Hey! What are you doing with Mr. J’s face?! That doesn’t belong to you!” I scream and make my way to the front. Gasps and laughs are faintly heard as I make my way to the man.

“You-you’re Harley Quinn. He- his beloved lover.” I smile and giggle. “Ah yes. But besides that! WHY DO YOU HAVE HIS FACE?!”

“Well I-” “GCPD! Nobody move!” Jim Gordon yells as he enters, and of course what does everyone do? Run.

I flip off the stage and walk to the gentleman. “Harley. What a pleasure.” Jim says sarcastically. “Always. Hello Harv.” “Evening darling. Care to tell us what this was?” I shrug my shoulders. “I’m clueless as you… HEY! How bout I help you out? I’m really good at finding clues! Oh come on please please please? I’m bored.” I say hugging to Jim.

He huffs and peels me off. “Fine. No funny business or we’re bringing you in.” Harvey says. “Oh yippie! Yay yay yay!” I giggle and tumble across the room. “Come along chaps!”

We look through the entire building until we come to the basement. “Ah… Harvey?” “Yeah partner?” I ignore them and keep playing with a rubix cube I found in this dump. “Why would he cut off his face?”

At this I drop my toy and run over to them seeing a body. A cold and handsome dead body. “Aw Jerome look at you. Faceless and still sexy. Can’t you just pull anything off?” I giggle and sit next to his body on the table.

“Harley do you know anything? You seem… normal.” At this Harvey laughs. “Doing fine. Just came to terms that he’s gone. I can always carry out his legacy. Obviously not as well, but I could!” “Right. Well how about you go home and wash your face, and we take this guy to the GCPD.” “Whoa! You mean I can’t come with you?” They look at me and shake their heads. “Aw man!” I huff and kick the dirt. “Guess I’ll just go shoplifting then. Been needing some new rags anyway. See ya fellas!” I wave and cartwheel out.

Lee Pov:
I walk back into the room and see a cop on the ground and blood dripping from his head. “What the-” suddenly I’m grabbed from behind with a hand over my mouth and a gun to my head. “Boo!”

Harley POV:
I toss another piece of popcorn into my mouth and chew flipping through the channels. I flip past the news channel and see that man from before. The one with J’s face!

Lee POV:
Jerome claps his hands after I tell him of his death and what has happened. “Well that is quite a story. Now tell me more about this cult. They think I’m pretty great?” I scoff. “They’re a bunch of crazy lunatics.” “Ah my kind of people! I know you. Don’t I?” “Yep.” He steps slightly closer. “Did you and I ever…” he says with the gun at his crotch and thrust. “Ugh god no!” “Why? Gingers not your type?” “Why don’t you talk to Harley? I’m sure she wouldn’t appreciate you asking that.”

He steps back a confused look painting his face. “Harley?” “Yes. Your girlfriend I assume. It’s never actually been said. You kind of always went along.” “Girlfriend… show me show me!” I point to a picture on the paper. “Got to say she a real trip. Always bouncing around.” “Ah. Harley Quinn. My Harley. Got to say red is her color.” He stuffs the paper in his pocket of the stolen cop uniform. “Now. One more thing. Where is my face?”

Harley POV:
I balance on my beam while watching tv when suddenly the channel changes. I don’t pay attention and keep focusing on my handstand from 4 feet off the ground.

“Am I live? Am I on air? Can you hear me? Ah, screw it. Let’s do it. Hi.” I fall off the beam to the floor and scrambled to the tv. Jerome! Oh baby! He’s got his face back! Oh I love it!

“Some of you may know, I died.Uh-oh. But take it from me, death is dull but coming back that is something. Leave it to dying to give you a whole new perspective on life. And I would like to share that with you. Uh, Officer, you look terrible.” Jerome walks over to the man who took his face. “Hey, you got oh.” He pulls out a stick of dynamite from his ear making me laugh.

“Tonight, Gotham, in the darkness, there are no rules. So, tonight, Gotham do what you want.
Kill who you want. Hmm? And when morning comes you, too, shall be reborn. Oh and has anyone seen my Harley? Cause baby I’m coming for you.” I throw my arms up and spin around the room. I then sit patiently for him to walk in the door.

Jerome POV:
“Oh and has anyone seen my Harley. Cause baby I’m coming for you.” I laughs and skip out leaving Dwight to die. I skip to her apartment and compose myself. I look down and pick a flower. I twist the knob. “Honey. I’m home.” I say laughing. I feel two arms wrap around my neck and I hear her cute giggle in my ear. “Ah there’s daddy’s girl.”

She brings up a torch and flips it on. “Oh J your face! Did it hurt?” I lift her chin and smirk at her. “Not in the slightest. Whatcha think? How does it look?” She bites her lip and circles me taking in my appearance. “I think it looks a okay.” She pulls my tie to meet her lips. She plays with the ends of my hair and I grip her hips. “What do you say we go on a spree? Like the old days?” She places the police hat on her head and spins to the door. “Right this way Mr. J.” Oh it’s good to be back.

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@kansouame honey, a rushed fluff for you that I wrote this morning, all the hugs (it’s also on ao3) xx

There is something Dean wants, needs from him.

He should have noticed this a long time ago. He should have, Cas berates himself, angry for not having done. He’s an angel, after all, it’s not like he can’t hear Dean’s every thought, even when he does attempt to tune them out for respect of Dean’s privacy.

He should have known. And angel he may be, but it’s going to take something very human to set this right.

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-rebekah forcing you to shop for your room
-shopping with her a lot
-trying to get them to do laundry
-doing their laundry
-cleaning up empty blood/alc9hol glasses
-sweeping up broken glass
-finding the occasional corpse
-strangers showing up late looking for Klaus
-finding Rebekah’s hair everywhere
-her borrowing your clothes
-hearing Klaus move around all night
-falling asleep on the couch next to Klaus
-family meals
-watching movies together
-famiky trips to random places
-comstantly replacing things broken by klaus or Rebekah
-people being to nervous to come over
-having coffee with Elijah in the morning
-Elijah carrying you to bed
-them being extremely protective
- you being to afraid to bring a boy home
-sharing a bathroom with Rebekah
-clothes everywhere on the bathroom floor
-trying to keep a puppy but Elijah claims you already have Klaus
-coming home to blood rituals in your living room
-hosting events and being forced to participate
- going through Rebekah’s closet
-Elena not wanting to comeover… or Caroline… or anyone else again.
-meeting their parents (unfortunately)
-roughhousing with Kol
-playing videogames with Kol
-fighting with Kol (angrily)
-fighting with Klaus


“Come on, Grunkle Stan! You love pancakes! Don’t you remember, you called them ‘Stancakes’?”

“No, I d- yeah, yeah I did, didn’t I? Ha! Yeah!”

Ford stood just behind his bedroom door, listening to the conversation going on in the kitchen down the hall. Something sunk into the pit of his stomach, making him feel hollow yet crushed at the same time. He listened as his brother and the two young twins chatted and laughed together. He listened as the kids explained things to Stanley, as his brother gradually began to remember more and more. He covered his mouth with a hand and took a step away from the door, sitting down carefully on the sofa running along one wall of his room. His fingers tugged at his hair, his eyes burning with unshed tears.

This was his fault. His brother, his best friend since birth, was sitting in the other room struggling to remember his life story. Ford knew just how upsetting this was for the kids. They had spent the entire summer making so many wonderful (and sometimes scary) memories with their Grunkle Stan and now he could barely remember a thing. All their work, all their time spent together had nearly been lost completely. This was all Ford’s fault. Ford had noticed that the longer he was around, the more danger arose and the more Stanley seemed to be angry, the kids seemed miserable. Of course, he didn’t know what the twins were like before he’d returned, but he could only assume that they’d been much happier.

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Hi! I’m trying to raise money for a new cane because my dog is retired from guide work (she’s still doing cardiac alert though!). My paypal is 

If anyone donates over $10 I will send them a nice service dog poodle for being such a cool person. They come in white, brown, or black with lots of colors for vests. 

My goal is $32 so I can buy the new cane. If somehow I magically get over that, it will go into savings towards my next service/guide dog

If anyone wants to share this that would be super helpful. Thanks everyone!!!

Update: I reached my goal and ordered my cane! Thanks everyone!
Date Night - Domesticity KagaKuro Day Two!

After the Winter Cup, there was a marked interest in Kagami’s popularity amongst the girls in their classroom. Kagami didn’t seem to notice, but Kuroko did. Kagami’s not noticing was a very pronounced thing, and eventually everyone more or less figured out that trying to coax Kagami Taiga into a date was a lost cause from the start.

Every now and then, though, there’s still at least one person who tries, and inevitably, Kuroko is around when it happens.

It is, perhaps, one of the downsides of being observant but also not very noticeable. He feels like a voyeur whenever anyone comes up and hits on his boyfriend, despite the fact that he was there first (in more ways than one). And he always feels strange whenever it happens, right in front of him, but he is fairly certain he does not feel jealous.


“Do you ever feel jealous about the attention Kagami gets?” Furihata asked one time.

“Not particularly,” Kuroko replied.

“It bugs me, sometimes,” Furihata admitted, shamefaced, “How popular Akashi must be at Rakuzan. I keep thinking one day he’ll realize he can do better.”

“You are very important to Akashi-kun,” Kuroko replied. But it is something he thinks about, later. The concept of better. It was such an important concept in Teiko—the idea that you had to be better, that you had to be a Success, that you had to be victorious in all things or you would die—and it is a really disturbing thought that similar principles could be applied to dating.


So when he is on a date with Kagami—nothing particularly fancy, just dinner with plans to see a movie later, nothing they don’t normally do anyway—and a girl approaches Kagami with enthusiastic flirtation, Kuroko watches it all unfold and he thinks about both jealous and better and wonders if maybe he should be reacting differently (if he should be reacting at all, beyond just watching and drinking his vanilla milkshake).

“You’re Kagami Taiga,” the girl says, “I’ve been to all your games—I’m your number one fan! Gosh, you just have to join me and my friends, we’re going to party later, it’ll be such a blast.”

She keeps talking, and Kuroko is fairly certain she hasn’t noticed him at all, and the more she talks the more Kuroko doesn’t want her to notice him (which is always when he is the most unnoticeable. If this keeps up, soon everyone around them will forget he exists).


Kise, strangely, had been the one who first explained jealousy, apparently having jealousy explained to him by Kasamatsu. Kise’s behavior had already offered the perfect example of the emotion, as he would have cheerfully gutted anyone for daring to take some of Kasamatsu’s time. (Kasamatsu’s time was a precious commodity back then, and Kise didn’t want to share it with anyone).

Kise’s behavior had been generally agreed upon by everyone to be extraordinarily distasteful.

“I can’t imagine ever making such a fuss over anyone,” Midorima said.

“I agree,” Kuroko had said calmly, “Although, I suppose I understand in principle where he is coming from. It is a bit like Murasakibara-kun and his food, I believe. Or you, and your lucky items.”

“Hm,” Midorima said. He understood—of course he understood, they’d all grown up never owning anything, and they were all too aware of what could be taken away. “And what don’t you want stolen, Kuroko?”

Kuroko didn’t have an answer, then. Because it already seemed like so much had been stolen from him. He wasn’t sure he had anything left.


The girl keeps talking, and Kuroko keeps thinking about whether or not she would be better for Kagami. Kagami has been in danger before, because of his association with Kuroko. And maybe someday he’s going to want kids of his own, a wife, a normal life, things that Kuroko can’t give him or can’t ever be.

If you couldn’t be better, you were scrapped. That’s the principle that Kuroko understands. And maybe the stakes aren’t the same (but maybe they’re still just as high) in the world of dating.


“I can’t, I’m with Kuroko.”

Kagami interrupts the girl mid-sentence, and he interrupts Kuroko’s thoughts as well.

“Who—oh! You’re the Miracle,” she beams at him. “Well, he can come with! That’s so exciting! I’m sure lots of people would just love to meet him!”

“No, I’m with Kuroko,” Kagami says, “He’s my boyfriend. We’re dating. This is a date.”

“Kagami-kun,” Kuroko murmurs softly; Kagami isn’t being mean, he’s honestly just trying to make sure the girl understands what he’s saying, but she looks so horrified, Kuroko feels sorry for her.

“Oh, gosh, sorry! I didn’t mean—!”

“Thank you for coming to our games,” Kuroko says passively, “Seirin appreciates your support.”

“Oh, yes! Well, haha, I’m just such a fan, is all. Well, have a nice day! Enjoy the rest of your date!”

“Sorry,” Kagami mutters, after she flees.

“Kagami-kun doesn’t need to apologize for being popular,” Kuroko says. And under the table, he reaches over and grabs Kagami’s hand, always warm to touch, always reassuring.

He is not jealous, and he is not worried about what could be stolen; he is and always will be confident in Kagami.


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Performing Rituals: Sacred Space and Circle Casting

When it comes to performing Rituals, many Witches find that one of the most important steps is creating a Sacred Space and/or Casting a Circle. This is my personal take on these things, my word is not law. Do what feels right.

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Sacred Space is simply a space where you perform your magickal work, or spiritual practices. It is a space that makes you feel protected and safe, from both the mundane and the magickal. 

Circle Casting is the act of creating a “bubble” of protective energy around your working space.

For me, Sacred Space and Casting Circles are essentially the same thing. They serve the same basic principle: to section off and protect a magickal working, or spiritual, area. 

Why should I have Sacred Space/Cast a Circle?

There are several reasons why these two things are beneficial. For me personally, it is simple the act of having/creating a special place to do spiritual work that makes me feel “witchy” and gets me in the “witchy” mindset. 

- To protect your spiritual space
- To create a platform for deity worship or invocation.
- To prevent any unwelcome spirits or energy from interfering in your work.
- To create and contain energy for spell work
- To serve as a repetitive motion to relax you and get you in the correct “mindset”

When should I use Sacred Space, or Cast a Circle?

The simple answer is “whenever you feel is appropriate.” The long answer is, “that depends on what your space/circle will be used for.”

For example, if you normally use a circle to help contain the energy you create for a spell, but in this particular ritual you don’t plan on doing any spell work that requires harnessing energy, then a space/circle wouldn’t serve any purpose.

Where should I have my Sacred Space/Cast my Circle?

Wherever you want! Your Sacred Space can be literally anywhere you deem to be sacred. It can be a section of a room that you decorate with spiritual images, or it can be your bed. A circle can be cast anywhere, and it can be any size. If you’d like you can make a circle to cover half your floor, or you can create a circle large enough to cover the entire room.

What is the difference between Sacred Space and Casting a Circle?

To me a Sacred Space is merely a space that you declare to be spiritual. It is a space that serves your spiritual needs. This is a space that never has to be erected to taken down, as it always exists. Circles on the other hand, while they serve the same basic purpose as a Sacred Space, a Circle is formally and ritually cast and taken down before and after each ritual/spell. 

How do I create Sacred Space?

Simply choose where you want your Sacred Space, cleanse it, decorate it, and bam! You’re done. Cleansing can be done in any way you see fit. For instance, you can use do a smoke cleansing, or you can use music and sound to cleanse. Or you can use some Clorox wipes and be done with it.

As long as your area is clean and comfortable, you’re all set.

What do I put it my Sacred Space?

This is going to be an annoying answer: whatever you want. 

- Create an altar (for meditation, for deities, for yourself)
- Hang up pictures and images of symbols that are important to you, or of deities that you worship
- Set out incense or an oil burner
- Hang up personal art or get a little plant buddy.
- Add color by hanging up scarves, setting out throw pillows or blankets
- Get a salt lamp or a tiny water fountain.
- Keep a stack of your spiritual related books or journals
- I personally keep my coffee pot in my Sacred Space

Anything goes when it comes to Sacred Space. Your space reflects you and you alone. Get creative with it. Do as much or as little as you want. Make it comfy and cozy. Make it a little relaxation corner.

How do I Cast a Circle?

That’s a bit of a process, so I’ve written an entire post about it, which you can find over here.

I hope this helps! If anyone would like to share what their Space or Circles look like, I’d love to see them!


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Anonymous asked: Shit well now I gotta see that Lance throwing up thing as a fic

Anonymous asked: You should totally write the bit about Lance with the rlly bad stomach bug and the IV and all that ;w;

well, you convinced me. this was supposed to be a short drabble and ended being 6k words so i hope you enjoy

read on ao3

Lance isn’t sure what wakes him at first. His eyes open and he’s staring into the dark, because it’s still night—or what equates to night in the castle’s hours. His music is still playing, too, so what…

In the span of a few quick seconds, it hits him. He’s suddenly very hot—burning—and can’t get out of his blankets fast enough. But as soon as he sits up, nausea creeps into him like searching fingers and wrings his stomach. He leans forward and grits his teeth, feeling sweat bead on his back and forehead. Pressing a hand to his mouth, he takes several deep breaths in through the nose and begs the sudden feeling of sickness to go away.

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halesstiles  asked:

"Don't be fucking rude."

Stiles was fuming. He was the ‘hold me back’, seeing red, might Hulk out, kind of angry. “Who the fuck keyed my Jeep?”

The parking lot outside of Beacon Hills High School was frighteningly quiet, he could hear the blood pounding in his ears as he looked at the key marks. Whoever had done it had cut through the paint and into the metal, it wouldn’t be a cheap fix and it looked like it had taken some real strength.

“I hate to tell you this,” Scott whispered, “But they slashed your back tires too.”

“What the FUCK,” Stiles all but screamed. He had been having such a great day too. Well he had been having a great week actually, someone would fucking key his car and slash his tires on a Friday after one of his best weeks ever.

He was about to grab his baseball bat out of the back of the Jeep and start smashing something when a warm hand squeezed the back of his neck. He turned to see Derek standing next to him, his shoulder almost touching Stiles’.

“There are cameras by the front of the school, they’ll find whoever did it,” Derek told him. The mere presence of Derek helped Stiles calm down a little, “Just take a breath, I think Lydia already called the police.”

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Gus Wins

Michael isn’t really happy with how you really do not want to go public with your long-time relationship. Or even tell your friends.

Wordcount/Warnings: 2,358 || alcohol cw, swearing, passing discussion of abortion, food mention, mentions of baby related unsanitary things
A/N: @switchtodecaf asked for an angsty/happy ending secret relationship fic with Michael. Here you go babe.

Michael and you are standing on either side of the bed, straightening up the last wrinkles of the bed the two of you had just made up, mostly dressed for the day, when he stops abruptly and stands to look at you. You straighten up and look back at him, narrowing your eyes, because he’s either had a really wonderful idea, or a really bad one.

“We should tell everyone.” Is what comes out of Michael’s mouth.

So, it was a bad idea.

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Okay I’m gonna express an opinion over here. I see that everyone on the phan tag is freaking out over some evidence that there may be a phan wedding coming in May. This is just a small example of what I want to discuss.

Phan. I personally love the idea of those two together. They’re perfect for each other. BUT I don’t force it on anyone. I see so many phans picking apart every little detail, every video, every tweet, every picture, to “prove” phan is real. I’m here to ask, for the sake of Dan and Phil, please stop!! There is a reason, if they are together romantically, they have not shared that with us. Leave them alone! I get cute phan art; I get awesome and sometimes weird phanfiction. It’s the people that pull apart their whole lives just to prove something that may not even be a thing. All I’m asking is please, let their personal lives be their personal lives. They don’t have to share everything with us rather trying to expose it with all our might, let’s respect Dan and Phil’s personal lives and not force an idea of a romantic relationship down their throats!

Hate on me all you want, I can take it. It just gets irritating seeing every little thing about Dan and Phil to be tainted by “phan proof”. Let it be, guys!

anonymous asked:

How are venus and mars in scorpio girls, relationship-wise? What are their qualities and weaknesses when in love?

Venus in Scorpio

Complicated and intense comes to mind. They are the epitome of untold love stories people read and crave for only they don’t want the hardship that comes along with it. Attracting people is what they do best, but they don’t want just anyone to share intimate details of their life. You may not even be aware of their inner drive and passion until she allows you to see this when she’s ready. Venus in Scorpio for some women may not wear a lot of make-up or be over the top sexy in the way most people would assume (not that they can’t be) however they are extremely confident in who they are. They are someone who deeply connects with people emotionally, physically gives themselves to their partner and a deep inner drive to please them. I would describe them as being utterly romantic, dedicated and direct when it comes to matters of the heart. When situations turn south, they can lack inner control, become overly addicted to their partners stepping over the line of possessiveness, scrutiny and become overly jealous. She’s extremely emotional and cautious about who she decides to give herself too because once she’s hooked, there’s no turning back.

Mars in Scorpio 

An internal burning flame that cannot be extinguished. They are able to move forward despite what barriers lie in front of them. Integral drive, motivation to succeed in everything that they do and are willing to wait for pieces to come into play at the right time. They enjoy dry and dirty humor, taboo or things that most people don’t speak about. The dark, mysterious wonders, in the back of their minds, understanding their surroundings, who’s more dominant. They crave and assert control in every aspect of their life and can have an air of mystery which leaves some reeling in while leaving others reeling backward. Some people may think they are a bit blunt, cruel or aggressive but they may feel threatened. Other times maybe a bit bored or annoyed. They are the type of Scorpio you won’t hear in a few months because they are still angry at you for something you did months ago or even years ago. They are competitive and attempts risk for reward, they aren’t the kind of person to flirt around if they want something they just go after it often driven by intense passion no matter how the circumstance may look to outsiders. In the end, they crave two things, honesty, and loyalty fundamental qualities they look for in a partner. Their not looking for superficial relationships, but can get caught up in non-romantic sexual explicit encounters once scorned or hurt. With an incredibly charming smile, intense sultry eyes, and ways of pulling you in before you even realize what you’re even doing.      

-A Scorpio Woman