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AU where you can read your soulmates thoughts and he’s reading smut at the moment you were supposed to be reporting for class or defending your thesis.

in the mc’s brain it’ll be like,
“wait omg it’s getting real, prepare the lube and condom u ass”
and then irl it’ll be like,
“as you can see in the graphs, the rate of using air condom– i mean, conditioners in the campus have decreased.”

imagine the torture the mc has to go through and then how will his soulmate make up for it.

imagine the losers club at one of their high school parties at richie’s house when his parents are out of town and richie turns on aerosmith’s crazy just to jokingly serenade eddie but eddie finds it oddly endearing more than funny or embarassing and by the second chorus they’re already softly making out and slow dancing while the other losers either roll their eyes are are dancing together too

Just want to say that I’m really proud of myself and when I am challenged by life in the same ways I used to be I react with strength and deep unwavering self love and I still stand tall and brave and I go on. I do not weep without movement, without eating. I get up and I live and I cry in the grocery store and on the freeway but I am moving and then I stop crying. I don’t feel like I am losing myself in things and I don’t feel insane and I don’t feel unworthy or undeserving of…a beautiful life.

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I'm screaming. The moment I finish his Vlog, I show my friends. Wallow in the heartache with me my friends! (It's their fault for getting me into this show, suffer as I suffer!!)

It’s been about 5 hours since I viewed Keith’s vlog, and I’m still so emotional over it. It was nice to see everyone in the fandom (for the most part?) come together to share their love and support for him. (National Keith Day is the best day…)

My mind fills with a raised hand, a thunderous
voice spewing words of hatred, words I have
said to myself before, words I have heard
said of myself before, words I think of
myself over and over and over
And I try to imagine a world where an error
is not followed by the fear of the hand,
the slap, the punch, the push
what is it like?
—  Excerpt from Someone’s Never Again, an upcoming chapbook (Linn D.)

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Oh, and also, can you tell me some of your fave Tolkien blogs to follow??

lemme think, 

@sindar-princeling (also one of my favourite people ever)

for art i’d look at


all of these have good content, reblogged and original, so following any of them will get you going at least. you probably already follow some of them so I’m sorry if I’m not too helpful 

Also at everyone who got tagged, I just needed to show my appreciation for the good work you do :3

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Keith my passionate baby. It's obviously emotional and i'm so proud of him. Look at him! I just wish he could understand that he is not alone and that he can trust his team... But with that interview about next season, that's is going to take more time. I just want him to be happy 😭

MOOD??? CAN SOMEONE PLEASE GIVE HIM A HUG???? He has gotten the most hugs out of all the Voltron characters so far but it’s not even close to enough. He still hasn’t realized that he isn’t in this on his own, that he’s actually wanted by the team for more than just his paladin skills. 

Please. Please. Please dreamworks, I’m begging you, please let him realize that he has a family up in space and let him be happy!!!!

I’ve been thinking lately about my childhood and how my SM developed.. it’s strange because my twin sister doesn’t really remember a time when she actually talked to other people, but I do.

I remember my first days of school, I was actually excited (nervous too, I’ve always been a very nervous person lol) but yeah, I was all up for making friends and I tried at first, but was always rejected.. because I wanted to hang out with the boys, and that seemed to be frowned upon by adults (my parents, mostly) and even the boys I tried talking to were like “eww! a girl!! noo go away” and just yeah I just remember from a very early age being told that girls should hang out with girls and boys with boys.

I don’t know if that attitude is just a cultural issue around here or maybe it had to do with the school’s environment (a catholic school, I realize now a lot of the things they did just seem wrong now in many ways, and that also gave me a lot of other issues, I don’t want to have anything to do with that school anymore and I’ve distanced myself from religion now– but I’m rambling, that’s another story)

So I eventually gave up and started trying to talk to girls but I just never felt like I really belonged, and I had this feeling that they didn’t either, I always felt different, I had no interests in common with them and we just didn’t connect.

I’ve always been a very anxious and sensitive person. As a child I just cried a lot for many different reasons, so as time went by and I kept being rejected again and again it started to get to me, the alternative of hanging out with girls didn’t interest me as much and even if I tried I didn’t feel accepted either, I started to wonder if I was doing or saying something wrong to people and that was why I was always rejected but I couldn’t find out what it was so I started to keep to myself more and more. I felt really sad and frustrated a lot of the time and the whole situation started ruining my self esteem. Kids around me noticed how I barely talked to anyone and I started to be known as “the girl who doesn’t talk”.

It just made me feel worse, and I started to feel trapped in a vicious cycle, I wanted to talk to people, but when I did I was rejected, so I didn’t talk, but then I was seen as a weird kid, bullying started happening, and I just kept feeling worse and talking less and less until going completely mute. And I mean completely, All form of communication soon became impossible for me (example. teachers would ask me something and most times I wouldn’t even shake my head to respond) because I had the feeling inside me that I was going to be punished or mocked for doing the wrong thing, or saying things the wrong way so I somehow came to the conclusion that it was better to just not talk at all.

Somewhere around when I started elementary school I met my first and best friend, I don’t remember how we met but friendship just spontaneously happened and since then we hung out all the time. She was the first, and to this day still the only person I could freely talk to outside of my direct family.

In the recent 2 years or so, my friend has told me she(he? we haven’t talked about their pronouns) would love to transition and look and be like a man, and that it’s something she’s also felt since childhood. Learning that now, I think it’s no wonder we got along so well from the beginning :’D

I’ve started talking to some guys too, and I think I have 1 or 2 of them I can consider friends, but I don’t see them very often and when I do I still don’t feel as “free” to talk as I do with my best friend. I’m starting to feel a bit more comfortable with myself but I still don’t know how to get to that comfortable state in a friendship when I can talk freely and it still makes me feel very lonely, it’s still really hard to make friends. ( this is totally not a post trying to get to know another trans people to befriend. ok maybe it is. I would love to make more friends even if its just on tumblr, it’s actually so much easier for me to start talking via text )

So yeah this whole thing makes me realize my selective mutism is probably very closely related to my trans-ness. I didn’t notice the signs before or tried to ignore them, or felt them as if there was something wrong with me, that I was just weird for liking the things I did and wanting to do “boy” things, but as I’ve recently been learning about this topic and looking at the happenings and feelings in my life I’m coming to terms that 99.99999% sure.. I am a trans guy.

*slumps onto the floor and allows bones to melt into sludge along with the rest of my meat body*

I got some practice sketches and a refined drawing finished yay