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She says, easily, so easily
           To not jokingly call her so pretty.


#magnus looks as though he’s trying hard not to show how much of him is breaking#still looking straight at alec#keeping his emotions in check#magnus waits until the doors close to finally fall apart

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Cheng Xiao’s #1 fans: Her own label mates Wonho & Minhyuk

Some pouting Suga!!

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The Saiyuki Anime Cafe!!

We went right at 10am so it wasn’t crowed (though, it might never be crowded…). The TVs just played the new commercial over and over but there were all these posters to look at while eating your themed food :) I’m pretty broke at the moment so I could only afford one thing so, even though Sha Gojyo is my forever baby, I went with Goku’s meat buns as they are more iconic and I don’t like buta kimchi.

There were a bunch of small whiteboards for people to write messages on and I don’t know if Sensei will see it or not but I wrote mine as if she would ^^ there’s far too much I want to say to her to fit on a single board so I just wrote the most important bit. I have no artistic abilities but others did and drew some fanart.

If you’re in the Machida area in the next month I do suggest going there! not too far from the station and it makes for a good lunch! ^^

(if anyone wants me to upload close ups of the other posters I will, could only do 10 a post)


i’ve not seen such bravery,
such strength of heart

Please? Part Ten

This takes place around season 2, episode 5 when Daryl is taken down by his own arrow. He’s rushed to Hershel, needing help taking the arrow out of his side, but you aren’t able to see Daryl in this shape. Not until he calls for you, begging you to stay by his side.

(A/N; this was originally going to be the end of this story, but a lot of you seem to really like it. Shall I continue into season 3 or keep a season 2 thing?)

  1. Please?
  2. Please?
  3. Please?
  4. Please?
  5. Please?
  6. Please?
  7. Please?
  8. Please?
  9. Please?
  • Daryl Dixon x Reader
  • 1800 words
  • Warnings: Language

Nights were freezing. Multiple times, you thought you may lose somebody to the cold. Daryl and Rick, they tried to keep everyone safe and warm, tried to find houses you could all sleep in, nice and comfy. Sometimes that just wasn’t possible and you were left sleeping in a car or in the middle of the trees with someone always keeping watch.

Daryl was getting worried about you, everyone was worried about Lori. Week by week, she got bigger and noticeably more pregnant. Rick stepped up his game, making sure Lori came before anyone else, which pissed a few people off, including Daryl and Hershel. Daryl wanted no one before you, but he wasn’t in charge.

Daryl taught you how to use a gun during hunts, though he refused to let you use it unless absolutely necessary.

You were asked to stay behind, take care of Beth, Lori, Hershel, and Carol. Not that you minded, but the few minutes you were always without Daryl were the hardest.


“Can’t stay here.” Daryl murmurs as he looks out the window. Walkers are lining up outside, seemingly knowing there is fresh flesh inside the house. It was the only decent one Rick and T-Dog found.

“Just to rest for a little while.” You walk over to him and run your fingers down his arm. None of you have had a decent shower in a long time, the dirt was starting to become a part of you. “We’re tired. And we have a pregnant woman.”

“Ain’t safe.” Daryl turns around and looks down at you. His hair is sticking up in different places and his face is covered in so much dirt, he hardly looks like himself. “S’pecially with her.”

You rub your forehead and stare out the window, watching each walker carefully. It’s still unclear how much sense they have, but nobody wants to find out. “Babe, we can’t just leave.”

Daryl hesitates at the nickname, it being the first time you have called him anything but his real name. He looks down at you, his cheeks turning a slight shade of red in the spots that were dirt free. “We can too.” With his hands on his hips, he walks around you and goes downstairs, where everyone is sitting down in the living room, huddled together by a small fire Glenn started.

You soon follow, not wanting to be alone. To say things are better is a lie. Daryl may finally have given in to his feelings, but things with the rest of them were not so great. It’s stressful packing up and leaving every time a single walker comes around, stressful to haul around an unborn baby and keep check that everyone was close by. You would be lying to yourself if you say you haven’t thought about leaving with Daryl, leaving the others to care for each other.


“We found a place.” Rick and Daryl pop through the trees. They went hunting an hour ago and left everyone sitting in the middle of the road. “We found a place just down those train tracks. We can gather there for a little while.”

Daryl walks by Rick and stands in front of you. You took your place by his bike, sitting on the ground to guard it. He looks down at you, shielding the sun from his eyes. “Got us a place.” He nods.

“So I hear.” You return his gaze, watching the sweat rolling down his forehead and nose. “Are you sure this isn’t another bust?”

“Hope not.” He thrusts out his hand and motions for you to take it. “We need a break.”

Agreeing, you slip your hand through his and he basically pulls you up without any help from you. He was strong like that, though he was very careful with you. There are times where he can’t control his own strength around you, but he always makes up for it.

Rick and Daryl lead the way, through the trees and walking down the tracks. Soon, a large fence is in your view, with a building just behind it. A prison. With thick fences separating it and the rest of the world, a safe place from walkers.

“Here?” You ask Daryl, picking up your pace to keep beside him. He nods. “Why?”

“Big. Safe. Guarded.” He shrugs his shoulders and runs to keep up with Rick.

It didn’t take long to take over the prison. You ran down with Beth, Maggie, and Glenn to distract the walkers while Rick ran to close the gate, and the others went above on the towers to help Rick out. Working as a team wasn’t so hard anymore, you all know your roles, for the most part.

All these months together, you have learned a thing or two. Who is a good shot, who should never hold a gun, and who was fastest. Your role, however, has still not been determined. It’s like they can’t decide if you ought to hold a gun or a weapon at all.


Night grows quickly. T-Dog starts a fire to keep you warm on the chilly night. Days were warming up, but the nights were still brutal. Daryl takes the first watch, though Rick insisted he would. Daryl thought he needed time with his family.

You stay back, sitting around the campfire with Beth and reminiscing on the good ole times of camping by the lake, in the middle of the woods, on a very crisp autumn evening. Those were the days to live for.

With the little food the group has, you all take turns eating. Rationing is probably the hardest part. Stomachs go hungry, growling for days until it was your turn to eat just a little more than the rest of the group.

“Daryl!” You call, waving him over. He pauses from his patrol and glances over at you, his face straight and his grip tight on his crossbow. “Come eat.”

“Naw.” He shakes his head and goes back to his pacing in front of the fence.

You get to your feet, leaving Beth to talk with Lori. You make your way over to the truck Daryl has perched himself on and wave a hand. “You need to eat some time.”

He looks down at you, his poncho swallowing him whole. He loves that thing, refuses to give it up no matter how long you plead him to. He thinks it’s a game now, having you whine over and over about that stupid thing. You humor him, mostly. Telling him it makes him look childish.

Daryl rolls his shoulders and swings his crossbow over his shoulder, securing it around himself. He holds out his hand and pulls you up beside him, no problem. You ty to help him by hoisting yourself up with your foot on a pipe, but Daryl has you on top of the truck in two quick movements.

“Take a bite, for me?” You hold out the plate made out of leaves. On top of it sits a couple of pieces from the animal they killed earlier that day and a few crackers left over from the last house. It isn’t much, but you’ve learned not to care by now. “Daryl, when’s the last time you’ve had something?”

“The owl.” He squats down to your level, staring at you as he spoke.

“Okay. You had a little nibble of the owl.” You shove the plate in Daryl’s hands and tuck your legs under you, looking over at the flames the fire was now giving off.

He shoves some of the meat in his mouth, smacking his lips as he chews it down. You watch him, how hungry he must be. How hungry you all are. You start to think about all those times you didn’t eat that little bit extra on your plate or let the leftovers spoil before you could eat them.

The thought leaves your mind when you hear an angelic voice in the distance. You look towards the fire again, recognizing Beth’s singing voice. You can barely make out the words, but it sounds nice.

Daryl taps your shoulder and sucks the extra juice off each of his fingers. “I’ll walk ya back.” He jumps off the truck and lands perfectly on his feet, just like a cat. You giggle to yourself, imagining Daryl as a feline. Some of his traits fit.

He grabs your legs and drags you off the truck, setting you down on the ground easily. He slips his arm around you as you two walk over, listening to Beth’s beautiful voice. She hasn’t sung since the farm.

Maggie joins in the closer you get. Glenn wraps his arm around her, running his fingers down her back. You smile at them, how cute they are together.

You and Daryl stop just behind everyone. You rest your head against his shoulder, listening to the tune Beth and Maggie carry, giving you goosebumps along your spine and arms.

This is the right place to stay.


“You’re telling me I have to sleep in a cage?” Beth looks at the cells. Each one needs to be cleaned out, straightened up, each one is entirely too close to each other.

Rick nods his head, looking over his shoulder at the cages. It’s a small area, but you know between all of you, it’ll work out. “Yeah.”

Daryl’s up above, looking down on all of you. He huffs. “I ain’t sleepin’ in no cage.” He hits the railing and walks over to the perch, setting his stuff down. You wonder what that’s about. You suppose the whole sleeping together thing is out the window now.

“Take your pick.” Hershel walks over to one of the cells and sets his things down on the bed, hoping everyone else will follow.

You look up at Daryl again, watching him grab a pillow and throw it on the ground. He’s already fixed up a little pallet for himself.

“Do you want everyone to see you?” You ask, looking around as you reach the second floor. He’s a little in the way for anyone who wants to walk up here.

Daryl’s eyes are closed and his arms crossed over his chest. “Mm-hm.” He grunts.

“Am I sleeping alone now?” You ask gently, watching as Carol and Lori walk into their own cell.

“Figured you’d want yer own.” He mumbles.

“We made a promise. I’m not going to break that now.” You watch his chest slowly rise and fall.

Daryl opens one eye and looks up at you. “We sharin’ a pillow then?”

You giggle. “We share everything else.” You drop to your knees at his side. “I don’t think a pillow will hurt us.”

“Dunno.” Daryl shifts and puts his hands behind his head. “I hog ‘em.”

“That’s nothing new.” You smile and lay down with your head on his chest. You allow yourself to relax for once. This is what you miss, relaxing, not having a care, even if it’s only for a few minutes.

Rick calls for the men and Maggie to meet him after a short rest to go over the plan.

Daryl groans and hugs you to him, kissing the top of your head gently. He tells you he’ll be back soon, that he’ll make sure Rick doesn’t keep him all day.

You make a silent promise that you will find a cell the two of you will be living in. You didn’t like the thought of sitting here, on the second floor, where everyone could see you perfectly. He will just have to get over that.

i hATE


For: @relientsk 

Imagine: Being a quiet, but badass, initiate, who doesn’t have any friends, and shocking everyone when you sass Eric.

You stand in the training room, throwing knives, everyone stood with their friends, encouraging one another, or laughing and teasing each other. You stood by yourself in the middle of the different friend groups, you didn’t have many friends here in Dauntless, actually, you didn’t have any friends. But you didn’t really mind, you chose to isolate yourself from everyone, you didn’t really want to get close to anyone who you might just end up losing due to the cuts, besides friends are more of a distraction than an asset in your opinion.

You were the quiet one of your group and you could go completely unnoticed by the others, including your trainers. Your thoughts cause your aim to falter, and the knife lands on the floor right in front of the target.

“That was pathetic,” You jump a little, not knowing that Eric was behind you.

“It slipped,” You say, annoyed that he didn’t notice every single one of your good throws, but notices the first time you miss.

“Go get it,” He says pointing at the knife.

“Aren’t you to get them to stop throwing?”

“Why initiate? Are you afraid? I hope you remember what happened to your other little friends when they were too afraid to do something,” For starters they are not your friends, but you clearly remember what happened, Christina was hung off the chasm, and Al was told to stand in front of the target. God Eric is such an asshole.

You walk to the knife, dodging every single knife that comes slightly towards you. You crouch down to pick up your knife and you feel a searing pain in your arm, you look down and a cold, sharp blade is slightly imbedded into your upper arm, you whip your head up and see Eric smirking, the other initiates stare at him in fear. That fucking douche!

You pull the knife out of your arm, hissing in pain, and you saunter up to him, not afraid like the rest of the initiates.

Eric’s POV

She walks towards me; her eyes are filled with rage. Her arm has a streak of blood on it, that’s what she gets for not following orders as they are given to her, she should not have questioned me.

She stops directly in front of me and takes my hand, forcefully placing the knife she went to retrieve on my palm, “You know Eric you were the one who told us that there is a fine line between bravery and stupidity. But walking in front of a bunch of amateurs who are throwing knifes sure, as hell isn’t brave, so maybe you should learn to follow your own philosophies. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to the infirmary.”

With that, she leaves the training room. I hear a few gasps and whispers around me, and a couple of initiates stare at me wide-eyed, none of us saw that coming.

I smirk thinking, ‘I guess she’s not that bad, I could learn to like that girl. What was her name again? Oh yeah, Y/N.

Part 2 is here

A/N: Sorry if that was really short, but it was fun to write, so I hope you liked it! 

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Holy shit you guys.

So many wonderful people showed up for commissions and donations and I’m still taking it all in, together we were able to raise $900!!!

Which means I can save my laptop ;w;

Aaahhh I’m so excited, it’s been a crazy week of amazing characters and animations, so many awesome characters and people!!

I’m still taking commissions if anyone still wants one before I close up and resume my dev work; but holy shit, I’m just so happy! ;w;


A note: The above characters don’t belong to me, they belong to their respective owners and creators, I just did the models and animations!

Inferiority Mistake

So with the revelation of Astre’s twin (in my theories I call our Ciel, Astre, and real Ciel, Ciel) being alive, Astre’s true feelings come to light.

The question here is why does Astre feel like that? If you put the pieces together, or the way I understand it, this feeling of inferiority is a cause of misinterpretation, from both Ciel and Astre, but mostly Astre. Now throughout chapter 131 we get to see the twins as children and thus we see how they act.

It’s clear Ciel, as the older brother, feels protective of Astre, not just because of age but because of his condition. Astre being sick is probably what caused Ciel to be more…mature in a sense, or appear that way. Hence why he calls Astre “silly” and “naughty” in the chapters. Acting as a sort of adult.

Using such language is like talking to a child, not something a kid says to another kid, at least not in the manner Ciel does. So here Ciel means no harm into making his little brother think he’s superior but this is how Ciel thinks he can care for Astre, to coddle him. We can tell from the flashbacks that back then Astre had no problem with it, he was young so he never saw it in such a manner. And he loved his brother so he could see that his brother was just helping him and caring for him. Astre staying inside and always offering to stay alone so his brother can go out and play or his family can go on a boat trip shows love for his brother and family.

Now that explains little Ciel but why is he still using such language now? Astre is clearly in good health and having spent the last few years as the Queen’s guard dog shows that he no longer needs protecting or to be coddled. Thing is, Astre has been maturing but Ciel may not have. He supposedly ‘died’ at the age of ten and yet now that he’s back as a bizzarro doll, he looks exactly like Astre who has aged three years. It means that perhaps Undertaker brought him back to life after he was sacrificed and kept him alive as he perfected the bizzarro doll. So since he’s alive he would age the same as his brother, or Undertaker recently brought him back and somehow got him to age three years in like months.

Whatever method it is, Ciel probably hasn’t been maturing mentally, in a sense, and he might not have been kept in the loop on what Astre is doing. So now with Ciel back he thinks nothing has changed, or that his brother has been hiding the truth about his condition to be strong, but now with big brother Ciel back there’s no need to pretend.

So with Ciel’s past and present mannerism explained, why does Astre feel like a spare? He was happy back then, had no problem with his brother and family, and even while imprisoned he was happy to have his brother with him. So what changed? Simple, he was alone.

When he escaped he was in a different mental state. He watched his brother die and he knew that the Phantomhive name fell to him. His plan was to return as Ciel to make it easier and keep his brothers name alive. It was an idea and maybe he figured it wouldn’t stick cause the Midford’s, Tanaka, and Madam Red would know he’s Astre, they didn’t. Now of course perhaps they did know the truth, that Astre was pretending to be Ciel but they said nothing, they played along. The Midford’s might not have really known the difference but still. Everyone played along and probably didn’t bring Astre up, out of courtesy but still.

That’s when the idea of being a spare came from. He became Ciel to everyone and no one bat an eye. With him being so young and seeing how no one really seems to know that he is Astre and not Ciel, brings the idea that this was what he was always meant to do, be Ciel if he had too. And no one told him him otherwise, therefore the feeling of inferiority grew, hidden behind, and probably strengthened by, his cold heart. Then with that idea in his head suddenly the way his brother treated him doesn’t seem caring but a display of superiority. This idea was a mistake and came from miscommunication.

No one ever acknowledged Astre for who he was. So he buries himself in work, doesn’t go out, cause it hurts. It all hurts to pretend to be someone else and no one knowing the difference. And with that Astre begins to hate himself, hate the way he looks. He has no identity, he is Ciel to everyone and its like he himself doesn’t exist. These feelings aren’t what I think but an interpretation. In the Campania Arc, Astre says something interesting to Snake.

This line is motivational to many of us. To not hate ourselves, to not be ashamed of ourselves, for looking different, for being our own person. Now look at the line in the context of Astre hating how he looks cause it isn’t really his own face but Ciel’s, of hating himself. Then line changes to “You’re another person so of course you look different, what do you need to be ashamed for?” It could be seen that he might be upset of over Snake’s words. Snake is a different person, he looks different, meaning he is his own person and should own who he is. As for Astre, he is a different person yet he doesn’t look different, he looks like someone else, Ciel, and for that he is ashamed. He can’t really be his own person, own his identity cause no one really knows Astre, they all know Ciel and think it’s him. If Astre came back as himself he’d probably deal with many people thinking he was Ciel and having to explain himself every time. This line kind of hurts me now…seeing how Astre hates who he is, just because he looks like his brother and can’t be his own person, not anymore.

So it’s clear that the feeling of being a spare comes from a misinterpretation of the past and how his family treated him. No one told him that wasn’t the case and so he grew up hating himself. So what about Ciel now? He’s definitely not a villain, at least not like, evil plan to kill Astre and take back his identity. He’s more of a villain to the eyes of the servants, Finnian, Mey-Rin, Baldroy Snake and especially Sebastian. Ciel doesn’t seem to have cruel intentions to his brother, what he said when he revealed himself confirms that.

Ciel still has this sense of responsibility to take care of his brother, especially because they only have each other. We don’t really know what happened when Ciel was sacrificed but there’s a chance Ciel volunteered himself to save his brother. And to be honest Ciel has always carried this responsibility as head of the family serious, as well as his responsibility to Astre. When he was making soup with his dad he said he didn’t want fake brothers, but a sort of theory of mine is that Ciel never had any intentions of letting Astre leave him.

From a young age Ciel might have had an idea of what his future held. Then he hears this, he’s not gonna want to let his brother go off on his own from fear of losing him, or that Astre would get hurt. I mean with how Ciel has been so far in the present has anyone ever thought of the idea that perhaps Ciel is super protective of Astre, even now, especially now if he knows he’s a bizzarro doll and probably can’t be killed so easily. I bring this up too cause I recently saw a post that brought up the idea that maybe Ciel caused the fire and killed his family. If the real Ciel is to be believed to be super protective of his brother, he could kill his family in order to take over the Phantomhive name sooner and decided to keep Astre close at all times. And if both brothers grew up together, and Astre got better this would only benefit the Queen, she would appear to have one guard dog but in fact have two. They do look exactly alike after all.

I know I’m getting off topic with the idea of Ciel being more cruel than we realize, but the question now is what is Ciel’s intent. If he really, really, really, loves Astre then the answer is simple, he’s gonna save his brother.

Now from the beginning Undertaker has always been warning Astre about keeping his soul safe. Astre probably didn’t think much of it besides the ramblings of a lunatic. But we know the truth, and I’ve always figured the creation of these bizzarro dolls was to save Astre. Not from Sebastian but to bring him back after he died and had no soul. Now its clear he was doing this to bring back Ciel, but why? Simple, Ciel would be the only one who could save Astre.

It kind of comes with the idea that Undertaker loves the Phantomhive family, they’ve all died but Astre and with his contract, he would never reunite with his family in the afterlife. So now its clear that Undertaker wants to save Astre’s soul so that when he dies he will be with his family again, but this could be hard, even now.

Think about the situation Astre is in, its clear he’s always choosing darkness and his vengeance over happiness and a good life. If Lizzy knew the truth about what was gonna happen to Astre, she wouldn’t be able to get him to break the contract, if the servants knew, they wouldn’t be able to change Astre’s mind either, and to add to that, it’s been three years, Sebastian has cultivated Astre’s soul and won’t just let it go, as we saw in the Weston Arc.

Sebastian is rather fond of Astre’s personality and how he’s grown, he loves playing the game of a butler and will protect Astre cause he wants his soul. Ciel, being real family has a better chance of getting Astre to break this contract. Of course first everything must be explained but this is most likely Ciel’s intent. Thus why he killed Agni, he could be possessive as well as protective of Astre as I said before. He wouldn’t want anyone else to be close to his brother, thus he’ll probably end up targeting the other servants, excluding Tanaka, in order to start over in a sense. Sebastian is the only problem.

If Astre tried to break the contract, Sebastian could just take his soul. Sebastian could take Astre’s soul anytime he wanted but he has an aesthetic to follow. At this point it’d be in Sebastian’s best interest to interfere and figure out on his own who humiliated Astre and get them to go after him, thus Astre moving forward with his vengeance and the contract ending properly. I doubt Sebastian would do such a thing but he could and he won’t just give up Astre’s soul.

Truth be told, even Ciel might not be able to get Astre to break the contract. Astre has been seen to feel guilt over his actions, especially when the innocents die. That prostitute from the Jack the Ripper Arc is an example, and Madam Red dying too. He’s not happy with that and feels guilt but he won’t dwell on it, so with that in mind Astre would probably willing give his soul to Sebastian to be punished for all his crimes. And with all this it’s possible for the series to still end happily in a sense, even if it goes with the Mother3 theory.

It’s possible this could end in battle and Sebastian gets Astre’s soul, or perhaps Sebastian dies but Astre ends up mortally wounded, and many more outcomes. Either way, if Astre dies, all that would really happen is that he’d lose his soul and be brought back as a bizzarro doll like his brother. Sebastian could get Astre’s soul and it wouldn’t matter much since Astre would be brought back. With that Ciel could be satisfied and the Phantomhive twins would basically live on forever, together, and they could do so much.

Anyway this is all what I think and how I interpret things. Yana could do something completely different, it’s her story after all. So I hoped I entertained you all for a while and have given you something to think about. Can wait for the next chapter, and thanks for reading.

Drarry go bowling (For the first time)

This is the second one-shot I’m uploading from my Drarry ‘for the first time’ series. Here is a link to the first one where they go out to watch a movie for the first time. I hope you guys enjoy it. I loved writing this and I’m glad about how it turned out.

Draco held the bowling ball up, his first three fingers inside the holes meant for grip, with an expression of pride on his face. “See, this is how you hold a bowling ball, Potter.”

“I’m not really sure that you’re supposed to hold it like that, Draco. I think that we have to put these three fingers in the holes, like this.” Harry demonstrated, putting his thumb, his third and his fourth finger into the holes. Then he tried to copy one of the moves that he’d seen in some cheesy romcom flick with Draco, and grinned at him when he realised that his hold on the ball was definitely more right than wrong.

Draco narrowed his eyes at Harry and changed fingers, holding the ball like Harry was. He then proceeded to hold his head high, mouth curled with a slight hint of distaste in his expressions as he realised that Harry might possibly be right. “Whatever,” he grumbled and Harry couldn’t help but smile at his pettiness. He shook his head fondly, giving Draco a quick peck on the cheeks and reveling in the blush that tinted them.

Harry was pretty sure that the only reason he knew which fingers went where was because he’d heard Hermione giving Ron a very detailed description of just how bowling worked. That had been when Harry had gone to his two best friends for advice, asking them if going to a bowling alley was an appropriate second date. Hermione had almost squealed in delight, and Ron had obviously wondered what the heck bowling even was, which had led to almost an hour long rant by Hermione that both Ron and Harry had pretended to be interested in. In fact Harry guessed that Ron had been listening with interest, it had only been Harry who had resigned himself to staring at the wall and catching tidbits of the conversation here and there.

He guessed that Ron’s dedication to listening to Hermione speak about anything at all came from the fact that he was so taken with her, and Harry couldn’t really blame him or joke around about it because he felt like he could relate. He knew that he could listen to Draco complaining, whining, ranting about nothing in particular for hours, and he especially loved it when Draco talked about something that he was extremely passionate about, he loved that fire in Draco’s eyes.

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request:  Hello ; Could you please do suho x m!r ? no one write for our leader with males ): anyway .. um maybe where media found out that he dating a man but then his fans and the members will support him .. slight angst/fluff .. I’m sorry I was excited when I found yours -smile shyly- Looking forward to whatever you write ♡

pairing: Junmyeon x male! reader 

genre: angst/fluff

warnings: none 

word count: 2795

summary: Junmyeon is in a secret relationship with (Y/N). Photos of him and his lover get leaked and in just seconds the whole world knows. But to his surprise, his members and fans have his back.

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I finally own a copy! I’m so stoked to see this piece in print it was amazing to be able to write about something so close to my heart. If anyone wants a copy hit me up and we can work out the details or email Thanks again to everyone who made this possible ❤💙💚💛💜

anonymous asked:

I am proud of them getting a release but it does feel like international fans never get anything from this team. And I think it's fair people are frustrated about this because it feels like being non Canadian we are second rate fans. They never even try and schedule younows or whatever at times better for international fans. It's just annoying

When have they done anything for international fans? When have they ever put in any effort for international fans? I think that’s the issue for a lot of people that it’s basically like if you aren’t Canadian or American you’re essentially nothing to this team

I didn’t say it was fair, people have every right to be angry and I hope it gets sorted out soon.  I know it’s frustrating and annoying but there’s nothing I and we can do except wait and let them know we’re upset (which is another frustrating thing in this fandom, all the waiting).  

Apart from all of this, I’m just starting to feel upset now bc I’ve left my inbox open for people to rant and now I feel like I’m being blamed bc I live in Toronto or people are fighting with each other in my inbox with me in the middle and I really don’t have much to say anymore except repeat what I said since we’re all just waiting for news.

I’m really sorry but I’m just going to close my inbox for the night.  You can still rant to me tomorrow (or in pm) when I open my inbox again.